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43 And he called i
unto him his difci.
ples, and faich unto
them, Verily I say un 3 And he said, Of
to you, that this poor a truth I say unto you,
widow hath cast more that this poor widow
in, than all they which -hach cast in more than
have cast into the trea. they all.

44 For all they did 4 For all these have
caft in of their abun- of their abundance
dance : but the of her cast in unto the offer-
want did cast in all ings of God : bur she
that she had, even all of her penury hache
her living.

cast in all the living

that she had.


ND as he went
out, and depart out of the tem-
ed from the temple ; ple, one of his disci. And as some fpake
and his disciples camé ples laich unto him, of the temple, how it
to him for to Thew him Master, see what man- was adorned with
the buildings of the ner of stones, and goodly stones, and

what buildings are gifts, he said,
2 And Jesus said here.
unto them, See ye not 2 And Jesus an 6. As for these
all these things' veri- [wering , said unto things which ye be-
ly I say unto you, him, Seest thou these hold, the days will
There shall not be great buildings ? there come, in the which
left here one stone Thall not be lefc one there shall not be left


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which Fesus observing, calld his Disciples, and told 'em that that poor Widow had given the greatest Sum of 'em all; for whereas they had parted only with what they might very well spare out of their abundance, The had given all the was worth. Afterwards he departed from the Temple with his Disciples.

Christ foretels the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the Punishments that should

be inflicted on the Jews at bis Coming.
BEING upon the way to Mount Olivet, fome took notice of the magnificent

Structure of the Temple, and those vast. Stones with which Herod had rebuilt it. But Jesus told them, that all that stately Edifice which they looked on with LII


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upon another, that stone upon another, one stone upon ano-
Thall not be thrown that shall not be thrown ther, that shall not be

thrown down. 3 And as he sat up... 3. And as he far upon the mount of on che mount of Olives, Olives, the disciples over against the temcame unto him private. ple, Peter, and James, ly, saying, Tell us, and John, and Andrew 7 And they asked when shall these things asked him privately, him, saying, Mafter, be ? and what shall be 4. Tell us, when but when shall these the sign of thy com- shall these things be? things be ? and whac ing, and of the end of and what Arall be the sign will there be the world?

sign when all these when these things shall

things shall be fulfilled? come to pass ? 4 And Jefus an And Jesus an 8 And he said, Take swered and said unto swering them, began heed that ye be not them, Take heed that to say, Take heed left deceived: no man deceive you. any man deceive you.

5 For many shall. 6 For many shall for many shall come in my name, say.. come in my name, fay- come in my name, saya ing, I am Christ, and ing, I am Chrift; and ing, I am Chrift; Mall deceive many Thall deceive many.

and che time drawa eth near: go ye not.

therefore after them. 6. And ye shall hear 7. And when ye 9 But when ye shall of wars, and rumors shall hear of wars, hear of wars, and comof wars : see that ye and rumors of wars, motions, be not terribe not troubled : for be ye het troubled : fied : for ckese things all these things must for such things must must first come to pass; come to pass, but che needs be; but the end buc-the end is not by

fall not be yer.. fach admiration, should be fo intirely ruin'd, as not to have one Stone left upon anɔther. Being now come to the Mount, and feated over against the Temple, Peter and Andrew, John and James ask'd him privately concerning that Prediction of his, desiring him to inform 'em when the Temple should be destroyed, and what would be the signs of its approaching Ruin, the rather because they thought it was to be at his coming to judg the Good and Bad, and to inflict the Punishments on the latter which they deserv'd.

Jesus answer'd both their Inquiries, by. Niowing firft, what were the Signs that would immediatly precede the Destruction of Jerusalem. Let no one, said he, deceive you by vain Promiles; for many Impostors shah arise, pretending to be the Meffah and Saviour of the Fors: Be not milled by these, whatever their pretences are. You Thail hear of War and Rumors of War ; be not terrified : for I foretel you these things thall happen, but will not be the last Calamities of this Nation. There


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end is not yet.


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10 Then said he
7 For nation shall 8 For nation shall unto them, Nacion
rise against nation, rise against nation, and shall rise against na-
and kingdom against kingdom against king- tion, and kingdom a-
kingdom : and there dom : and there shall gainst kingdom:
shall be famines, and be earthquakes in di 11 And great earth-
peftilences, and earth- vers places, and there quakes shall be in di-
quakes in divers places. shall be fámines and vers places, and fa-
troubles :

mines, and peftilen-
ces, and fearful fights,
and great signs Thali

there be from heaven. 8 All these are the

chese are the be. beginning of sorrows. ginnings of forrows.

9 Bur take heed to your felves :

12 But before all these they shall lay their hands on you,

and persecure you,

for chey shall 9 Then shall they deliver you up to

delivering you up deliver you up to be councils; and in the to the fynagogues, and aft icted, and shall kill fynagogues ye shall be inco prisons, being you : and ye shall be beaten, and ye shall be brought before kings haced of all nations for brought before rulers and rulers for my my names lake.

and kings for my fake, names sake.
for a testimony against 13 And it shall turn

to you for a testimony,
10 And the gospel so
must first be published
among all nacions.

thall be intestine Discords in Palestine between the Jews and Gentiles, and neighbouring Kingdoms shall wage War with one another. There shall be great Sedition in divers places, which fall be follow'd by a Plague and Famine. There Shall be Signs allo from Heaven, which will create no small terror ; but all these things, however lamentable and dreadful, will be but the beginning of Sorrows. Take care in the mean time not to do any thing unworthy of my Disciples. But before these things come to pass, you shall be taken and cruelly perfecuted; you Thall be hurried to Tribunals, and imprison'd, that you may be brought before Rulers and Kings, who shall condemn you to be scoarg'd and put to death. For all Nations, not only Fews but Gentiles allo, Niall hate you for your profellion of being my Disciples. Now this shall befal you, that you may bear an unanswerable Testimony to my Doctrin before all people, to whom God will have the Gospel preach'd before the final




II But when they
Thall lead you ,

deliver you up, take
no thought before 14 Settle it there.
hand what ye shall fore in your hearts,
speak, neither do ye not to meditate before,
premeditate: what ye shall answer.

but whatsoever
fhall be given you in
that hour, that speak

Is For I will give
you a mouth and
wisdom, which all
your adversaries shall
not be able to gainsay,

nor resist.
for it is not ye
that speak, but the

holy Ghost.
10 And then shall .
many be offended,
and shall betray

12 Now the bro 16 And ye shall be one another, and that ther, shall betray the betrayed both by pahace one another.

brother co death, and rents, and brethren,
the father che fon : and and kinsfolks, and
children shall rise up friends; and some of.
againft their parents, you shall they cause to
and shall cause them be put to death.
to be put to death.

13 And ye shall be 17 And ye shall be
hated of all men for hated of all men for
my names fake : my names fake.

Deftrudion of ferusalem. And when they lead you to the Judgment-Seats, be not diffident aś mien unacquainted with the arts of Pleading, neither premeditate after wbat manner to make your defence ; for it Mall then be given you what to fay. I will bestow such Wisdom on you, and furnish you with such Arguments as all your Adverfaries shall not be able to gainlayı since it will not be so much you that speak, as the Holy Ghost with which you shall

be at that time inspir’d. By reafon of these Persecutions many Mall desert my Doctrin, and so great diffenfions Niall arise, that the Brother shall betray the Brother, Parents their own Children, and the Children their Parents to those that perfecute them, and seek to pay them for their adhering to my Doctrin. I tell you again, that you fall be bated of all maen for the sake of the Gospel





18 But there shall not an hair of your

head perish. but he thar fhall

19 In your patience endure unto the end, posless ye your souls

the same fhall be saved. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and ihall deceive many

12 And because ini. quiry shall abound, the love of many

shall wax cold.

13 But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved.

14 And this gospel: of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.

15 When ye there 14 But when ye 20 And when ye fore Thall see the abo- shall see the abomi- shall see Jerusalem mination of defola- nation of desolation, compaffed with armies, tion, spoken of by spoken of by Daniel Daniel the prophet, the prophet, standing stand in the holy place, where it ought nor, Nevertheless be not afraid of their Cruelty; for whatever they shall deprive you of, Shall be abundantly recompens'd to you by God himself; nor shall the very Hairs of your Head fall unregarded : and whoever thro the whole course of his Life Shall courageously and conitantly profess himself my Disciple, and act accordingly, shall hereafter be rewarded with eternal Salvation. Mean while, many false Prophets fhall arise, and seduce many, and as the violence of the Perfecution increases, the constancy of many shall fail, 'insomuch that they will bafely forsake their dearest Friends, who run the hazard of their Lives for the Gospel's fake, to secure themfelves from the like danger. But, as I said to you, whoever thro the whole Courte : of his Life Thall courageously and constantly profess himself my Disciple, and act accordingly, shall hereafter enjoy eternal Happiness. While my Disciples Ahall be. thus perlecuted, the Gospel fhall be divulg'd over the whole Earth; and after this Shall be the end of the Femij Government. But when you shall behold the like to what was foretold by the Prophet Daniel concerning the Times of Antiochus, and which he call'd the Abomination of Desolation, that is, the Heathen Armies difplaying their Enligns, which they are wont to adors, in the Territory round about .


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