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Jerusalem, April 20th. (Residing upon Mount Calvary.) TO THE CHURCII OF CHRIST IN GREAT BRITAIN AND


Dear Friends,

Having passed through the desert of Egypt, with my wife, we arrived in the Holy City of Jerusalem four months ago, and settled ourselves in the Greek convent of Mar Michel. Being deprived of the protection of Ambassadours and Consuls, is the natural consequence of the present political events ;-but still you see there is a higher ONE who protects us—The Lord from Heaven, without whose will not a hair can fall to the ground. On my arrival here I thought that caution must be used; but how can caution be used when immortal beings who are either to be eternally happy or eternally miserable, call to see us for the purpose of hearing what I have to say. Wretched is that Missionary, and WO be to that Missionary who at such a moment thinks proper to use caution and be silent on the great point!!! In short I proclaimed, for two months to the Jews, this great truth-1. THAT JESUS OF NAZARETH came once on earth despised and rejected of men, to die for

poor sinners ; and 2ndly, THAT HE WILL COME AGAIN WITH GLORY AND MAJESTY, and glorious in His apparel, and travelling in the greatness of HIS strength; HE WILL COME, THE SON of Man, in the year

EIGHTEEN HUNDRED and FORTY SEVEN, in the clouds of Heaven, and will gather all the tribes of Israel, and govern in person as Man and as God, in the literal city of Jerusalem, with his saints, and be adored in the Temple which will be rebuilt, and thus he shall govern 1000 years.

-And I, Joseph Wolff, shall see with my own eyes Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in their glorified bodies, and I shall see Elijah and Isaiah, David and Jeremiah, whose songs have guided me to Jesus of Nazareth. I shall meet them all here, at Jerusalem, where I now write these lines !

These were the topics upon which I spoke, not only with Jews, but likewise with Musselmans. The scriptures beside us could testify of all this truth, having been circulated publicly in the market place at Jerusalem.

We went to Bethlehem, and there in the open market place, I proclaimed the Gospel to the christians of that place, not far from the spot where the holy child, JESUS, was born.

The second method of caution which I used, was this: I went to the Turkish Governor, and told him that I was spending my time in speaking with Jews, and other nations on this object of religion. The Jewish Rabbins have pronounced an excommunication, and have threatened with imprisonment all those Jews who should call upon us, which prevents them now from coming ; but I do not despair; and we are now establishing a school for

Gentile children, in order to provoke to jealousy the Jews of Palestine.

And another method of caution which I used was this ;—The Jews accused me to the prime Minister of Damascus, (who is a Jew himself) as a disturber of their religion. I sent to that very prime Minister a copy of the new Testament, exhorting him to examine it, and to admonish the Jews of Jerusalem not to be so intolerant. He wrote me a kind letter, as an answer, and acknowledged the receipt of the book. I mention all these circumstances for the purpose of rousing all Missionaries, and encouraging them to press forward to the place of their destination, and trusting in the Lord at a moment when they are deprived of human protection; and not to stop in Italy when they are destined for Turkey. And I write these lines for a higher purpose : namely, to rouse the gentile churches from their deep slumber; and to examine scripture and not commentaries, in order that they may understand the words of the prophets, of which they appear to be ignorant—as ignorant, and obstinate in their ignorance, and pleased with their ignorance respecting the second personal coming of Christ, as much as the Jews are ignorant and obstinate, and pleased with their ignorance and obstinacy, respecting the first coming of our Lord in his humiliation. And let me repeat what I have said again and again to the Missionary societies for

the promotion of the gospel among the heathen, that they will not succeed, until Jerusalem shall

be established in her beauty, and shall be the joy • of the whole earth:-Until that glorious time shall

come, when Elijah the prophet shall prepare the way of the Messenger of the Covenant, to turn the heart of the fathers to their children, and the heart of the children to their fathers : only then, “when the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established," literally established,“ in the top of the mountains," &c. then, all nations shall flow unto it:then, many people shall say,“ Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob;" and," then, they shall walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

And I write this letter from Jerusalem, to tell to the Jews at London, the awful truth, that, whilst I hope glorious events for the Jewish nation, that my preaching the gospel will serve chiefly for the condemnation of the present generation of the Jews in England and Palestine; for they are the most horrid idolators ; and money is their idol ; and their self-conceit, and self-sufficiency, and vanity have reached the height of disgustingness ; and not only disgustingness, but in the countenances of some, devils are dancing about, and especially in the countenances of the learned Rabbins, who are literally often“companions of thieves,” deceivers, impostors,

swearers, perverters of the law, unclean in body and soul, persecuters of the poor, enemies of the orphans and widows; and they are those wretched shepherds of Israel, upon whom the prophets of old, and even Jesus Christ himself pronounced woes: and authorised by the Lord Jesus Christ, I pronounce over them, WO! Wo! Wo! But I still foresee, that this very call, which will give offence to both Jew and Gentile, will be, by the blessing of God, the instrument of rousing several to their duty.


Mortal man, woman, or child! whose hand of feeble clay dost hold this book, whose eyes have rested on the Tidings, and the warning, that came from the city of Jerusalem, without whose gates Our Lord was crucified, be careful how you treat them! Suffer me to point you to a text of Scripture, recorded from the pen of an inspired apostle, and entreat you to obey the command ; “Despise not prophesyings."* See Paul to the saints at Thessalonica, 1 Epistle, 5. 20.-Read the Chapter, it refers to “ the great and terrible day of the Lord.”—In the 21st verse, the apostle exhorts us to “prove all things, and hold fast that

* Prophesying has three main divisions, or heads. 1st, Fore. telling future events. 2d, Portraying the judgments of God. 3rd, Teaching the truths of the Gospel. N. B. I believe I burrow this from A lam Clarke,-but I can. #say exactly

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