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The Double Prophecy of the State of the Un

defiled under Antichrist.

FT E Robis ? bebeld, and be a great A Mother angel fin

Large Account

Short Account
Apoc. vii. 9-17

Apoc. xiv. 6. 7.


multitude which no man could num. ber, of all Nations, and kindred, and peo- in the midst of theaven, ple, and tongues ftood before the throne, having the everlafting and before the lamb, clothed with white gospel to preach mio robes, and palms in their bands :

them that dwell ox 10. And cryod with a tond vošce saying, the earth; and to ea Salvation to our God whicle fatterb upon the very nation, and kintbrone, and to the lamb.

dred, and tongue, Ito Andallthe angels stood round about and people. the thront, and about sbe elders, and the

7. Saying with four animals; and fell before the throne on lond voice, Fear God, choir faces, and worshipped God, and give glory to lim;

12. Saying, Amen. Blessing, and glory, for the hour of bois and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and hanour. judgment is come; and power, and might be into our God and worflı ip bim obat for ever and ever. Amen.

made heaven, and 13.

And one of the elders answered fay- earth, and the hea, ing unto me, Woat are those wbichare array and the fountains of ed in white robes, and whence came they. puaters..

14. And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowieft. And be faid unto me, Thefe are they which came out of the great tribulation, and have wafhed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

15 Therefore are they before the throne of God, and ferve him day and night in this temple ; and be that fitreth on the throne fall dwell among them. LI 2

16. They 16. They all hunger no more, neither thirst any more ; neither Mall the sun light on them, nor any heai.

17. For the lamb which is in the midst of the throne fall lead them unto living fountains of waters : and God mall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

In this second Period of the double Prophecy before us We have a particular account of the eminent preaching of the first Reformers, which brought on the Protestant Retormation; and converted vast Multitudes all over Europe, from their former Idolatries and Corruptions, to the pure and acceptable worlbip of the One true God, through the one and only Mediator Christ Jesus. This first preaching of Luther, and the other Reformers is here molt lively represented in the Open Codicil, by an Angel flying in the midst of Heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the Earth: and moreover by the particular designation of the Multitude, that heard and were wrought on by his preaching, some of every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. And the Sealed Book exactly agrees, assuring us that the Palmbearing Company, in the very same words, were of all nations and kindreds, and people, and tongues, [which phrase in this Book seems ever after to belong to the Protestants, in distinction from those who dwell on the Earth, which seems to denote the Papists.] And with very good reason are the Protestants so stild, since they are scatter'd almost all over the several Countries of Europe. We have also here the Characters of the Reformed Churches; those who came out of the great Tribulation and Persecution under Antichrift; which till the Reformation all the Undefiled were subject to: They are a great multitude which no man can number, as in fact the Protestants are, to distinguish them from the fewer Undefiled before, under the former Period, which were particularly numbted. They are also dear to God, and admitted to his immediate presence with their Devotions; and they have a sure promise that this their happy state shall forever continue, and improve : that they shall never be suppress'd, or deliver'dto the Spite and Tyranny of Antichrist again; but Thall by degrees advance to greater perfection, till it end in the glorious Kingdom of Christ at the last: which is the plain End and Period of this State of the Undefiled before us.


Corollary. Hence we see the vanity of all those Fears, and pretended Predictions as if there was to be a total Suppression, or at least a general Depression, and Persecution of the Reformed Religion before the fall of Antichrift. For we have here, according to our present Exposition, our Savior's firm promise to the Protestant Churches in general, (for of any partie cular Church we have nothing reveald,) that shey fall hun. ger no more, neither thirst any more, and that the sun shall not light on them, nor any heat. For the Lamb, which is in the midst of the throne , shall feed them, and shall lead them to living fountains of waters, till at length God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. Which gracious promise, as it respects the Reformed Churches in general, to whichaLone it belongs, has been plainly fulfilld hitherto; and so we need not at all doubt burjthat what remains Mall equally be fulfilld hereafter.

Scholinm, 1. And thus far this Double Prophecy relates to the Times either past or prefert; and so has hitherto been explain'd. But the rest of this Prophecy, and of the Revelation belonging to Times yet Future, is beyond the bounds of this Essay; and so must no farther be prosecuted here. Only I shall conclude with the following Scholia or Observations.

Scholium, 2. Since we before observ'd that the Hymns of Praise, were the work of a Sacred Chorus, in this admirable Coroll. Lem. Drama; and were Notes of the several 7 riumphs of Christ, V. fupra. or Marks of the principal happy Mutations all along, it will be fit here to review our Scheme, and see whether those to which we have apply'd any of those Hymns, do appear to have been the most remarkable of all the past Ages. Now since it will appear on a comparison, that but two of these Hymns belong to the times past in our Exposition, and since they are byme apply'd to the change of the Religion of the Roman Empire under Constantine ; and to the Protestant Reformation; I dare appeal to the Reader whether those be not most justly to be esteem'd the two most remarkable Triumphs of Christ's Kingdom, or most eminent Events relating to the Christian Church of all others whatsoever: and so whether this exactness of agree


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ment with all these most famous Characters, be not a considerable confirmation of this our present Interpretation of this Book ; and especially of those branches which relate most directly to

those two Eminent and Signal Advances towards the setting nagarin for 17.1750


of Christ's Glorious Kingdom in the World.

Scholinm, 3. And if after all any now ask, what great Mu. #12 Cniston how

tations are to be expected at that grand Period, which shortEcmoved it in Memoirs

ly is approaching at 1715. or 1710? of which I have spo1766 ken fo often in the foregoing Essay: I Mall return my answer

generally in the very words of the several Prophecies hereto relating, without any other particular explication. Not doubting but that the observing Reader, at the time of the fulfilling of them, will be able to make a much better exposition of the several Prophetick Expreslions, than any one at even this small distance of ti:ne beforehand can be able to do.

(1.) Then, at this grand Period is to be expected the End of the Tyranny or Power of the ten Horns, or of the fe

veral Idolatrous Kingdoms in the divided Roman Empire. 'Tis Apoc. xiij. 5. the conclusion of the ten Kingdoms 42 Months power of making

war with the Saints, and overcoming them.

(2.) At this grand Period is to be expected the end of the Tyranny of the Little Horn or Ecclesiastical Hierarchy,

of which the Pope is the Head. 'Tis alfo the conclufion Dan. vij. 25. of the time, times and a part, wherein the Little Horn was to

Speak great words against the most high, and to wear out the Saints

of the most high, and to project the changing of times and lans, Dan. vii. 13.

(3.) At this grand Period alfo is the Sanctuary to be cleanfed, and the fan&tuary and the host to be no longer troden under foor,

in Daniel's phrases; or in St. John's, here is the end of the Apoc. xj. 2.

42 Months, wherein the Gentiles are allow'd to rread una der foor the outer court of the temple, or the holy ciry.

(4. At this grand Period there is to be the Conclusion of the

Persecuted and Afflicced State of the Church; i. t. of that time, Apoc, xij. 6. times, and a half, or 1260 days wherein the Woman was to

be fed or nourijb'd in the wilderness, from the face of the serpent.

15.) At this grand Period a finalConclusion isto be put to the

Amicted Condition of the poor Vaudois. It being the end of Apoc. xj. 3. those 1260 days, in which the two witnesses were to pro




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a great carth

phecy clothed in fackcloth. It being also the time when they
are to hear a great voice from heaven, Saging unto them come ve 12.
up hither; when they are thereupon to ascend up to heaven in
a cloud, in the light of their Enemies.
(6.) At this grand Period also there is to be

Apoc. xj. 13. quake; obe Tè Arnal of the city is to fall: In that earthquake 14. 15. 2000 names of men are to be fain, so that the remnant mall be affrighted, and give glory to the God of heaven; and soon after the seventh Angel is to found the Great Trumpet for the Re- Ila. xxvij. 13. storation of the

Jews, and for the powring out the seven Vials Apoc. xv. & or last Plagues upon the Beafts Kingdom, in order to its xvi. utter ruin and destruction for ever,

Scholum 4.And if it be ask'd in the last place, upon what Evidepce or Calculations I depend for the expectation of such great Events at this period 1716? I answer that this Evidence, and cbofe Calculations have been already produc'd in the Series of the foregoing Ellay; and are in thort these leveral coincidences following.

(1.) Tbis year is determind by Daniel's 2 390 evening mom, see p. 237. nings, when the farctuary is to be cleansed. For from the tbird prius. year of Belhazzar, when that Vision was heard by Danal, till 4. D., 1716 are just 2300 Chaldean Years.

(2.) This year is determin’d by Dapięl's time, times and See p. 248. a part, or three years and a month · Ra II10 years for the prius. overbearing Tyranny of the Little Horn, or of the Pope and his Hierarchy. For from A. D. 606 when that Tyrany began, till A. D. 1716 are just 1110 years.

(3.) This year is determind by St. John's Vinion of the See p. 201. twa Courts of ibe Temple; the inner Court reprefenting a pure

prius. State of the Church for 360 years, and the enter a corrupc State for 1200 years succeeding it. For from A. D. 96 when St. John was bid to measure the two Courts of the Temple, till A. D. 456. when the corrupt State began, are just 360 years: and from thence till 1716 are just 1260 years.

(4.) This year is determin'd by St. John's Vision of the t720 See p. 203. witnesses, which were to prophecy in fackcloth, all the 1260 prius. years of the Antichristian Corruptions in the Church; which as they must begin with those Corruptions, A. D. 450,


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