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'17 And when Je. 17 & 18. Which when Jesus persus knew it, he faith ceived, wondring that they thould fo unto them, Why rea- grofly misunderstand his Words, he fon ye, because ye expostulated with them, saying: Why have no bread ? perceive ye not yet,

are your Minds so full of follicitous neither understand? Thoughts upon your having forgotten have ye your heart to bring Bread with you? Will you yet hardned

never be taught by the great and re18 Having eyes, peated Miracles which I have worked see ye not ? and ha- before your Eyes, to understand my ving ears, hear ye Power, and to rely upon me? or do not? and do ye not remember?

you never regard or reinember what

fee? 19 When I brake you the five loaves a 19. Did I not lately with only Five mong five thousand, Loaves feed Five thousand Men? and how many baskets they had enough and to spare, so that full of fragments when they had all done, ye took up took ye up? They twelve Baskets full of Fragments ? fay

him, Twelve.

They said, Yes. 20 And when the

20. Again, Did I not at another. feven among four time with only Seven Loaves feed thousand, how ma- Four Thousand Men, and ye took ny baskets full of up moreover Seven Baskets full

of fragments took ye Fragments? They said, We rememup? And they said, ber it well. Seven.

21. Why then, said Jesus; are fo 21 And he said

ye dull and inconfiderate, to be still unto them, How is it that ye do not undisturbed, at the want of

a little derstand ?

Bread, as if I were not able to supply you upon a Necessity? and why do you fancy, that I speak about Bread, when I warned you against the Leaven of the Pharisees evil Doce

trine ? 22 g And he co 22. s When Jefuis had faid this, meth to Bethsaida, they came afhore at Bethfaida ; and and they bring a the People brought to him a blind blind man unto him, and befought him to Hands upon him, and restore him his

Man, defiring that he would lay his touch him.

Sight. 23 And he took the blind man by the

23. Jesus, always ready to work band, and led him any beneficial Miracle, took the blind



to his


Man, and led him to a private Place ont of the town ; out of the Town; where laying his and when he had Hands upon him, and having touched spit on his eyes, and his Eyes with a little Spittle upon his put his hand upon

him, he asked him Finger, he asked him whether he yet if he saw ought. saw any thing. 24. The blind Man looking up, and 24

And he looked beginning to recover his Sight in some up, and said, I see Measure, said ; I discern Men, but men as trees, walk

ing very imperfectly, so that I can hardly diftinguish them from Trees.

25. Then Jefus, putting his Hands 25 After that, he again upon his Eyes, bad him look up put his hands again the second time, and then he found upon his eyes, and his Sight perfectly restored, so that he made him look up: could see every thing plainly and di- and law every man

and he was restored, ftinctly.

clearly. 26.' Which being done, Jesus, 26 And he sent * Matt. xi. knowing the * Inpenitence and Ún- him away

worthiness of the People of Bethsai- house, saying, Neida, bad the Man go home privately to ther go into the his own House, and not to return to

town, nor tell it to Bethfaida, nor tell Any that belonged any in the town. to that Town, what God had done for him.

27. § After this, Hefus travelled with 27 | And Jesus his Disciples through the Towns of Cæ- went out, and his jarea Philippi. And as they were up- disciples, into the on the Road, Jesus asked his Disciples, Philippi: and by the

of Cefarea what Opinion People had of him, and Philippi : and by the Whom Men thought him to be.

way he asked his dif

ciples, saying unto 28. The Disciples faid ; Some them, Whom do think you to be John the Baptist ri- men say that I am ? fen from the Dead; others think you

28 And they anto be Elias, the Fore-runner of the swered, John Meffiah; and others, that you are one Baptist : but some of the old Prophets appearing again,

fay, Elias ; and oor one like to them in Dignity and thers, One of the Power.

prophets. 29. Hefus faid: Well, and what 29 And he faith do you your selves think, who have them, But áll along been with me, and heard whom say ye that



I am ? And Peter my Doctrine, and seen all my Works? answereth and faith Whom do you think me to be? Peter unto him, Thou art answered ; We believe you to be the the Christ.

Christ, the long expected Merah. 30 And he charg 30. Then Jefus commanded them, ed them that they * not to publish it abroad yet, in plain should tell no man and express Terms, that he was indeed of him.

the Meliah ; but to keep this Secret to

themselves till after his Resurrection. 31 And he began 31. For, saith he, though I am, as to teach them, that you say truly, the Mediah; yet before the Son of man must í shall gloriously manilest my

self to be suffer many things, so, I must suffer many things from and be rejected of the elders, and the my Enemies, and must die by the chief priests and

Hands of unjust and cruel Men, and scribes

, and be kil- rise again the Third Day from the led, and after three Dead. days rise again. 32. And this Thing Jefus told them

32 And he spake + now plainly and expressly ; judging that faying openly. it a fit Occasion to acquaint them with And Peter took him, his approaching Humiliation and Sufand began to rebuke ferings, when they had just declared him.

their Belief of his Greatness and Power, and were full of too great Expectations that he would suddenly make some glorious Manifeftation of it. When therefore Peter heard him talk of Suffering and Dying, he was much für

prized, and began to fay; Far be it 33 But when he from thee. had turned about, and looked on his

33. But Jesus turning himself a

bout with an angry Countenance, in disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying, the Presence of his Disciples, said to Get thee behind

Peter ;

Nay, now you are become Satan : for thou fa- my Enemy, talking like a weak Man


* The probable Reasons of this Charge, see at large in my Paraphrase on Matt. xti. 20.

+ Not, in the Hearing of the People, as Dr. Hammond, by a strange Mistake, interprets it, contrary to the express Words of the Evangelists; but raggnola, plainly and without Riddle, to the Disciples.


T 3



that looks only at worldly Prosperity, voureft not the things and not knowing the wife Designs and that be of God, but Methods of God.

the things that be of 34. Then calling to him the People, that they might hear also as well he had called the

34 And when as the Disciples, he said to them all : people unto him, Whosoever will undertake to be my with his disciples Disciple, must be willing to part with also, he faith unto all the Pleasures of Prosperity, and to them, Whosoever follow me in a poor and a micted State ;

will come after me, and must refolve to fuffer all things, felf, and take up

let him deny himeven Death it felf, for the sake of true his cross, and follow Religion and Vertue.

35. For if any Man, in hopes to 35 For whosoever firve his Life, in this present Time, for- will save his life, shall fakes his Religion or his Vertue ; he lose it ; but whosoMall most truly loje it, by incurring ever shall lose his life


sake and the eternal Death: But he that loses his Life in the present Time, for the sake of gospels, the same shall

save it. Vertue and true Religion, fhall most properly save it, by attaining eternal Happiness.

36 to 37. Let no Man therefore 36 For what shall think it an intolerable or a hard Con- it profit a man, if he dition, if he be forced to part with fhall gain the whole all his worldly Enjoyments, and even

world, and lose his

own soul? Life it self for my fake. For what

37 Or what thall Comparison is there, between all the a man give in exunsatisfactory and short Enjoyments change for his soul ? that this present World can afford, and the saving or losing a Man's own Soul eternally?

38. Wherefore whoever thru' the 38 Whosoever Fear of Shame and Reproach, or upon alhamed of me, and

therefore shall be aany other Temporal Motive whatso- of my words, in ever, shall forsake the Profession of this adulterous and my true Religion, or fall away from finful generation, of the Practice of its Precepts ; such a one him also fhall the will I be ashamed to own for my Son of man be aDisciple, when I shall appear in the Shamed, when he Glory of God, attended with an in- cometh in the glory muinerable Company of Angels, to

of his Father, with the holy angels.


judge the World, and render to every Man according to his works.

He ac


CH A P. IX. Jesus's Tranfiguration, ver. 1. He shows that John the

Baptist was the Elias prophesied of by Malachi, ver. 12. Cafts out a Devil, and reproves his Disciples for not being able to do it for l’ant of Faith, ver. 14. quaints his Disciples with his approaching Sufferings, ver. 30. And, upon Occasion of their disputing about Pre-eminence, exhorts them to Humility and Charity, ver. 33. He forbids them to hinder those that in any Manner promoted the Gospel, ver. 38. And teaches, that nothing must come in Competition with Religion, ver. 43. The Punishment of

evil Ministers, ver. 49. AND he said unESUS said moreover ;

Be not to them, Ve furprized that I speak of appearrily I say unto you, ing hereafter in Glory: For assuredthat there be some

ly I tell

you, of them that stand here present, who shall live to see the

there are some even now taste of death, till Kingdom of the Mefiah begin to be they have seen the gloriously established, by the terrible kingdom of God Destruction of his Enemies, and by the come with power.

wonderful Success and Propagation of the Gospel, with great and glorious

Manifestations of the Divine Power. 2 S And after fix 2. About + Six Days after this; days, Jefus taketh Jefus, to give his Disciples fome faint with him, Peter, and Representation of his future GlorificaJames,and John, and

tion and Majesty which he had menleadeth then up into

tioned to them, went up with Peter, an high mountain apart by themselves : James, and John, upon a high Hill; and he was transfi- and the Form of his Person was changed gured before them.

in their Sight.

* This Verse plainly belongs to the foregoing Discourse, and ought therefore to have been added to the End of the former Chapter.

Exclufively, which St. Luke inclufively calls Eight Days. Luke ix. 28.

T 4

3. For

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