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and the Holy Ghost, into Thy Church; accept,
I beseech Thee, at this day's early prime, these
my first offerings of humble devotion. Grant
unto me tears of penitence, as Thou once didst
to a woman which was a sinner. Count me wor-
thy to bedew Thy feet, which have redeemed me
from error, to lay my highest honour in the dust
before Thee, to salute Thy presence with humblest
approaches of loving affection, and to bring unto
Thee in deep repentance the fragrant offering of
a pure life. Accept, O Lord, these my supplica-
tions, that I may hear those longed-for accents
of Thy voice, "Thy faith hath saved thee, go in
peace." Amen.

Or this.

me sleep to recruit my weakness, vouchsafe me this day a holy, peaceful, and sinless course. Send the angel of peace to encamp around me; grant to my soul Thy Holy Spirit, to my body Thy blessed protection. Show me the way that leads to Thee, for unto Thee, O God, do I lift up my soul. Deliver me from all my enemies, and teach me to do the things that please Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (37)


[OST holy and eternal God, Lord and Sove


to Thy divine majesty myself, my soul and body, my thoughts and my words, my actions and intentions, my passions and my sufferings, to be disposed by Thee to Thy glory, to be blessed by Thy providence, to be guided by Thy counsel, to be sanctified by Thy Spirit, and afterwards that my body and soul may be received into glory; for nothing can perish which is under Thy custody, and the enemy of souls cannot take out of

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Thy hands what is Thy portion. This day, O Lord, and all the days of my life, I dedicate to Thy honour, and the actions of my calling to the uses of grace, and the religion of all my days to my holy Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ; that in Him and for Him I may be accepted. Amen. (38)

Or this.

GREAT King of heaven and earth, the Lord servant, approaching to the throne of grace in the Name of Jesus Christ; give unto me what is best for me, cast out all evil from within me, work in me a fulness of holiness, of wisdom, and spiritual understanding, that I, increasing in the knowledge of Thee, may be fruitful in every good work, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



ALMIGHTY Father, great God of all the

man can approach, in Thy presence there is no night, in the light of Thy countenance there is perpetual day; I, Thy servant, whom Thou hast preserved this night, who bless and glorify Thee this day, who live by Thy power, who desire to walk by Thy laws, to be blessed by Thy providence, to be defended by Thy Almighty hand, humbly pray unto Thee that this day and all the days of my life may be holy and peaceable; send Thy Holy Spirit, the Spirit of peace, to be the guide of my way, the guard of my soul and body. Grant that all the chances and accidents of this day may be healthful to my body and profitable to my soul, and that I may spend the remaining portion of my life in blessing and peace and holiness. Make Thou the latter end of my days to be Christian, without shame and without torment: and, when I shall appear before Thy

dreadful seat of judgement, grant that I may not
be confounded, but may stand upright in the con-
gregation of the saints, acquitted by the death
of Christ, justified by His resurrection, pardoned
by His sentence, saved by His mercy, that I may
rejoice in His salvation, and sing Thy praises for
ever and ever. Amen.

Or this.


THOU that art the Light Eternal and Sun of Righteousness, evermore arising and never going down, giving life, and food, and gladness unto all; Mercifully vouchsafe to shine upon me and cast Thy blessed beams upon the dulness of my understanding and the dark mists of my sins and errors, for Thine only merits, Who art alone my Saviour Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (41)



CHRIST, my God, at every season, at every hour, worshipped and glorified in heaven and earth, long suffering, full of compassion and mercy; Who lovest the righteous and pitiest sinners; Who callest all men to salvation with the promise of future blessing; Do Thou, O Lord, at this hour receive my supplications. Guide my life aright in the way of Thy Commandments. Sanctify my soul, purify my body, direct my thoughts, cleanse my imaginations, and defend me from all affliction, evil, and suffering. Protect me with Thy Holy Angels, so that, guarded and guided by them, I may attain to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of Thine unapproachable glory; Who art blessed for ever and ever. Amen. (42)

Or this.

NEND forth, O Lord, I pray Thee, Thy light into my heart; that I may perceive the light of Thy commandments, and, walking in Thy way,

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may fall into no error; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (43)


the holiness,

by Thy Word and Thy Spirit dost conduct all Thy servants in the ways of peace and sanctity; Grant unto me so truly to repent of my sins, so carefully to reform my errors, so diligently to watch over all my actions, that I may never transgress Thy holy laws willingly; but that it may be the work of my life to obey Thee; the joy of my soul to please Thee; the satisfaction of all my hopes, and the perfection of my desires to live with Thee in Thy kingdom of grace and glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (44)

Or this.


LL holy and everlasting God, Who art always mighty to show mercy; Who art the Ruler of all men, and waitest for their conversion unto Thee: I humbly beseech Thee that Thou wouldst forget my past misdeeds, and suffer my morning prayers to reach the ears of Thy tender lovingkindness through Jesus Christ our Lord. A(45)



LORD of all things, Who sendest forth the light

and it that makest the sun arise on the just and on the unjust, on the evil and on the good; Thou that createst the morning, and givest light unto the world; Enlighten also my heart. Grant that I may do what is wellpleasing unto Thee throughout this day. Keep me from all sin and from every evil deed. Defend me from every arrow that flieth by day, and from all power of the enemy. For it is Thine, O my God, to have pity and to save, wherefore to Thee I give glory, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now, always, and for ever and ever. Amen.


Or this.


O Lord, a light unto mine music

to mine ears, sweetness to my taste, and a full contentment to my heart. Be Thou my sun-light in the day, my food at the table, my repose in the night, my clothing in nakedness, and my succour in all necessities. Amen. (47)

Daily during the week before Easter.
MOST gracious Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech

mercy that Thou wouldest so inflame my heart, and wholly absorb it in Thy love, that I may never be separated from Thee. Draw me always to Thee, and suffer me not to be vanquished by any temptation nor overcome by any adversity; deliver me from all sin, and from all the assaults of my ghostly enemy; govern and direct me in all things. Take entire possession of me. Give me grace to be so filled with the sense of Thy love and bitter Passion, that in all things and in all places I may still behold Thee crucified for me, that my heart may be perpetually united to Thee by love, saying with the prophet David, "It is good for me to hold me fast by God, and to put my trust in the Lord God." Amen. (48)

Or this.

ORD Jesus Christ, Who at the first hour of

and didst suffer shameful mocking and insults:
Grant that, being made partaker with Thee in
Thy sufferings, I may be a sharer with Thee here-
after in Thy glory. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer, to be said daily, or upon Sunday and Wednesday.

EHOLD I have taken upon me to speak

unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes. -Gen. xviii. 27.

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