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6 And while I wait for all Thy joys My yearning heart to fill,

Teach me to walk and work with Thee, And at Thy feet sit still.

984 If I may but touch His garment,


I shall be whole.-Matt. 9, 21.

NOT Thy garment's hem alone,

My trembling faith would hold, Though Divine compassion shone .Beneath its sacred fold:

Thou didst own her mute appeal, Who besought Thy power to heal. 2 Earthly robes which Thou didst wear Thy glories to enshroud, Could remedial virtue bear

To one among the crowd:-
More than mortal health I crave,
Now Thou art enthroned to save.
3 That bright raiment I would seek,
Dyed in the atoning flood,

Which can peace and pardon speak-
Thy vesture dipped in blood:
Here my hope its refuge holds;
Hide me in its sheltering folds.

4 Mediating Priest above!

My languid spirit faints
For that suit of joy and love-
The righteousness of saints:
Great Redeemer! clothe me in

Robes which Thou hast died to win.



Return unto thy rest.-Ps. 116, 7.

MY heart is resting, O my God;

I will give praise and sing;

My heart is at the secret source
Of every precious thing.

2 Now the frail vessel Thou hast made
No hand but Thine shall fill;

For waters of the earth have failed,
And I am thirsting still.

3 I thirst for springs of heavenly life,
And here all day they rise;

I seek the treasure of Thy love,
And close at hand it lies.

4 And a new song is in my mouth,
To long-loved music set;
Glory to Thee for all the grace
I have not tasted yet.

5 I have a heritage of joy

That yet I must not see;

The hand that bled to make it mine
Is keeping it for me!

6 My heart is resting on His truth,
Who hath made all things mine;-
Who draws my captive will to Him,
And makes it one with Thine.


986 I will take the cup of salvation.—


Ps. 116, 13.

FOR mercies countless as the sands,

Which daily I receive

From Jesus my Redeemer's hands,
My soul, what canst thou give?
2 Alas! from such a heart as mine
What can I bring Him forth?

My best is stained and dyed with sin;
My all is nothing worth.

3 Yet this acknowledgment I'll make
For all He has bestowed;
Salvation's sacred eup I'll take,
And call upon my God.

4 I cannot serve Him as I ought;
Nothing have I to give;

But I would love in every thought,
And to His glory live.


987 He weakened my strength in the



way.-Ps. 102, 23.

WEEP, but not rebellious tears; I mourn, but not in hopeless woe; I droop, but not with doubtful fears; For whom I've trusted, Him I know: Lord I believe, assuage my grief, And help, O help my unbelief!

2 My days of youth and health are o'er, My early friends are dead and gone; And there are times it tries me sore,

think I'm left on earth alone;

But then faith whispers, "Tis not so,
He will not leave, nor let thee go.'

3 Blind eyes! fond heart! that vainly sought

Enduring bliss in things of earth! Remembering but with transient thought,

My heavenly home, my second birth,
Till God in mercy broke at last

The bonds that held me down so fast.

4 As link by link was rent away,

My heart wept blood, so sharp the pain;

But I have lived to count, this day, That temporal loss, eternal gain : For all that once detained me here Now draws me to a holier sphere:5 A holier sphere, a happier place, Where I shall know as I am known, And see my Saviour face to face, And meet rejoicing round His throne, The faithful few, made perfect there, From earthly stain and mortal care.


988 Behold Thou hast made my days


as an handbreadth.-Ps. 39, 5. HOPED that with the brave and strong

My portioned task might lie;
To toil amid the busy throng,
With purpose pure and high:
But God has fixed another part,
And He has fixed it well;

I said so with my breaking heart,
When first this trouble fell.

2 These weary hours will not be lost,
These days of misery,

These nights of darkness, tempesttost,

Can I but turn to Thee;

With secret labour to sustain
In patience every blow,

To gather fortitude from pain,
And holiness from woe.

3 If thou shouldst bring me back to life, More humble I should be,

[strife, More wise, more strengthened for the More apt to lean on Thee;

Should death be standing at the gate,
Thus should I keep my vow;
But, Lord! whatever be my fate,
Oh, let me serve Thee now!


989 My soul thirsteth for God.-Ps.

42, 2.

1AS pants the hart for cooling streams,


When heated in the chase,

So longs my soul, O God, for Thee,
And Thy refreshing grace.

2 For Thee, my God, the living God!
My thirsty soul doth pine:

O when shall I behold Thy face,
In majesty divine!

3 I sigh whene'er my musing thoughts
Those happy days present,

When I, with crowds of pious friends, Thy temple did frequent:

4 When I advanced, with songs of praise My solemn vows to pay,

And led the joyful, sacred throng
That kept the festal day.

5 But now my soul's cast down, O God! Yet thinks on Zion still;

From Jordan's banks, from Hermon's heights,

And Mizar's lowly hill.

6 And when Thy presence, Lord of life!
Has once dispelled this storm,
To Thee I'll grateful anthems sing,
And all my vows perform.


990 So as I have seen Thee in the Sanc

tuary.-Ps. 63, 2.

THOUSANDS, O Lord of Hosts! this


Around Thine altar meet;

And tens of thousands throng to pay
Their homage at Thy feet.

2 They see Thy power and glory there,
As I have seen them too;

They read, they hear, they join in prayer,
As I was wont to do.

3 They sing Thy deeds, as I have sung,
In sweet and solemn lays;

Were I among them, my glad tongue
Might learn new themes of praise:
4 For Thou art in their midst to teach,
When on Thy name they call;
And Thou hast blessings, Lord, for each
Hast blessings, Lord, for all.

5 I, of such fellowship bereft,
In spirit turn to Thee;

Oh! hast Thou not a blessing left,
A blessing, Lord, for me?

6 The dew lies thick upon the ground,
Shall my poor fleece be dry?

The manna rains from heaven around,
Shall I of hunger die?

7 Behold Thy prisoner!-loose my bands,
If tis Thy gracious will;

If not, contented in Thy hands,
Behold Thy prisoner still!

8 I may not to Thy courts repair,
Yet here Thou surely art;

Lord, consecrate a house of prayer
In my surrendered heart.

9 To faith reveal the things unseen,
To hope the joys untold;

Let love, without a veil between,
Thy glory now behold.

10 O make Thy face on me to shine,
That doubt and fear may cease;
Lift up Thy countenance benign
On me, and give me peace.


991 At midnight I will rise to give



thanks unto Thee.-Ps. 119, C2.
Y God, now I from sleep awake.
The sole possession of me take:
From midnight terrors me secure,
And guard my heart from things impure.

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