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Hills about Queensferry. Edin. Near New

burgh. Fl. Scot.

Isle of May. H. W. sp.

Culross Woods. Fl. Scot.

SEDUM anglicum.
+ RIBES rubrum,
LIGUSTICUM scoticum.

In several parts of the coast between Burntisland and Queensferry. H. W. sp. Queensferry; Kinghorn; coast between East and West Weems. Edin.

CICUTA virosa. Otterston Loch, Fifeshire; Pow Mill, Kinross-shire. Fl. Scot.

+ MYRRHIS odorata. Hilly fields above Burntisland. H. W. Cleish and Arlary, Kinross-shire. Fl. Scot.

PEUCEDANUM Ostruthium. At Milnathort, two miles north from Kinross. Fl. Scot.

* PETROSELINUM sativum. Coast near Inverkeithing. H. W. sp. SMYRNIUM Olusatrum. Sea shore below the old Castle of Ravensheugh, between Dysart and Kirkaldy; by the side of a rivulet at Kinghorn. Edin.

FECIA dentata. Fields between Queensferry and Inverkeithing, abundant. Excurs. Field near Kirkaldy.


VALERIANA pyrenaica. "Ditches in the west of Kinross-shire, as at Blair Adam, Cleish, and near Dupplin." Fl. Scot.

+ DIPSACUS Fullonum. At Lord Elgin's Lime-works, near Dunfermline. Fl. Scot.

HIERACIUM Lawsoni. On the rocks to the westward of Queensferry, just above the turnpike; shady places almost on a level with the sea, between Pettycur and Burntisland. Edin.



Near Inverkeithing (not seen by Dr. Graham).

amplexicaule. Kinross-shire. W. Stables, sp. Walls of the Castle of Cleish. Fl. Scot.

ONOPORDUM Acanthium.

town. Edin.

Weems; between Limekilns and Charles

W. Brands, sp.

GNAPHALIUM dioicum. Queensferry.

gallicum. Near Newburgh. Fl. Scot.

SENECIO viscosus. At Leven on the coast near the salt-works; at Dysart by the pier; and at Charlestown, Lord Elgin's limeworks. Fl. Scot.

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ASTER Tripolium. Sea mill-dam, Burntisland Bay; Inverkeithing

Bay. Edin.

DORONICUM Paradalianches. Truly a native of many moist woods in a clay-soil in Forfarshire and Fifeshire. (D. Don.) Eny. Bot. Supp.

· plantagineum. Morlit. Excurs.

PYRETHRUM maritimum. Inchcolm, abundantly. Edin. CAMPANULA glomerata. Near Pettycur. G. Macnab, sp. between Kinghorn and Kirkcaldy. H. W. sp. Pettycur and Kinghorn, nearest the latter. Edin. latifolia. Kinross-shire. Fl. Scot.



rapunculoides. Abundant in a field three miles west of

Kirkcaldy. G. Macnab, sp.

Cornfields two miles north



west from Kirkcaldy. Edin.

CAMPANULA Trachelium. Near Donnibristle.

VACCINIUM Oxycoccos. West side of Otterston Loch.

MYOSOTIS collina? Queensferry. H. W. sp.

LITHOSPERMUM maritimum. Near Seafield Tower. Edin. Coast near St. Andrew's. Fl. Scot.

ANCHUSA Sempervirens.


SYMPHYTUM tuberosum.

† ATROPA Belladonna.

Road-sides between Crossgates and Keltie,

Fl. Scot.

Cleish. Fl. Scot.

Crombie Point, near Aberdour. W. Brands,

sp. Sea-side immediately west of the waggon-road from Limekilns; Inchcolm. Edin.

VERONICA Buxbaumii. Near Dunfermline; near Inverkeithing.


LYCOPUS europeus. Margins of the Loch of Lindore.

Fl. Scot. LAMIUM maculatum. Wood on the estate of Carnock. Excurs. OROBANCHE rubra. Near Seafield Tower, between Kirkcaldy and

Kinghorn. Edin.

PRIMULA elatior. Woods about Aberdour. H. W. sp. Near Queensferry. Excurs.


Townhill Wood, Dunfermline.


STATICE Armeria. Inchcolm. Edin. Isle of May, and coast of Fife

in various places. H. W. sp.

LITTORELLA lacustris. In a marsh on Dunearn Hill. Edin.
GLAUX maritima. Queensferry; Burntisland; Pettycur. Edin.
SALICORNIA herbacea. Inverkeithing Bay. Edin.
SALSOLA Kali. Inchcolm. Edin.

CHENOPODIUM maritimum. Inverkeithing. Edin.
BETA maritima. Shore near Kirkcaldy. Edin.
ATRIPLEX littoralis.

St. David's. J. H. Balfour, sp. About Dysart
Rock. Edin.

laciniata. Inchcolm. Edin.

POLYGONUM viviparum. Very sparingly, on a low hill near Queensferry. H. W. sp.

[blocks in formation]

SALIX ferruginea. Fifeshire. Br. Fl.

TRIGLOCHIN maritimum. Inverkeithing Bay.



ORCHIS pyramidalis. On the Fifeshire side of the Frith of Forth,

1834. Excurs. (It is a mistake to give this as the first recorded station in Scotland. See the Flora Scotica, for a station in Colonsay, on the authority of Lightfoot.) HABENARIA albida. A single plant found on the hills above Queensferry. Edin.

MALAXIS paludosa. Marshes near St. Andrew's, Fifeshire ; rills near the foot of Dunglow, Kinross-shire. Fl. Scot.

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CORALLORHIZA innata. Near Dunfermline.

W. Brands, sp.

+ IRIS fœtidissima. Fordel Woods. (Rev. A. Robertson.) Excurs. Meadows in the neighbourhood of NARCISSUS Pseudo-Narcissus.

CONVALLARIA majalis. Cleish.

Culross. Fl. Scot.

Fl. Scot.

ALLIUM arenarium.

Near Aberdour.

J. H. Balfour, sp.

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Shore of

the Firth, near Donnibristle; Pitreavie, near Dunfermline.



GAGEA lutea.


Den of Forret, four miles

Auchtertool Linn.
from Cupar. Fl. Scot.

+ COLCHICUM autumnale.

"Alloa, the seat of Mr. Erskine." Fl. Scot.

TYPHA angustifolia. Loch of Lindore, abundantly. Fl. Scot.
SPARGANIUM natans. Loch on Dunearn Hill.

POTAMOGETON prælongus.


Near Kirkcaldy. Excurs. Loch Leven.

Sea-shore between Burntisland and Pettycur, abundantly. Edin.

Br. Fl.

ZOSTERA marina.

JUNCUS maritimus.

St. Andrew's. Br. Fl.

SCHOENUS nigricans. Bog near Anstruther.


ELEOCHARIS acicularis. Loch Leven, and Loch west of Dunning.

Fl. Scot.

pauciflora. Plentiful on the Ochill Hills; Loch Leven

[blocks in formation]

Otterston Loch. W. Brands, sp.

Marsh a little to the west of Queensferry. Edin.
Cardenden, four miles north-west from Kirkcaldy.

[blocks in formation]

Among rubbish near Alloa, perhaps brought
W. Brands, sp.

Fl. Scot.

between Pettycur and

Near Burntisland;

Kirkcaldy. Edin.

AMMOPHILA arundinacea. Between Burntisland and Pettycur. Edin. * POLYPOGON monspeliensis. Rubbish hills, St. David's, found only by Mr. Wallich. W. Brands, sp.

POA aquatica. Kilmeny. Fl. Scot.



About Kirkcaldy, at the west end, near the bridge.

distans. Coast near Aberdour. H. W. sp. Inverkeithing. W. Brands, sp.

? BRACHYPODIUM pinnatum. Near North Queensferry. Edin. BROMUS Secalinus. Cleish; coast of Fifeshire.

Fl. Scot.

erectus. Between Pettycur and Kirkcaldy. Edin.

About Kinross. Br. Fl.

*BROMUS rigidus. On ballast-heaps, St. David's, certainly introduced.


AVENA pubescens. Very abundant about Queensferry, a little to the


TRITICUM junceum.


H. W. sp.



Between Burntisland and Pettycur. Edin.
Burntisland. J. H. Balfour, sp. Isle of May.
Near Burntisland and Pettycur. Edin. North

+ ROTTBOLLIA incurvata. Ballast-heaps, St. David's, in its recurved form, and probably introduced.



THE plants of "Ben Lomond," followed by the name of Mr. Joseph Hooker, were received amongst a number of Dunbartonshire plants; but with an intimation that "all the Alpine plants" were from Ben Lomond. As the term alpine, however, expresses nothing absolute, it is far from improbable that either too many or too few have thus been separated from the others, and assigned to Ben Lomond. Whether this be the case or not, it is of very little importance in regard to the specimens belonging to the commoner species of the mountain tracts, there being little doubt that they would be found in both counties, if sought for.

THALICTRUM alpinum. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

*EPIMEDIUM alpinum. About the ruins of Mugdock Castle, abundantly. Glot.

NUPHAR pumila. Mugdock Loch, near Glasgow. Br. Fl. Loch of
Monteith, between the islands and shore. Fl. Scot.
SUBULARIA aquatica. Loch Lomond, by Inch Tavannoch.
CARDAMINE amara. In a glen near Mugdock Castle.
lingshire, abundant. G. Macnab, mss.

Fl. Scot. Glot. Stir

H. W. sp.

+BRASSICA oleracea. Rock of Stirling Castle.
VIOLA lutea. On Cathkin Hills, plentifully. Glot.
SILENE acaulis. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.
CHERLERIA sedoides. Ben Lomond, 1800. Winch, mss.
CERASTIUM alpinum. Ben Lomond.
J. Hooker, sp.
latifolium. Ben Lomond, very rare.

+ ALTHEA officinalis.

* OXALIS corniculata.

Br. Fl.

In a marshy place, Campsie Hills. Glot.
Near Stirling. Fl. Scot.

PRUNUS Padus. Banks of the Kelvin.

RUBUS Chamamorus.

Ben Lomond.

sie Hills. Glot.


J. Hooker, sp. On the Camp

SIBBALDIA procumbens. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

ALCHEMILLA alpina. Ben Lomond.
EPILOBIUM alpinum. Ben Lomond.
SEDUM anglicum. Rocks at Stirling.

J. Hooker, sp.
Winch, add.

Winch, add.

It grows about

the Castle, though possibly introduced there. RHODIOLA Tosea. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

H. W.

SAXIFRAGA stellaris. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp. Campsie Hills.


nivalis. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

oppositifolia. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

lætevirens. Hills to the north of Loch Lomond. Eng. Fl. About Mugdock, Bardowie, and Douglaston Lochs. Ditches near Stirling. Winch, mss.

CICUTA virosa.


SIUM latifolium.

Forth and Clyde Canal, a little above loch 16, near Falkirk. R. Maughan, sp. Forth and Clyde Canal, three miles from Falkirk, towards Glasgow. Fl. Scot.

GALIUM pusillum. Strathblane Hills, north of Glasgow. Fl. Scot. LACTUCA virosa. Rock of Stirling Castle. G. Macnab, sp. HIERACIUM Lawsoni. Dry rocks on the ascent to Ben Lomond, from Tarbet, about half-way up. Fl. Scot.

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aurantiacuт. In the fields about Balvie and Dougalston, originally, probably, from a garden.

CNICUS heterophyllus. A little way up Ben Lomond.
SAUSSUREA alpina. Ben Lomond. Winch, mss.




Eng. Fl.

Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

At the top

Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

of the Hill. Fl. Scot.

+ DORONICUM plantagineum? Banks of the Carron, near

(The name on the ticket is not legible.) Stirlingshire,
probably introduced.
G. Macnab, sp.

+ SENECIO Saracenicus. Border of a field near Mugdock Castle. Glot. + CAMPANULA Trachelium. On the walls of Mugdock Castle. Glot. LOBELIA Dortmanna. In Bardowie and Mugdock Lochs, plentifully.


VACCINIUM Vitis-Idæa. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp. Campsie Hills. Fl. Scot.

ANDROMEDA polifolia. Blair Drummond, near Stirling. W. Bushman, sp. (Probably within Perthshire.)

AZALEA procumbens. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

? ANCHUSA officinalis. Said to have been found at Kilsyth and Arnbrae. Br. Fl.

VERBASCUM Lychnites. Rock of Stirling Castle.

walk at Stirling, called Edmonton's Walk. + ATROPA Belladonna. King's Park at Stirling. +SCROPHULARIA vernalis. Stirlingshire, quite wild. VERONICA alpina. Ben Lomond. Fl. Scot. LYCOPUS europæus.

Macnab, sp.

MENTHA crispa.

H. W. sp.
Fl. Scot.

Fl. Scot.


G. Macnab, mss.

Banks of the canal, near Grangemouth.


Banks of the Carron, three miles above Falkirk. (Mr. Robert Paterson)? sp.

LYSIMACHIA thyrsiflora. By the canal, above Grangemouth. G.

Macnab, mss.

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