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Hc fmote all the First-born of the the womb fhall be Egiptians.

called holy to the 24. And Mary offered for her Puri- Lord) fication a couple of young Pigeons, as

24. And to offer a

facrifice according to was usval for such as were poor, and that which is said in not able to bring a Lamb.

the law of the Lord, 25. 5 At that time there dwelt at A pair of turtleJerusalem, one Simeon, a righteous and doves, or two young good Man, of strict Piety, and great pigeons. Devotion; one who heartily believed 25 And behold, the Promises of God, and earnestly ex

there was a inan in pected the appearance of the Melliah;

Jerusalem, whose

name was Simeon ; and, which in those Days was very, and the fame man rare, he was indued with the special was just and devout, Gift of Prophecy.

waiting for the con26. To this holy Man, it was par- folation of Israel : ticularly revealed by the Spirit of God, and the holy Ghost That the Meffiah Thould appear in his was upon him.

26 And it was reDays, and that he himself should fee

vealed unto him by him before he died.

the holy Ghost, that 27. And accordingly, when Jesus he should not fee was brought to be presented in the death, before he Temple, after the usual Custom ; Si- had seen the Lords meon at that very instant, by the di- Christ. rection of the Holy Ghost, came also

27 And he came into the Temple.

by the spirit into

and 28. And when he saw Jesus; it be- the temple :

when the parents ing revealed to him by the Spirit, that brought in the child this was the Mestiah; he took him up Jefus, to do for him in his Arms, and with great Joy return- after the custom of ed Thanks to God, in the following the law, Hymn.

28 Then took he 29. O Lord, thou hast graciously him up in his arms, fulfilled thy Promise to thy Servant; and blessed God, and

faid, and there is nothing now that I have to defire in this World, but that thou test thou thy servant

29 Lord, now letwilt please to grant me, whenever thy depart in peace, acAll-wise Providence shall think fit, a cording to thy word. quiet and a happy Death.

30. Forasinuch as I have lived to 30 For mine eyes fee with thefe mortal Eyes, the

have seen thy falva-,

tion : eft Blessing that was ever bestowed


31 Which

upon the Sons of Men, and which our holy Fore-Fathers rejoyced to difcern and hope for at a distance, the appearance of the Messiah in the

Flesh. 31 Which thou

31 & 32. Whom thou hast sent haft prepared before into the World, to be the great Dethe face of all peo- liverer and Saviour of Mankind, both ple: 32 A light to

of Jews and Gentiles ; of the Jews, lighten the Gentiles, whom He will more immediately hoand the glory of thy nour with his Presence and Conversapeople Ifrael.

tion ; and of the Gentiles, whom He will convert by the efficacious spreading of his Doctrine, from the Darkness of Ignorance, Errour and Superftition, to the Knowledge and Worship

of the True God. 33 And Joseph

33. Thus Simeon expressed his joy and his mother mar- at the Sight of Jesus. And Joseph velled at those things and Mary, comparing what they heard which were spoken Simeon prophesy, with what they had of him.

before heard from the Angel, and otherwise; were much furprized at the Greatness and Gloriousness of the Things, which they understood were

to be accomplished in Jesus. 34 And Simeon 34 & 35. Moreover, Simeon blefblefed them, and fed Joseph and Mary, and he said to said unto Mary his Mary ; This Child, which you here this child is fere for present, is appointed of God to be this child is set for the great Author and Standard of True again of many in Religion, and the great Trier of the Ifrael ; and for a Sincerity of Men's Hearts. For, such fign which shall be shall be the Excellency of his Works spoken against : and Datrine, that all true and sincere

35 (Yea, a fword Israelites fhall believe in him, and Thall pierce through obey him, and be saved by him : But thy own soul also). such also shall be the Meanness of his that the thoughts of

Circum:tances, and the Greatness of many hearts


be revealed.

his Sufferings; that all Hypocrites and false Pretenders to Religion, all covetous, ambitious, and worldly Men; shall be offended at him, and speak aagainst him, shall hate and persecute him, shall discover the Falseness and Malice of their Hearts, and perish for their Unbelief : Nay, and even fins cere and well-disposed Minds, such as his own Disciples, and even you your self, shall sometimes be filled with great Fears and Doubts, as well as great Sorrows and Amictions upon his account; for the trial of your Sincerity, the improvement of your Patience, and at last the perfection of your Faith.

36. At the same time, there was

36 And there was likewise one Anna, the Daughter of one Anna a prophePhanuel, of the Tribe of Ajer, a Wi- tess, the daughter of dow of a great Age, of extraordinary of Aser'; she was of Holiness and Piety, and endued with the Gift of Prophecy.

a great age, and had

lived with an hur37. Who, though she was above band seven

years fourscore Years old, yet she continually from her virginity: attended the Service of the Temple 37 And she was with great Devotion, fasting constantly a widow of about at the accustomed Seasons, and never

fourscore and four failing to be present at the time of years : which de

parted not from the Prayer, early or late.

temple, but ferved 38. This' Woman also, as Simeon Ged with faftings had done, coming in just at the time and prayers night when they were presenting. Jesus, and day. knew and declared him to be the Mer- 38 And she comdias, giving Thanks to God for his ing in at that instant, Birth, and speaking of him to many

gave thanks likewise then in Jerusalem, who were pious spake of him to all

unto the Lord, and and devout Persons, prepared for the them that looked for ackowledgment of the Truth, and redemption in Jeru, Expecters of the Kingdom of the Mef- falem. fiah.

39. § After these things, Mary 39 And when they the Mother of Jesus, having done all had performed all that the Law required after Child- things according to birth, returned with Joseph his repu- they returned into

the law of the Lord, te# Father, to Nazareth, the place



of Jesus.

Galilee, their where they dwelt before the Conception own city Nazareth. 40 And the child

40, And Jesus grew in Stature of grew, and waxed Body, and increased in allexcellent Imstrong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and provements of Mind ; appearing every

Day more and more to be indued with the grace of God

an extraordinary and divine Wisdom, was upon him.

far beyond either the natural Capacity of his Age, or the Advantages of his

Education. 41 Now his pa- 41. Now every Year, at the Feast rents went to Jerusa- of the Passover, Foseph and Mary went lem every year at up to Jerusalem according to the Cufthe feast of the pas- tom, to be present at the Solemnity of fover.

that great Festival. 42 And when he 42. And when Jesus was twelve was twelve years old, Years old, his Parents going up as usual they went up to Je to Jerusalem at the Paftover, Jesus also


went with them. custom of the feast. 43 And when

43. And when the Feast was over, they had fulfilled the and they were returning home, Jefus days, as they return- anticipating (as it were ) the Time of ed, the child Jesus his Ministry, and desiring to begin the tarried behind in Business for which he came into the Jerusalem; and Jo- World, tarried behind at Jerusalem to seph and his mother debate about the great Questions of knew not of it.

Religion, amongst the Wise Men and Expounders of the Law; And this he did, without the Knowledge of Joseph

or his Mother. 44 But they fup- 44. They therefore, fuppofing him posing him to have to have been somewhere in the Combeen in the compa- pany amongst their Kindred or Acny, a days

quaintance, and not in the least sufjourney ;, and they pecting that he would be left behind fought him among their kinsfolk and

at Jerufalem, went away without acquaintance.

him. But when they had gone a Day's Journey, and he was still missing, they began to be afraid, and made strict search for him among all the Com

pany. 45 And when they 45. Whereupon, finding that he refound him not, they ally was not in the Company, as they



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had hitherto erroneously supposed ; turned back again to they returned with haste, and in a Jerusalem , seeking great Fright, to Jerusalem, to enquire

him. for him among all their Acquaintance there.

46 & 47. And There also they 46 And it came to could hear nothing of him; till at lait, pass

, that after three after Three Days, they accidentally days, they found found him in the Court of the Tem- him in the temple,

, ple, fitting among the Scribes and learn- of the doctors, both

fitting in the midst ed Expounders of the Law, debating hearing them, and with them, and asking and answering alking them quefQuestions. All which he did with so tions. much Wisdom and Modesty, with so

47 And all that great Discretion and Understanding, heard him were a


his unthat all that heard him, were amazed and astonished at it.

derstanding and an

swers. 48. When therefore Joseph and his Mother saw him, great was their Sur- faw him, they were

48 And when they prize to find him in that Place, in such amazed : and his Company, and in such an Employ- mother said ment, And his Mother said to him, him, Son, why haft Son, wherefore didst thou leave us thus, thou thus dealt with without our Leave or Knowledge? It us ? behold, thy fa

ther and I have is now three Days that we have been

fought thee sorrowsearching for you, in great Fear and

ing. Distress of Mind.

49. Jefus replied, Ye had no Reason And he said to be so disturbed and sollicitous about unto them, How is me; Where should I rather be, than it, that ye sought in my Father's Temple, and about the me? wift ye not Business for which I was sent by him

that I must be about into the World ?

my fathers business? 50. This was a clear Declaration

50 And they unand Discovery of himself. But such deritood not the faywas their Weakness, and so far did ing which he spake the Mixture and Prevalency of Hu

unto them. mane Passions divert their Attention, that they understood not at all what he meant: though otherwise they had both feen and heard, and knew abundantly fuch things of him before, that they could not posúbly be ig


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