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are expresly inform'd that under this Trumpet The Temple of God Apoc. xj. 19. was opened in Heaven, and there was seen in his Temple the Ark of his Testament : Kad svognó vocês iš Oið iv za regevol, vòi vogn s xico To's of gly.bhxns aütő év tova” cúzão And if we look into the begin. ning of the Vials, we shall see a very plain Rcason why the Temple was now opened, namely to give passage to the seven Angels with the seven Vials. Kai Kft Tüūta sidoo nguy it's goigó raids Apoc. xv. 5,6. de oxnvins 8 roeptuei's á Twynqol, @gou os Š Tod' "A7797.06 zerits es salai sanga'si'x Svago And after that I looked and behold the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven was opened; and the seven Angels came out of the Temple, having the seven plagues. And this I take to be the proper Connexion of the Vials with the seventh Trumpet; and than which a more natural and direct one could hardly be desir’d. For since we find by other Collateral Probabilities that the seventh Trumpet ought to contain the seven Vials; and since we find under this very seventh Trumpet The Temple of God so plainly opened in Heaven that the Ark it self might be seen therein; and yet no remarkable design of such Opening there assign'd; and since withal we find in the Introduction tothe seven Vials, almost in the very fame words, that the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven was in like manner opened, and that out of the Temple thus opened, do proceed the seven Angels with the seven Vials; there seems to me little room to doubt but that one and the same opening is refer'd to in both places; and that by consequence the seven Vials proceed from, and are contain'd in the seventh Trumpet.

8. Which is still the more fully confirm'd by what farther information we have at the conclusion of the account of the seventh Trumpet, of the nature of its principal and concluding Judgment, where we find it to be exactly the same that belongs to the concluding Vial. At the conclusion of the seventh Trumpet,'tis said, And there were lightenings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail; Kai izávorta pocos aseguai, 6 pavado rey Beguties rejoziomós, zaraču pegaan. Under the concluding Vial we find the same account. And the seventh Apoc.xvij. 17,

Angel poured out his vial into the air, and there came a great 18, 21. voice out of the Temple of Heaven (from whence the

H 2


effects of the seventh Trumpet are also deriy'd) from the Throne, saying, It is done. And there were voices, and thun. ders, and lightenings, and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since Men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great. And there fell upon Men great hail out of Heaven, every stone about the weight of a Talent ; and Men blaf. phemed God because of the plague of the hail, for the plague thereof was exceeding great. The words in the Original, Kaišyéverto Owais Beguiled, rj a s og del, xj DELO Nós, vej zárasu usgang Are the very same here which we had before under the seventh Trumpet; only with such additional Exaggerations as a particular account ought to have above a short and general Intimation. So that upon the whole, altho' the seventh Trumpet be not exprelly laid to contain the seven Vials ; yet since under the seventh Trumpet two such remarkable Periods are added, as take in both the beginning and ending of the seven Vials; and that in both cases in almost the same words; 'tis to me a clear Indication that they are the very fame thing: and that as the opening of the Temple under the seventh Trumpet was for the exit of the Angels with the seven Vials; so the dreadful voices, and thunders, and lightenings, and earthquake, and great hail, at its conclusion, were the very fame with which the reventh Vial was charg'd, and which concluded those dismal Ca. lamities

To conclude (9.) Lastly, This including of the seven Vials as the Contents of the seventh Trumpet, is exactly agreeable to that History of the Old Testament, which the seven Trumpets plainly refer to and imitate. That most of the Visions in this Book of the Revelation have reference to, and are as it were, taken from, or accommodated to some Histories, or passages in the Old Testament, is too plain every where to need a particular proof; and that this Vision of the seven Trumpets has relation to that History in 7ohua, where Jericho was taken by going about it seven days together with the sound of seven 'Trumpets, is also so obvious on a Comparison, that no pretence can be made of an Allusion to any other History. Now since in that account the first six days had a single task, and Jericho was to be only once encompass'd each day with the found


of the Trumpets; and the seventh Day had a sevenfold Task, and Fericho was to be seven times encompass’d with the Sound of the Trumpets before it could be taken, or its Walls fall down; In the parallel Prophecy accordingly, the first fix Trumpets were to be single ones, and to contain each of them one di. ftinet Tudgment, as we have also suppos’d in the present Expofition; and the seventh Trumpet was to be sevenfold, and to contain a sevenfold Judgment, or the Plagues of the seven Vi. als, as we have accordingly expounded it above : and this sevenfold Judgment must be compleated ere this great City, Mystical Babylon, will be taken, or fall into Destruction.' Hear the words of the History in Hohna, and then judge of the Reasonableness of this Application. Te mall compass the City, Josh. vi, 3, 4, all ye Men of War, and go round about the City once : thus falt 12, 13, 14, 15, thou do fix days. And jeven Priests shall bear before the Ark fea to, ven Trumpets of Rams born, or Trumpets of Jubilee : and the Seventh day ye fall compass the City seven times, and the Priests mall blow with the Trumpets. And Foshua rose early in the morning, and the Priests took up the Ark of the Lord. And seven Priests, bearing seven Trumpets of Jubilee before the Ark of the Lord, went on continually, and blew with the Trumpets. And the Armed men went before them, but the rere-ward came after the Ark of the Lord; the Priests going on, and blowing with the Trumpets. And the second day they compass'd the City once, and returned into the Camp: so they did six days. And it came to pass on the seventh day, that they rose early about the dawning of the day, and compass'd the City after the same manner seven times. And it came to pass at the seventh time, when the Priests blew with'the Trumpets, Joshua said unto the people, Shout, for the Lord hath given you the Ciry. So the people shouted when the Priests blew with the Trumpets i and it came to pass when the peo. ple heard the found of the Trumpet, and the people poured with a great pout, that the Wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the City, every man sirait before him, and they took the City.

Scholium. If we suppose the seven Thunders included in the seventh Vial, as that is in the seventh Trumpet, and that in the seventh Seal, as I think we may; This whole Series of the Scaled Book will appear still more exact, uniform and regular. But of that more hereafter.



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The four famous Prophecies (1.) Of the Outer

Court of the Temple, troden down by the Gen-
tiles; (2.) Of the two Witnesses prophecying
in Sackcloth; (3.) Of the Woman nourilh'd in
the Wilderness; and (4.) Of the prevailing Ty-
ranny of the Beast with seven Heads and ten
Horns, are intirely contemporary; beginning and
ending at the same time. The Arguments follow.

1. Each of these Periods are determin'd exa&ily to the same Duration in the whole ; and therefore 'tis exceeding probable that they begin and end together. For cho’this exactness of Coincidence is not a certain demonstration that the Periods begin and end together, yet these being to many, and the Numbers so large, it cannot but be highly probable : and strict Demonstration is not to be expected in such matters. And since this Argument is generally allow'd as valid, and the Contemporation of these four Prophecies usually taken for granted by Interpreters, I shall not do any more under this first Argument

than set down the bare words of the Prophecies themselves, Apoc. xi. 2. which are these. The Court which is without the Temple reject,

or cast out; and measure it not : for it is given to the Gentiles :

and the Holy City Mall they tread under foot 42 months. I will Ver. 3. give power unto my two Winefles, and they Mall prophecy 1260

days, cloathed in sackcloth. The Woman fled into the Wilderness, Apoc. xij. 6. where me hath a place prepared of God, that they mould feed her

there 1200 days. Or, as it is afterward; To the Woman were giVer. 14 ven two wings of a great Eagle, that she might fly into the Wil

derness, into her place, where me is nourishi'd for a Time, and

Times, and half a Time, from the face of the Serpent. And Apoc. xiij. 5. Power was given to the Beast to make War 42 months.

2. That the Epocha of the Beast with seven Heads and ten Horns, and of the abiding of the Woman in the Wilderness, is one and the fame, appears, because they both commence


was stan forms and great a

upon the Woman's Arrival in the Wilderness, after the Dejection of the great Red Dragon, vanquish’d by Michael the Archangel. For when the Dragon saw that he was cast unto the Apoc. xij. 13, Earth, be perfecuted the Woman which brought forth the Man. &c. child; whereupon, as soon as the Woman was escaped into the Wilderness, the Dragon was wroth with the Woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her feed, which keep the Commandments of God, and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ; and immediately, as John, or the Dragon, for the reading is different, Apoc.xiij.1, 2. was standing on the Sand of the Sea, the Beast with seven Heads and ten Horns arises thence; and the Dragon gives him his power, and his feat, and great authority. So that lince 'tis certain, as we saw under the former Argument, that the Duration of these two Periods are equal ; and since they begin together, as we ve have now shew'd; it follows that they must end together also, and so are intirely contemporary.

3. That the End of the 1260 days of the Witnesses prophecying in Sackcloth, is also the conclusion of the prevailing Tyranny of the Beast with seven Heads and ten Horns, is evident; because at the time of the Witnesses ascent into Heaven, the end of their Sack cloth-condition, it is said expressly, that the second Woe, or sixth Trumpet, is past; and the third Woe, Apoc. xi. 12, or seventh Trumpet, cometh quickly; which seventh Trumpet, &c. when it begins to found, which is in the very next Verse, The Mystery of God is finishd, which he few'd to his servants the Apoc. x.9. Prophets : [ viz. That after the 42 Months of the Beast, or Dan.vij. 25. the Time, Times, and a part of Time of the Little Horn in & xij. 7. Daniel, the Kingdom of Christ should commence :] And the Kingdoms of this world are no longer under the Dominion of the Beast, but are become the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Chrift; and he is to reign for ever and ever. So that since 'tis certain that the Duration of thefe two Periods are equal, as we saw under the first Argument; and since they end together, as we have now shew'd; it follows that they began together also, and so are intirely contemporary.

4. That the 42 Months of the treading down of the Onter Court by the Gentiles; and the 1260 days of the Witnesses prophesying in Sackcloth, are directly and fully contemporary, because

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