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are increafing their miffionaries at dence and Magazines which we the Cape of Good Hope, and have received, it appears that rethe blind and stupid Hottentots ligion and the mislionary spirit are flocking to the standard of have been revived in Scotland, their Saviour. In August 1800, Ireland, Denmark, and Norway ; the Society had 1900 of them and that there is an appearance of under their tuition; and since that the same spirit in Holland and time the number has increased. Germany. We also learn that English and Dutch missionaries the London Society are printing are employing their most vigorous a large edition of the New Tettaand perfevering exertions for the ment in the French language, evangelizing of this most ignorant with a preliminary work on the evand stupid people. Besides thefe idences of Christianity, to be the Moravians have missionaries at spread as soon and as extensively the Cape, which have been very as may be in Belgium and France: successful.

-That the Baptift miflionaries in The London fociety have sent the East-Indies had nearly commiffionaries to Africa, to the East-pleted a publication of the scripIndies, to Canada, and Newfound-tures in the Bengalic language: land. New millionary societies And that a copious edition of are forming. In Great Britain, them in Arabic is contemplated the church of England have enga in England, and allo a translation ged in the missionary bufiness, and of them into the Chinese language are forming a fociety for that pur- that they may be published in the pose. In New England, a very fame. Never, perhaps, since the important society has been recent- apostolic age, has there been aly formed in the county of Hamp- mong Christians fo general a zeal, fire in Massachusetts ; of which such spirited and general exertions his Excellency Governor STRONG, to advance the kingdom of Jesus, is President. The subscriptions and to bring all nations to the acwhich have been made for its sup- knowledgment of the truth as it port have been liberal and extra. is in hin. While we contemplate ordinary, From the worthy these great and pleasing events, characters of the gentlemen ap- and that it is God who turneth pointed Trustees of the society, the hearts of men as the rivers of and the funds which have been ob- water are turned, and that it is tained, there is good reason to ex- his fpirit only which forins them pect that the society will do much to prefer Jerusalem to their chief for the advancement of the Re- joy, may we not conclude that lie deemers's kingdom in the new set is about to do something importlements, and among the aborigin-tart and fignal for his church? al natives of this continent. Will he not arise and have mercy

The New-York Missionary Soupon Zion ? Is not the time to ciety have fome interesting and favor her, yea, the fet time come? flattering accounts from their mif-When his servants take pleasure fionaries, which have been sent to in her stones, and favor ihe dust the American heathen ; and that thereof? While in these prospects fociety, as well as the Moravians, we are aniinated and filled with are forming new millions among joy, we felicitate yen in the same them.

views, and doulat not but our an. From our letters of co: se pon. 'imation and joy will be mutual,

How precious and animating are We are not laboring in vain. the divine promises, the concur The cause in which we are emrence, prayers and exertions of barked is not one which shall fail. many thousands of good people? Neither earth nor hell shall prevail How happy must you be in your against it. For the Lord shall institution, and in its extensive and comfort Zion; he will comfort all beneficial effects? What can be her waste places, and he will make more pleasing than to be inftru- her wilderness like Eden, and her mental of preaching the gospel, desart like the garden of the forming churches, administering Lord : Joy and gladness shall be facraments, and of spreading the found therein, thanksgiving and sweet favor of Christ's name the voice of melody. For though through the extensive regions of the vision be yet for an appointed our new settlements ? Than of time, at the end it shall speak preaching the gospel to the inhab- and not lie : though it'tar y, wait itants of a new and extensive gov- for it, because it will surely come, ernment, and of forming their it will not tarry. Amen. fentiments, habits and morals? Of In the name of the Board of what immense service may this be

Trustees, to thousands of individuals, to

ABEL FLINT, Secretary. families, and to fociety at large ? Hartford, June 9th 1802. What attempt can be more honorable than that of civilizing and Note. At the late Meeting of christianizing the heathen? Of the Missionary Society of Conbeing co-workers with God, and necticut, the following persons all the worthies of his kingdom, were chosen Trustees of the Soin an employment so divine? What ciety for the year ensuing, viz. prospect can be so pleasing as that His Honor John TREADWELL, of being instrumental of gather- the Hon. Roger NEWBERRY, ing the nations unto Shiloh, of the Hon. AARON Austin, the reviving them with the hope of Hon. JONATHAN BRACE, the eternal life, and of meeting thou- Hon. John DAVENPORT, JEDsands of them in the father's IDIAH HUNTINGTON, Esqrs. the house, of whose salvation we have Rev. Nathan Williams, d. D. the been instrumental ? How will this | Rev. Benjamin Trumbull,"D. D. brighten our crown and augment the Rev. Levi Hart, D. D. the our joys forever, in the presence Rev. Cyprian Strong, the Rev. of God and of all our holy breth- Nathan Strong, D. D. and the Rev. ren? May you, Reverend Gen- Nathan Perkins, D. D. tlemen, share a distinguished part ANDREW KINGSBURY, Esq. in this honor and joy! Play the is re-elected Treasurer, and John good people of this state, anima- PORTER, Esq. Auditor of the ted by these prospects, and feeling Society. The time of the stated, the weight of the motives which annual meeting of the Trustees is present themfelves to their con the first Wednesday of September. fideration, by their abundant prayers, liberality, and exertions to QUESTIONS. advance the Saviour's kingdom, Mess'RS EDITORS,

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to share amply with you in the 31requestedin a fame immortal dignitics and joys ! filtency with John iii. 17; and

3, 1802.

with the daily observation that, it might be to many mysterious, sin and satan have still power and as it was to them previous to their dominion in this world, according being called to engage in the exto Eph. ii. 2.

ercises, but there was now with

them no doubt but that God was An explanation, also, of Rev- in it all.” elation xvi. 12, 13, 14. will be “ The Lord's supper was advery agrecable to many of your miriftered here the Sabbath of readers.

the Assembly, when 68 persons were admitted into the several Churches in the city ; and the at

tention to religion among'us is inReligious Intelligence. çrealing." Extrait of a letter from a Genile Extra&t of a letter from a gentle

man in Philadelphia to his corres man in Exeter, New Hampshire. pondent in Hartford, dated June " WE have had several lately

become serious. Two were ad N Tuesday last, the Gen- mitted to our communion last

One of which was Church adjourned, after a fellion baptized being I should think 60 of thirteen days, during which years old. Religion appears to . term great and good things were be lowly progreffing among usrelated concerning Zion. This one after another is seriously immeeting of the Assembly I find pressed and hopefully wrought has been looked up to by many upon by the divine fpirit. O that professors with an anxious eye,

we might have a general effusion and I believe their expectations of the spirit's influence among us! have been realized.

There were

Two men of this town have lateno commissioners present from ly died, who were deists while in Kentucky, but letters were re- health, but as soon as fick they ceived from them, stating that were full of distress for their souls ; such was the state of matters with they prayed almost all the time, them, as to render it absolutely and defired others to pray for necessary for every man among them. One died sometime before them to be at his post, There the other was taken fick. His were two Clergymen present, one language was, “O for an interest from North and the other from in Chrift- I would give the uniSouth-Carolina, who gave the verse for an interest in Christ !"most heart-affecting statement of The other while fick faid to a matters with them. They feem- friend, “ I have been pouring ed bowed to the dust when they out my faul before God all the spoke of the goodness of God to time I could get in my fickness, their country in the course of one and now I hope he has heard me." year. They related many cir- -At another time, after exprefcumstances corroborating what fing his deep repentance for fin, you may have seen in print, re he said, “ I want nothing, fir, in specting the uncommon emotions heaven or earth but God I want of body and mind which many

God." are affected with. They declared These acknowledgments and

this repentance of dying infidels in Sharon.—The Rev. Jeremiah has appeared to affect many, and Hallock of Weft-Simsbury made bring them to ferious thoughts." the introductory prayer - The

In another letter dated 27th Rev. Archibald Ballet of WinApril he writes thus, “The Lord chester preached the fermon from is doing great things for us in this 2 Cor. iv. 5.—The Rev. Joel place. The seriousness which I Bordwell of Kent made the conmentioned before, continues and secrating prayer.The Rev. Catencreases. We have been long ton M. Smitb of Sharon gave the in a very dull, careless and stupid charge--The Rev. Jofepb W. ftate, and there appeared to be Crosman of Salisbury gave the but little vital religion among us. right hand of fellowship-And There were indeed but few pro- the Rev. Solomon Morgan of Cafeffors, and those were, almost all naan made the concluding prayer. of them, old people who were dropping off one after another. On Wednefday the gth June, The ways of our Zion were the Rev. Evan Fohns was installmourning. But it has pleased ed to the pastoral care of the God to awaken an attention to Church and Society of Worthinghearing the word—We see an al- ton, in the town of Berlin. The teration in the face of the con- | Rev. Abel Flint made the introgregation at large. It is our hope ductory prayer ; the Rev. John that several have been brought to Smalley, D. D. preached the ferthe foot of the cross and to a mon from 1 Corinth. i. 21; the knowledge of the truth as it is in Rev. Nathan Perkins, D. D. made Jesus Others appear to be under the installing prayer; the Rev. deep convictions of the evil and Enoch Huntington, gavethe charge; guilt of fin. In this place there the Rev. Benoni Upson gave the are weekly two conferences and a Right Hand of Fellowship; and lecture. They are crouded the Rev. Calvin Chapin made the Though some diflike and speak concluding prayer. against them, the number of perfons who encourage and attend them encreases. There has been a special atten

POETRY tion to religion in some of our neighboring towns. Many have

Tbe Now Birtb. been added to the churches.I began to fear that we should be " A passed by and that the rains and

My foulin guilt & thrall I found,

And knew not where to go: dews of divine grace would not O'erwhelm'd with fin, with anguis slain, fall on us—But I feel greatly en- The finner must be born again, couraged by what God is doing

Or fink to endless woe. for us--Pray for us."

2. Amaz'd I tood, but could not tell,
Which way to shun the gates of hell,

For death and hell drew near ;
ORDINATIONS. I strove indeed, but strove in vain,

The finner must be born again,
ON Wednesday the 26th of

Still founded in mine ear. May, the Rev. Daniel Parker was ordained over the church of it pour’d its curses on my head,

3. When to the law I trembling fled, Christ in the society of Ellsworth, I no relief could find ;



This fearful truth renew'd my pain, And all our grateful paslions rise,
The finner must be born again, To Chrilt, our dear exalted head.
And whelm'd ny tortur'd mind.

4. By faith we see his body broke, 4. Again did Sinai's thunders roll, The holy crimson torrent flow : And guilt lay heavy on my soul, Bchold him bow beneath the stroke, A vast, unwieldy load;

To save our souls from endless woe. Alas! I read, and saw it plain, The finner must be born again,

5. Softly as gentle dew diftils Or drink the wrath of God.

The influence of the heavenly Dove;

And oft the trembling bosom fills, 5. The faints I heard with rapture tell, With holy peace, and joy, and love. How Jesus conquer'd death and hell, And broke the fowler's fnare ;

6. Here Lord we bathe our guilty souls, Yet when I found this truth remain,

In thy pure sin-atoning blood, The finner must be born again,

While free salvation, sweetly rolls, I sunk in deep despair.

Along the precious balmy food. 6. But while I thus in anguish lay,

6. Here Lord, our liveliest thanks we

pay, Jesus of Nazareth past that way,

And fast in holy friendship join, And felt his pity niove ; .

United give our souls away, The finner by his justice Dain,

And vow to be forever thine. Now by his grace is born again,

CORNELIUS. And fings redeeming love. 7. To heaven the joyful tidings flew, The angels tun'd their harps anew,

A prayer for Divine Gracz. And loftier notes did raise ;

H God, forever good and kind, All hail the Lamb, who once was flain; Among thy faints, I long to find, Unnumber'd millions born again A lowly seat, a humble place, Will fhout thinc endless praise.

And feel the power of sovereign grace. A Sacramental Hymn.

2. This fading world has lost its charnis,

Fain would I Ay to Jesus' arms ;
HOW delightful 'tis to meet,

In him alone I hope to find,
Around the facramental board ; An ample portion for the mind.
While light and comfort, pure and sweet,

3. I hate the finner's guilty joys, Descend from our ascended Lord.

His sensual mirth, his empty toys ; 2. Our bosons feast on heavenly love, Oh God of mercy, kindly grant, And tears of sweet repentance flow, The holy joy and peace I want. While all our thoughts are fixt above,

4. Should this petition be deny'd, Our wilhes wean'd from all below,

I'll taste no other joy beside ; 3. With foften'd hearts, and melting | A suppliant low, before thy face, eyes,

I'll perilh, fccking for thy grace. We see the sacred table spread,


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Donations to the Missionary Society of Connecticut.

D. C.


From a friend to missions in Hebron,

A Stranger,
Rev. George Colton,
A friend to missions,
Solomon Goodale, Vermont, appropriated to Indian


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