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I AM Jesus' little lamb,

Ever glad at heart I am;
Jesus loves me, Jesus knows me,
All things fair and good He shows me;
Even calls me by my name;
Ev'ry day He is the same.

2 Safely in and out I go,

Jesus guides me here below;
When I hunger Jesus feeds me;
When I thirst, my Shepherd leads me
Where the waters softly flow,
Where the sweetest pastures grow.

3 Should I not be always glad?

None whom Jesus loves are sad;
And when this short life is ended,
Those whom the good Shepherd tended
Will be taken to the skies,
There to dwell in Paradise.

H. von Hayn.
W. F. Stevenson, Tr.

248 GLORY and praise and honor

To Thee, Redeemer King, To whom the lips of children

Made sweet hosannas ring. Glory and praise and honor,

To Thee, Redeemer King, To whom the lips of children

Made sweet hosannas ring.

2 The people of the Hebrews

With palms before Thee went;
Our praise and prayer and anthems

Before Thee we present. Glory and praise and honor, etc. 3 Thou wentest to Thy passion

Amid their shouts of praise:
Thou reignest now in glory,

While we our anthems raise. Glory and praise and honor, etc. 4 Thou didst accept their praises ;

Accept the prayers we bring,
Who in all good delightest,

Thou good and gracious King.
Glory and praise and honor, etc.

J. M. Neale, Tr.

249 FROM His throne in heaven,

Where the angels be, God with eyes of kindness

Ev'ry child doth see.

2 To its prayer He harkens,

Both by night and day, And at every footstep

Guards it on its way.

3 Like a loving father

He each child doth feed, And in times of sorrow

Well supplies its need.

4 Tell it to the children

That a Father's care They above all others

Here on earth shall share.

W. Hey. H. Brueckner, Tr.

250 O

KIND and gentle Savior,

Who art the children's Friend, We pray Thee now receive us,

Thy blessing on us send; Our joys and all our sorrows,

Thou willest we should bring, And lay them all before Thee,

Our good and gracious King. 2 To Thee of old their children

The people came and brought; From Thee Thy grace and favor

For little ones they sought; And Thou didst not forbid them,

For Thou art good and kind; In Thee a loving Savior

May we, Thy children, find. 3 Let not our ways and doings

Dishonor Thy dear name, Nor words, nor deeds of evil

Our Christian calling shame. Grant us Thy grace, that boldly

We may our Lord confess; While for all gifts Thou givest,

Thy holy name we bless.


251 GATHERED here, we join our hands, O Sa

And upon Thy death unite,
Ever to be true in our behavior

Unto Thee, eternal Light.
And as here Thy praises, Lord, are spoken,

Enter Thou into our midst in token
Of Thy love so pure and true,
Saying: "Peace I give to you."

C. N. L. von Zinzendorf.

H. Brueckner, Tr.

252 ESUS, now Thine own forever,

True and steadfast would I be; And be parted from Thee never,

Walking day by day with Thee. Thine the life that in me liveth,

All my strength by Thee supplied, As the vine its vigor giveth

To the branches that abide. 2 Could aught better e'er betide me,

Than with Thee to have my place, Who dost evermore provide me

Thrice ten thousand gifts of grace? Could I be more cheerful even

Than when Thou, O Christ, art near, Unto whom all power is given

Both in heaven above and here? 3 Where is there a Lord so gracious

Who would do as Thou hast done;

Who with His own blood and precious

Me from sin and death hath won? Should I not be His possession

Who gave up His life for me; Make to Him a good confession,

And till death all faithful be?

4 Lord, in pleasure as in sorrow

Thy companion would I be; Now and for my each tomorrow

I surrender all to Thee. Make me quick when Thou dost beckon,

E'en though 'twere to call me hence; Who His life as Thine doth reckon,

Waits e'en death in confidence.

5 Through my earthly life be near me,

Be Thou with me when it en
When the evening gathers, cheer me;

Bless me when the night descends.
Lay Thy holy hand in blessing

On my weary, drooping head;
Tell me :-Child, all faith possessing,

Thou shalt live though thou wert dead. 6 Stay Thou with me, O Lord Jesus,

When cold death at last comes on As the chill and piercing breezes

Just before the heavenly dawn. Light my heart nor suffer sadness

When the darkness dims my sight; Then shall I go forth with gladness As one journeys home at night.

K. J. P. Spitta. A. Ramsey, Tr.

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