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TAB Ministers who preach the Merchants' Leclure, on Tuesday Mora,
ings, at Broad Street, have, in compliance with the wishes of the Commit-
tee, published a List of the Subjects on which they purpose to preach dur-
jog the following Half-year. See the List on the Corer.

Rev. Ebenezer Jones and Congregation, Pontypool 6 15
A Friend, by Rev. C. Buck

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Ditto, by ditto

Jan, 2, .. Fetier Lane

.Mr. Burrer
Feb. 6,
Well Street.

March 6,..Pell Street.

April 3,... Swallow Street..

May 1,... Founders' Hall... Thomas
June 5,... Kensington.,

July 3,... Stockwell.

Aug.7,... Greenwich.

Sept. 4,...St. George's Chapel.. Harper
Oct. 2,... Miles's Lane.

Nov. 6,... Barbican

Dec. 4,...Cumberland Street i Brown.

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Preachers. Jan. 10, Tu. Bridge Str. On the Privilege of Adoption. Mr. Page. Feb. 16, Tb. The Pitbay. Historical View of the Incarnation. Mr. Thorp. Mar. 16, Th. Castle Gr. Justification by Faith.

Mr. Lowell, Apr. 12, W. Tabernacle. On Behalf of the Tract Society. Mr. Roberts May 16, Tu. Broadmead. Evidences of Genuine Concern for Tab. Minis.

the Divine Glory.

Nature and Importance of good
June 18, Tu. Bridge Str.

Dr. Ryland
July 13, Th. The Pithay. Prophecies respecting the Mesisah. Mr. Page,

Mr. Thorp.
ings of Christ.
Sept. 14, Th. Castle Gr. Necessity of Constant Watchfulness. Fab. Minis.
Oct. 11, W. Tabernacle, Christian Meekness,

Mr. Lowell.
Nov. 14, Tu. Bridge Str. Jacob's Dream.

Mr. Roberts
Dec. 14, Th. The Pithay. Ioward Witness to Christianity, Dr. Ryland.

for the Success of the Gospel at Home and Abroad,

to be held in Bristol, 1809.
Tima. Place.

Time. Place.
Jan. 2, Broadmead. July 3, Lady Huntingdon's.
Feb. 6, Ebenezer. Aug. 7, Bridge Street.
Mar. 6, Bridge Street. Sept. 4, Portland Chapel,
Apr. 3, The Pithay. Oc!, 2, Broadmead
May 1, Castle Green.

Nov. 6, Toe Pithay. June 5, Tabernacle. Dec. 4, Castle Green. • Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let the canopy of thy habitation be extended!

• Spare not, – lengthen thy cords, and firmly fix thy stakes : For on the right hand, and on the left, thou shalt burst forth with increase ; • And thy seed shall inhcrit the nations; and they shall inherit the desa.

late cities.'


A little space,


Nor thus alone thg love appears

To bless ungrateful man;
Reflections for any Year. Thy grace a pobler fabric rears,

Thy mercy crowns the plan !
AGAIN the fight of Time I sing, – Lost sioners sav'd, and souls renew'd,
Time, who, with swift uniwearied wing, Thy praises best proclaim;
His annual circuit flies ;

Here, may thy brightest works be Thus measuring out the dates of all,-

Men and their works before him fall, From year to year the same!

And other beings rise !
A year has pass'd, and with it borne
Vast crowds, - while crowds are left
to moura

A PRAYER FOR THE NEW Some dear departed friend.

A year begins; but who can know
If it shall bring hin bliss or woe? Lo! another Year begins,
Or he shall see its end ?

Wrapp'd in Winter's deepest gloom, In this uncertain state of things,

Burthen'd with a nation's sins, True wisdom consolation brings

Dragging on a nation's doom. from the Eternal's throne !

Sov'reign on thy throne ou high, Time's wide events his counsels plann'd;

Now thy suff'ring children hear! The wheels are guided by his hand,

Lay thy rod of vengeance by! Add roll his praise alone!

Spare us yet Another Year! Lre men their final doom receive, Long has War its thousands slain, - a short reprieve,

Making man his fellow's foe, For penitence is giv'o :

Squand'ring wealth and life in vain,
'Tis ours the doubtfu! space t' improve; Trampling states and princes low.
Lament the past; and onward move, Lord of Hosts, beneath, above,
With future hope, to Heav'n.

Break the battle-axe and spear,
Turn the rancour into love,

Give us now a Peaceful Year !

While Destruction, Woe, and Death, ETERNAS. Being! mighty God !

Far and wide around us roam, Beneath thy sway we bow,

Meagre Want, with wasted breath, Man is on earth a mould'ring clod,

Asks too oft for bread at home!
The Infinite art thou!

Upexhausted Source of Good,
With wood'riog eyes we backward look, Batlle Avarice severe;
The dawn of time' to trace,

Bless the hungry poor with food;
And learn fron thine unerriag book, Give us now a Plentevus Year!

The Author of our race.
Thy voice into existence spake

Vice and Folly, through the land,

Riot in the face of day;
The goodly frame we see,

While the unbelieving band
And all the forms thy creatures take
Were fashion'd first by Thee !

Spurn thy truth and love away!
The shining sun, the silver inoma,

God of Pow'r, thy foes reclaim ! The planets as they roll,

Bring thy converts home sincere! The shades of night, the blaze of noon,

Build thy temples, spread thy name! And man's inmortal soul!

Send the great Sabbatic Your! The wat’ry tribes, the fowls of air, Time shall soon his race complete; The beasts which graze the mead,

Nature's wheels shall cease to roll; Thou dost for favour'd man prepare,

So the Judge shall take his seat; And with thy Bounty feed!

Fix the doom of cv'ry soul ! From Winter's frost, from blooming Wheo the axiul trunp shall sovud, Spring,

With thy sheep inay we appear, From Summer's glowing sky,

Welcome to the endless roud Thou dost the stores of hutuwa bries, Of a bless'd Eternal Year! and all our wants supply!

ALIQUIS. rest ;

TO MISS With a Copy of Dr. Young's Sermon; entitled The African Stranger. Go, stranger, to the pensive bower Say, Mercy's seast is now prepar'd, Of lov'd Eliza,- wait the hour

By many a dusky stranger shar’d, She seeks to be retir'd alone;

From bonds and torture, all at Unfold thy casket,-shew her there The Christian's wish-the Christian's That Peace presides that Friendship prayer,

flowsCompassion for the Negro's moan! That' Joy in ev'ry hosom glows – Long, long, alas! she's known it true,

And each, in blessing others, blest. The woolly head and sable hue

Now happier moons begin to rise, Have brook'd the hellish brand of And brighter hopes to gem the skies woe

LO ! the sweet smile of Jesus' The rufian's wrong

the clotted

face! chain

Salvation spreads her charms divine, The irop scourge's torturing pain- And everlasting glories shine And free-born Nature's bitterest On injur’d Afric's lovest race. throe !

To glad the weary on their way, Say (for her tender soul will joy To lead them to the gates of day, To hear it from a Negro boy,

Is poble aim ! - Angelic theme ! And every heart - chord, gladdeping, Then speed

the glowing chariot's thrill)

wheel, That Britain's genius folds thee round While millions rise for Afric's weal, On Freedom's high and hallow'd For Afric's children's good supreme. ground,

G. With Hospitality's warm veil.


Who recently died of a Cancer.
Behold ! on yonder bed, the silent clay!
Left by its tenant ere the break of morn;
Her spirit long'd to taste celestial day,
Securely hous'd from life's tempestuous storm.
While on she journied in this vale of tears,
Large was her portion of the cup of grief !
Pale, wan Disease had been her guest for years,
kod cheerless Want, that often claim'd relief.
The healing art, which proves to others kind,
No balm could give to cure her hopeless case !
But Heav'n, who knew the sorrows of her mind,
Sent Resignation to supply the place.
Yet would her bosom sometimes rise with fear,
Lest she should faint upon the thorny road;
But Faith awaking, saw kind Help appear,
Sent by her Saviour from his bright abode.
Then would a smile break forth, though dimm’d by pain :
So shines the sun beiveen a thick’ning gloom,
When blackening clouds are charg'd with fleecy rain,
Or hollow thunders mutter forth at noon.
But now, transplanted into fairer climes,
Her soul stands, hlooming, near the throne of God;
With joy, reflecting on past wint'ry times,
And mazy paths, in which she homeward trod.
Ye sons of wealth, ye strangers to distress,
Who often sigh amidst your stores profuse,
Behold the peace of those who Christ possess,
Though of life's comforts oft depriv'd the use !

J. W.


Printed by G. AULD, Greville Street, Londen.

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