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Cbrist. We must therefore come to God by birn, relying upon his mediation ; as ever we would expect co parrake of falvation and happiness in the fruition of God. Heb. vji. 25. He is able to save unto the uttermost ibem that come unto God by bim, seeing be ever livetb to make intercesior for them. God, and every good thing is to be fought, for the sake of Jesus Christ. Dan. ix. 17. Now therefore, O our God, bear the prayer of thy fere vani, and bis fupplications, and cause thy face to fine upon iby fanctuary which is defolate, for tbe Lord's sake. Our dependance must be upon the meric and interceflion of Jesus Chrift, for all our success in feeking God. And in this way of faich in Christ, we shall speed.

Anju. 6. They should seek God constantly. They should seek God, not only for a lime, but hold on in seeking God. Pfal. cv. 4. Seek the Lord and his strength, seek bis face evermore. Though they do not presently find God, yet they thould not give over seeking God.' I should be far from them to say as he did, 2 King. vi. 33. W by foould I wait for the Lord any longer ? God is moft worthy to be waited upon, and waited for : and if after all our waiting we at last find him, it will make us full amends for our patience and pains in seeking him. Sinners then should not give way to any discouragemedi; buc thould continue to seek God, in hope of

fioding him. And if chey do persevere in seeking God, they may be satisfied, that God will be found of them. H . vi. 3. Then spall we know, if we follow on to know ibe Lord. By knowing, here is meant such a knowledge as is accompanied with the enjoyment of God: so the following words do intimate, Then fall be come unto us as the rain, as the latter and the former rain upon the earth.' Let us cherefore patiently wait on God in the wav of diligent seeking of him ; and we may hope, ic will not bé long before we shall find him. Psal. xxvii. 14. Wait on tbe Lord : be of good courage, and be sball strengeben cbine beart : wait, I fay, on the Lord. Match. Vil. 7. Ask and it shall be given you ; feek, and ge ball jini, kauck, and it soall be opened to you.,


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PROP II. There is a Time, wherein sinners may find God, if they seek bim --- Solomon says, To every thing there is a season. Eccl. iii. I. There is a fit and proper season for ihe doing of every, business. This is true in reference to seeking and finding God. There is a season wherein he may be fought, so as to be found. Luk. xix. 42. This thy day; a day of gracious visitation ; ( ¥. 44.) a Time, wherein the redeemer visited them, was near to them, and might be found of them..... Here it may be enquired, · Quest. When is it a time, wherein sinners inay find God, if they seek him arighe ?

Answ. 1.' In general, The time of life, is a time wherein God may be found, if sinners seek him..-.. Afler death, the time of finding God is come to a perpetual end. But, as long as life lafts, God will be found, if he indeed be fought aright. Some chat have lived in the neglect of God, even till old age, have yet upon their humble seeking God, found him a merciful, fin. pardoning God. Yea, in the last days of life, even, on a death-bed, fome upon their penitenc seeking of God, have found him. Though the repentance of such is seldom true, yet when it is fine cere, they do certainly find mercy with the Lord, and their fins Mall be forgiven. A&. ii. 19. Repent, that your fins may be blotted out. If God give repentance, be wilig veremillion of fin. A&t. v. 31. And, Whoso believeth with the beart, wicilier sooner or later, he believeth unto righteousness, and so to ihe saving of the soul. (Rom. x. 10. Heb. X. 39.) Sinners may in their very last hours be really penicent ; or else it would be in vain to pray with them, and for them ; in vain to use means for bringing them to repentance, and in vain for them to seek God : nay, it would then be no sin in them, co de : Spair. And if they are really penitent and believing, chey. Thall assuredly be saved. The penitent thief went from the cross to paradise. Luk. xxiii. 43. This day, &c. I: is horrid, to suppose, that God will damn a believing repenting sinner.... Yet however, none, upon this ap


prehension, should defer their repenting and closing with Christ, till a dying, hour. This is most wicked presumption, and is likely to end in obftinate unbelief

Answ. impenitency and to end in obltina

Answ. 2. More parcicularly, There are some special Seasons of life, wherein God may be found, if finners Jeek unto him. Such as are born and brought up onder che gospel, have some signal opportunities in their lives, which if they do improve unto che seeking God, they will be in a fair and most hopeful way to find God. ... For instance, .

1. The.cime of youth is a special reason, wherein sinners may find God, if they seek him. Solomon calls upon young persons, to remember their creator in the days of their youth. Eccl. xii. 1. In their early years, they Thould be mindful of their Maker, so as to seek him and call upon him, for pardoning mercy, and converting grace. Thus did Fofiah ; 2 Chron. xxxiv. 3. While he was yet young, he began to seek after the God of David his Father. He fought God becimes : and so should all young ones do. And if they do chus in the beginning of their days, set themselves to seek after God, they have the greatest hope and profpect of finding him. So David cold his fon Solomon, who was a young man. I Chron. xxviii. 9. Thou Solomon my fan, know thou the God of thy father, and serve bim with a perfect heart and a willing mind:---if thou seek him, he will be found of thee. Yea, God has made a very gracious promise to young ones in particular. Prov. vi. 17. They that seek me early, Mall find ine. Early seekers of God are of all persons most likely to be successful seekers : and if they be right seekers, they shall never seek bis face in vain. If any in all the world may look for welcome entertainment with God, young penicents may. For God is exceedingly well-pleased with their earlv' seeking of him. Surely then there is no better season wherein to seek God, than the time of youth. O that young perfons would be perswaded to make the trial, and fee whether they shall not find God and obtain favour wich Аа

him, him, if they reek unto him in earnest. O pray daily co God, to bless you; to give you an interest in Chrift; co pardon the fins of your youth, co keep you from fin, to give you an heart to know God, to believe in him, to love and serve him. If you thus seek God while young, you will never repent of your so doing. This will make your after-life more sweet and comfortable to you. Whereas, if you neglect to seek God while young, you will bitterly bewail it hereafter. If God give you an heart to repent, you will now be filled wich grief and sorrow for the fins of your youth : but if you die in impenitency, you will mourn at the last, in thac place, where is weeping and wailing for ever and eyer, without remedy.

2. The time of the Spirit's striving with Ginners; is a special feafon wherein they may find God, if they seek him. The holy Spirit does frequently act and move upon the hearts of finners, elder, as well as younger, under the gofpel. It is his work to convince of fons Joh. xvi. 8. And how ofcen are finners brought onder convictions by che holy Spirit ? They are many times convinced in their consciences, that they should no longer restrain prayer before God, but thould seek to biin for pardon, grace and falvacion. Such sins of omis. fion their consciences do check and condemn them for. Now, by such convictions, the Spirit of God is knocking at the door of their hearts. And when they are under such convi&tions as there, it is then a special season co feek God. When the Spirit is thus ftriving with us, God is in a particular manner near to us, and then is a suicable opportunicy to call upon God. And if we do cherith such holy awakenings, and are thereby carried unto God, we may chen hope that God will be found of us. Had Feliz and Agrippa fought. God when under such convictions, it might have been well wich chem. God is never more likely to be found of os, chan when we comply with the gracious calls of his Spirit, . to seek his face. The holy Spirit. is-a messenger from God and Christ, to acquaint us, that


Vinced by in how shig

God would have us to seek him, and that he is ready ļo be found of us; and if we hearken to the voice of this divine messenger, God will hearken to che voice of our prayer. We read of fome, who, upon the convictions of the Spirit, wrought by the word, did forthwith seek after salvation, and saving grace was bestowed on them. Act. ii. 37, 41.-.-- Take heed thep of resisting the motions of the holy Spirit on your souls, left. he should cease striving with you, and God thould go far away from you. Whatever the means be, whether che word, ordinances, or providences, when convictions are begun, take care you don's fifle an awakened conscience. i Thell. v. 19. Quench not the Spirit..... Thus for our second Propofition.

PROP. III. Sinners thould be concerned, to seek God in tbis time wherein he may be found. This is incimata ed in the text as a matter of the greatest importance. And therefore it is urged and pressed upon sinners by an ingemination or doubling of che expressions ; feek bim,..--call upon him ; while be is near,-..-while he may be found. And certainly, if there be any thing that requires our greatest care and concern, it is that of seeking God so as that we may find him.... Two or three reasons , may here be mentioned, why sinners should be concern.

ed to seek God while he may be found.

· Reas. 1. The first reason may be taken from the great blessedness of finding God. To find and enjoy God, is the only true happiness of the reasonable creature.

The fruition of him makes us compleally and eternally blessed. Heis an infinice good, a full fountain of goods nels. If we have God for ours, we are most happy persons. (Pfal. cxliv. 15) If we find him, we find every good thing, that can be imagined, or desired. Nothing can be wanting to us, if we have him who posle[les all things. Now does it not infioicely concern us, to se. cure co ourselves chis infinitely blessed God for our porrion? What can be worth our minding in comparison

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