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the s of the Grampians the surface is in general fertile. The small village of Kincardine, 9 m sw Stonehaven, was formerly the capital, but Stonehaven is now the county-town; P. 26,349 in 1801, and 31,431 in 1831.

KINDERHOOK, a town of North America, United States, state New York, Columbia county, on the E side of the Hudson, 13 m x Hudson, and 18 s Albany; P. 2706.

KINECHMA, a town of Russia, government Costroma, chief of a district on the Volga, 81 m N Costroma, with manufactures of fine linen and table-cloths. It contains 5 churches, and has an annual fair which lasts 12 days; P. about 1000: Lg. 43.07 E, Lt. 56.57 N.


KING-AND-QUEEN-COUNTY, North America, United States, state Virginia, E district. King-and-Queen is the countytown. P. 11,644 in 1830.

KING-GEORGE-COUNTY, North America, United States, state Virginia, E district. King-George is the county-town; P. 6397 in 1830.

KING-WILLIAM-COUNTY, North America, United States, state Virginia, E district. King-William is the county-town;

P. 9812 in 1830.

KING'S-COUNTY, North America, United States, state New York. Flatbush is the county-town. It contains 6 towns; P. 20,537 in 1831.

KING'S-COUNTY, a county of Ireland, province Leinster, 38 m long by 30; bounded on the N by West-Meath, E by Kildare, s by Queen's-county and Tipperary, and w by the Shannon, which separates it from Galway and Roscommon. It is divided into 52 parishes, and returns 2 county M.P. The principal rivers are the Shannon, Brosna, Boyne, and Barrow. It is not so well cultivated as some of the other counties, nor the soil so naturally fertile; but limestone everywhere abounds. The capital is Philiptown; P. 144,029.

KING-GEORGE-THE-THIRD'S-SOUND, a bay of Australasia, on the sw coast of NewHolland, discovered by Vancouver in 1791.

It contains several harbours, and is easy of access any where between its two points of entrance, Bald-Head and Mount-Gardner, 11 m distant from each other. The former is in Lg. 118.1 E, Lt. 35.6 s.

KING-GEORGE'S-SOUND, the name given by Cook in 1778, to a bay on the w coast of North America, in Lg. 126.38 w, and Lt. 49.32 N. The first European discoverer was Juan Perez, who anchored here in 1774, and called the port St. Lorenzo. The natives call it Nootka, the name now gene

rally adopted by the English. It does not lie on the continent, as Cook had reason to suppose, but on the w side of Quadra and Vancouver-island, which see. A settlement was formed here some years afterward, by a few English traders, which, giving cause of jealousy, was captured by the Spaniards; and complaint being made to the British court, captain Vancouver was sent out in 1790 to redress the grievance. He obtained the restitution of the settlement; and all pretensions to this spot, or any territorial claims to the N of it, were abandoned by the court of Spain in favour of the British, who formally took possession in 1795. The woods are composed of the Canadian pine, white cypress, and two or three other sorts of pine; and in general they are of a large size. The principal animals are racoons, martens, and squirrels. The stature of the natives is below the common standard, they are usually plump, though not muscular. Their bodies are covered with red-paint; but their faces are ornamented with a black, a bright-red, or a white-colour. They are docile, courteous, and goodnatured; but quick in resenting injuries, and like most other passionate people, as quickly forgetting them. Their weapons are bows, slings, spears, short truncheons of bone, and a small axe, not unlike the common American tomahawk. Their houses are formed of long broad planks, resting upon the edges of each other, and tied in different parts with slips of pine root. Their furniture consists of chests and boxes, in which are deposited their garments and whatever they deem valuable; they have also square and oblong pails, bowls to eat their food out of, &c.

KIN-GAN, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Kian-si, seated on the Kankiang, 800 m s Peking: Lg. 115.10 E, Lt. 27.16 N.

KINGHORN, a borough of Scotland, county Fife, on the frith-of-Forth, 8 m N by w Leith. It has 2 harbours, one below the town, and the other half a mile w, at Pettycur, for the passage-boats to Leith. The chief manufactures are thread stockings, and the spinning of cotton and flax; P. 2579.

KING'S, with an additional name, 13 in England: 1st, Langley, county Hereford, on the Gade, 5 m sw St. Albans; Henry III built a palace here, now in ruins; Richard II buried in the monastery, removed to Westminster, by Henry V; P.1423.-2nd, Caple, a parish, county Hereford; P. 280.

3rd, Cliffe, a parish, county Northampton; P. 1173.-4th, End, a town, county Oxford; P. 280.-5th Meaburn, a town, county Westmoreland; P. 203.-6th, Norton, a town, county Leicester; P. 677th, Norton, a parish, county Worcester; P. 3977.—8th, Ñympton, a parish, county

Devon; P. 699.-9th, Pyon, a parish, county Hereford; P. 359.-10th, Sutton, a hundred, county Northampton; P. 12,435. -11th, Sutton, a parish, county Northampton; P. 1270.-12th, Walden, a parish, county Hertford; P. 1004.—13th, Weston, a tithing, county Gloucester; P. 107.

KINGSBRIDGE, a town of England, county Devon, 34 m s by w Exeter, and 207 wsw London, with a market on Saturday; at the head of Salcomb haven, and at the influx of a rivulet, over which is a bridge to Dodbrook; P.1587. Polling-place.

KINGSBURY, a town of North America, United States, state New-York, Washington county, on the Hudson; P. 2606 in


KINGSCLERE, a town of England, county Hants, with a market on Tuesday, and a great trade in malt. It was the residence of some of our Saxon kings. It is 9 m sw Basingstoke, and 54 w by s London; P. 3151. Polling-place.


KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, a corporate town of England, county Surry. It has a wooden bridge over the river; 10 m sw London, with a market on Saturday. A national council was held here in 838, at which Egbert, the first king of England, and his son Ethelwolf, were present; several of the Saxon monarchs have been crowned here. This town sent members to parliament in the reigns of Edward II and III; but it ceased in consequence of a petition from the corporation. A freeschool founded by Queen Elizabeth; the spring assizes are held here; P. 7257. Polling-place.

KINGSTON, North America, capital of St. Vincent, in the West-Indies, at the head of Kingston-bay, on the sw shore of the island; Lg. 61.18 w, Lt.13.11 N.

KINGSTON, North America, in the WestIndies, capital of Jamaica, on the N side of Port-Royal-bay. It was built after the great earthquake in 1612 (which destroyed the town of Port-Royal), has since continued to increase in size and opulence, and in 1803 was incorporated as a city. It is a place of great trade, and deemed as healthy as any in Europe. The houses are one story high, many of them with porticos, and every conveniency for a comfortable habitation in that climate: Lg. 76.43 w, Lt. 18.9 N.

KINGSTON, 6 in North America, United States:-1st, or Esopus, a county-town, state New-York, s district, Ulster county, built on a regular plan near the conflux of Esopus-creek with the Hudson, 86 m N New-York; P. 4170.-2nd, a town, state Massachusetts, Plymouth county; P. 1322. -3rd, a county-town, state Tennessee,

Roane county.-4th, a town, state North Carolina, Lenoir county, N side of the Neus, 40 m w by N Newbern, 80 m Raleigh.5th, a town, state Vermont, Addison county; P. 403.-6th, a town, state New-Hampshire, Rockingham county; P. 929, all in 1830.



Upper-Canada, on lake-Ontario, near its KINGSTON, a town of North America, outlet by the St. Lawrence. It was formerly called Frontenac. Here is a strong fort to defend the navy-yard, which is on a peninsula between the town and the fort; and there are batteries on the point of the peninsula, and also on the point of the town, which is pallisaded, and strengthened with block-houses. It contains some good houses and shops, a government-house, and all the appendages of an extensive military and naval establishment. Batteaux from Montreal go no further than this place; and hence to York, Niagara, &c. stores and merchandise are conveyed along the lake in ships and steam-boats. It is 150 m sw Montreal: Lg. 76.41 w, Lt. 44.8 N.

KINGSTON-UPON-HULL; see HULL. KINGSWINFORD, a village and parish of England, county Stafford, 3 m sw Dudley; P. of parish 15,156. Polling-place.

KING-TCHEOU, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Hou-quang. It is divided by a single wall into two parts, one of which belongs to the Chinese and the other to the Tartars, of whom the garrison consists. It has a great trade, and stands on the Kianku, 650 m ssw Peking: Lg. 111.37 E, Lt. 41.6 N.

KING-TE-CHING, a town of Asia, China, in Kian-si. It extends 4 m along the banks of a river, which here forms a kind of harbour. It is famous for its beautiful porcelain. It is 655 m s Peking; P. about 1,000,000: Lg. 116.54 E, Lt. 29.25 N.

KINGTON, OF KINETON, a town of England, county Warwick, with a market on Tuesday. King John erected a castle here, in which he kept his court. It is 10 m SSE Warwick, and 85 Nw London; P. 1102.

KINGTON, OF KYNETON, a town of England, county Hereford, with a market on Wednesday, and a manufacture of woollen cloth; seated on the Arrow, under Bradnor mountain, 19 m NW Hereford, and 155 WNW London; P. 3111. Polling-place.

KIN-HOA, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Tche-kiang, on the banks of a fine river. It has a great trade in dried plums and hams; and is famous for good rice-wine, and very white candles, the latter made of a substance obtained from little shrubs with a white flower, not unlike jes

samine. It is 190 m s by E Nanking: Lg. 120.10 E, Lt. 29.16 N.

KINNAIRD-HEAD, a lofty promontory of Scotland, on the N coast of county Aberdeen, projecting above a mile into the sea, to the N of the town of Fraserburg. Here is a castle four stories high, and on the top of it a lighthouse: Lg. 1.46 w, Lt. 57.39 N.

KINNOUL, a town of Scotland, county Perth, with the remains of an ancient castle. It is famous for its fine agates, and abounds with many rare plants. The town stands at the foot of the hill, on the Tay, at the end of the bridge-of-Perth; P. 2957.

KINROSS, a borough of Scotland, capital of county Kinross. It is seated in a plain, skreened on the N by the Ochill hills, and on the Leven, before it enters Loch-Leven, 23 m NNW Edinburgh. It has a manufacture of cotton goods; P. 2017: Lg. 3.9 w, Lt. 56.7 N.

KINROSS, a small county of Scotland, surrounded by Perth and Fife. It is almost circular, about 10 m in diameter, and contains 4 parishes. The central part is occupied by Loch-Leven, and the country around has a rich appearance. It sends a member to parliament, alternately with the county Clackmanan; P. 6725 in 1801, and 9027 in 1831.

KINSALE, a seaport and borough of Ireland, county Cork. It is a maritime arsenal, and has an excellent harbour, defended by a strong fort, and returns 1 M.P. Considerable quantities of grain are exported. It is seated at the month of the Bandon, 14 m s Cork; P. 8674: Lg. 8.28 w, Lt. 51.42 N.

KIN-TCHING, Asia, capital of the island of Lieu-kieou, in the China-sea, and of all the islands under that appellation, which form a kingdom. The edifices, temples, and palace of the king are built after the Japanese manner; but the houses of the Chinese, the imperial college, and the temple of the goddess Tien-fey, are built after the Chinese. The king's palace is of very great extent, and stands on a neighbouring mountain. It has manufactures of silk, cotton, paper, arms, copper utensils, tobaccopipes, fans, &c. It stands in a district called Cheouli, the SE part of the island: Lg. 127.53 E, Lt. 26.16 N.

KIN-TONG, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Yun-nan. It is seated on the Papian, 750 m w by N Canton. The surrounding country is mountainous, but the valleys yield abundance of rice: Lg. 100.40 E, Lt. 24.30 N.

KINTORE, a borough of Scotland, county Aberdeen, on the Don, 15 m w by N Aberdeen; P. 1184.

KINTZINGEN, a town of Bavaria, province Unter-Mayn, with a noble Benedic tine convent, on the Mayn, 10 m ESE Würtzburg.

KIN-YANG, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Chen-si, 560 m sw Peking. It is deemed a barrier against the incursions of the Tartars, and is strongly fortified. The country is very fruitful: Lg. 107.30 E, Lt. 36.6 N.

KIN-YUEN, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Quang-si, on a fine river, but surrounded with craggy mountains inha bited by a people almost savage, 310 m w by N Canton: Lg. 108.15 E, Lt. 24.28 N.

KIO-FEOU, a town of Asia, China, province Chan-tong, and district of Yen-tcheou. The birth-place of Confucius, several monuments to whose memory are still to be seen here.

KIOGE, a seaport of Denmark, in Zealand, on the bay of the Kioge, at the mouth of a river, 18 m sw Copenhagen. The English defeated the Danes here, and took the town in 1807: Lg. 12.15 E, Lt. 55.30 N.

KIOPING, OF KOPING, a town of Sweden, province Westeras, on a river, at a little distance enters lake-Maeler, 28 m wsw Westeras.

KIOW, K10F, or KIEF, a government of Russia; see KIEW.

KIPPEN, a town of Scotland, county Stirling, near the Forth, 10 m w Stirling; P. 1394.

KIRBERG, a post-village of Germany, 2 German m SE Limburg, high-road to


KIRBY-LONSDALE, a town of England, County Westmorland, with a market on Thursday, seated on the Loyne, over which is an ancient stone bridge, 10 m SE Kendal, and 252 Nw London; P. 1686. Pollingplace.

KIRBY-MOORSIDE, a town of England, county North-York, with a market on Wednesday, seated on the edge of the Moors, London; P. 2324. Polling-place. near the Dow, 28 m N York, and 224 N by w

KIRBY-STEPHEN, a town of England, County Westmorland, with a market on Monday, and a manufacture of stockings; it is seated on the Eden, 9 m sSE Appleby, and 226 NNW London; P. 2798. Pollingplace.

KIRCHBERG, a town of Suabia, 9 m s


KIRCHBERG, a town of Würtemberg, with a castle on a hill, 12 m ssw Rotenburg.

KIRCHHAIN, a town of Hesse-Cassel 6 m E Marburg.

KIRCHHEIM-BOLAND, Bavaria, province land; P. 485.-5th, Burn, a parish, county

Rhein, 15 m w Worms.

KIRCHHEIM, a town of Würtemberg, 16 m SE Stuttgart.

KIRENSK, a town of Asia, Russia, government Irkoutsk, chief of district, on the right bank of the Lena, 945 m N Irkoutsk ; it has 3 churches, about 100 houses: Lg. 108.22 E, Lt. 57.46 N.

KIRGHISES, or KIRGUIS, a numerous and widely extended nation of independent Tartary, to the s of Siberia. After throwing off the yoke of Russia, they subdivided into 3 hordes, the Little, the Middle, and the Great. The Little-Horde dwells chiefly in the Steppes about the Ural mountains and the Caspian and Aral. The Middle Horde is further E, in the vast plains N of Aral; whilst the Great-Horde is situated still further E, and extends s to the frontiers of Buckharia and Cashgur. Though most of them lead a pastoral life, yet great numbers, particularly of the Great-Horde, cultivate the land. These are independent; but the other two hordes now acknowledge the sovereignty of Russia; but they are very troublesome subjects, often plundering the cattle, &c. of the Russians.

KIRILOV, a small town of Russia, government Novgorod, chief of district, near 3 large lakes, and on the Capon, 622 m NE Novgorod; 3 churches; P. 1800.

KIRILOVSKAJA-CREPOST, Russia, government Ecatherinoslav, one of the 7 fortified posts forming the military line of the Dnepr.

KIRJATCHE, a large bourg of Russia, government Vladimir, on the greater-Kirjatche, 74 m w Vladimir; 5 annual fairs, 3 churches; P. 800.

KIRIN, Asia, one of the 3 provinces of East-Tartary, bounded Nw by province Teitcicar, N by the Saghalien, E by the sea-of-Japan, s by Corea and Leao-tong, and w by West-Tartary. This country is extremely cold, from the forests by which it is covered, and thinly inhabited. The valuable plant ginseng grows here; and the emperor of China sends hither the criminals banished by the laws.

KIRIN, a city of Asia, province Kirin, and the residence of a Mantchou general, who is invested with viceregal authority. It is situated on the Songari, which is here called Kirin, 540 m ENE Peking: Lg. 127.20 E, Lt. 43.20 N.

KIRK, with an additional name, 27 in England, viz.-1st, Andrews-upon-Eden, a parish, county Cumberland; P. 107.-2nd, Andrews-upon-Esk, a parish, county Cumberland; P. 2053.-3rd, Andrews, Middle, a town, county Cumberland; P. 491.-4th, Andrews Nether, a town, county Cumber

East-York; P. 489.-6th, Burn, a town, county East-York; P. 141.-7th, Burton, a parish, county West-York; P. 15,731.— 8th, Burton, a town, county West-York; P. 2650.-9th, Deighton, a parish, county West-York; P. 506.-10th, Deighton, a town, county West-York; P. 375.-11th, Fenton, a parish, county West-York; P. 940. -12th, Fenton, a town, county West-York; P. 406.-13th, Hallam, a parish, county Derby; P. 426.-14th, Hammerton, a parish, county West-York; P. 382.-15th, Heaton, a parish, county West-York; P. 10,020.-16th, Heaton, a parish, county West-York; P. 2755.-17th, Ireton, parish, County Derby; P. 744.-18th, Langley with Meynell-Langley, a parish, county Derby; P. 553.-19th, Leatham, a parish, county North-York; P. 1074.-20th, Leatham, a town, county North-York; P. 663.-21st, Leavington, a parish, county North-York; P. 517.-22nd, Leavington, a town, county North-York; P. 222.-23rd, Linton, or Levington, a parish, county Cumberland; P. 1892.-24th, Oswald, a town and parish, county Cumberland; P. 1033.-25th, Oswald, a town, county Cumberland; P. 768. -26th, Sandall, a parish, county WestYork; P. 200.-27th, Smeeton, a parish, County West-York; P. 318.

KIRKALDY, a borough of Scotland, county Fife, with a good harbour, on the frithof-Forth. Here are a customhouse, a dockyard for small vessels, and manufactures of checks, tickin, cotton, leather, and salt. It is 12 m N Edinburgh, and 21 sw St. Andrews returns 1 M.P.; P. 5034: Lg. 3.3 w, Lt. 56.6 N.


KIRKCUDBRIGHT, a borough and seaport of Scotland, capital of county Kirkcudbright, with a castle. It is seated near the mouth of the Dee, 25 m sw Dumfries. The harbour will admit such ships only as can take the ground, but at its entrance is an excellent roadstead. Considerable quantities of corn are exported, and coal is the principal article imported; P. 3511: Lg. 4.5 w, Lt. 54.54 N.

KIRKCUDBRIGHT, or EAST GALLOWAY, a county of Scotland, 45 m long by 30; bounded Nw by the county Ayr, NE by the county Dumfries, E and s by Solway-frith and the Irish-sea, and w by the county Wigton. It is divided into 28 parishes, and returns 1 M.P. The N part is mountainous, and uncultivated; but there is some fertile land on the sides of the rivers; and it feeds a great number of cattle and sheep. The chief rivers are the Dee, Ken, and Orr; P. 29,211 in 1801, and 40,590 in 1831.

KIRKHAM, a town of England, county Lancaster, in the Fylde, with a market on Tuesday, and a manufacture of canvas; it

is seated near the Ribble, 18 ms Lancaster, and 225 NNW London; P. 2469.

KIRKINTILLOCH, a town of Scotland, County Dumbarton, with manufactures of linen and cotton. It is seated near the Kelvin, and Grand-Canal, 7 m NNE Glasgow; P. of parish 5888.

KIRKLAND, a village of Scotland, county Fife, on the s side of the Leven, 9 m NNE Kirkaldy. Here is a large flax spinning mill, and a manufacture of coarse linen.

KIRKLEES, a village of England, county West-York, on the Calder, 3 m NNE Huddersfield. In the adjacent park is the monument of the famous Robin-Hood.


KIRKPATRICK, a village of Scotland, 5 m ESE Dumbarton. The vestiges of the Roman wall, built by Antoninus, extend from the Clyde at this place, to Abercorn on the frith-of-Forth.

KIRKSTALL, a small neat village of England, county York, 3 m N Leeds, famous for the beautiful ruins of an abbey, founded in the reign of king Stephen.

KIRKTON-IN-LINDSEY, a town of England, county Lincoln, the principal town of a lathe of that name, with a market on Saturday, 20 m N Lincoln, and 150 N by w London.

KIRKWALL, a borough and seaport of Scotland, capital of Pomona, the principal island of the Orkneys. It is built on a neck of land, on the E coast, at the head of a deep bay, 30 m NE Thurso, in Caithness; returns 1 M.P. The most striking object is the stately cathedral of St. Magnus; opposite which is the castle, and near it the bishop's palace, now in ruins. The harbour is excellent, with a good outer roadstead protected by a pier. Here are manufactures of linen, cotton, and plaiting straw; and great quantities of kelp and corn are exported: 2 m s is the village of Scalpa, on the commodious bay-of-Scalpa, which is the usual landing-place from the coast of Caithness; P. 3065: Lg. 2.55 w, Lt. 59.12 N.

KIRMANSHA, a city of Asia, Persia, in Irak, at the s extremity of the plain, on the Carassou, 190 m NE Bagdad, and 340 wNw Ispahan. It is the residence of a prince, whose government comprehends an extensive tract of country. Here are 4 mosques, 14 public baths, and many gardens. Five m from the city, in the mountains that form the northern boundary of a fine plain, are many excavations and sculptures. It has manufactures of excellent fire-arms and beautiful carpets.

KIRN, a town of Prussia, province Neider-Rhein, on the Nahe, 42 m s by w Coblenz.

KIRRYMUIR, a town of Scotland, county Forfar, with considerable manufactures of sheeting and coarse linens. It is 5 m xw Forfar, and 16 N Dundee; P. 6425.

KIRSANOV, a small town of Russia, government Tambof, chief of district, on the Poursofka, 58 m w Tambof; P. 3000, all farmers.

KIRSHEHR, a town of Asia, Turkey, in Natolia, formerly a considerable city, called Diocesarea. Salt is made here. It is 84 in NE Cogni.

KIRSOVA, a town of Europe, Turkey, in Bulgaria, seated on the Danube, 106 m N Varna.


KISHENAGUR, a town of Asia, Hindos tan, in Bengal, capital of the fertile district of Kishenagur, but sometimes called Nuddea. It is situated on the left bank of the Jellinghy, 62 Calcutta: N by E Lg. 88.35 E, Lt. 23.26 N.


KISHENGUR, a town of Asia, Hindostan, in Ajmeer, the residence of an independent raja, 14 m ESE Ajmeer.

KISHTEWAR, a town of Asia, Hindostan, capital of a hilly and woody district in the NE extremity of Lahore. It is situated near the Chinaub, close to the SE range of Cashmere hills, 90 m ESE Cashmere: Lg. 76.9 E, Lt. 38.58 N.

KISHM, or KISMICH, a fertile island of Asia, at the entrance of the gulf-of-Persia, 60 m long by 8, separated from the continent of Persia by a narrow channel navi. gable for large vessels. On the s side of the island is an excellent harbour; and at the E extremity is the fort of Kishm, 20 m s Gombroon: Lg. 56.10 E, Lt. 26.58 N.

KISLAR, a fortified town of Russia, on the N bank of the Térek, 30 m from the w shore of the Caspian-sea, and 200 m ssw Astrackan; P. 600. Garrison 2 battalions and some light infantry: Lg. 64.35 E, Lt. 43.50 N.

KISSI, a barbarous nation of Africa, Guinea, E of Koranko, above the sources of the Niger. They are inhospitable and trade in slaves, not scrupling to sell even their nearest relatives.-LAING's Travels in Western Africa.

KISSENGEN, a town of Bavaria, province Unter-Mayn, on the Saale, 10 m N Schweinfurt. Here are medicinal and salt springs.

KISTI, one of the seven Caucasian nations that inhabit the countries between the Black-sea and the Caspian. It extends from the highest ridge of Caucasus, along the Sundsha rivulets. They are bounded w by Little Kabarda, E by the Tartars and Lesguis, and s by the Lesguis and Geor

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