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? CAREX strigosa. Rosshire. Gordon, cat.

(Has the name of this species been marked accidentally in lieu of Carex sylvatica in Mr. Gordon's catalogue?)

Anderson's Guide.

ALOPECURUS alpinus. North side of Ben Wevis.
MELICA nutans. Rosshire. G. Gordon, sp.
POA maritima. Loch Broom. Fl. Scot.
FESTUCA bromoides. Rosshire.
BROMUS Secalinus.
TRITICUM junceum.


Gordon, cat.
Gordon, cat.
Gordon, cat.


THALICTRUM minus. Near Farr Kirk.


H. W.

On the shores of Keoldale, a few miles to the westward of Loch Erriboll; and at the mouth of the Naver. Excurs.

H. W.

TROLLIUS europæus. Farr. H. W.
COCHLEARIA officinalis. Shore at Farr.
DRABA incana. Rocks on the coast, near the ferry, below Betty Hill
Inn, Farr Kirk; near Hailam Inn, Loch Erriboll, and on
the rocky shore of the Loch, almost opposite to the Inn.

H. W. sp. Kirkton. G. Gordon, mss. Rocks near Inch

nadamf. G. Johnston, mss. Assynt; heaths on the east coast of Sutherland, near Wilkhouse Inn. Fl. Scot. On the shore at the mouth of the Naver.


rupestris. Ben Hope. Excurs.

CAKILE maritima. Shore near Farr Kirk. H. W.
SUBULARIA aquatica. Fonniven. Graham, sp.
ARABIS petræa. Ben Hope. Graham, sp. Fonniven.



DROSERA anglica. Oikel. Graham, sp. Near Invershin. W. H. Campbell, sp. Moors near Tongue, Farr Kirk, Armidale, and Strathy. H. W. sp. Very common. G. Johnston, mss. SILENE acaulis. I think this was observed, in small quantity, on Ben Heeall and Ben Hope. H. W. maritima. Coast at Farr H. W.

Kirk, Tongue, and Hailam Inn.

SAGINA maritima.

Ruined castle, on the cliff behind the manse of Farr. North. Fl. SPERGULA subulata. Inchnadamf.

G. Johnston, mss. Ben More. W. Stables, sp. (The specimen from Mr. Stables comes very near to Sp. saginoides.)

saginoides. Ben Hope.

Graham, sp.

ARENARIA peploides. Coast at Farr and Tongue. H. W.

ARENARIA rubella. In tolerable plenty on the point of one cliff on Ben Hope, probably local. Excurs.

CERASTIUM latifolium. Ben Hope. Graham, sp. Ben More. W. H. Campbell, sp. Fonniven. G. Macnab, sp. alpinum. Ben Hope. Graham, sp.

CHERLERIA sedoides. Near Keoldale. Graham, sp.

Ben More.

W. H. Campbell, sp. In some plenty on the higher parts of
Ben Hope. H. W. sp. Summits of the hills at Inchnadamf.

G. Johnston, mss.
OXYTROPIS uralensis. On the bank by the road, just below Betty Hill
Inn, Farr.
H. W. sp.
Armidale and Inver Naver.


RUBUS saxatilis.

Road-side near Tongue, and by the side of Loch

Cliffs behind Hailam Inn, on Loch Erriboll, and on the opposite side of the water, nearly in front of the inn. H. W.

Chamamorus. Ben Heeal; Ben Layhal; Ben Hope. H. W. Rosa spinosissima. Hailam Inn; Farr; Golspie. H. W.

tomentosa ("mollis E. B. 2459."). Near Durness. Fl. Scot. DRYAS Octopetala. Assynt. Graham, sp. Abundant on limestone cliffs about Hailam Inn, Loch Erriboll, and sparingly on the bank by Betty Hill Inn, at Farr. H. W. sp. Most abundant about Inchnadamff. G. Johnston, mss. On a vast limestone tract called Creg-achnocaen, on the confines of Rosshire and Sutherland; Braes of Inver Naver, and common along the coast. Fl. Scot.

SIBBALDIA procumbens. Ben More. W. H. Campbell, sp. Ben

Layhal. H. W.

ALCHEMILLA alpina. Ben Heeal; Ben Layal; Ben Hope. H. W. PYRUS Aria. Inchnadamf. W. H. Campbell, sp. Rocks in Assynt.

W. Stables, sp.

EPILOBIUM alsinifolium. West side of Ben Layhal, near Tongue. H. W. sp. Ben More. G. Johnston, mss.

alpinum. Ben Hope. Graham, sp. West side of Ben Layhal. H. W. sp. Ben More. G. Johnston, mss. CIRCEA alpina. Behind Inchnadamff. Graham, sp. Base of Ben More. G. Johnston, mss. Banks of Loch Erriboll. North. Fl.


On the hills about Inchnadamff. G. Johnston, mss. Ben Layhal. H. W. SAXIFRAGA stellaris. Ben Hope. Graham, sp. Ben Heeal; Ben

Layhal. H. W.

aizoides. Road-side near Farr Kirk, and at Tongue. H. W.

oppositifolia. Moors about Betty Hill Inn, at Farr: cliffs of Loch Erriboll, opposite Hailam Inn; Ben Layhal. H. W. sp.

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hypnoides. Ben Layhal. H. W. CORNUS Suecica.

Ben Heeal; Ben Layhal; Ben Hope. H. W. Interior of Sutherland. North. Fl.

HIERACIUM alpinum. Ben Hope. H. W.

denticulatum. Knoll behind the Manse at Farr. Excurs. umbellatum. Cashel Dhu; knoll behind the Manse at Farr. Graham, sp. APARGIA Taraxaci? Ben Hope. SAUSSUREA alpina. Ben Hope. damff. G. Johnston, mss. CNICUS heterophyllus. Sutherland. GNAPHALIUM dioicum. Ben Hope; above Goslpie. H. W. sp.

supinum. Ben Hope. Graham, sp. W. H. Campbell, sp. Ben Layhal, &c. SENECIO Jacobæa (rayless variety). About the kirk at Farr.



Graham, sp.
Graham, sp.

G. Johnston, mss.

Ben Layhal; Ben Heeal; moors

Hills near Inchna

LOBELIA Dortmanna. Head of Loch Hope. Graham, sp. Kylestrome.
W. H. Campbell, sp. Between Farr and Tongue, in pools
by the road-side; near Loch Erriboll.
.VACCINIUM uliginosum. Ben Hope. H. W.

H. W.

Vitis-Idea. Ben Layhal; Ben Hope; moors above Golspie. H. W.

ARBUTUS alpina. Fonniven. Graham, sp.
sp. Ben Layhal; Ben Heeal;
and Loch Erriboll. H. W. sp.
moors about Cape Wrath. Fl. Scot.

Ben More. H. W. sp.

H. W.

Ben Hope. G. Macnab, moors about Loch Hope Most abundant on the

Uva-ursi. Plentiful on the moors, both on the east and north coast. H. W.

PRIMULA Scotica. Keoldale. Graham, sp.

AZALEA procumbens. Fonniven.

Graham, sp. Ben Hope; Ben

Heeal. H. W.

PYROLA uniflora. Dunrobin. G. Gordon, mss.
LITHOSPERMUM maritimum. Abundant on the shores. Fl. Scot.
VERONICA saxatilis. Ben More in Assynt. Anderson's Guide.
PINGUICULA lusitanica. Invershin. Graham, sp. Oikel. W. H.
Campbell, sp. Common in Sutherland. G. Johnston, mss.
By the road near the Ferry-house, at the north end of Loch
Hope; north-cast base of Ben Hope; moors near Tongue,
towards Ben Heeal. H. W. sp. Between Sandwood and
Cape Rath.
UTRICULARIA intermedia. Common in the lakes and bogs. Excurs.
Bog on Ben More, Assynt; small loch two miles east of
Farr Church. North. Fl.

North. Fl.

minor. Occasionally in the bogs; flowering in a small pool near the base of Speecanconick, Assynt. Excurs. Durness. G. Macnab, Not very far from the Manse at Durness. North. Fl. On the moor behind Betty Hill Inn, some specimens within a few yards of the house. H. W. sp. Pastures by Bighouse and Armidale. Fl. Scot.


STATICE Armeria. On the hills at Inchnadamff. G. Johnston, mss. Shore at Farr, Tongue, and Hailam Inn; and on Ben Hope.

H. W.

GLAUX maritima.

Farr. H. W.

PLANTAGO maritima.
Erriboll. H. W.

H. W. sp.

ATRIPLEX laciniata. Shore near Farr Kirk.
POLYGONUM viviparum. Near Inchnadamff. G. Johnston,
About Hailam Inn, and on Ben Layhal. H. W.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Abundant in many places on the hills and moors, as about Golspie, Strathy, Armidale, Tongue, and Loch Erriboll. H. W.

Golspie; Armidale; Hailam Inn, Loch

* ULMUS glabra. Sutherland. (Lightfoot). Fl. Scot.

QUERCUS sessiliflora. All the oaks I observed belonged to this species.

SALIX herbacea.

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G. Johnston, mss.

Ben Hope; Ben Layhal. H. W.

· reticulata. Sparingly on Ben Hope.


TRIGLOCHIN maritimum. Coast at Farr and Tongue. H. W.
LISTERA cordata. Tongue. H. W.

MALAXIS paludosa. Behind Oikel Inn.


Graham, sp.

Road-side above Invershin; on the hill behind Oikel; at Ben Loyal. Excurs. (Is the name Loyal or Layhal?)

SCILLA verna. Braes of Armidale, and Durness coast. Fl. Scot.
SPARGANIUM natans. Moors near Armidale, and Loch Erriboll.
H. W. sp.

ZOSTERA marina. Abundant at Invergordon.
LUZULA spicata. Ben Hope. Graham, sp.
JUNCUS triglumis. Ben More, Assynt.

W. H. Campbell, sp.

G. Johnston, mss.

Graham, sp. Cannishp.

trifidus. Ben Hope. H. W.

balticus. Near the shore, behind Keoldale, in the parish of Durness. Graham, sp. Farr and Cape Wrath. Br. Fl. LUZULA arcuata. Ben More. Graham, sp. Fonniven. G. Macnab, sp. Summit of Fonniven; on the ridge leading to the top of Ben More, Assynt, from Inchnadamff. Excurs. CLADIUM Mariscus. Near Batcall Bay. W. H. Campbell, sp. a marsh about half-way between Kylestrome and Batcall Church. Excurs.


CAREX incurva.

SCHENUS nigricans. Moor near Farr. H. W. Banks of Loch
Shin, and not uncommon on the west side of the county.
North. Fl.
RHYNCOSPORA alba. Near Loch Hope. Graham, sp. Oikel. W. H.
Near Tongue. H. W. Frequent.


Campbell, sp.
Johnston, mss.

BLYSMUS rufus. Shore southward of Tongue. H. W.
ERIOPHORUM vaginatum. Ben Heeal; Ben Hope; Moors about

Tongue, &c. H. W.

pubescens. Ben More. Graham, sp. Not uncommon. G. Johnston, mss.

ELEOCHARIS multicaulis. Sutherland. H. W. sp. (I believe my specimen was gathered very near the bridge below the Inn at Tongue.) Between Loch Inchard and Arcle. North. Fl. pauciflora. Sutherland. North. Fl.

Sands between Brora and Helmsdale rivers. Fl.

Scot. In deep loose sea-sand at the mouth of the Naver.
Eng. Fl.

CAREX arenaria. Keoldale. Graham, sp. panicea (phæostachyta). Keoldale.

Graham, sp.

Speecanconick, "no doubt of its specific identity with C. panicea." Excurs.

limosa (rariflora). Marsh near Loch Hope. Graham, sp. Marsh between Oikel and Assynt. G. Macnab, sp. By Loch Craggan. W. Stables, sp. Near Oikel, by the road opposite the west side of Ben Hope; base of Ben Loyal; Batcal Moss, between Riconick and Old Shore. Excurs.

- pulla.

At a considerable elevation on the east side of Ben
More, Assynt. Excurs.
rigida. Ben More. W. Stables, sp. Ben Hope; Ben Layhal;
Ben Heeal. H. W.

- fulva? Old Shores. W. H. Campbell, sp.

capillaris. With Primula scotica, near the level of the sea, at Durness. Graham, sp. Low cliffs by Loch Erriboll. H. W. In abundance at the mouth of the river Naver, and forming a large portion of the turf on the knolls at Durness. Excurs.

filiformis. Fonniven. Graham, sp. Assynt. W. Stables, sp. Marsh near Laxford. G. Macnab, sp. Oikel; Riconick; Loch Naver; on the moor south of Aultnaharrow. Excurs. AIRA alpina. Ben More. W. Stables, sp. Ben Hope. H. W. PoA alpina. Ben More. W. H. Campbell, sp. AMMOPHILA arundinacea. Abundant in the north of Sutherland. North. Fl. AVENA strigosa.


W. H.

ELYMUS arenarius. Balnakiel.

Between Bonar Bridge and Loch Shinn. Graham, sp. Sandwood. Campbell, sp. Durness. G. Macnab, sp. Loch Erriboll; Kyles of Tongue, near the Ferry. H. W. sp. TRITICUM junceum. Sandwood. W. H. Campbell, sp.

Farr Kirk. H. W. sp.



Shore near

THALICTRUM minus. On the north coast, between Sandside and Reay.
H. W.
DRYAS octopetala.

Caithness. Anderson's Guide.

Rosa spinosissima. Sandy coast, near Reay. H. W.
LIGUSTICUM Scoticum. Berrydale. G. Gordon, mss.
ARBUTUS Uva-ursi. Moors along the road-side westward from Thurso.

H. W.

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