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The deserted Sout's prayer for the Lord's gracious

and fin-fubduing presence. IND Jesus, come in love to me,

And make no longer ftay; Or else receive my soul to thee,

That breathes to be away.
A Lazar at thy gate I lie,

As well it me becomes,
For children's bread afham'd to cry;

O grant a dog the crumbs.
My wounds and rags my need proclaim,

Thy needful lielp insure:
My wounds bear witness that I'm lame,

My rags that I am poor.
Thou many at thy door doft feed

With mercy, when diftrest;
O wilt thou not shew an alms deed

To me among the rest?
None else can give my soul relief,

None else can eafe my moan,
But he whose absence is my grief :

All other joys be gone.
How can I cease from fad complaint,

How can I be at reft ?
My mind can never be content

To want my noble guest.
Drop down, mine eyes, and never tire,

Cease not on any terms,
Until I have my heart's defire,

My Lord within mine arms.
My heart, my hand, my spirits fail,

When hiding off he goes;

My flesh, my foes, my lusts prevail,

And work my daily woes.
When shall I fee that glorious fight

Will all my fins destroy ?
That Lord of love, that lamp of light,

Will banish all annoy?
O could I but from finning cease,

And wait on Pisgah's hill,
Until I see him face to face,

Then should my soul be 'ftill.
But since corruption cleaves to me

While I in Kedar dwell;
O give me leave to long for thee,

For absence is a hell.
Thy glory should be dear to me,

Who me so dear haft bought :
O fave from rend'ring ill to thee

For good which thou hast wrought.
With fear I crave, with hope I cry,

Oh promis'd favour send ;
Be thou thyself, though changeling I

Ungratefully offend.
Out of thy way remove the lets,

Cleanse this polluted den;
Tender my suits, cancel my debts :

Sweet Jesus, fay, Amen.

SECT VI. The Song of Heaven desired by Saints on earth.

URORA vails her rosy face

When brighter Phoebus takes her place; So glad will grace resign her room To glory in the heav'nly home.


Happy the company that's gone From cross to crown, from thrall to throne; How loud they fing upon the shore, To which they fail'd in heart before ! Bless'd are the dead, yea, faith the word That die' in Christ the living Lord, And on the other fide of death Thus joyful spend their praising breath: « Death from all death has fet us free, " And will our gain for ever be ; “Death loos'd the masky chains of wo, “ To let the mournful captives go. “ Death is to us a sweet repose; “ The bud was op'd to fhew the rose ; The cage was broke to let us fly, “ And build our happy nest on high.

Lo, here we do triumphant reign, "And joyful sing in lofty ftrain : " Lo, here we test, and love to be, “ Enjoying more than faith could fee. “The thousandth part we now behold, " By mortal-tongues was never told; "We got a tafte, but now above 6. We forage in the fields of love. « Faith once ftole down a diftant kiss, 6. Now love cleaves to the cheek of bliss : " Beyond the fears of more mishap “ We gladly rest in glory's lap. " Earth was to us a feat of war, " In thrones of triumph now we are. “ We long to fee our Jesus dear, “ And fought him there, but find hin here. " We walk in white without annoy, “ In glorious galleries of joy :

“ And crown'd with everlafting bays,
“ We rival Cherubs in their praise.
“ No longer we complain of wants,
“ We see the glorious King of faints,
Amidft his joyful hosts around,
With all the divine glory crown'd.
6. We see him at his table head
« With living water, living bread,
“ His cheerful guests inceffant load
With all the plenitude of God.
“ We see the holy flaming fires,
- Cherubie and seraphic quires ;
" And gladly join with those on high,
“ To warble praise eternally.
“ Glory to God that here we came,
“ And glory to the glorious Lamb.
«« Our light, our life, our joy, our all

“ Is in our arms, and ever shall.
* Qur Lord is ours, and we are hiš.;
« Yea, now we see him as he is :
· And hence we like unto him are,
" And full his glorious image share.
“ No darkness now, no dismal night,
“ No vapour intercepts the light;
* We fee for ever face to face,
“ The highest Prince in higheft place.

This, this, does heav'n enough afford, “ We are for ever with the Lord : “ We want no more, for all is giv'n; “ His presence is the heart of heav'n. While thus I laid my lift'ning ear Close to the door of heav'n to hear ; And then the sacred page did view, Which told me all I heard was true ;

Yet shew'd me that the heav'nly fong
Surpasses every mortal tongue,
With such unutterable strains
As none in fett'ring flesh attains :
Then said I,' “ O to mount away,

And leave this clog of heavy clay! * Let wings of time more hasty fly, " That I may join the songs on high.".

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