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this associated hoft, avowing them- municate to you, you will still felves confessors of the cross, and continue to read with pleasure, determined to know nothing but hope and trembling. Poor worms Jesus Chrift, and him crucified, as we are, our strength weakness, without brightening with the and our means very inadequate hope, that, amidst the blafphemy and insufficieut ; yet if the Lord and impiety which lift up their will work, none can let it: the banners for tokens, the kingdoms jaw-bone or the ram's-horn will of the world shall, ere long, be tum to fight the armies of the come the kingdoms of the Lord, aliens, and cast down the strongeft and of his Chrift; for the mouth holds of error, ignorance, impuriof the Lord hath spoken it.-ty, impiety and intidelity. Come Thus closed our eighth annual af- then, Brethren, with us to the fembly. The standard-bearers are help of the Lord againlt the dispersed, and returned to their mighty ! various congregations, with fresh Our two great stations for mifvigor to fulfil the vows of the fionary labor continue to afford us Lord which are upon them, and increasing hope of stability and to spend and be spent in the ser usefulness. vice of immortal fouls, bought by From our Brethren at. OTAthe blood of the Lamb. Their HEITE, we have lately received report to us is greatly encouraging the pleafing account of their perthroughout the land the num- fect health and safety, and the ber which are continually rifing high respect-in which they are up to testify the gospel of the held by the chiefs and natives. grace of God, is surprising, when The difficulties they have met in compared with the days within the acquisition of the language, our remembrance. New and nu. we hope, are nearly surmounted"; merous congregations have within and the fears they have at times a few years been formed in hun heen exercised with from the apdreds of places, and those estab. prehenfion of the turbulence of lifhed filled with increasing and some Chiefs, discontented with attentive auditories. Whilst we our friend Pomarrec's dominion, thus labor and strive together in are effectually removed by the arour prayers, that we may continue rival of a vessel, fent from Goverincreasing with the increase of nor King at Port Jackson, and God, and every dark corner of shortly after by the more imporour land be blest with the light tant'reinforcement from the Royal and life of gospel grace, surely all Admiral. Captain Wilson's adthe angels in heaven rejoice at the vices are just received from Canfight, and every good man upon ton, informing us that he had earth cannot but pray-" Thy landed in health and safety all the kingdom come! Lord halten it Missionaries entrusted to his care, in our day!"

who were received with cordial Our millionary efforts abroad welcome by their Brethren and afford us great matter for thank the Chiefs, and that their journals fulness. They are indeed at pre- and dispatches he hopes to deliver sent but as fparks ; yet how great himself foon after this letter has a matter can a little fire kindle? reached vs. He is daily expect 'The short skeich of particulars ed with the East-India ficet ; and which we have been used to coit. pre earnettly look for the saft body of intelligence, which we trust after an abode of great danger awill gladden our hearts, and be mong the Caffrees, and still greater communicated with joy to yours. on his return to Graff-Reinet, To the Miffionaries before on the from some turbulent colonifts, unilland, the Royal Admiral hath willing that the Hottentots should now added eight others from Eng. receive inftruction, and bear the land, and two have joined them Christian name, puts his life in his from Port Jackson. As all our hand, and counts it not dear to advices assure us that the way was himself, that he may finish his never fo prepared for missionary course with joy. Several of them, labor there, as at present, we trust we have reason to believe, have the confidence they express will been converted, some of whom not be disappointed that the are baptized in the name of the first year of the commencing cen. Lord Jesus. He is gone with tury will be marked with the con- these, at the particular recomversion of finners in that heathen mendation of the Governor, and land." The King of Huaheine, at the request of about two hun. a neighboring and populous island, dred of the same nation, to form has visited them, importuned them a little settlement near Algoa-bay, to send some of the Brethren with | where they may be removed at a him, afluring them he will himself dittance from the ill usage with attend to their instructions, and which they bave been threatened. use his influence and authority Dr. Vanderkemp's life and labors with his subjects to engage their form av honorable display of milattendance on, and attention to, fionary zeal. In some other parts the Millionaries. Our Brethren of the confines, or beyond the being then too few to separate, bounds of the colony, different they promised him it should be small parties of our Brethren have done as soon as more Brethren ar- penetrated, at the carneit requeit rived to strengthen their hands. of the natives themselves, that This happy event hath taken they would come over and help place, and we hope to hear that them; and the Brethren from the light, diffufing thence as from Holland and Germany, with some a focus, will overspread these ar natives of the Cape, and Englishfociated islands :--then the hope men from our Society, labor to delayed, and the disappointments spread the light of faith in these which afflicted us so greatly, will regions of darkness. We have only tend more abundantly to juit heard that, befides many feals mark the finger of God in the to their miniftry in the places fuller accomplishment of his own where they have resided by the purpofes of grace towards the way, their prospects are highly Iles of the Sea.

promising, their reception affecThe Cape of Good HOPE tionate, and the attention of the furnishes a vafter field, more cafily Heathen to their inftructions gives acceslible, and hitherto cultivated hope of happy fuccess. Seven with the most promising hopes of others are on their way, or on the success. All our foreign Breth-point of departure from Holland, ren who have been fent to us, to aid the mission already etlabhave been dispersed through this lifhed, or to form new ones. extenfive region. Our eininently At the Cape, and its vicinity, able and zealous Dr. Vanderkemp, the body of faithfulmen associated

with us for the miffionary work is dence, tread in the steps of the greatly increased, as is the num. excellent Governor Dundas, in this ber of laborers, and the auditory respect, and encourage every efof llaves, some thousands of whom fort that tends to ameliorate the attend the ministry of the word, manners of mankind, to introduce and many are said to be truly con- principles of godliness into the verted to God our Saviour, by his hearts of men, and in every place fpirit working mightily. From to make them thankful for the these we hope to procure farther protection, and obedient to the incans of diffusing the gospel authority of magóitrates; engaggrace, by selecting the best in. ing within the bounds of the colo formed, and most approved for fi- ny more conscientious obedience, delity and exemplariness of con. and beyond them, among the Headuct, and at no great distance of then, infusing a spirit of peace time to redeem them from captiv. and civilization, that fall soften ity, and send thein back to their down the savage manners into a own countrymen of Madagascar happier system of order and cultiand Mosambique with some of your vation.-These being the objects Brethren and ours, to carry the of our inftitution, as we are conglad tidings of falvation to their scious we deserve, so we doubt several nations, and to behold the not we shall obtain, the approbagreatest good resulting from one tion and countenance of the pow. of the greatest evils, Navery, over- ers that are. ruled by the providence and grace A fuller detail of circumstances of God for his own glory.

will be found in our dispatches In the vicinity of the Cape it communicated at large in the Egladdens us to report the exten-vangelical Magazine. We have five spread of the gospel at Roq- resolved also to give periodically a dezand and its neighborhood, particular and explicit view of our chiefly by the labors of the excel- miffionary work, as materials shall lent Mr. Voss and others ; under arise. him is one of our Brethren as a In a variety of other places, inteacher and catechist, and others dividuals of our body have gone solicited from Holland are ready forth to make an essay, at Newto enter the miscopary vineyard. foundland, Canada, in the East, The change of government which at Port Jackson, and Norfolk INthe peace has made, will, we trust, and, from whom we receive aç. make no change in the foftering counts of some blessing on the hand which has been, stretched gospel word in every place, and of out to encourage these philan- the salt of grace call into the inthropic labors. English or Dutch, salubrious waters for their healing. we have one Lord, one faith, one The day of small things is not to baptism. The kingdom of Christ be despised. A single corn dropis not of this world, meddles not ped into the ground, with the diwith its' rule or politics, but is of vine benedi&tion, may fill the world the most essential service to the with fruit. peace and profperity of every You will suppose we met not country, whoever are its govern- without new plans and purposes ors, or whatever the form of their for the extension of the Redeemadministration. The'worthy Gor- er's kingdom, in addition to the crnor Janfen will, we have confi- support and enlargement of the doors of entrance and uitterance ny instances of the happy effeéis already afforded :-of these the produced by them, amply reward most prominent and first to be car- our efforts, and encourage our perried into execution was a Mission severance in extending this facile to the island of C'exion.

mode of religious instruction. Upwards of one hundred and

The riling generation attracts fifty thousand who bear the Chris- peculiar attention. The number tian name, and profess the pro- of schools erected, the immense teftant faith, are said to be spread numbers of children under tuition, through Jaffnapatam chiefly, and and in very many of them the grafome other districts of that island, tuitous zeal of their inftructors, especially at Columbo, Punto promise the moft beneficial conGolle, and Trincomalé. We are sequences. The principles of true very desirous to obtain for them Christianity cannot but have the a zealous ministry, and to endea- moft powerful tendency to provor to spread more diffusively a- duce truth and godliness in the mong the Ceylonese Heathen the conduct. Vain must be every atuufearchable riches of Christ. As tempt to ameliorate the manners we have but one object, the glory of mankind, where theonly enerof God in the salvation of his re- getic source of true morality, the deemed, we trust the means will love of God our Saviour, is not be foon furnislied for our first ef- inculcated on the conscience. forts, and the favor of our govern- Blessed be his name! we could ment further the attempts we wish already fill volumes with the hapto make. We are seeking men of py experience of the living and a misfiorary spirit, and especially the dying teftimonies of the litile fome who are inalters of the Dutch ones departing with joy to the language, and hope to make a be- Lamb's bolon. ginning in the course of the present The associations formed among year.

the faithful Miffionaries in particAn opening, suggested by an ular districts, for spreading the American friend, into a part of knowledge of Christ, and sending 'America yet unattempted to be forth certain chosen men to preach vifited by any millionary laborer, in a variety of directions,-and the is under consideration, and will, if numbers in England, Scotland, practicable, engage our attention. and Ireland, who travel about unWe are longing to make manifest der the fuperintendance of Societhe favour of the Redeemer'sgrace ties established in the several kingin every place. May God the Ho- doms for the more general diffusly Ghost give the preparation of fion of gospel truth, have produc the heart, and direct us to the ed the most blessed effects in thou. most effectual methods of proce- fands and ten thousands; and dure ! Without him we can do under the happy toleration of this nothing.

favored land, these labors of love, The diffusion of divine known though they awaken the enmity ledge, by means of the Religious of many, continue increatingly fucTract Society, proceeds on a very cessful, and promise to fill the face enlarged scale. Hundreds of thou- of our Zion with fruit, which shall, sands are dispersed through all through Jesus Christ, be to the parts of the nation, and sent to A praise and glory of God. inerica and the colonies ; ang ma- Among the established clergy

of the Church of England, a so- not ashamed of the gospel of Chriit ciety has been also formed for the exhibiting in your lives and laexpress purpose of missionary la- bors a conduct which shall conbors in Africa and the East: this found, if it doth not convince, a is their second year of public al- world that lieth in wickedness. fembling. Their numbers and Continue with us befieging the respectability, as well as the puri- Throne of Grace, humbly, yet ty of their doctrine, and zeal in confidently expecting that we shall their several spheres of labor, be made more than conquerors promife great usefulness.

through him that hath loved us. Your communications have been His presence and power, we hope, highly grateful to us, which con- will be more abundantly displayed veyed information of the rising in your congregations and our Aame of love and zeal among you: own, than ever yet we have seen! if ours, as you say, have provoked So, when our God shall have acvery many, Oh, that it may burn complished the number of his brighter and stronger unto the elect, and haltened his kingdom, perfect day! We will to obtain if we never meet in the flesh, we more blessed intelligence of you shall stand before his presence with and from you, and mutually to exceeding joy, and be one fold, receive and give the word of ex- under one Divine Shepherd ! hortation. There is need of great-Brethren, to that great day we er union of heart and hands in wish to direct your views, as our all lands among real Christians; own, looking unto Jesus, waiting, their enemies live, and are mighty, for and haiting to the moment of and bear a tyrannous hate against his appearing and glory, when them ; but the Lord of Hosts is caught up to meet him in the with us the God of Jacob is our clouds, we shall be for ever with refuge! “ Awake then, awake; our Lord, and surround his throne put on strength, O Arm of the with never-ending praises. Lord! Awake as in the ancient days, as in the generations of old ! Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the Dragon ? Art thou not it that hath dried Report to the Lonelon Misionary up the sea, the waters of the great

Society, concerning the state of

Religion in France. deep, that hath made the depths of the sea a way for the ransomed HE members composing

the deputation forned by at present shortened that he can- the Directors of the Misionary not fave? Or his ear heavy that Society, for the purpose of visit. he cannot hear?” Can he not with ing France, in order to the publiequal facility cast down the Da- cation of the New Testament, gon of intolerant antichrist, and and the essay on its divine authordry up the swelling floods of unity*; and also to procure such ingodliness that have thrcatened to deluge the earth? In your place * An Esay on the truth and diviniand Itation, Brethren, quit your

ty of the Scriptures, by Mr, Bogue of selves like men, be strong. In Gofport, England. The Editors have

not seen this Essay, but underltand it open profeffion daring to avow

is to be a concise, plain ftatement of the yourselves on the Lord's side, and l evidences in proof of divine revelation.) Vol. III. No. II.


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