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from it, he obtained the mercy | communicated to Mr. Mayhew which he had so earnestly re soon after Japhet's death. quested.

" He said, that about a year He supported religion in its before he was taken fick, he went various branches in his family ; out of his house, and walked alone and frequently gave serious ex in the woods, and there it was hortations to all that were about by God revealed* to him, that he him.

had but a little time to live in this He was distinguished for hospi- world ; and that being thereupon tality, as well as other parts of much concerned in his mind, he the minifterial character.

did immediately set himself on He well understood, and stead doing all that he could to prepare ily adhered to the truths of our for his approaching end, as taking holy religion, in which he had it for a truth, that his end was been instructed ; and would not very near ; and looking day and be driven about by every wind of night for it; but he said, he still doctrine.

miliked himself, or reckoned that He was generally, and juftly he came fho:t.” esteemed as well by the English, « Thus it was with him til as Indians, a person of a good April 2d, 1712, which being a conversation : Nor did he discov. day of thanksgiving, he went and er any fuch infirmity in his life, or preached thereon; but as, with deportinent, as was inconfiftent his wife he returned home in the with such an esteem; and which, evening, before they had reached through prayer, and the supply their house, he felt' a pain in his of the spirit of Jesus Christ, he lide, and was never able after this, did not obtain a compleat victory to go to God's house of prayer ; over, being only privately admon his fickness gradually increasing ished of a fault, which fome began upon him from that time forto be offended at.

ward." Being a man of polished man Having been fick about ten ners, and engaging address, con- days, he sent for the brethren of fidering his education, he was the church, and said to them, as every where courteously received follows, viz. “ That it did often and entertained, not only by his diftress him in his heart and caufe own nation, but by the English- him to reep, when he faw the those of special distinction not ex- miserable estate of all the people cepted. Speaking our language by reason of their fins ; but especonsiderably well, ftrangers who cially how unapt the generality came to the place were much grat- of the church were to the duties ified by conversing with him. incumbent on them, and how of.

Persons have sometimes had ten they did fall by reason of one premonitions of their own death-kind of infirmity or another, to Japhet experienced something of which they were subject, though this nature, as he declared in his last fickness ; at the same time he mentioned the influence this bad

As the Indians had not an accuupon his life. The account was

rate knowledge pf the Englisi lantaken from him by a

guage, Japhet doubtless used the word

revealed, merely to decote a frong intion, committed to writing, and pression niade on his mind. (Editors.

near rela

he had very often instructed them visited by Mr. Mayhew, was such in their duty.”

as became a Christian-very pious “ I have, faid he, often with and savoury. He then expreffed ed, for your fakes, that you might an humble sense of the fin of his still enjoy me ; but now I am wil nature and life; and yet his hopes ling to die: However, as to this, of eternal salvation thro' the infilet the will of God be done. But nite mercy of God, and merits of do you go on to pray to God, his son Jesus Christ. He then aland worship him both steadfastly, so expressed a readiness and wiland fervently."

lingness to resign himself, and all “ To his own family, and such that he had into the hands of God others as attended on him, he af. his faithful Creator, and merciful terwards, not long before his Redeemer. He added, that God death, said, be not feeble in your had, in the latter part of his life, minds ; I am hitherto stedfastly given him a more effectual sense resolved, that I will love the of the evil of fin, than formerly Lord my God. I fall, faid he, he had experienced ; and that he quickly go my last journey, as had also enabled him, with more others have done before me: Now vigilance and industry, to endear. I shall quickly set out : Thus it or the mortification of the corruphas been wont to be, when a thing tions of his heart. has here no further use to be Among other evidences of his made of it. But oh! what sweet real piety, the grief of his heart melody is there now in heaven!for the fins of his countrymen, ef

He then said to his son-in-pecially of those, who had been law, “ My son be thou of good under his own paftoral care and courage, and fail not to lay hold charge, together with his soliciof the heavenly salvation, for the tous concern for their reformation, fake of the things of this world. may be reckoned as one : For beBut as for me, I'need to have fides his exertions for this end dumy mind further strengthened and ring the course of his miniftry till encouraged, for I think I shall his last fickness, he a few days now quickly leave you."

before his death with his feeble, Just before his death, he desir- dying hand, wrote an affectionate ed those, that were present to address to the people of his own praise God by finging the 13th charge, which he desired might Psalm ; and then, by prayer, to be communicated to them. Mr. commit both him and themselves Mayhew rendered the manuscript to God; and very soon after into English--The translation here these religious acts were perform- follows: ed, he expired : He departed Ju “ Is it not a molt desirable ly 29, 17:2.

thing for persons in this life cer. Rev. Experience Mayhew fre- tainly to know, that they shall go quently vifited him in his last fick to heaven, when they leave this ness ; and gives this testimonial, world ?" that on the whole of his acquaint

« Therefore now, take heed, ance with him, he could not but and consider well what you do ; think, that he was a very serious and and do not caft away such hopes godly man, and a person of great as these for nothing, nor for a litmoderation and prudence. His tle of the pleasure of this world; discourse in his last fickness, when for it is certain, that your carnal

and worldly actions cannot give to their ministers, and make penyou reft. Moreover by these you itential confessions of their transbring all sorts of misery on your gressions to them; and entreat selves; yea, and not only so, but them to pray to God for them; you do thereby trouble others then would God forgive their inialso, so long as you remain uncon- quities, and teach them to do verted.”

that which is right all the days of “ Thus you trouble such as are their lives.” magiftrates to rule and govern “ Then also would God teach jou, and by their penal laws to them to know Jesus Chrilt, and punish you.”

believe on him ; and then they “ Next you trouble such as should receive remission of all their are paftors, or ministers, while fins, and should be caused to walk you hate to hear, believe and according to the word of God to practise their doctrine. While the end of their lives. Wholo your fin, and misery is great, heareth this, oh, let it put him their trouble and sorrow is so too on consideration. These are my here in this world.”

last words to you. Now fare you “ You do also trouble the com- all well. Amen.” mon people by your fins, by bringing on them various ficknesses, ANECDOTES. and peftilential diseases, and all other divine chastisements.”

SARAH HANNIT, widow “ You do also hereby hinder of Japhet Hannit, the history of and disturb the holy peace of whom has been related in the preGod's praying people among the ceding pages, was esteemed a vechurches, and make those afha- ry pious person--was particularly med, that are religious ; and you, attentive to the religious educa whe are still ungodly, laugh tion of her children. Being at. at it."

tacked by a disorder, which she “ Alas! O Lord, how very supposed would, (as it actually heavy is my grief on the account did) put a period to her life, she hereof? Seeing we now have the called together her daughters, and gospel preached to us, and have expressed to them all a very deep the light of God's word shining sense of the many fins, and failon us ; and he, in peace, giveth ures of her life ; and told themi, his fabbaths to us.”

that what she now most especially “ God is constantly calling us blamed herself for was, 6 Her to repentance, and has often re not having taken so much care for peated his chastisements on us by their eternal good as she ought to grievous ficknelles : But this not have done : For tho', said she, I withstanding, how full of wick. have sometimes inftructed, and edness has he feen all our towns ? exhorted you, yet I should have For both men and women, young done this more earnestly, and prefmen and maids do all delight in fingly than I have ; and should fin and do things therein greatly even have commanded you to love, grievous.”

and serve the Lord your God: People should all of them But having fallen far short of my now forsake their fins, and turn duty herein in times past, I must to God; and they should come now be the more earned with

you, being now about to leave appeared to dic in the faith of the the world and you.'

gospel. Accordingly she did now, in A serious person, (who died at the most affecting and prefsing the age of 16,) hearing some language of a dying mother, urge young people, when they first and command thefe her children awoke in the morning, entering to love the Lord their God with into a discourse, which was improall their hearts and fouls, mind and per, and vain, very seriously restrength; and did entreat them proved them, telling them, “ That to avoid, and abstain from those the God of their lives, and of all fins, to which she thought them their mercies ought to have the most inclined, and from all other | firft of their thoughts when they fins whatsoever.

awoke in a morning ; and deShe then declarad!, that as to clared to them, how unfit a thing herself, he had hopes through it was, for persons to begin the the mercy of God in Jesus Christ day with fuch vain and unprofitathe only Saviour of finful mani, ble discourses."

she should, notwithstanding all A little before her death, when · her fin and guilt, obtain ever- hopes of recovery were given up, - lasting life, and happiness in the the spake to this purport to her world to come.

She closed with amicted mother ; “ Be not, my a serious exhortation to all about mother, overmuch grieved at my her to have continual recourse to death; for tho' I have been gailthe blood of Jesus Christ for par.. ty of many fins; yet I have hopes don and cleansing. She evidently in the mercy of God, thro’ Jesus

Christ, my only Saviour, that I

thall, when I die leave all my pain If one, who gave fatisfactory evi- / and affliction behind me, and en·dence of an babitual concern for the spir- ter into everlasting rest and happiitual good of her children, was yet nels : And if you do, by a thomuch affected, in the closing scene of life, with a serie of her oncisions; rough repentance, turn to God, what cutting r«iccions must those pare and truly seek and serve him, you ents, in a Christian land, be supposed may yet again see me with great to have at this awful period, who have joy and comfort.

never given their children any ferious , instructious in religion--have never Anecdote of Joab Panu and bis placed before them any weighty dillua

mother. sives from fin, and persuasives to holiners-have never urged theni to fice When this Joalh was a little from the wrath to come, to lay hold on boy, a certain person put a little eternal life, and secure that good part, which will not be taken away from have an early taste of that liquor,

rum into his mouth, that he might then ? Especially, what keen reniorle mult those have at this filemon hour, which Indians in general so much supposing they have the use of their admire : But it feems, that this reason, and their minds have not be- fort of drink was too fiery for the come callous, whose consciences accuse tender palate of the lad; he therethem not vily ... conidas criminal neste fore suddenly cleared his mouch of lects, but, of having set before their children an dample of impiety and de- it, with some indication of diflike. bauchery, and thus led them on to pur. His mother being prefeat, and sue the path of at leads to final perdition? obferving his actions upon the ocMay such unnatural, and abandoned cation, spake to this purport; parents repons before it be tour!

Icilis too hot for you, and 'o

very offenfive, as by your acting it he created the world and all things seems to be? How much more in it. would the flames of hell be so ? P. Doyou know that you have And yet for drinking this sort of finned against the God that made drink, there are many,

who go to you? that place of torment : Take r. Yes, indeed I do so ; I heed therefore that you abftain know I have committed many and from it—be sure to avoid the ex. great fins against him. celliveuse of it.”—This seasonable P. Are you sensible, that for word of caution and advice, which your fins, you deserve to be torhis mother thus gave him, made mented ? such an impression on his tender 7. Yes, I know that my fins heart as was nevereffaced ; nor have deserved that I should be cak did he, as far as the gentleman into hell. that wrote his life could under. P. Have you then any hopes ftand, ever taste any more of that of being saved ? And if so, by sort of drink ; neither did he make whom and how ? use of any other sort of drink, 7. I have been informed, that which was strong or spirituous.* God sent his Son into the world,

to redeem and save finful men ; Conversation between two Chriftian and that such as come to him by Indians.

true faith and repentance are sa

ved from wrath by him ; and on Yonohhumuh, a very serious this I ground my hope for falvaman, being near his death, receiv. tion. ed a visit from Peter Ohquonhut, a P. Do you then repent of your. Chriftian Indian, afterwards a mi. fins, and by faith come to Chrift, nister worthy of credit. Peter fince you hope for salvation in this on this occasion put some questions way? to him, which, with the answers T. Yes, I do; I come and here follow :

come again to Christ ; and I Peter. Do you believe that mourn for my fins, and entreat there is a God?

him to pardon them, and cleanse Tonobhumuh. Yes, I believe, me from them.” that there is indeed a great God, Being now much affected hed: whose name is Jehovah ; and that ding tears, and unable to proceed,

the conversation was suspended *If parents in general, in this land, for a short time : The fick man, were more faithful monitors, and more

when the agitation of his mind careful to keep their fons out of the in- was in some measure calmed, reo fectious company of intempcrate and sumed it, and asked a question in enlaaring persons, much moral evil his turn; and having received an might be prevented, and many a youth anfwer, closed the discourse with be preserved from ruin : But where pa. this grateful and weighty rerental instructions, admonitions and reftraints are wanting, the bias of corrupt

mark dature, accompanied by external tempo « Oh ! the wonderful love of tations, will incline many a youth speedo | God, that having but one Son, ily to enter forbidden paths, and not unfrequently, in a fhest time, to run to

he was willing to give him to sufan excess of rios, from which nothing that fo we might live througla

fer and die for us miserable finners, but the grace of God, in an uncouston measure, will ever reclaim him. him!” Vol. III, No. 7.

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