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3 Away from me, ye wicked : I will keep the commandments of my God.

O ftablish me according to thy word, that I may live : and let me not be disappointed of my hope.

5 Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe : yea, my delight shall be ever in thy statutes.

6 Thou haft troden down all them that depart from thy statutes : for they imagine but deceit.

7. Thou puttest away all the ungodly of the earth like dross : therefore I love thy testimonies.

8 My Aesh trembleth for fear of thee : and I am afraid of thy judgments.

Feci judicium. Deal with the thing that is lawful and right: 0 Give me not over unto mine oppressors.

2 Make thou thy servant to delight in that which is good : that the proud do me no wrong.

3 Mine eyes are wafted away with looking for thy health :

3 and for the word of thy righteousnefs.

4 O deal with thy servant according unto thy loving mercy : and teach me thy statutes.

5 I am thy servant; O grant me understanding : that I may know thy teftimonies.

6 It is time for thee, Lord, to lay to thine hand : for they have destroyed thy law.

7 For I love thy commandments : above gold and preci

7 ous stone.

8 Therefore hold I straight all thy commandiments : and all false ways 1 utterly abhor.


WHY testimonies are wonderful: therefore doth my soul

keep chem. 2 When thy word goeth forth : it giveth light and understanding unto the simple.

3 I opened my mouth, and drew in my breath : for my delight was in thy commandments.

4 O look thou upon me, and be merciful unto me: * thou ufest to do unto those that love thy Name.

5. Order my steps in thy word : and fo Ahall no wicked nels have dominion dyer me.

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6 O deliver me from the wrongful dealings of men : and so shall I keep thy commandments.

7 Shew the light of thy countenance upon thy servant : and teach me thy ftatuces.

8 Mine eyes gush out with water : because men keep not thy law.

Justus es, Domine.
Ighteous art thou, O Lord : and true is thy judgment.

2 The teftimonies that thou hast commanded : are exceeding righteous and true,

3 My zeal hath even consumed me : because mine enemies have forgotten thy words.

4 Thy word is tried to the uttermoft ; and thy servant lovech it.

51 am small and of no reputation ; yet do I not forget thy commandments.

6 Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness : and thy law is the truth.

z Trouble and heaviness have taken hold upon me: yet is my delight in thy commandments.

8 The righteousness of thy testimonies is everlasting: 0 grant me understanding, and'I shall live.



Clamavi in toto corde meo. Call with my whole heart : hear me, O Lord; I will keep thy statutes. 2 Yea, even unto thee do I call : help me, and I shall keep thy teftimonies.

3 Early in the morning do I cry unto thee : for in thy word is my trust.

4 Mine eyes prevent the night-watches : that I might be occupied in thy words.

5 Hear my voice, O Lord, according unto thy lovingkindness: quicken me according as thou art wont.

6 They draw nigh that of malice persecute me: and are far from thy law.

7 Be thou nigh at hand, O Lorc : for all thy commandments are crue.

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8 As concerning thy testimonies, I have known long since: that thou hast grounded them for ever.

Vide humilitatem. O

Consider mine adversity, and deliver me: for I do not

forget thy law. 2 Avenge thou my cause, and deliver me: quicken mo according to thy word.

3 Health is far from the ungodly : for they regard not thy statutes.

4 Great is thy mercy, O Lord : quicken me as thou art



5 Many there are that trouble me, and perfecute me: yet do I not swerve from thy testimonies.

6 It grieveth me when I see the transgreffors : because they keep not thy law.

7 Consider, O Lord, how I love thy commandments : O quicken me according to thy loving-kindness.

8 Thy word is true from everlasting: all the judgments of thy righteousness endure for evermore,

Principes per secuti funt.
Rinces have persecuted nie without a cause : but my

heart standeth in awe of thy word. 2 I am as glad of thy word : as one that findeth great fpoils,

3 As for lies, I hate and abhor them: but thy law do I love.

4 Seven times a day do I praise thee : because of thy righteous judgments.

5 Great is the peace that they have who love thy law : and they are not offended at it.

6 Lord, I have looked for thy saving health : and done after thy commandments.

7 My soul hath kept thy testimonies : and loved them exceedingly.

8 I have kept thy commandments and testimonies : for all my ways are before thee.

Appropinquet deprecatio.
ET my complaint come before thee, O Lord: give me

underitanding according to thy word. 2 Let my lupplication come before thee : deliver me according to thy word.

3 My


3 My lips fhall speak of thy praise : when thou haft taught me thy statutes.

4 Yea, my tongue shall sing of thy word : for all thy commandments are righteous.

5 Let thine hand help me: for I have chosen thy commandments.

6 I have longed for thy faving health , O Lord: and in thy law is my delight.

70 let my foul live and it shall praise thee : and thy judgments shall help me.

8 I have gone astray like a sheep that is loft: O feck thy fervant, for I do not forget thy commandments.

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Psalm cxx,

Ad Dominum.
THEN I was in trouble, I called upon che Lord : and

he heard me. 2 Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips : and from a deceitful tongue.

3 What reward shall be given or done unto thee, thou faile tongue : even mighty and sharp arrows, with hot burning coals.

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS, Psalm cxix.) 1. In this psalm are set forth, the excellence of the law of God, and its most wonderful effects. David teaches us, that this divine law is the most perfect ; that it is a heavenly light which enlightens us; that it gives us understanding; that it purifies and rejoices the heart; that it supports us in afflictions; that it gives us unspeakable peace of conscience; and that it is infinitely better than all the treasures and riches in this world, 2. In this psalm we learn to distinguish good men. They are fincere and upright in their ways; they do that which is right; they walk in the law of the Lord, and meditate on it day and night; they love God and his word with all their heart; they abstain from evil, and from the company of the wicked ; they join themselves to the righteous; they are struck with terror at the fight of God's judgments; they traft in him, and are calm and patient under afli&tions. 3. Lastly, This psalm is full of many excellenc prayers, which should be continually in our mouths and in our hearts, begging God to enlighten our minds, to ieach us his law, to incline our hearts to obey him ; that he would take care of us, and guide us always by his providence and his holy Spirit.

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4 Who Q THE COMMON PRAYER, &c. 4 Wo is me, that I am constrained to dwell with Melech : and to have my habitation among the tençs of Kedar.

5 My fuul hach long dwelç among them : that are enemies unto peace.

6 I labour for peace, but when I speak unto them thereof: they make them ready to battle.

Plaim cxxi. Levavi oculos. Will lift up mine eyes unto the hills : from whence

I :

2 My help cometh even from the Lord : who hath made heaven and earth.

3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved : and he that kcepeth thee will not neep.

4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel: Ihall neither Number поr Пеер.

5 The Lord himself is thy keeper : the Lord is thy defence upon thy right hand

6 So that the sun shall not burn thee by day : neither the moon by night.

7 The Lord Thall preserve thee from all evil : yea, it is even he that shall keep thy soul.

8 The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in : from this time forth for evermore.

Psalm cxxii. Lætatus fum, Was glad when they said unto me : We will go into the

house of the Lord. 2 Our feet shall stand in thy gates : O Jerusalem. 3 Jerusalem is built as a city: that is at unity in itself.

4 For thither the tribes go up, even the tribes of the Lord: to testify unto Israel, to give thanks unto the Name of the Lord.

5 For there is the seat of judgment : even the fear of the house of David.

6 O pray for the peace of Jerusalem : they shall prosper that love thee.

7 Peace be within thy walls; and plenteousness within thy palaces.


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