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ven, and on earth*; thou art "the Lofty One

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that inhabiteth eternity; 'great and marvellous are thy works ;" and yet thou sufferest thy creatures to call upon thee for help, and wait thy appointed time for their deliverance from their afflictions. Glory be to thee, O Lord, for these thy unspeakable mercies. Make me deserving of them, and grateful for their continuance. Bless and prosper all my undertakings; direct me in all my ways; avert misfortune and disease from my habitation; inspire me with just ideas, and humble thoughts; and let no worldly interest

*The first chapter of The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Colossians, is well worthy of serious perusal ; also the fifty-third chapter of the Prophet Isaiah. It was this chapter which convinced that wild and atheistical nobleman, the Earl of Rochester, in the last age, of the truth of the Gospel, when he compared the words of the Prophecy of Isaiah with the twenty-sixth and following chapters of St. Matthew, and he became a real penitent.

or advantage prevail over me to induce me to depart from my integrity. Give me grace to "set thee always before my eyes;" to fear and love thee; to take pleasure in praising thee; to delight "in thy sacred

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courts; to rejoice in thy sabbaths; and to


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spend every day of my life in the enjoyment of thy favour, the esteem of my acquaintance, and the approbation of my own heart. thy Holy Spirit warm and purify my soul, and let it restrain me from the commission of those "sins which most easily beset me. Banish from my mind every improper and unworthy thought; keep me in health and safety, in peace and innocence, in love and charity, in a cheerful state of mind, and a tranquil resignation to thy will in all the dispensations of thy wonderful Providence. While I am passing through things tem

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poral," suffer me not to lose sight of "the things eternal," through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord, and only Saviour; in whose name and words, I commend to thy mercy and protection myself and all mankind.-Our Father, &c.

Wednesday Morning.

O MOST GRACIOUS GOD AND MERCIFUL FATHER, I humbly beseech thee, for the sake of thy Son Jesus Christ, to pardon my sins, to remove my fears, and to strengthen my faith. I bless and praise thy holy name for the life that I enjoy, the health which I feel, and the gratification arising from the dear connexions of my regard and esteem. Foster in my mind those sweet satisfactions which spring from the un

deviating practice of Christian charity, mutual sympathy, and honest intentions towards all with whom I have any intercourse. Give me a sincere and ingenuous disposition; not given to suspicion, anger, or malevolence; but "easy to be entreated; full of good works; without partiality, and without hypocrisy."

Impart to me a full share of thy heavenly grace, that I may uniformly make a right use and improvement of all thy blessings; and be thou graciously pleased to take me under thy Fatherly protection, not only in the day, but in the night; not only when I go out, but when I am at home; or wherever I may be engaged at any time during my stay on earth. Give me such a due sense of all thy mercies that I may unfeignedly love thee, and never wilfully do any thing

either to offend thee, or that may be contrary

to thy commandments.

Grant, O Lord, that I may ever withstand the temptations of this wicked world, and with true Christian fortitude support myself under the trials and difficulties that abound in it. Teach me to walk in the sacred paths of real and unaffected piety, and to conform myself to the precepts which my blessed Lord and Saviour has so benevolently and condescendingly left for my guidance in this life, and for my direction to that heavenly world, "where sin and sorrow will be known no more."

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Let my behaviour and conversation be always such " as becometh the Gospel of Christ." In that sacred and invaluable treasury of divine knowledge, are the purest

examples, the wisest precepts, and the most

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