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i. 178. The death of the wicked attended with many sorrowful
aggravations, i. 180.

Decrees and Purposes of God, according to his good pleasure, i. 43.
Depravity, the human heart greatly depraved, i. 139. Our Lord's
testimony to this purpose, ib. The struggles of the saints with the
remainders of depravity, i. 154.

Dispensation of the Old Testament changed, ii. 406. The abolition
of the Levitical law, and the decree concerning Gentile converts, ib.
Doxology of the redeemed, in praises to the Lord God Almighty, i. 86.
Duties, owing to ourselves as members of society, ii. 200.


Elders, the Spirit's gifts to them for judging Israel, i. 343.

Eternal Life, fully revealed by our Lord Jesus, i. 271. His disciples
comforted by this glorious prospect, i. 273.

Examination, called to try our ways, and to inquire into our real
state, ii. 125.

Example, that of our Lord Jesus, and the Apostle Paul, ii. 246, 247.


Faith, in general, i. 392. Special revelations to particular persons
for particular purposes, i. 393. Faith in the Old Testament
revelation, i. 394. The unbelief and perverseness of Israel, i. 395.
The complaints and denunciations of God on this account, i. 396.
Of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, i. 397. Justified by faith in
Christ, i. 400. Faith's efficacy, and its influence on holiness,
i. 401. Examples of its power in ancient times, i. 404. Its
divine principle and effects in Abraham, i. 405. Faith in Christ
the foundation of a comfortable hope, and opens a joyful prospect
to believers, i. 407. The prayers of the Apostles in behalf of those
that believed, i. 409. .

Faith, an open and steady profession of it, ii. 36. True worshippers
called to this duty, ii. 37. An open profession required of all
Christ's disciples, ii. 38. This subject illustrated by the purposes
of the saints, aud examples, ii. 40.

Fear of God, all the earth represented as fearing God, i. 445. The
dread that ought to possess his enemies, i. 446. God the only
proper object of reverence and fear, i. 447. A vision of St. John
to this purpose, i. 448. That fear which restrains from offending
God, and disposes to pleasing him, i. 449-takes its rise from a
due sense of his glorious perfections and supreme dominion, i. 451.
The happiness of those who truly fear God, i. 452. They who
truly fear God, have nothing else to fear, i. 454. The sure con-
fidence of all that fear him, i. 455. Holy fear expressed in the
prayers and praises of the saints, i. 456.

Forgiveness of injuries, in opposition to revenge, ii. 281. The law
and the Prophets prohibit revenge, and enjoin forgiveness, ib. A
forgiving spirit an essential part of the character of a disciple of
Christ, ii. 282. This enjoined in the writings of the Apostles,
ii. 284.

Future State, known in ancient ages, and under the dispensation of
the law, i. 184.


God, of God and his perfections, i. 1. That there is but one God, ib.
This testified by the Prophets and Apostles, ib. This truth de-
livered to us from God himself, i. 2. Adored by the saints as the
only Lord, i. 3. God is a spirit invisible, i. 4.-incomprehensible

and infinitely great, i. 5. This truth testified by the Prophets
and Apostles, ib.- and delivered by God himself, i. 6. Affirmed
in the praises of his servants, i. 7.

God is eternal, this taught by the Prophets and Apostles, i. 8. Re-
vealed in the words of God himself, i. 9. Devoutly acknowledged
by an heathen prince, ib. Celebrated in the praises of his saints, ib.
God is unchangeable, i. 10. This testified by the Prophets and

Apostles, ib. Delivered to us by God himself, i. 11.

God is independent, and all things depend on him, i. 11. The author
and possessor of all things, ib. Has no need of the services of his
creatures, i. 12. These truths revealed by God, ib. His creatures
depend on him for every temporal comfort, i. 13; and for every
spiritual blessing, ib.

God is infinite in knowledge, i. 14. Knows every thing that hath
being, ib. Discerns betwixt the righteous and the wicked, i. 15.
Looks particularly to the hearts and intents of men, i. 16. These
truths declared by God himself, i. 17. His knowledge of future
events, i. 18. This acknowledged and adored by his servants, ib.
God is unerring in wisdom, i. 20. The fountain of wisdom, ib. His
wisdom is unsearchable, i. 21. The wisdom of man is foolishness
with God, i. 22. Wisdom given to them who wait on God, ib.
The praises and prayers of his servants on this head, i. 23.
God is of Almighty Power, i. 23. The testimony of the sacred
writers on this head, ib. His power very terrible to his enemies,
i. 25. None can withstand it, ib. Celebrated in the praises and
prayers of his saints, ib. His power declared in the doxology of
the Apostle Paul, i. 26. He is the Creator of all things, i. 27.
God, his decrees are according to his good pleasure, i. 43.
ways not fully known, yet perfectly righteous, i. 44. His supreme
and indisputable dominion, i. 45. That belongs to him only, i. 46.
His dominion over kingdoms and nations, ib. Delivers them who
truly seek him, i. 49. Gives food to the hungry, and looses the
prisoners, i. 50. Will disappoint and consume his adversaries, ib.
Threatenings denounced against them, i. 54. Assures his people of
his protection and favour, ib. Will never leave them, nor forsake
them, ib. Is their sun and shield, i. 55. His people worship him
as Lord over all, ib. The idea of God's dominion in the Lord's
Prayer, i. 56. His delight in his people, i. 65. His promises to
them, ib.

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God, calls to celebrate his mercy, i. 72. His long-suffering towards
sinners, ib. Calls to repentance, i. 73. His joy over sincere
penitents, i. 74. Every word of his shall receive its full accom

plishment, i. 87. The supporter and preserver of all his creatures,
i. 91. All who exist have their being from him, ib. In his pro-
tection is safety and happiness, i. 92. His peculiar care of his
people, i. 93. Nothing that relates to his people is overlooked by
him, i. 96. His promises of protection to them who wait on him,
i. 97. His servants adore him as the preserver of every creature,
i. 98. The judge of all the earth, i. 103. The equity of his pro-
cedure in judgment, i. 107.

God, his majesty and condescension, i. 111. The sole object of
adoration, ib. Is to be worshipped and adored, ib. . His infinite
majesty, i. 112. This terrible to his enemies, the proud,
and to the oppressor, i. 113. The condescension of God, i. 115.
Joint views of his majesty and condescension, ib. These displayed
in behalf of his people, ib.—in bringing Israel out of Egypt, i. 116.
-in protecting his Church, i. 117-in working deliverance for
them that trusted in him, i. 118. The majesty and condescension
of God represented, i. 119. A view of God as our Creator, i. 125.
The Almighty charges men with guilt, and denounces wrath,
i. 163. Yet calls men to repentance, i. 165.

God, was pleased to make known his will to his ancient people
Israel, and to enter into covenant with them, i. 476— to send them
prophets, to instruct, reprove, and reclaim them, i. 477. The
blessed source of sound knowledge and wisdom, ii. 140. Instructed
Israel by his law, and promised greater light in latter days, ib.-
which was fulfilled by the coming of our Lord Jesus, ii. 142.
Gospel, the excellency of that dispensation, i. 374. The exalted
views of it by the Prophets and Apostles, ib. Great love in this
dispensation, i. 376. Its light and knowledge, i. 377. A dispen-
sation of mercy and reconciliation, i. 378—and entirely of grace,
i. 380. By it the overwhelming terrors of death are removed,
i. 384. It fills the soul with the joyful hope of eternal life, i. 385.
The necessity of giving due attention to this dispensation of love,
i. 387. The Apostles triumph in its excellency, i. 389. The
doxology of the redeemed, i. 390. The way in which we become
partakers of the benefits of the Gospel, ii. 392. The efficacy of
its ministrations is from God, ii. 433.

Gospel, that dispensation opened by the preaching of John the
Baptist, ii. 399. The commission given by our Lord to his
Apostles, ii. 402. The effusion of the Holy Ghost, and the
establishment of the Church at Jerusalem, ii. 403. The Gospel
preached first to the Jews, ii. 404. Preached to the family of
Cornelius, as the first fruits of the Gentiles, ii. 405-and after-
wards to all the Gentiles, ii. 405, 411. The superior glory of the
Gospel dispensation above that of the Law, ii. 409. Those that
minister in the Church under the Gospel dispensation, ii. 420.
Grace, (divine) thanksgiving and prayers in behalf of the partakers
thereof, i. 370. Supplications for divine grace and support, and
thankful acknowledgments, i. 372.


Heavens, called to praise God as their Maker, i. 29.
Hezekiah, a great instance of the Lord's hearing prayer, ii. 15.
Holiness of God, a perfection of his nature, i. 57. Adored by the
heavenly host, ib. Declared by his Prophets and Apostles, ib.
Testified by the Almighty himself, i. 58. Celebrated in the praises
and prayers of his saints, ib.

Holy Ghost, his divinity, i. 339. The testimony of inspired writers
on this head, ib. Divine works ascribed to him, i. 340. Adored
by the saints as the universal Spirit, ib. The resurrection of Jesus
attributed to him, i. 341. Baptism administered, and benedictions
pronounced in his name, ib. His extraordinary operations, i. 342.
Some given to qualify for particular purposes, ib. His gifts to
Bezaleel and Aholiab for making the tabernacle, i. 343 — to the
seventy elders, qualifying them for judging Israel, ib. -- to Joshua,
qualifying him to supply the place of Moses, i. 344-to Balaam,
directing him to bless Israel, ib.—to Zerubbabel and Joshua,
qualifying them for restoring the Jewish state, i. 345. The Spirit
of God was to rest in a distinguished manner on the Messiah,
i. 346. That the Spirit did thus rest on the Lord Jesus, i. 347.
The prediction in the sixty-first chapter of Isaiah fulfilled in him,
i. 348. The Spirit promised by our Lord to his disciples, ib.
The extraordinary effusion of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, i. 349.
Miraculous powers given to the Apostles and Evangelists, i. 351.
The Holy Ghost given by the laying on of the hands of the
Apostles, i. 352. The Spirit directs the ministrations of Philip,
i. 353--and those of Barnabas and Paul, ib. His peculiar opera-
tions in the ministry of Paul, i. 354. He inspires the sacred Writers,
i. 355. The saving operations of the Holy Ghost, i. 356. Pro-
mises of these made to the Fathers, i. 357. Regeneration by the
Spirit taught by our Lord Jesus, i. 359. The promise of the
Spirit given by him, ib. His divine work, enlightening and renewing
the soul, i. 360-sanctifying and purifying the heart, i. 361 —
giving efficacy to the word of the Gospel, i. 362-assisting true
Christians in the paths of duty, i. 363 — comforting them in their
sufferings and afflictions, i. 364. That Christian virtues are the
fruits of the Spirit, i. 365. Our obtaining the spirit of Christ
Jesus, ib. The excellency of the dispensation of the Spirit, i. 366.
The Spirit not to be grieved or resisted, i. 367. Our duty toward
the Holy Spirit, and our right improvement of his influence, i. 369.
The Holy Spirit sanctifies and renews our nature, i. 482. His
gracious aid to be expected, ib.

Human race, all of them subject to God, i. 41. All things relating
to them disposed by his will, i. 42.

Humility, required in every act of worship, ii. 66. Our blessed
Lord's instructions and example of humility, ii. 215. Humility
and modesty enjoined by his Apostles, ii. 216. The humility of
the Apostle Paul, notwithstanding his great attainments, ii. 217.

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Yet he asserts his own character, and the dignity of his office,
against calumny and detraction, ii. 218.
Hypocrisy, highly provoking to God, ii. 59.
expressed in prayer, ii. 62.

A due sense of this


Jesus Christ, our Lord, his divinity, i. 200. The eternal Son of
God, and one with the Father, i. 200. Divine titles and attributes
given to him, i. 201. Divine works done by him, i. 204. Divine
worship to be paid to him, ib.

Jesus Christ, our Lord, peculiar circumstances preceded and attended
his incarnation, i. 207. The vision Zacharias had in the temple,
ib. The annunciation of the Angel to Mary, i. 208. Her visit to
Elizabeth, and their hymns of praise, i. 209. The birth of Jesus,
i. 210. The reception given to him by Simeon and Anna, i. 213.
The wise men come to worship, and Herod seeks to slay him, i. 214.
Some particulars of his youth, i. 215.
Jesus Christ, the designs and purposes for which he was manifested,
i. 216. He was to instruct his people in things belonging to
salvation, ib. Promises made of light in the latter days, i. 217.
Cheers his disciples with the assurance of divine light, i. 221.
His wisdom acknowledged both by strangers and enemies, i. 222.
The testimony of the Apostles on this subject, ib. The designs
and purposes on which he was manifested to the world, i. 229,
Came to redeem mankind from destruction, and to reconcile them
to God, ib. A general review of this great design, ib. To be
executed by the sufferings and death of the Messiah, i. 230. The
glory that should be given him after his sufferings, i. 231. The
manner of accomplishing this grand purpose, even by his death
and intercession, i. 233. The Apostles testified to the Jews that
Jesus was the Saviour, i. 234. His everlasting priesthood, i. 235,
The efficacy of his merits and intercession, i. 237. The divine
benefits procured by him for all believers, i. 240. The importance
of making a proper use of our access to God by Christ, i. 242.
Jesus Christ, invested with sovereign power for perfecting all that
believe in him, i. 243. His everlasting dominion over all, i. 244.
The spiritual nature of his kingdom, i. 247. The testimony of
the Apostles on this head, i. 248. His sovereign power displayed
in sanctifying the Church, i. 250. Assures his disciples of his
constant presence, to secure them against what is finally hurtful,
i. 261 and of many heavenly benefits, i. 265-and of their
overcoming the world, ib. - and of support in temptation, i. 266-
That they shall be made conquerors over Satan, i. 267 — and be
sustained in all their afflictions, i. 268. His power displayed in
conquering death, and giving eternal life to his followers, i. 270.
Jesus Christ, a perfect example of holiness exhibited in his life, i. 484.
Is revealed by the Gospel as a proper object of worship, i. 485.
By him, as our Mediator and Intercessor, we are allowed to draw
near to God, ii. 500. Our blessed Lord an example of devotion

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