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deviating practice of Christian charity, mutual sympathy, and honest intentions towards all with whom I have any intercourse. Give me a sincere and ingenuous disposition; not given to suspicion, anger, or malevolence; but “easy to be entreated ; full of good works; without partiality, and without hypocrisy.”

Impart to me a full share of thy heavenly grace, that I may uniformly make a right use and improvement of all thy blessings; and be thou graciously pleased to take me under thy Fatherly protection, not only in the day, but in the night; not only when I go out, but when I am at home; or wherever I may be engaged at any time during my stay on earth. Give me such a due sense of all thy mercies that I may unfeignedly love thee, and never wilfully do any thing either to offend thee, or that may be contrary to thy commandments.

Grant, O Lord, that I may ever withstand the temptations of this wicked world, and with true Christian fortitude support myself under the trials and difficulties that abound in it. Teach me to walk in the sacred paths of real and unaffected piety, and to conform myself to the precepts which my blessed Lord and Saviour has so benevolently and condescendingly left for my guidance in this life, and for my direction to that heavenly world, “ where sin and sorrow will be known no more.”

Let my behaviour and conversation be always such“ as becometh the Gospel of Christ.” In that sacred and invaluable treasury of divine knowledge, are the purest examples, the wisest precepts, and the most

pious exhortations to a holy and religious life. O that I may never neglect the perusal of those sacred records, or be so thoughtless as to let the remembrance of them escape my daily contemplation and suitable devotion.

Give me a truly honest and upright heart; mortify my depraved inclinations; cleanse me “ from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit;" and shew me the way that leads to heaven and heavenly enjoyments. Let no worldly terest, no lucrative advantages, no personal inducement, tempt me to abandon the broad and even road of justice and integrity. Let me, O God, depend on thy Providence for the success of all my enterprises; and if I do not succeed in my endeavours to benefit myself, my family, or any of my fellow creatures, grant that I may rest contented under all the dispensations of thy infinite wisdom and goodness, in the firm persuasion that it is for the best, either as to my welfare here, or my happiness hereafter. Leave me not destitute at any time of those things that contribute to my salvation; nor deny me thy favour, which is better than life itself, In all the troubles, perplexities, and disappointments of this world, be thou my only refuge, my hope, and my support, my Saviour, and my God. AMEN.

Wednesday Evening.

ALMIGHTY AND MOST MERCIFUL FATHER, I beseech thee to sanctify my heart, and to preserve me from all the dangerous, ensnaring, and corrupt examples that I meet with in the world, Give me wisdom and prudence to perform the duties of a Christian

life, and a mind disposed to yield perfect obedience to thy divine commands. Increase in me the endearing qualities of meekness and benevolence, justice and integrity, humility and patience, piety and equanimity of temper. • Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me.” Wash me thoroughly from my offences, and purify my soul from all evil thoughts, all bad intentions, and all improper designs. Let no temporal advantages, or any thing I could have or gain in this world, prompt me to forsake or disregard the more important employment of doing my duty, seeking thy favour, and being just and true in all my ways. Teach me to act faithfully towards all men. Give me a spirit of forgiveness; and let me rather return good for evil, than incur the reproaches of my own conscience, or injure

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