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1. 241.

cery 484.

168. Act concerning amend-POWERS OF ATTORNEY.
ed 350,355.

To confess judgment, void 240.

Penalty for appearing under
Assignecs of, liable for survey.
ors fees 51,341. Surveyor not

to issue to any but the per- Rules of, at common law, in the
son for whom survey made general court 477. In chan-
170. Unless fees refused to

In the county
be paid, or land legally for- courts, at common law 496.
feited 170.

In chancery 501.

How many may be received 478. Representation against the pre-
PORK, BEEF, PITCH,TAR, rogative exercised by the

AND TURPENTINE. king, in repealing certain
Pork or beef not to be exported laws 432, note.

till packed in barrels 164.- PRESENTMENTS.
Inspectors to be annually ap- Rules for charging lees in 47,
pointed 164. Contents of 50. Limitation of 226. What
barrels 164, 166. To be offences presentable, and pro-
stamped and certified 164.- cecdings thereon 523, 524,
Inspectors to be sworn 165. 525.
Their duty and allowance PRINCESS ANNE
165. Penalty, for breach of County, court day altered 371,
duty 165. Masters of vessels PRINCE WILLIAM.
to produce certificates to na County, divided, and Fairfax
val officers 165. When liable formed 207. Boundaries 208.
to seizure 166. Penalty on Conrt days 208. Justices of,
masters of vessels 166. How authorised to levy tobacco, for
recoverable 166. Sellerorex. support of Occoquon ferry
porter of pork and beef to be 252.
sworn 167. Make and size of

barrels 167. Dimensions of Common-hall of Williamsburg
barrels, for tar and pitch 167. authorised to assess a tax, for
Penalty for breach of this building 263. For counties,
law 168. Act concerning, how erected and kept 507.-
amended, and continued 350, Prison bounds 508.

PORT ROYAL. Of wife, as to her relinquish-
Town of, in Caroline, establish- ment of dower, how made
ed 287.

Wooden chimnies 410. Effect of 410. But her
not to be built in 587.

examination must be record-

ed 411. Otherwise not bind.
Justices of Elizabeth City, au- ing on her, or her heirs 411.

thorised to erect 186. Act Declaration of the law in this
for, revived 266.

respect 411.


iain laws passed at the reri-
Lands, when and how to be pro- sal of 1748, p. 567..

cessioned 426,427. Effect of REPRESENTATION.
428. Proceedings where a Against the repeal of certain
party refuses to bave his land laws 432. note.
processioned 428,429. Where

land lies in two or more coun

Provision for revisal of laws
ties 429. Heir in reversion, 321. Committee appointed,
or remainder may controvert their power and duties 321,
bounds, within six years af- 322,323,324.
ter death of tenant for life

428,429. And persons under Town of, established 191. Com-
legal disabilities 429.


Fairs 192.-

Wooden chimnics not to be
Power of the king, to repeal built in 274.

laws by, questioned 432.- RIGHT, WRITS OF
Proclamation giving the roy- Limitation of actions on 416.
al asscnt to an act of Assem-

bly 559. Proclamation re- The courts of Henrico, Prince
pealing certain laws passed George, Amelia, Goochland,
at the revisal of 1748, p. 567. and Albemarle, authorised to

order the clearing of James.
Act for raising 57, 110, 182, and Appoinattox rivers 375.
308, 389.

Funds vested in trustees, for

clearing Fluvanna river 377.
Tenant in tail and by the cur-

tesy, liable for 424.

Act concerning, amended 81.-
READ, BENJAMIN Surveyors of, may take tim-
Title of leir of, to fifty acres of ber, for the purpose of repair-

land, adjoining the town of ing S1,S2. Bridges, cause-
York, extinguished 70. These ways, and roads, how con-
lands declared to remain as a nected, between adjoining
conmon 71.

counties 32,35. Sign-posts,

to be erected ss. Roads,
Limitation of 415,416. Process over mill-dams, how to be kept
on 416.

34. Penalty for neglect 34.

Act for the relief of sufferers, Settlements on, as a frontier,

by the loss of, in Nansemond encouraged 57,58.
72, 75, 183. To be niade up ROYAL ASSENT.

Form of giving the royal assent

to an act of Assembly 559.
Power of the king, to repeal RUNAWAYS.

laws, questioned 432.Servants and slaves, how appre-
Proclamation repealing cer- hended, reward for taking up,

and proceedings in relation Penalty for harboring 551,-
to 552 to 557.

Forged certificates, punish-

ment for 552. Runaways,
Not compellable to serve in mi. how apprehended, reward for
Jitia 81. Nor pay tithes 56. and proceedings against 552,

to 557. Remedy against pre-
Premium for making 362. How tended tradesmen 557. Or

obtained 363. Penalty for where they refuse to work
false oath 363.


Exempted from payment of On Roanoke, as a frontier,
tithes 36. How they may

encouraged 57,58.
make a will 457.

What shall constitute, to pre- To collect militia fines 22.-

vent land from lapsing 418, Not to take slaves, in execu-

tion, for less than 101. if other

sufficient property be shewd
His fees 38,42,326,331.

37. Nor for Jevies or clerks'

fees 37. Not to make unrea-
Rules for taking, or granting sonable seizures or distresses

administrations 461. When 37. Their fees 48,50. When
not required 461.

to account for fees put into

their bands 52,53. When
Arms of militia, exempted from

to make distress for public to.

bacco debts 139. When to

account 139. Their fees 337,
How long those imported, with- On presentments 339. AC-

out indentures, shall serve count of fees, when to be de-
547. Duty of masters 548. livered to 342. Their duty
Complaints of, against their in collecting 343. When to
masters, bow redressed 549. account 343. Remedy against
Contracts between, and their 344. Power of sheriff of
masters, void 459, Shall James City enlarged 586.-
have the property of their He may summon jurors in
own effects 549. Sick or dis- any part of Williamsburg
abled, not to be discharged 386. Art prescribing the
550. Freedom dues 550.- manner of appointing 515.-
Who shall not owil servants How recommended and com-
550. Penalty for dealing missioned 515.

Where a
with, without leave 551,- sheriff dies in office 515.-
Duty of 551. Punishment of Continuance in office 515.-
for resistance 551. Or for To give bond and security
violation of laws 551. Cer. 516. Fine on refusal to serve
tificates of freedom 551.- 516. Exceptions 516. To

pay 518.

execute all process directed 29. Penalty 30. Not to be
to him 517. Penalty on fai- taken. in execution, for less
Jure 517. On a false return than 101. if other sufficient
517. Rules for returning

property be shewn 57. Nor
process, where the defendant for levies, or officer fees 37.
is not found 517. Process, Additional duty on slaves 92,
when not to be executed 517. 93. Certain slaves of Wil.
What obligation sheriff may liam Chamberlayne, dec'd.
take 518. His fecs 518.- vested in trustees, for the
To be eollector of quit-rents benefit of a posthumous child
and public and county levies 117. Act laying duty on,
518. How to account and continued 160. Further con-

May distrain 518. tinued 318. Slaves declared
What liable to distress 519. to be personal estate 452.-
How sold 519. Penalty for Representation against the re-
unreasonable distress 519. peal of that act 432, ilote.
Indemnified for involuntary How slaves of intestate to be
escapes 519. Process for es- distributed,445. The widow's
capes 520. Escape warrant dower in 445. How recover-
520. Proceedings thereon ed 445. The part of the heir
320. Sheriffs may impress at law 445. Appraised value
guards 521. Method of turn- of, to be paid by heir, to the
ing over prisoners 522. May other children 445. Widow,
distrain for arrears of public or her husband, permitting
debts 522. Allowance for dower slaves to be sent out of
collecting 522. Power of the state, forfeits them 446.
Sheriff of James City 522. Not to be sold by executors

or administrators, unless a
Where to be crected 33.

deficiency of other goods to

pay debts 464.

Rules con-
Collectors of duties on, to be cerning, on lands of dece-

appointed 56. Skins and fur's dents 464. When, not to be
may be seized 56.


distrained 519. When, not
for buying red deer skins 62. taken in execution 535.-
Additional duty on, for Wil- Who shall be slaves 547.
liam and Mary College 237. Penalty for selling free per-
Art concerning, explained son as slave 548. Being in
and amended 355.

England, no discharge from

slavery 548. Children, bund
In actions for, when plaintiff or free, according to the con-
shall not recover costs 240. dition of their mother 548.

Stealing slaves, felony with-
Act laying duty on, further con- out clergy 558.
tinued 28.

Duty, how col- SMITH, JOHN
lected and accounted for 28, | Entail of certain lands, in Glou-

cester, of estate of, docked


Parish of, divided into three;

that part in the county of Al-
Raised by impressment, for bemarle to be called St.

Spanish war 95. In what Anne's; that on the north side
manner 95. How enlisted 95. of James river, in Goochland,
Raised for an intended expe- to be called St. James North-
dition against Canada 401. am; and that on the south
How they may make a will side of James river, in Gooch-

land, to be called Southam
Settlers on Roanoke, called the

southern boundary, encou- Parish of, divided, and St. Da-
raged 57. Their privilege 58. vid's formed 254,255.

Parish of, on the south side of Parish of, divided, and St. Da.

James river, in Goochland, vid's formed 254,255. Ves-
formed 267.

try of, dissolved $80.

Parish of, in Surry, divided 75. Parish of, in the county of

Orange, divided, and St. Tho-
Additional duty on slaves, to mas formed 96.

aid in the war against 92,93. ST. MARTIN'S.
Troops raised to serve against Parish, in Hanover, divided and
94,95. Soldiers impressed Fredericksville formed 211.
for 95. And enlisted 95.- To pay certain tobaccoes to
Appropriation for expenses Fredericksville 262. To pay
of expedition against 121. certain monies to 385.

Proceedings on 478.

Parish of, on the north side of

James River, in Goochland,
Act for destroying, on Eastern formed from St. James 267.
shore 203.

ST. ANDREW. Vestry of St. Paul's parish, in
Parish of, in Brunswick, & Lu- Hanover, authorised to sell

nenburg, divided, and Cum- certain lands 77.
berland formed 383.


Parish of, in the county of
Parish of, Albemarle, formed Orange, formed from Saint

from St. James's in Gooch- Mark 96.
land 267. Election of vestry
of, confirmed 380.


Vestry of, authorised to sell the
Parish of, formed from St.John's glebe and purchase a more
and St. Margaret's 254,255. convenient one 251,

C4-Vol. 5,

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