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A primary dictionary of the english language. Revised and illustrated. 388 pp. 18°. Boston, Brewer & Tileston, [1871]. Worcester (Mass.) Business directory of the city of Worcester, for 1871-2. By Henry J. Howland. 16°. Worcester, L. H. Bigelow, [1871].

The Worcester directory, containing a general directory of the citizens, a business directory, and the city and county register. no. xxix. for 1872. 80, Worcester, Drew, Allis & co. 1872. Wordsworth (Christopher, d.d. bp. of Lincoln). Theophilus anglicanus.-Theophilus americanus; or instruction for the young student, concerning the church, and the american branch of it. Chiefly from the fifth edition of "Theophilus anglicanus.' By Chr. Wordsworth, d. d. Edited by Hugh Davey Evans. xii, 426 pp. 129. Philadelphia, H. Hooker, 1851. Wordsworth (William). The excursion, being a portion of the Recluse, a poem. 2d ed. xx, 452 pp. 89. London, Longman, 1820. Memorials of a tour on the continent, 1820. viii, 103 pp. 120. London, Longman, 1822.


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Work and play. A journal of instruction and
amusement for the young. [Monthly]. Jan.
1871, to March, 1872. v.2-3. 4°. Spring-
field (Mass.) M. Bradley & co. 1871-72.
[Discontinued: united with the Little corporal (Chi-

Working-boy's (The) sunday improved.
[anon.] 216 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Philadelphia,
American sunday-school union, [1859].
World (The). [New York daily]. Jan. 1,
to Dec. 31, 1871.

2 v. fol. New York,

World (The) almanac, 1872. 12°. [New York, 1872].

World (The) in the stereoscope: a series of sketches, original and selected. Written and compiled to accompany sets of stereoscopic illustrations, for the use of schools. [anon.] 417 pp. 120. New York, Hart S Anderson, 1872.

Geological survey, 1870, part 5,

Wormley (Theodore G. m. d.) Report of
chemical department, [Geological survey of
Ohio]. 8°. [Columbus, 1871].
[OHIO (State of).
pp. 401-462].
Worship of the church in the house. Collect-
ed chiefly from the liturgy of the american
church. By a son of the church. [anon.]
121 pp. 160. New York, D. Appleton & co.


Worthington (George F.) Sacred poems.
3d ed. with additions and corrections.
pp. 180. Baltimore, author, 1868.
Worthington (William, d. d.) An impartial
inquiry into the case of the gospel demoni-
acks. With an appendix, consisting of an
essay on scripture demonology. 2 p. 1. 350
pp. 89. London, J. F. & C. Rivington,


Wortley (Sir Francis).

Characters and elegies. 4 p. 1. 68 pp. sm. 4°. [London], 1646.


Wotton (Edward, m. d.) De differentiis animalivi libri decem. Cum amplissimis indicibus, [etc.] 12 p. 1. unp. 220, 13 1. fol. Lvtetiae Parisiorvm, apvd Vascosanvm, 1552. Wotton (William, d. d.) Reflections upon ancient and modern learning. [Also], a defense thereof, in answer to the objections of sir W. Temple, and others. With observations upon the Tale of a tub. Also, a dissertation upon the epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, &c. and the fables of Aesop. By R. Bentley, d. d. 3d ed. 3 p. 1. xxxii, 541 pp. .80. London, T. Goodwin, 1705. Wratislaw (Wenzel, baron). Adventures of baron Wenceslas Wratislaw. What he saw in the turkish metropolis, Constantinople; [etc.] Committed to writing in the year 1599. Literally translated from the original bohemian by A. H. Wratislaw. xliv, 211 pp. 120. London, Bell & Daldy, 1862. Wreath (The): a collection of poems, from celebrated english authors. [anon.] Eng. title, 252 pp. 180. Hartford, Ct. Andrus & Judd, 1835.

Wrecks and rescues. By an early member of the board of managers of the A. F. G. S. [anon.] Eng. title, 255 pp. 3 pl. 120. New York, American female guardian society, 1859.

Wren (Matthew). Increpatio bar Jesu: sive
polemicæ adsertiones locorum aliquot s.
scripturæ, ab imposturis perversionum in ca-
techesi racoviana; collectæ hinc inde, ex
opere prægrandi Meditationum criticarum in
s. paginam, conscriptarum a patre suo R. D.
M. de genuino sensu, atque exacta nostra
versione divinorum textuum. 12 p. 1. 762 pp.
11. sm. 4°. Londini, typis J. Flesheri, 1660.
Wright (Rev. David ). Memoir of Alvan
Stone, of Goshen, Mass. 256 pp. 18°. Bos-
ton, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1837.
Wright (Edward, mathematician, d. 1615).
Certaine errors in navigation, detected and
corrected. With many additions that were
not in the former edition. 26 p. 1. incl. 2 eng.
titles, 472, 122 pp. 10 1. sm. 40. London, F.
Kingstō, 1610.
[Imperfect. pp. 441-456 wanting].

The voyage of the right ho. George [Clifford] earle of Cvmberl. to the Azores. [June to Dec. 1589]. 29 pp. sm. 4°. [London, 1599]. [Note.-Separated from Wright's Certaine errors in navigation. 4. London, 1599].


Wright (Elizabeth C.) Lichen tufts, from
the Alleghanies. 228 pp. 120. New York,
M. Doolady, 1860.
Wright (George). Pleasing reflections on life
and manners, with essays, characters, &
poems, moral & entertaining; principally
selected from fugitive publications. A new
ed. enlarged. 1 p. 1. vii, 310 pp. 1 pl. 16°.
London, S. Hooper, 1788.
Wright (Hendrick B.) A practical treatise
on labor. 401 pp. 1 portrait. 129.
York, G. W. Carleton & co. 1871.
Wright (Ichabod Charles and Henry Smith).
Selections of psalms in verse: poems and
translations. Part 1, by I. C. Wright. Part
2, by H. S. Wright. 5 p. 1. 170 pp. 12o.
London, Bell & Daldy, 1867.
Wright (Isaac). Wright's family medicine,
or system of domestic practice. xi, 276 pp.
120. Madisonville, Tenn. J. F. Grant, 1833.
Wright (James, lawyer, 1644–1715). The
history and antiquities of the county of Rut-
land, [Eng.]: collected from records, ancient
manuscripts, monuments on the place and
other authorities. Illustrated with sculptures.
4 p. 1. 140 pp. 2 1. 1 map. fol. London, B.
Griffin, 1684.

Wright (Joseph Hall). Breakfast-table sci-
ence or the philosophy of common things.
Written expressly for the amusement and in-
struction of young people.
193 pp.
New York, A. V. Blake, 1843.

Wright (Joseph W. ) An abridgment of Wright's practical grammar of the english language; [etc.] 160. New York, R. Barnard & co. 1842.

Hours of idleness improved; or tête-àtête conversations on language and belles lettres. 144 pp. 24°. New-York, R. Barnard & co. 1843.


A philosophical grammar of the english language; adapted to the use of schools or private study in which are contained, theoretical and practical refutations of the most prevailing systems in modern use. 252 pp. 12°. New York, Spinning & Hodges, 1838. Wright (Mrs. Julia McNair). The best fellow in the world. His haps and mishaps. Narrated for the public benefit. 352 pp. 1 pl. 16°. New York, National temperance society & publication house, 1871.

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Wright (Mrs. J. M.)-continued.

The Palmetto boys. 371 pp. 6 pl. 160. Philadelphia, W. B. Evans & co. [.1871]. Under the yoke and other tales. 216 pp. 1 pl. 12°. Cincinnati, Western tract & book society, 1871. Wright (Thomas, of London)? The passions of the minde in generall. In sixe bookes. Corrected, enlarged, and with sundry new discourses augmented. [2d ed.] 7 p.1.350 pp. 41.1 tab. sm. 4°. London, Anne Helme,


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Verster van Wulverhörst.
Wunderlich (C. A.) and Seguin (Edward,

m. d.) Medical thermometry and human
temperature. viii, 280 pp. 120. New York,

W. Wood & co. 1871. Würtemberg. (Statistisch topographisches bureau). Das königreich Württemberg. Eine beschreibung von land, volk und staat. xvi, 1004 pp. 3 tab. 1 col. map. 89. Stuttgart, W. Nitzschke, 1863.

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[In REFORMED presbyterian church in North America. Memorial volume, pp. 101-127].

Wright (Thomas, of Durham).

Wyll (The) of the deuyll and his last testa-
ment. [anon.]
[anon.] 8°. [London, for private
circulation, 1871].
[In FURNIVALL (Frederick J. editor). Jyl of Breynt-
ford's testament, by Robert Copland [etc.] 1871.
pp. 20-28].

An original theory or new hypothesis of the universe, founded upon the laws of nature, and solving by mathematical principles the general phænomena of the visible creation; and particularly the via lactea. xii, 84 pp. 32 pl. 4°. London, author, 1750. Wright (Thomas, antiquary, b. 1810). Coupd'œil sur les progrès et sur l'état actuel de la littérature anglo-saxonne en Angleterre ; traduit de l'anglais par m. de Larenaudière. vii, 43 pp. 8°. Paris, Silvestre, 1836. Wsselinx (Willem). See Usselincx. Wulverhörst (A. H. Verster van). Traité de fauconnerie. See Schlegel (H.) and Wynne (Richard). The new testament: divided and pointed according to the subjects. London, 1764. See Bible. (English). Wynpersse. See Wijnpersse. Wyrley (William). The true use of arms. Reprinted from the original edition, 1592. ix, 42 pp. 7 pl. 12°. London, J. G. Bell, 1853.

Wyman's piano text book: containing a
complete system of musical notation. 83
pp. 16°. New York, W. A. Pond & co. 1871.
Wyndham or Wynham (Henry Penrud-
docke). A picture of the Isle of Wight, del-
ineated upon the spot, in the year 1793. 2
p. 1. xii, 152 pp. 11. 8°. London, C. Roworth,
for J. Egerton, 1794.
Wynne (Faith, pseudon.) Flossy Lee. By
Faith Wynne. 209 pp. 2 pl. 16°. Philadel-
phia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869.


Wyatt (William E. d. d.)--continued.
388 pp. 120. Baltimore, Knight & Colburn,


statistik und landeskunde. 3 p. 1. 465, lxxxii pp. 5 tab. H. Lindemann, 1870. Wyatt (Sir Thomas, the elder). Songs and sonettes. [1557. Reprinted]. 160. [London, 1870].

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Württembergische jahrbücher für Wyse (Sir Thomas). Impressions of Greece.

Jahrgang 1868. 120. Stuttgart,

[ARBER'S english reprints, no. 24 in v. 11. TOTTEL'S miscellany, 1870, pp. 33-60, 62-95, 223225]. Wyatt (Thomas). Beauties of sacred literature. vii, 220 pp. 8 pl. 8°. Boston, J. Munroe & co. [1848].

With an introduction by his niece, miss Wyse, and letters from Greece to friends at home, by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley. vii, 332 pp. 8°. London, Hurst & Blackett, 1871. Wyse (Thomas, jr.) The political catechism, explanatory of the constitutional rights and civil disabilities of the catholics of Ireland. 120 pp. 8°. London, J. Ridgway, 1829. Wythes (Joseph H. m. d.) The physician's dose and symptom book, containing the doses and uses of all the principal articles of the materia medica and officinal preparations. 10th ed. 277 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1871.

Wyatt (William Edward, d. d.) Christian offices, for the use of families and individuals; compiled from the liturgy of the protestant episcopal church, and from the devotional Xavier (Jérôme). Historia Christi, persice writings of various authors; with passages conscripta, simulque, multis modis contamiscripture, and a calendar. 3d ed. xxxii, nata. Latine reddita & animadversionibus

Wyse (George). Original poems and songs. 3d series. 300 pp. 12°. Falkirk, author,

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and Pigneiro (Emmanuel). Narratio brevis rervm à societate [Jesu] in regno magni Mogor gestarum, transcripta ex literis p. Hieronymi Xavier & Emmanuelis Pigneiro, anni 1598. 40. [Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina elseviriana, 1639]. [IN XAVIER (J.) Historia s. Petri, pp. 108-144]. enophon Σωκρατους απολογία. Του αυτου απομνημονευματων βιβλια Δ. Calci cujusque paginæ subjecta est accuratissima Johannis Leunclavii amelburni interpretatio latina. Adjectæ sunt fini H. Stephani, J. Leunclavii, et Ae. Porti 'notæ integræ. 7 p. 1. 286 pp. 17 1. 89. Londini, impensis R. & J. Bonwicke, 1720.

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Xenophon-continued. The same. The historie of Xenophon: containing the ascent of Cyrvs into the higher countries. Wherein is described the admirable iovrney of ten thousand Grecians from Asia the lesse into the territories of Babylon, and their retrait from thence into Greece. [Also], a comparison of the roman manner of warres with this of our time, out of Ivstvs Lipsivs. Translated by Joh. Bingham. 3 p. 1. 146 pp. 6 1. fol. London, J. Haviland for R. Mabb, 1623.

Xenophon's discourse upon improving the revenue of the state of Athens. [Translated by Walter Moyle]. First printed in the year 1697. 8°. [London, J. Knapton, [etc.] 1727].

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[In MOYLE (Walter). Whole works. London, 1727. pp. viii, 1-46].

Xenophon ephesius. Ephesiacorum de amoribus Anthiæ et Abrocomæ libri v. graece et latine [interprete A. E. Locella]. 8°. Biponti, 1794.

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Ximenes (Lionardo)-continued.

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V. 2. XIMENES (L.) Parte prima delle relazioni e perizie delle acque lucchesi e del confinante granducato di Toscana. pp. 1-155.

Parte seconda. Intorno alla decadenza della maremma senese e suoi rimedj. pp. 157-423.

nelle ricubature delle escavazioni de' canali, e nelle formazione degli argini. pp. 425-439.

Ultima memoria del più sicuro remedio delle acque delle tre provincie. pp. 439-468.

Prove di fatto, che l'alveo del Pò di pri-Yearsley (Ann). Poems, on several occasions. maro dal 1693 in quà siasi abbassato. pp. 469-472.

Parte terza. Relazione della visita fatta all' Ombrone nel territorio d'Asciano sulla corrosione che fa detto fiume contro i terreni de' certosini, etc. pp. 425-454.

Ximenez (Mateo). Compendio della vita del beato Sebastiano d'Apparizio, laico professo dell' ordine de' minori osservanti di s. Francesco della provincia del santo evangelio nel Messico. xxi, 229 pp. 1 portrait. 49. Roma, nella stamperia Salomoni, 1789.

Y. M. C. A. (The). [A monthly paper] published under the auspices of the Young men's christian association, Washington, D. C. May, 1868, to Aug. 1870. v. 1-2 in 1 v. fol. Washington, 1868–70.

Y. (T. R.) Belle Lovell. [anon.] 342 pp. 1 pl. 16°. New York, A. D. F. Randolph & co. 1871.

Yale (Charles). Outlines of general history, in three parts: 1. Ancient history. 2. Modern history. 3. American history. 308, 16 pp. 120. Rochester, [N. Y.] E. Peck & co. 1830. Yankey (The) in London, being the first part of a series of letters written by an american youth, during nine months' residence in the city of London; addressed to his friends in and near Boston, Massachusetts. [anon.] v.1. ix, 180 pp. 120. New-York, I. Riley, 1809. Yarrington (J. T.) The omnium-gatherum; or, the american fortune-teller: an amusement for parties and the social circle. 52 pp. 180. Carbondale, Pa. J. T. Yarrington, 1872. Yates (William). Memoirs of the early life

of John Chamberlain, late missionary in India. With his diary of religious exercises. Abridged from the Calcutta ed. 204 pp. 16°. Boston, J. Loring, 1831.


Year book (The) and almanac of Canada for 1871; being an annual statistical abstract for the dominion and a record of legislation and of public men in British North America. Editor, John Lowe. v, 250 pp. 1 map. 120. Montreal, J. Lowe & co. [1870]. Year-book (The) of agriculture; or, the annual of agricultural progress and discovery, for 1855 and 1856. 399 pp. 5 pl. 8°. Philadelphia, Childs & Peterson, 1856.


Year-book (The) of facts in science and art. By John Timbs. 1870-71. 2 v. 16°. London, Lockwood & co. 1871-72.

4th ed. xxxii, 103 pp. 8°. London, G. G. J. & J. Robinson, 1786.

Yeats (John, ll. d.) The natural history of the raw materials of commerce. With a copious list of commercial terms, and their synonymes in several languages. 2d and revised ed. with glossary. xvi, 440 pp. 1 map. 12o. London, Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, [1871].

Yellott (George, pseudon?) The funny philosophers, or wags and sweethearts. 296 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1872.

Yelverton (Therèse, viscountess Avonmore). Zanita, a tale of the Yo-Semite. iv, 296 pp. 120. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1872. Yonge (Charlotte Mary). Pioneers and

founders. Or recent workers in the mission field. xvi, 316 pp. 1 pl. 120. London, Macmillan & co. [1871].

Yorke (Henry Redhead). Elements of civil knowledge. 2 p. 1. 336 pp. 8°. Dorchester, [Eng.] author, 1800. Yorkshire (The) commercial list. 1871-72. Second and third years. By Estell & co. fol. London, [Seyd & co.] 1871. Young (A. H.) Manual of the botany of Jefferson co. [Indiana]. Prepared for the second report of the geological survey of Indiana. 80. Indianapolis, 1871. [In INDIANA (State of). Geological survey. Second report, pp. 241–292].

Young (Edward, chief U. S. bureau of statis· tics). Report on immigration. See United States. Treasury department. (Bureau of statistics).

The ladye 191 pp. 12o.

Young (Edward, of Georgia). Lillian, and other poems. Lexington, Ga. E. Young, 1859. Young (Loyal, d. d.) Communion. A treatise on christian fellowship with God and his saints. 72 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1871]. Young (William). The spirit of Athens, being a political and philosophical investigation of the history of that republic. xv, 298 pp. 8°. London, J. Robson, 1777. Young (The) clerk; or, the story of Robert Elliott. By the author of "The mountain daisy," [etc. anon.] 225 pp. 180. Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, 1861.

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