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fon, the tear would steal involun- led one of Christ's children. She tarily down her furrowed cheek. appeared to have a soul-humbling She called it by way of eminence view of the iniquity of her own her “ living afdiction.” The two heart, and the utter insufficiency last years of her life were tranquil. of all creature righteousness for She was however seldom able to pardon and salvation. She dil attend public worship, and when carded all reliance upon her own there, by reason of deafness, was works and trusted alone in the feldom able to hear. She fome- perfect righteousness of Jesus times attended on days of com Chrift for justification. munion, and speaking to me on “ The memory of the juft is the subject, fhe said "I love to be bleffed." there though I cannot hear.” But the period was haftening, when she was to be dismissed from

Religious Intelligence. this

trying world. She often pressed an ardent desire to be gone TO THE EDITORS OF THE CON and be with Christ. In my visits NECTICUT EVANGELICAL Max to her she wished me to pray only

GAZINE, that she might be ready, and have an easy passage, adding, “ what GENTLEMEN, is there in this world to induce a I enclofe to you an extract of moment's stay.” Indeed the seem a letter from the Rev.. Mr. Floyd ed prepared to be with Christ as published by the Congregation “ Clad with her starry pinions on,

al Society of South Carolina-as Dress'd for her flight and ready to

it contains an account of the ope. be gone."

rations of divine grace in a part of The friends of Christ indulged a

the country farther south than pleafing hope that her death would were included in the accounts be triumphant ; but it pleased which have been published in the God, in her lalt fickness, to take Magazine, from her almost the whole power

As articles of religious intelliof speech. She rapidly declined, gence, perhaps none can be more the glimmerings of life gradually important or better authenticated, diminished, and on December 23, ceived from the western and fouth1801, without a struggle, groan, ceived from the western and fouthor figh, she fell asleep, as we trutt ern parts of the United States in Jesus.

they have already been the means Her appearance and conversa- of arresting many in their waytion were such as uniformly com

ward course, and obliging thera manded attention.

She was a

to confess, that verily there is é pleasant companion for the aged ;

God who ruleth in the earth. The a guide to the youth ; and look hearts of devout worshippers have ed to with respect by all.

been encouraged in their address Although Mrs. Tuttle was

to the throne of grace, and their viewed by her moit intimate hands have been trengthened in friends, who had witnessed her whatsoeyer they did to do it more trials and patience, as a person of to the glory of God. unusual attainments in religion,

Under these impreslions, the inshe spoke of herself in the hum. sertion of the letter in the Evan. blest terms, as unworthy to be cal. Igelical Magazine is fubmitted to Vol. III, No. 8.


your judgment and discretion, by dinary, and several appendages of á friend to the great cause in it may be very far from congenial which you are engaged.

to the prevailing sentiments of the Providence, R. I. Dec. 20, 1802. polite world. I think it proper,

however, to observe, that I have Extra&t of a letter from the Rev, stances than I had previoully con

found fewer disagreeable circumL. FLOYD, Misionary, employed, templated. The ministers used by the Congregational Society of their utmost endeavors to preserve the state of South Carolina, for order among the people, and inpromoting the interests of religion, Itead of terrific declamation, their to the Chairman of the Board of chief aim appeared to be to de Direors of said Society. Pub.

clare the important truths of the lished by order of the Board.

gospel with plainness, fimplicity “ IN August I took the liber- and rational energy. And it was ty of leaving, for a few weeks, the very observable, that while the district assigned me, in order to at. conciliating voice of the gospel tend some large facramental meet. was calmly proclaimed, the work ings in the upper part of the state. appeared greater than at any other I had the pleasure of attending time. Those who could fit un. three of these meetings, where the moved while the terrors of a brokmultitudes collected in the open en law were founded in their ears, woods, and the extraordinary ex- felt their stony hearts melt into ercises which I saw and heard, penitential forrow, under the opened to me a scene entirely new, force of this interesting truth, and in the highest degree interest- that “ God was in Christ, reconing. Every thing which I could ciling the world unto himself." say in describing this truly won- The gospel was indeed preached derful work of God, has no doubt with an animated pathos, which been anticipated by those who evidently declared the pious zeal have previously corresponded with of the chergy; but this must be you on the subject ; but you will admitted to be very correspondent permit me to indulge myself in a to the spirit of the apoftolical few observations on what I saw Missionaries, who, constrained by and heard.

the love of Christ, befought fin“ The designs and ways of ners to be reconciled to God. God are indeed unsearchable. “ Another circumftance, in The important purposes of his which I was agreeably disappointwisdom and grace are often effect. ed, was the manner of the exercise ed, not in the way which human of those who became affected. I wisdom would dictate, but ac- had expected to hear loud outcording to the incomprehensible cries from the subjects of the counsel of his sovereign will. The work, which where they are so bodily exercises which take place numerous, would be a great difin the present revival, may present advantage to regular preaching. a stumbling block to the wisdom But where I attended, the dir. of man; but if God, by this, ac courses of the preachers were selcelerates the progress of his work, dom disturbed by any noise. Somewe ought to be not only satisfied times, indeed, those affected seem but thankful.

constrained to cry out, but much - The work is indeed extraor- more frequently, especially in

time of public preaching, they lie though it may be deprecated by in deep exercise of mind, while the gay and dislipated, was rather their voice is scarcely heard by enviable, than either pitiable or those around them. Sometimes contemptible in the eye of a pin in time of preaching, there would ous spectator. appear to be but few in exercise ; “The present revival, is doubtyet, when the people were dif- less a great and good work ; but missed and began to disperse, we when we consider the weakness of could discover them lying in every human nature, and the many arti. part of the congregation. fices of the great adversary of

The people are most apt to run souls, we must, I humbly think, into confufion in different exercises be convinced of the necessity of of devotion, in the intervals of much wisdom and prudence, as public worship. They sometimes well as zeal in the ministry, in or. collect in groups around those der to guard against these irreguwho are stricken down; while some lar sallies of paffion, which, if inof them engage in singing or some dulged without restraint, not only other exercise, and sometimes dif. bring a reproach on religion, but ferent exercises may be heard at hinder the most profitable exeronce so near together, as to have cises of genuine piety. But it is che appearance of disorder. But not for me to prescribe in this these things the Presbyterian min- matter. God, we may hope, will ifters endeavor to restrain, as far not only support his own cause, as the nature of the case will ad- but exercise such a special care mit. Upon the whole, I think over his children as will preserve the disorders are as few as could them, though weak, from pernibe expected in such vast assemblies cious delusions. But it is the of people ; of different religious duty of Christans and especially of persuasions, of different sentiments Christian ministers, to conduct and different habits and manners. themfelves with great circumspecAnd, undoubtedly, the great good tion." that is done abundantly more than compensates for every thing difagreeable, that may arise from the Extraås from a letter from the Rev. weakness of human nature.

James Hughs, dated Wef Lib. " A number I saw under ex

erty, Ohio County, Virg. Nov. ercises, in which their countenan

9, 1802, to Rev. Stephen Well,

D. D. of Stockbridge, Mal. ces expressed the most ferene and extatic pleasure, while their bo “ I am happy in being able to dies appeared entirely helpless, give you a sketch of intelligence and the words they articulated at present, which I believe will were uttered in very feeble ac be pleasing to you ; and I hope cents. A smile, the most placid the Tource is such, that it will furthat can be imagined, overspread nish more for a future day, viz. the whole visage, while their ad. That the Lord has lately very dresses to Heaven and to those a remarkably visited this part of his round them, declared the with the effufions of the ical sentiments of their heart. divine influences. There hath

The views which occupied their been something more than ufuat minds must have been supremely of a stir, and raised expectation delightful; and their lituations, among the people, through the

paft fummer ; and on facramental from Saturday until Tuesday seasons, much appearance of so morning :- This was the Crafía lemnity and serious exercise. - roads, laid Mr. M‘Curdy's other Numbers were added to the congregation. There were ten church: But nothing very re-ordained Minifters, and four Li. markable took place, until about centiates present : About 750 the last fabbath in Sept. when communed--The exercise conthe Lord's supper was adminiftinued day and night The cries tered in a congregation, called and groans of the distressed were The Three Springs, of which Mr. almoft incessant from Saturday MCurdy is paftor, about twenty evening until we left the place ; miles north of this place. On and, fometimes, to fuch heighs this occasion, the Lord began to that the public {peaker would work in a powerful manner-ma. have to delit. I believe few ob. py were awakened, and the exer- tained relief or comfort until Mon. cise increased so that, on Monday evening, thougb the number day evening, the usual time of of awakened and diftrefled was breaking up, the people could increasing until that time. On pot part, but continued all night, Monday we had sermons at three and until 11 or 12 the next day, different places, fufficiently dif. The work was in the same man. tant from each other to prevent ner, as in the states of Kentucky, disturbance. One was in the Tenesee, "and the Carolinas.-- meeting-house. About the time Numbers sunk down in their dif. the assemblies were dismissed, and tress, and appeared to be in very were endeavoring to disperse, the great concern and anguish of spi- Great Comforter took pofleffion rit. 'Some few, perhaps five or of some hearts, and their groans fix, obtained relief and comfort and cries of diftress were changed before the assembly was dispersed; into acclamations of praise and and gave ground to hope that glory to their deliverer. Some they got their rest on the sure very young were enabled to speak, foundation. Two weeks after recommending Chrift, and invitfaid time, the sacrament was ad- ing and warning finners in a man. ministered at Racoon, a congrega- ner truly aftonishing. Under this tion not far distant from the for- means awakenings increased, and mer, and under the care of Mr. most piercing cries and groans were Patterson. By this time, the mingled with the prailes, Thefe awakening and exercise had con exercises, and when the noise fiderably increased, and it was would admit of it) prayers and a very folemn season. Many very exhortations were made by the hardened and bold finnersweré ministers—all of whick conftitu. awakened and brought into awful ted a solemn, awful and pleafing diftress. The appearances were scene through the whole night, such, that it was thought proper and sometime in the morning. to appoint the last sabbath in Oc- Before we could part, it was a. tober, for an extra meeting and greed to appoint next sabbath as communion. A great multitude another extra meeting and com, attended on' this occafion-Num- munion. It is probable great bers went in waggons, took their numbers will attend, as it is in a families and provisions with them; very central placc-Upper Buffad we continued at the place lo congregatio..".

Nov. 18th. Being providen. The last Sabbath in Auguft the gially prevented from sending this facramental supper was adminif-by the last mail, I can now inform tered at Young's Town. On you, that I attended at the pro. Monday, near the close of the exposed meeting on last fabbath ; ercises, there appeared an unufual and it was a great and folemn movement on the minds of many ; meeting indeed. It is supposed, it was found afterwards that sethe number which attended was veral were hopefully the subjects not less than ten thousand. There of genuine awakening, which has were twelve ministers attended. since terminated apparently in a We continued on the ground, saving change. In Mesopotamia from Saturday morning until there are thirty four fouls ; two Tuesday. The number affected of this number have lately obtainwas great, perhaps upwards of | ed hopes of an interest in Chrift. two thousand, counting from the One of them a man forty fix years forft to the laft. About one thou. of age; who has been for many fand were communicants. Du. years a universalift, and uncomring the two last nights, there monly vicious and profane. The were, I think, seldom less than, other is a young woman, of a vefrom two to three hundred at ry irreligious family. May it not once : And of these, the cries be said there has been an awakenand groans were very affecting. ing in this place ? The first week Toward the latter part of the fo. in September I spent at Hudson, lemnity, numbers appeared to get found a young person under serirelief ; though few in comparison ous concern; found a number of with the number affected. The serious and hopefully pious peodiftressed appeared to have awful ple, mostly from the church in apprehenfions of their fins—Their Goshen (Connecticut.) Here I cries generally were, Oh! my fins organized a church, consisting of

-Oh! my hard heart-Oh, what fourteen members ; it was a feelshall I do for Chrift! Jesus, ing, comfortable time with Chriftake away my hard heart ! But tians. The last Monday in Seproom and time at present forbid tember, I fat out from No. 2, enlargement : And in many sheets Range 1, for Pittsburg, where I could not give you any ade the Synod of Pittsburg were to quate description of the wonderful fit the next Wednesday. I atscence.”

tended during the session, which

continued until Saturday nearly Extra& of a letter to the Trustees of of the business transacted was,

one o'clock. One important part the Missionary Society of Connec- forming the Synod into a Million

Their funds are Misionary to New Conneticut,

ary Society dated Austinburgh, November yet (mall, about two hundred dol

lars. They sent one of their num

ber, Rev J. M Farrand, a very IT may be fatisfactory to the respectable clergyman, on a milTrustees and the friends of reli- loi for four Sabbaths, into this gion in general, to have some ac. county. There was a letter read count of the apparent, and I hope, from Kentucky dated in August, real progress of the Redeemer's by which we learn the revival kingdom in this western country. I continues to spread, and remark

19, 1802.

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