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paid attention to. With these principles instilled into their minds, many of the grand elect left the temple after its dedication, and dispersed themselves among the neighbouring kingdoms, instruct ing all who applied, and were found worthy, in the sublime degrees of ancient craft masonry.

The temple was finished in the year of the world 3000.

Thus far the wise king of Israel behaved worthy of himself, and gained universal admiration; but, in process of time, when he had advanced in years, his understanding became impaired; he grew deaf to the voice of the Lord, and was strangely irre. gular in his conduct. Proud of having erected an edifice to his Maker, and much intoxicated with his great power, he plunged into all manner of licentiousness and debauchery, and profaned the temple, by offering that incense to the idol Mo. loch, which only should have been offered to the living God.

The grand elect and perfeet masons saw this, and were sorely grieved; being fearful that his apostacy would end in some dreadful consequences, and perhaps bring upon them their enemies, whom Solomon had vainly and wantonly defied. The people, copying the follies and vices of their king, became proud and idolatrous, neglecting the true worship of God for that of idols.

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As an adequate punishment for this defection, God inspired the heart of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, to take vengeance on the kingdom of Israel. This prince sent an army, with Nebuzaradan, captain of the guards, who entered Judah with fire and sword, took and sacked the city of Jerusalem, razed its walls, and destroyed that superb model of excellence, the temple. ple were carried captive to Babylon, and the con. querors carried with them all the vessels of gold and silver, &c. This happened 470 years, 6 months and 10 days after its dedication.

When the time arrived that the christian princes entered into a league to free the holy land from the oppression of the infidels, the good and virtuous masons, anxious for so pious an undertaking, voluntarily offered their services to the confederates, on condition that they should have a chief of their own election, which was granted ; accordingly they accepted their standard and departed.

The valour and fortitude of those elected knights was such, that they were admired by, and took the lead of, all the princes of Jerusalem, who, believe ing that their mysteries inspired them with courage and fidelity to the cause of virtue and religion, became desirous of being initiated; upon being found worthy their desires were complied with, and thus the royal art, meeting the approba

tion of great and good men, became popular and honourable, and was diffused to the worthy, throughout their various dominions, and has continued to spread, far and wide, through a succession of ages, to the present day.

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Sketch of the History of Freemasonry

iz America.


General Remarks.

A GRAND Lodge consists of the master and wardens of all the regular lodges of master masons, within its jurisdiction, with the Grand Master at their head, the Deputy Grand Master on his left, and the Grand Wardens and Deacons in their proper places; attended also by the Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, Grand Chaplain, Grand Sword Bearer, Grand Marshal, and also the Past Grand and. Deputy Grand Masters, and Past Mas. ters of regular lodges while members of a lodge within the jurisdiction.

In England, until the year 1717, a sufficient number of masons, met together, had ample pow. er to make masons, and discharge every duty of masonry, by inherent privileges, vested in the fra. ternity at large, without a warrant of constitution. But at the meeting of the Grand Lodge of England on St. John the Baptist's day in that year, the following regulation was adopted :

“ The privilege of assembling as masons, which has hitherto been unlimited, shall be vested in certain lodges of masons, convened in certain places; and every lodge hereafter convened, shall be legally authorised to act by a warrant from the Grand Master for the time being, granted to cer. tain individuals by petition, with the consent and approbation of the Grand Lodge in communication; and without such warrant, no lodge shall hereafter be deemed regular or constitutional."


Commencement of Masonry in America. FREEMASONS: lodges in America are of reçent date. Upon application of a number of brethren residing in Boston, a warrant was granted

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