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96. Quest. What particular Use is there of the Moral Law to unregenerate Men?

Answ. The Moral Law is of Use to unregenerate Men, to awaken their Consciences to fly from Wrath to come b, and to drive them to Christ ~: Or upon their Continuance in the Estate and Way of Sin, to leave them inexcuseable, and under the Curse thereof e

97. Quest. What special Use is there of the Moral Law to the Regenerate?

Answ. Although they that are regenerate and believe in Christ, be delivered from the Moral Law as a Covenant of Works ', so as thereby they are

neither 1 Tim. 1.9. Knowing this, that cusing, or else excusing one anthe law is not made for a righteous other. man, but for the lawless and diso

• Gal. 3. 1o. For as many as are bedient, for the ungodly and fin- of the works of the law, are under ners, for unholy and prophane, the curse: for it is written, Cursedis for murderers of fathers, and mur- every one that continueth not in all derers of mothers, for man-flayers, things which are written in the book v.10. For whoremongers, for them of the law, to do them. that defile themselves with man

f Rom. 6. 14. For sin shall not kind, for men-stealers, for liars, have doininion over you: for ye for perjured Persons, and ifthere be are noi under the law, but under any other thing that is contrary to grace. Rom. 7. 4. Wherefore my sound doctrine.

brethren, ye also are become dead 96. Gal. 3.24. Wherefore the law to the law by the body of Chriit; was our school-master to bring us un- that ye should be married to anoto Christ, that we might be justified ther, even to him who is raised from by faith.

the dead, that we should bring forth d Rom. 1. 20. For the invisible fruit unto God. v. 6. But now we things of him from the creation of are delivered from the lew, that bethe world are clearly seen, being ing dead wherein we were held; that understood by the things that are we should serve in newness of spirir, made, even his eternal power and and not in the oldness of the letter. godhead ; so that they are without Gal. 4. 4. But when the fulness of the excuse. Compared with Rom. 2. Is. time was come, God sent forth his Which shew the works of the law Son made of a woman, made under written in their hearts, their con- the law, v.s. To redeem them that science also bearing witness, and were under the law, that we might their thoughts the mean while ac- receive the adoption of sons.


& Rom.

neither justified snor condemned h: Yet beside the general Uses thereofcommon to them with all Men, it is of special Use, to shew them how much they are bound to Christ for his fulfilling it, and enduring the Curse thereof in their Stead and for their Good i; and thereby to provoke them to more Thankfulness *, and to express the same in their greater Care to conform themselves thereunto as the Rule of their Obedience!

98. Queft. Rom. 3. 20. Therefore by the k Luke 1.68. Blessed be the Lord deeds of the law there shall no flesh God of Israel, for he hath visited be justified in his light: for by the and redeemed his people, v. 69. law is the knowledge of fin. And hath raised up an horn of sal

h Gal. s. 23. Meekness, tempe- vation for us, in the house of his rance: against such there is no law. servant David. v.74. That he would Rom. 8. 1. There is therefore now no grant unto us, that we being delicondemnation to them which are in vered out of the hands of our eneChrist Jesus, who walk not after the mies, might serve him without fear, felh, but after the Spirit.

v. 75. In holiness and righteousness Rom. 7. 24. O wretched man before him all the days of our life. that I am, who shall deliver me from Col. 1. 12. Giving thanks unto the the body of this death : v. 25. I father which hath made us meet thank God, through Jesus Christ to be partakers of the inheritance our Lord. So then, with the mind of the laints in light: v. 13. Who I my self serve the law of God; but hath delivered us from the power with the flesh, the law of lin. Gal. of darkness, and hath translated us 3. 13.

3. Christ hath redeemed us from into the kingdom of his dear Son: the curse of the law, being made a v.14. In whom we have redemption curse for us : for it is written, Cursed through his blood, even the forgiveis every one that hangeth on a trec: ness of sins. v. 14. That the blessing of Abraham Rom. 7. 22. For I delight in the might come on theGentiles through law of God, after the inward man. Jesus Christ; that we might receive Rom. 12. 2. And be not conformed ihe promise of the Spirit through to this world: but be ye transformed faith. Rom. 8. 3. For what the law by the renewing of your minds, that could not do, in that it was weak ye may prove what is that good, and through the files, God sending his acceptable, and perfect will of God. own Son, in the likeness of sinful Tit. 2. 11. For the grace of God flesh, and for sin condemned fin in that bringeth salvation, hath apthe flesh:v.4. That the right afness peared to all men; v, 12. Teachof thc law might be fulfilled in us, ing us that denying ungodliness who walk not after the flesh, but and worldly lufts, we should live. after the Spirit.

soberly, righteouly, and godly in

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98. Quest, Where is the Moral Law prehended ?

Answ. The Moral Law is summarily comprehended in the Ten Commandments, which were deliyered by the Voice of God upon Mount Sinai, and written by him in Two Tables of Stone in; and are recorded in the Twentieth Chapter of Exodw. The Four First Commandments containing our Duty to God, and the other Six our Duty to Man .

99. Quest. What Rules are to be observed for the right understanding of the Ten Commandments ?

Answ. For the right Understanding of the Ten Commandments, these Rules are to be observed,

1. That the Law is perfect, and bindeth every one to full Conformity in the whole Man unto the Righteousness thereof, and unto entire Obedience for ever ; so as to require the utmost Perfe


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this present world ; v.13. Looking come up in the morning unto mount for that blessed hope, and the glo- Sinai, and present thy self there to rious appearing of the great God, me, in the top of the mount. v. 3. and our Saviour Jesus Christ : v. 14. And no man shall come up with who gave himself for us, that he thee, &c. v.4. And he hewed two might redeem us from all iniquity, tables of stone, like unto the first; and purify unto himself a peculiar and Moses roseup early in the mornpeople zealous of good works. ing, and went up unto mount Sinai,

98. * Deut, 10.4. And he wrote as the Lord had commanded him, on the tables, according to the firft and took in his hand the two tables writing, the ten commandments, of stone. which theLord spake unto you in the * Mat. 22. 37. Jesus said unto mount,out of the midst of the fire,in him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy the day of the assembly : and the God, with all thy heart, and with Lord gave them unto me. Exod. 34. all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 1. And the Lord said unto Moses, v. 38. This is the first and great Hew thee two tables of stone like un- commandment, v. 39. And the seto the first : and I will write upon cond is like unto it, Thou shalt love these tables the words that were in the thy neighbour as thy self. v. 40. On first tables which thou brakeft. v.2. these two commandments hang all And be ready in the morning, and the law and the prophets.


99. Pfalm

dion of every Duty, and to forbid the least Degree of every Sin.

2. That it is spiritual, and so reachech the Understanding, Will, Affections, and all other Powers of the Soul; as welf as Words, Works, and Ge« Itures P.

3. That one and the same Thing, in diverse Refpe&s, is required or forbidden in several Commandments 9,

4. That

99. Psalm 19. 7. The law of these, cometh of evil.

V. 37. Ye the Lord is perfect, converting the have heard, that it hath been said, soul : the cestimony of the Lord is An eye for an eye, and a tooth for sure, making wise the simple. James a tooch. v. 39. But I say unto you, 2. 10. For whofocver shall keep the that ye refift not evil.--- v. 43. Ye whole law, and yet offend in one have heard that it hath been said, point, he is guilty ofall. Mat, s. 21. Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and to the end. v. 21. Ye have heard hate thine enemy. V 44. But I say that it was said by them of oldtime, unto you, Love your enemies, bless Thou shalt not kill, and whosoever them that curse you, do good to Thall kill, shall be in danger of the them that hate you, and pray for judgment. v. 22. But I say unto them which despitefully use you, you. That whosoever is angry with and perfecute you; &c. his brother without a causc, fhall - P Rom. 7. -14 For we know that be in danger of the judgment: and the law is fpiritual: bw I am catwhosoever shall fay to his brother, nal, fold underlin. Deut. 6. S. Thou Raca,shall be in danger of the coun shalt love the Lord thy God with cel: but whosoeverthall.say, Thou all thine heart, and with all thy fool, shall bein danger of hellfitc... Joul, and with all thy might. Comin 26. 27. Ye have heard that it was pared with Mat: 22.37. Jefus faid faid by them of old time, Thou uinto him, Thou Malt love the Lord Shalt not commit adultery. v. 28. thy God with all thy hearts and But I say unto you, That whofoever with all thy foul, and with all thy dooketh on a woman to luft after mindov.138.Íhis is the first and her, hath committed adultery with great commandments :39: And her already in his heart.-?W 33. the second is like unto it, Thou Again, ye have heard that it hath jhalt tove thy neighbour as thy felf. been said by them.ofold time, Thou e. 4 Colssos. Mörufy thercfore your fhalt not forfwear thy self, bu shalt -members which are upon the earth'; * perform untorhe Lord thine oaths. ifornication uncleanness inordinate V. 34. But I say unto you, Swear not affectiony evil concupiféence, and at all; neither by heaven, for it is covetoufnefs, which is idolatry. Gods throne:

:--- V:37. But let your iAmos 8hs. Saying, When will the communication be, Yea, yea ; Nay, new moon be gone, that we may ray: for:whatsoever is more than


4. That as whérc à Duty' is commanded, thç

4 contrary Sin is forbiddent, and where 'a Sin is for bidden; the contráty. Duty is commanded? So where a Promise is annexed, the contraty Threarning is included ; and where a Threatning is annexed, the contrary Promife is included in

2.3. That sell corn and the fabbath, that fited by me, v. 6. And honour not we may set forth wheat, making his father or his mother, he shall be the ephah small, and the hekel free. Thus have ye made the com; great, and fallifying the balances mandment of "God of none effect by deceit? Prov. 1. 19. So are the by your tradition. ways of every one that is greedy "Mat.5.21,22. (See letter o.] v.23, of gajn : which taketh away the life Therefore if thou bring thy gift to of the owners thereof, Tim, 6, 10the altar, and there remembrelt For the love of money is the root of that thy brother hath ought

again all evil, which while some coveted thee; v: 24. Leave there thy. gift after they have erred from the faith, before 'the altar, and go thy way, and pierced, themselves through firft be reconcited to thy brother,

and then come and offer thy gift, 1 [ If thou turn away Eph.4. 28. Let him that stole, teal thy foot from the fabbáth, from no more: but rather let him labour. doing thy pleasure on my holy day, working with Vis hands the thing and call the fabbath à délight, the which is good, that he may have holy of the Lord, honourable, and to give to him that needeth. thalt honour him, not doing thing Exod. 26. 12. Honout thy fathet own ways, nor finding thine own and

thy mother thar thy days may pleasure, nor speaking thino, own be long upon the land which the words. Deut. 6.13. Thou shalt feat Lord thy, God giveth thee. 'Compared the Lord thy God, and serve him, with Prov. 16. 17. The eye shap and Mält swear by his name, com- mocketh at his father, and despiseth pared with Mata 4. 9. And faith unto to obey his mother, the ravens of him, All these things will I give the valley shall pick it out, and the thee, if thou wilt fall down, and young eagles fall eat it worship me. v. 10, Then saith Je Fer. 18. 7. At what instant I sus unto him, Get thee hence, Sa- Thåll speak concerning a nation, fan , for it is written, Thou falt and concerning a kingdom to pluck worship the Lord thy God, and him up and to, pull down, and to deonly halt thou ferve. Mat. 15.4. troy it.. , 8. If that nation

against For God commanded, saying, Ha- whom I have pronounced, turn from nour thy father and mother and their evil

, I will repent of the evil He that curseth father or mother, that I thought to do into them. let him die the death. v. s. But "Exod: 20.7: Thoushalt not take the we say, Whosoever hall say to bis name of the Lord thy God in vain :father or his mother, It is a gift by for the Lord will not hold him guiltwhatsoever thou mighteft be pro



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