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Lord, who spread'st the heaven in brightness,

And the mystic path on high,

Mad'st to shine with fiery whiteness,

Gleaming all along the sky;

On the fourth day upward rolling,
Wide the sun his glories flung:
While the moon the night controlling,

And the stars in heaven were hung.

Clearest signs Thou thus hast given,
Waxing light and waning rays;
Signs for morn and closing even,
Signs for seasons, years, and days.

Let these signs to us betoken

Spirit's darkness turned to day; Chains of guilt forever broken,

Sins in mercy, washed away.

To the Father laud be given,

To the Son and Paraclete : Worshipped evermore in heaven, With due praise and honors meet.



GOD of endless power and might,
Who the waters fruitful made,

Calling two-fold being forth,
One to sink in ocean's shade,

And the other high to soar,
Winging land and waters o'er ;

Grant to us Thy servants grace,
Born of water in Thy Blood,
That all pure we may remain,
As we rose from out the flood;

Never knowing sin's dark stain,
Feeling never death's dread pain.

Let no guilt sink us in woe,

Deeper than the unfathomed main;
Let no pride our spirits raise,

To hurl them down to earth again;
Lest the crush'd heart, rally never,
And the proud soul, fall forever.

Father, Holy, Thee we pray;
With the Spirit and the Son,
GOD in whom we move and live,
One in Three, and Three in one;
Ruling in all times before,
Ruling now and evermore.



Lord! at whose word all life came forth,

Cattle and creeping thing;

Who formedst man of fashioned earth,

And life to clay didst bring;

Who all, did'st in subjection give,
To him last formed of all;

And mad'st him Lord of all that live,

Whom Thou from naught did'st call

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Make us, O Lord! to rule through Thee

All raging lusts within;

And covert faults, which secretly,

Would lead us on to sin.

Give us the prize of blissful life,

Grant us thy glorious grace; Loose all the chains of sinful strife, And knit the bonds of peace.

Most Holy Father, bow Thine ear,

O Son! regard our cry;

Great Paraclete, deign Thou to hear,

Hear Blessed Trinity!



Great God! who life to all hast given, Who rulest o'er the garnished heaven, Who day hast glorious made with light, And grateful sleep ordained for night;

So frames refreshed might be more meet
Day, bringing in fresh toils to greet;
So weary minds might share their lot,
And anxious griefs be all forgot;

Thanks for the daylight past and gone, Prayers for the shadowy night begun, Rise to Thine ear, through twilight dim, While now we chaunt our evening hymn.

Thee Lord, let all our spirits praise, While we in songs our voices raise; To Thee let love all ardent soar, Thee let our chastened hearts adore.

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