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ALPHABETICAL LIST of ENGlish BankruPTS, announced between the 24th of extracted from the London Gazette.

March and the 21st of April 1826;

Abbott, R. S. I. Skinner-street, Snow-hill, bootmaker

Andrews, R. Kingsbury-green, Middlesex, victual


Ansley, J. Little Distaff-lane, London, merchant Archer, W. Hertford, oilman

Ashton, E. Ashill, Somersetshire, butter-factor Aston, W. Toll-end, Tipton, Staffordshire, iron


Bache, C. West, Bromwich, Staffordshire, ironbedstead-maker

Backler, H. Walworth, and T. W. Blyth, Cromerstreet, Gray's-inn-lane, builders Barrett, W. L. Shepherd's-bush, Middlesex, housepainter

Barter, J. and H. Poole, timber-merchants Barns, C. T. C. Brightelmstone, Sussex, stablekeeper

Barns, J. R. Bristol, wheelwright

Bath, J. Cheltenham, silversmith

Baxter, R. Hoghton, Lancashire, cotton-spinner Bayley, W. Macclesfield, Cheshire, silk-throwster Bell, S. and W. Davis, Sambrook-court, Basinghall-street, factors

Bell, W. Fenchurch-street, London, merchant' Bently, H. and J. Fogg, Eccles, Lancashire, bleach


Birch, J. junior, Manchester, merchant
Blagg, E. Yarmouth, grocer

Blanshard, G. Manchester, corn-factor

Black, J. Chapel-place, Oxford street, London, merchant

Bloor, J. Wheelock, Cheshire, silk-throwster
Booth, J. Manchester, dealer

Booker, T. Warrington, Lancashire, timber-merchant

Borrocks, W. Liverpool, corn-dealer

Bowley, J. Bridges-street, Covent-garden, auctioneer

Boys, T. Ludgate-hill, bookseller

Boyson, A. Nelson-square, commission-agent
Bradbury, J. L. Manchester, calico-printer
Brawley, T. Bristol, baker

Bremner, J. W. Yates and A. Smith, Manchester, merchants

Briggs, T. A. Bloomsgrove, Radford, Nottingham-shire, lace-manufacturers Brown, J. Liverpool, merchant

Browne, O. E. Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, clothmanufacturer

Brown, J. and C. Belson, High Wycombe, Bucks, drapers

Broughton, F. W. Bedford-row, London, moneyscrivener

Brown, H. H. Winchester-house, Old Broad

street, merchant

Buckley, B. R. and J. Manchester, cotton-spinners Burwash, T. Bishopsgate-street-without, pawn


[blocks in formation]

Coleman, T. Highwood, Herefordshire, and E. Williams, Ludlow, Shropshire, bankers Colledge, T. Killesby, Northamptonshire, cattle


Cook, C. junior, Wootton-under-edge, Gloucestershire, victualler

Cook, W. Huddersfield, Yorkshire, merchant
Cook, J. Sheffield, victualler

Congreve, H. and R. Hill, jun., Wood-street,
Cheapside, silk-manufacturers

Correy, J. S. Fletcher, and P. Correy, Leeds, cornmillers

Corrie, W. and E. Liverpool, brokers

Cox, E. H. J. Downes, and B. Thorpe, Kingstonupon-Hull, merchants

Cruickshanks, J. Fleet-street, London, commission-agent

Cullimore, J. Castle-court, Budge-row, Irish provision-agent

Curtoys, C. L. Braxbourne mills, Hertfordshire, miller

Curwen, J. J. Great Eastcheap, tea broker

Curtis, J. Birmingham, chandler

Curtis, J. Hounslow, Middlesex, dealer and chap.


Dale, G. and R. Walton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship-broker

Dalrymple, C. Old Broad-street, merchant
Davis, M. Nicholas-passage, Nicholas-lane, Lom-
bard-street, merchant

Darby, T. and J. Birmingham, dry-salters
Dealey, C. Dursley, Gloucestershire, paper-maker
Desanges, C. S. Queen Charlotte-row, New-road,
London, bill-broker

Dix, S. Cheltenham, grocer

Drew, T. Exeter, linen-draper

Easterley, J. Fenchurch-street, ship-owner Edmonson, J. Keighly, Yorkshire, worsted-manufacturer

Edwards, J. Brightelmstone, Sussex, boot-maker Ellis, T. and J. Blackman-street, Southwark Embden, H. D. Park-lane, Islington, dealer Escolt, I. M. Liverpool, merchant

Evans, S. Ryeford-mill, Glos'tershire, clothier Ewbank, J. Loughborough, Leicestershire, linendraper

Farmer, J. Brampton, Bryan, Herefordshire, dealer in cattle

Farror, J. Birmingham, wine-merchant
Fisher, T. Leeds, factor

Foster, T. Maidenhead, Berkshire, draper
Francis, A. High Holborn, linen-draper

French, R. Cromer-street, Gray's-inn-lane-road, baker

Fryar, H. Sunderland, near the sea, Durham, coal-fitter

Gelson, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, victualler
Gleadhill, J. Oldham, cotton-spinner

Goodwin, J. Bristol, coal-merchant

Goodeve, J. senior, Devonport, Devon, grocer

Graham, W. Angel-court, Throgmorton-street, upholsterer

Grenup, W. senior, Eccleston, Lancashire, coalproprietor

Greenwood, R. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, and J. Hamerton, Wakefield, finen-drapers

Gresham, G. Kingston-upon-Hull, cloth-merchant
Hall, Tyrel, and W. P. Hallows, Basinghall-street,
Blackwell-hall, factors

Hamer, H. Liverpool, wine-merchant
Hankinson, C. Hale, Cheshire, tanner

Harper, T. and E. Ystradgunlais, Brecon, dealers
Harrison, J. Woodchester, Gloucestershire, clo-


Harries, J. Narberth, Pembrokeshire, draper
Haskins, S. Bristol, grocer and builder

Haworth, J. Manchester, glue and varnish-manufacturer

Hendricks, H. Throgmorton-street, merchant Henderson, W. Warwick-row, Blackfriars, oilman Henry, A. Haydon-square, Minories, merchant Hewsod, J. and J. Stewart, Manchester, silk-manufacturers

Hickson, C. Addle-street, Wood-street, woollendraper

Hill, W. Worcester, bootmaker
Holl, T. Manchester, grocer



Holyer, W. G. Woodchurch, Kent, butcher
Hooper, J. Leigh, Worcestershire, carpenter
Horder, T. W. New Bridge-street, Blackfriars,
dealer in lace

Hunt, J. Oxford, chemist

Hutchins, N. B. St. James's-street, china and glass-

Ingham, J. Bradford, Yorkshire, silk-mercer
Jackson, J. Derby, lace-manufacturer

Jackson, T. and R. Shaw, Kings Lynn, Norfolk,

Jackson, W. Deighton, Yorkshire, woollen-cord-

Jackson, M. Cheltenham, dealer

Jenkins, T. Castle-street, Finsbury, timber-mer-

Johnson, S. Watling-street, London, painter and

Jones, J. Liverpool, hatter

Jones, W. New Bond-street, linen-draper
Kay, R. Bury, Lancashire, cotton-spinner
Kamp, C. Stoke-Newington, builder

Kent, J. K. Chelmsford, Essex, surveyor

King, W. and E. Lower Thames-street, cheese-

King, C. Lewisham, Kent, miller
Kinnear, J. City, merchant

Land, T. Leeds, flax-spinner

Lankester, R. Cheapside, warehouseman
Large, J. Cheltenham, builder

Lees, G. Hebden-bridge, Yorkshire, cotton-manu-

Leeming, R. and T. Tatlock, T. Great Winchester-street, silk-brokers

Lee, J. Leeds, brewer

Leigh, J. Pinner's-hall-court, London, merchant
Lewis, W. Finch-lane, Cornhill, printer
Little, J. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, linen-draper
Lowe, W. Aylsham, Norfolk, builder

M'Beath, A. Ryder's-court, Leicester-square,

M'Dowall, J. Regent-street, Piccadilly, boot


Macfarlan, J. George-street, Hanover-square,

Manton, J. Hanover-square, gun-maker
Man, J. Overbury, Worcestershire, silk-throwster
Marsden, W. Salford, Manchester, machine-maker
Marshall, J. Brightelmstone, Sussex, builder
Maskall, R. S. Basinghall-street, builder and plas-


Mearmain, J. B. Newport, Isle of White, mercer
Miller, John, Liverpool, cotton and canvas-agent
Miller, T. Liverpool, provision-dealer

Mills, T. and C. Spencer-street, Northampton

square, carpenters

Mills, G. A. Everett-street, grocer

Mills, T. Spencer-street, Northampton, carpenter
Minett, W. London-road, brewer

Moody, J. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, cheesefactor
Morice, R. Great Trinity-lane, baker
Morgan, J. Norwich, linen-draper

Mowatt, T. Thornbury, Gloucestershire, grocer
Murphy, P. Youghal, Ireland, corn-merchant
Nanfan, J. St. John, Bedwardine, Worcestershire,

Neal, T. E. and T. junior, Basinghall-street, cloth-

Neestrip, T. Cateaton-street, Cheapside, ware-

Nelson, W. Manchester, timber-merchant
Owen, R. Warrington, Lancashire, corn-dealer
Page, J. Chatham, grocer

Pareira, R. Hatton-wall, Hatton-garden, cabinet-

Pearse, W. H. Basinghall-street, London, cloth-

Pearson, W., W. H. and J. London, ironmongers
Penswick, R. Ashton-within, Mackerfield; and
W. Bone, Winstanley, Lancashire, cotton-

Pittis, F. Newport, Isle of Wight, auctioneer
Phillips, G. Portsmouth, merchant
Pike, J., W. Horwill, and T. Pike, Lombard-
street, bankers

Pool, J. Brent Eleigh, Suffolk, brewer
Prat, J. R. Wellclose-square, miller
Prin, W. Spangle-place, Kent-road, carpenter
Radcliffe, W., J. and S. Stockport, Cheshire, cot-

Ratcliffe, S. Mellor, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner
Rigby, J. Charing-cross, clock and watch maker


Roach, J. Fordingbridge, Southampton, linen. draper

Robinson, P. Littledean, Gloucestershire, maltster
Rogers, H. King street, West-Smithfield, twine-

Roy, F. Von, Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant
Samuda, B. Stockwell, Surrey, coal-merchant
Sanderson, J. and J. Walker, Lancaster, merchants
Santer, J. Benenden, Kent, miller

Schofield, J. Barnsley, Yorkshire, linen-cloth-

Schwieger, G. E., F. and J. Buchanan, of Modi-
ford-court, Fenchurch-street, merchants
Scowcroft, W. Haverford-west, shopkeeper
Shaw, S. junior, Manchester, small-ware-manu-

Shaw, S. senior, Manchester, merchant

Shaw, S. junior, and T. Bateman, Manchester, small-ware manufacturers

Shotter, J. S. Shoreditch, cheesemonger

Silvey, R., and G. Sanderson of Norwich, bombazine-manufacturers

Smith, T. Whiston, Eaves, and J. Locker, Han-
ley, Staffordshire, bankers

Smith, R. Eashing, Surrey, paper-maker
Smith, R. St. Mary-at-Hill, tallow-broker
Stafford, J. Bingham, Nottingham, machine-

Starling, S. Poole, hatter

Stein, R. and A. H. Sim, Tower-Brewer, Towerhill, brewers

Stephens, A. G. Wandsworth, baker

Stonard, J. Millbrook, Southampton, florist.
Stockham, W. Bristol, baker

Stock, J. Bristol, coal-merchant

Taylor, C. Fleet-street, bookseller

Taylor, J. N. Cateaton-street, dealer

Taylor, T. Marple Bridge, Derbyshire, victualler

Taylor, J. Nottingham, boot-maker
Thomas, J. Huddersfield, grocer

Treble, J. Pembroke, wine-merchant
Triquet, E. G. Birchin-lane, printer
Trout, T. Kingsland-road, Middlesex, Roman
Trollop, H. Whitechapel, sugar-refiner

Turner, M. T. London Wall, merchant
Tyas, J. Huddersfield, grocer

Underdown, J. Ramsgate, Kent, blacksmith
Wodsworth, J. Macclesfield, silk-manufacturer
Wakeford, J., W. and R. Andover, Southampton,


Walker, I. Hounslow-Barracks, dealer
Walters, J. Holme, Herefordshire, drover
Wallington, J. New-road, St. Pancras, dealer
Watts, Wood-street, warehouseman
Waugh, T. C. Turnwheel-lane, Cannon-street,
London, merchant

Webb, J. and E. Beckinsale, Copthall-buildings,

Webster, G. Liverpool, merchant

Weston, R. Fore-street, Cripplegate, warehouseman and draper

Wetherell, J. Litchfield-street, St. Anne, Westminster, bricklayer

Wheatley, J. Moorcroft, Staffordshire, dealer
Whitehead, J. Denshaw, Saddleworth, Yorkshire,

White, E. Birmingham, grocer
Whitworth, F. M. Derby, milliner

Wilks, J. and J. Wilks, junior, Sowerby, York-
shire, flax-spinners

Williams, T. W. Northwich, Cheshire, banker Wilde, J. Hustead's-mills, Yorkshire, woollencloth-manufacturer

Williams, W. H. Bernard-street, Russell-square,
Wilson, J. Thorney-street, Bloomsbury, coach-

Wilson, J. Cock-brook-mill, Ashton-under-Lyne,

Winser, E. Tenterden, Kent, grocer
Wood, J. Manchester, general-dealer
Wood, J. Nelson-square, Blackfriar's-road, jeweller
Wood, T. George-street, Mansion-house, cloth-

Wood, T. Horncastle, Lincolnshire, tailor and

Wood, W. Botolph-lane, fruit-broker

Wood, D. H. Dean-street, London, coach-maker
Woodfall, J. junior, Liverpool, grocer
Woodcock, W. Hyde, Cheshire, shopkeeper
Wrigley, J. and Newlin, W. Brick-lane, Spital-
fields, London, brewers

ALPHABETICAL LIST of SCOTCH BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced April 1826; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.


Aitken, George, writer and corn-merchant, CuparFife

Andrew, James, junior, and Co. carpet-manufac

turers in Kilmarnock

Angus, John, lately flesher in Edinburgh
Black, James, merchant in New Cumnock
Brodie, M. D. and Co. brass-founders in Glasgow
Buchanan, James, junior, merchant in Glasgow
Buchanan and Liddell, dyers and merchants in

Buchanan, Alexander and Son, brewers at St.

Charters, William, merchant in Glasgow Cormack and Clyne, builders, Stockbridge, near Edinburgh

Cowan, William, distiller at Chartershall, Stirlingshire

Dennistoun, Richard, merchant in Glasgow
Duke-Street Twist-Company, in Glasgow
Elder, Adam, carver and gilder in Edinburgh
Ewing, William, and Co. merchants and cotton-
yarn-agents, in Glasgow

Findlay, James and Alexander, spirit-dealers in

Findlay, Duff, and Co. merchants in Glasgow
Finlay, Thomas, builder in Edinburgh
Fraser and Mitchell, builders in Edinburgh
Fraser and M'Lennan merchants in Inverness
Franklin and Co. clothiers and merchants in Edin-

Glass, Thomas, carter and builder in Glasgow
Gibson, George, and Co. merchants in Leith
Gibson, James, of Hillhead, merchant in Glasgow
Gillespie, George, builder in Edinburgh

Gray, William, junior, and Co. grocers and spiritdealers in Kirkintilloch

Hart, Henry, plumber and glazier, Leith Walk,

Hart, James, manufacturer in Paisley
Heriot, William, builder in Edinburgh

Houstoun, Robert, and Co. agents and ship-bro

kers in Glasgow

Jardine, William, merchant-tailor in Glasgow Kerr, Charles, and Co. manufacturers in Glasgow Kilgour and Paterson, paper-makers at Balerno,

near Currie, and at Loch Mill, Linlithgow M'Eachern, John, merchant in Campbeltoun Mackie, Archibald, coalmaster, spirit-dealer, and merchant in Glasgow

M'Lellan, James, manufacturer in Paisley Morrison, Colin, spirit-dealer in Edinburgh, lately distiller at Ratho

Niven, Robert Balfour, merchant, and soap-maker in Glasgow

Paxton, Henry and Joseph, wholesale-glovers and lacemen, Edinburgh

Park, Thomas, grain-dealer and victualler in

Park, James, merchant in Glasgow
Paterson, Robert, merchant in Stirling
Proudfoot, Euphemia, glover in Glasgow
Peddie and Thomson, bleachers, starchers, and
merchants in Glasgow

Reid and Johns, callenderers in Glasgow
Ramage, John, hatter and cloth-merchant in

Robertson, Archibald, distiller and dealer in spirits at Denny

Robertson, Duncan, merchant in Dunfermline Rollo, Sylvester, and Co. late merchants in Glasgow

Russell, James, and Company, merchants in Glasgow

Shireff, Robert, junior, merchant in Edinburgh Skeen, Lawrence, ship-owner in Leith

Smith, John, and Co. power-loom cloth manufac turers, Tradestoun of Glasgow

Stewart, William, cattle-dealer, Greenhill, parish of Cambuslang, Lanarkshire

Steven, Thomas, general-merchant and commission-agent in Edinburgh

Stevenson, Robert, wine and spirit-merchant in

Steven, David, ironmonger in Aberdeen
Thomson, James and John, lately corn-merchants

in Dundee and Perth

Torry, Archibald, merchant in Edinburgh
Wilson, James and George, spirit-dealers, High-
Street, Edinburgh

Wilson, William, horse-dealer and merchant,
Quarryton, Glasgow

Wright, James, merchant at Kepp, Stirlingshire Yuill, Gavin, baker, and grain-dealer in Hamilton


Barber, Henry, brewer, and wine and spirit-merchant in Castle Douglas; by Sinclair and Gillespie, writers there

Ferguson, Alexander, junior, sheep and cattledealer at Corriden; by W. Wedderspoon, writer in Perth

Gibson, Thomas, mason and builder in Perth: by Robert Greig, merchant there Hosie, Andrew, merchant in Glasgow; by W. Scott Moncrieff, accountant in Edinburgh Hunters, Rainey and Morton, merchants in Glasgow; by Dugald Bannatyne, merchant there M'Guffie, Archibald, sometime merchant in

Greenock; by M'Nair and Linton, writers there

Stevenson, John, and Co. dyers, printers, and merchants in Glasgow; by James Grieve, writer there



John Bruce, Esq. of Grangehill and Falkland, died at his seat of Nuthill, in the county of Fife, on Sunday the 16th of April, in the 82d year of his very active life. He was the heir-male and undoubted representative of the ancient family of Bruce of Earlshall, one of the oldest cadets of the illustrious house of Bruce; but he did not succeed to the estate of his ancestors, which was transferred by marriage into another family. He inherited, from his father, only the small property of Grangehill, near Kinghorn, the remains of a largar estate, which his family acquired by marriage with a grand-daughter of the renowned Kirkcaldy of Grange.

Mr Bruce received a liberal education at the University of Edinburgh, where he was early distinguished for his abilities and extensive erudition; the consequence of which was, that, at an early age, he was appointed Professor of Logic in that University. He rescued that science from the trammels of the Aristotelian School, and the syllogistic forms of arguing and teaching, and his lectures, particularly on pneumatology, were much celebrated. At the same time, during the

absence of Dr Adam Fergusson, he was prevailed on, at very short notice, to teach his class of moral philosophy, and, during the greatest part of that winter, besides revising and often recasting his own lectures, he actually composed in the evening the lecture which he was to deliver in the class next forenoon. Soon after this, he resigned his chair in the University, having, through the interest of the late Lord Melville, to whose family he was distantly related, received a grant of the reversion, along with the late Sir James Hunter Blair, of the patent of King's Printer and Stationer for Scotland, an office, however, which did not open to them for fifteen or sixteen years.

Lord Melville was well aware of Mr Bruce's abilities, and duly appreciated them, and, in order to give the public the advantage of them, he procured for him the offices of Keeper of the State-Paper Office and Historiographer to the East-India Company. Mr Bruce was also for a short time Secretary to the Board of Control, and sat in Parliament for some years. In these various offices he was not idle. The place of Keeper of the State-Paper Office had been made by his predecessors very much of a sinecure, the conse

quence of which was, that the valuable papers therein deposited were in the greatest confusion; but, by his indefatigable exertions, and methodical arrangements, the whole were soon brought into the greatest order, so as to be available to the different departments of the Government, whose chiefs had occasion to refer to them.

Mr Bruce was the author of several valuable works, some of which, though printed by Government, were not published for sale, and therefore are not so extensively known as they deserve; and it is believed that he has left in manuscript, at the State-Paper Office, several memoirs in re lation to that department. His printed works are, Elements of Ethics, being the Heads of his Lectures on Moral Philosophy; Plans for the Government of British India; Report on the Renewal of the East-India Company's exclusive Privileges, 1794; Report on the Internal Defence of England against the Spanish Armada in 1588, with a view to the Defence of Britain in 1796, on which Mr Pitt grounded his measures of the Provisional Cavalry and Army of Reserve; Report on the Union between England and Scotland, with a view to the projected Union with Ireland; Annals of the East-India Company.

Mr Bruce, when a young man attending the University of Edinburgh, was one of six distinguished individuals, who, in 1764, founded the Speculative Society, of whom he was the last survivor.

During the latter years of his life, he spent se veral months at his seat of Nuthill; on which estate, and his extensive purchases of Falkland and Myres, he was carrying on improvements on a most extended and liberal scale, giving employment to great numbers of tradesmen and labourers of all descriptions. He also laid out a large sum in repairing what remains of the Palace of Falkland, so as to preserve, for centuries to come, that relick of royalty in Scotland. In short, he entered on the profession of a country gentleman with the same ardour and ability which he displayed in the various other situations which he filled; and his death will be deeply lamented by those friends who enjoyed his society, and had opportunities of appreciating his highly-cultivated understanding, as well as by the inhabitants on his estate, to whose wants and comforts he so materially contributed.


David died at Brussels, on the 29th of December 1825, at a quarter before ten o'clock in the morning. On the 19th, he went to the theatre to see Tartuffe, and remained during the whole performance. This imprudence was fatal. From that moment disorder triumphed. He was almost always delirious; but whether in possession or not of his faculties, his conversation, his gestures, his motions, all related to the arts. One of his pupils, an eminent painter, called to see him two days before his death. David gave him some advice respecting a picture he was about. The energy with which he made his observations fatigued him, and his voice became so feeble, that he found it impossible to speak any longer; but he continued to express, by the position of his body and by the movement of his hands, his opinion with regard to one of the figures in the picture. On the day after, a proof was brought to him of the engraving after his Leonidas, by M. Langier. This roused him from a kind of lethargy into which he had sunk. "It is well,' he remarked;" bring it nearer to me, for my sight is already so weak!" After having examined it, he ordered it to be pinned against a wall op. posite to him, and his arm-chair to be wheeled towards it. Then, rallying the little strength which he retained, he pointed out, with the end of his stick, the parts which he thought deserving of remark. Gradually he became animated; his criticisms were very important, and full of taste; he resorted to the fively and picturesque expres sions of all men of genius, who speak of an art in which they excel; and even asked for a crayon, in order to touch several figures which he thought the graver had not sufficiently kept down. His friends and his children entreated him to tire himself no more on the subject, but to take some rest. He yielded to their wishes, and from that moment he never spoke. His funeral was cele brated with great pomp, and was attended by a crowd of the most eminent men in Brussels, and by deputations from Ghent, Bruges, and other towns. David's pencils and palette were laid on the coffin, as well as his costume as a member of the Institute, and his cross of the Legion of Ho




1825. Nov. 1. At Madras, the Lady of Capt. J. Chisholm, of the artillery, Hon. East-India Company's service, a son.

1826. Jan. At Spanish Town, Jamaica, the widow of Alex. Deans, Esq. Master in Chancery there, a son.

2. At Macknie, the Lady of Dr Innes, Four Paths, Clarendon, Jamaica, a son.

March. At Malta, the Lady of William Filder, Esq. Deputy-Commissary-General, a daughter. 18. At Netherton House, the Countess of Stirling, a son.

20. At Shelburn Bank, the Lady of Lieut. Forrest, R. N. a daughter.

At Knoxland, Dumbarton, Mrs Jaffray, a son. 21. At Wartnaby House, Melton Moubray, the Honourable Mrs Davidson, of Tulloch, a daugh


22. At Cupar Fife, Mrs John Shaw, a daughter. 29. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir John Gordon, of Earlston, Bart. a son. 50. At 5, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the Honourable Lady Fergusson, a son.

- At Friar Bank, Jedburgh, the Lady of James Grant, M.D. a son.

-At Portobello, the Lady of Donald Charles Cameron, Esq. a son.

-At Belmount Place, Kelso, Mrs Jerdan, a son. April 1. In York-Street, Portman Square, London, the Lady of Dr Clarke, Physician to the Forces, a daughter.

2. At 6, Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, the Lady of Captain J. H. Tait, R. N. a daughter. -At Kemnay House, Mrs Burnett, a son -At Inverugie, near Elgin, Mrs Stuart, a on

3. At Jedburgh, Mrs Ninian Douglas, a daughter. At No. 62, Great King-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Graham, a daughter.

5. At Westham, the Lady of James Webster, Esq. of Balmure, Forfarshire, a son.


At Bankend, Carlaverock, Mrs Nicholson, a

At Balgownie, Mrs Forbes, a daughter. -At Dee-Street, Aberdeen, the Lady of Captain John Shepherd, of the H. C. S. a son.

7. Mrs Johnston, 2, Minto-Street, Newington, Edinburgh, a daughter.

8. At Kentish Town, near London, Mrs James Block, a daughter.

-in London, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Plenderleath, a son.

-In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the Lady of Captain Cunningham Dalyel, R. N. a son. - Mrs Christie, Rosemount, a daughter. 10. At Logie, (the seat of John Kinloch, Esq. of Kilrie) the Lady of the Hon. Donald Ogilvy of Clova, a son.

12. Mrs Haldane, 16, George-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

13. At Dublin, the Lady of Robert Magee, Esq. a daughter.

16. At Brighton, the Lady of John Gibson Lockhart, Esq. a son.

17. At Farme, the Lady of James Farie, jan. Esq. a daughter.


At Foulden Manse, Mrs Alex. Christison, a

18. At Kelso, Mrs George Main, a daughter. 19. At St. Anthony's Place, Leith, Mrs William Wyld, a daughter.


April 21. At Queensferry, the wife of the Rev. Thomas Dimma, a son.

22. At Malta Terrace, Edinburgh, Mrs Somervell, a son.

23. At Logie, near Forres, the Lady of Charles Halkett Craigie, Esq. of Dumbarnie, a daughter. 21. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Robert Baillie, Esq. of Culterallers, a son.

Lately. At Mill-hill House, Billericay, Essex, the Lady of Colonel C. Bruce, C. B., a son.


1825. Nov. 24. At Coel, Bengal, Donald Æneas Mackay, Esq. First Lieutenant Bengal artillery, to Agnes Anne, fourth daughter of William Spottiswoode, Esq. Clayquhat, Perthshire.

1826. March 6. At Knockdolean, Mr Thomas Murray, surgeon, Colmonell, to Miss Mary, fourth daughter of Robert M'Ilwraith, Esq. of Auchenflower, Ballantrae.

18. At Stoke Courcey, Somerset, the Rev. James A. Stewart, B.A., late of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Henry Sweeting, Esq. of Sherbon.

23. At Norman Lockhart's, Esq. York Place, Edinburgh, by the Rev. Dr Lee, John Dinwoodie, Esq. to Winifred Jane, eldest daughter of Colonel Archibald M'Murdo, Dumfries.

27. At Maryfield, Mr Robert Johnston, merchant, Glasgow, to Eliza Walker, eldest daughter of James Johnston, Esq. Glasgow.

- At Edinburgh, Andrew Buchanan, Esq. youngest son of David Carrick Buchanan, Esq. of Drumpellier and Mount Vernon, to Miss Bethia Hamilton Ramsay, youngest daughter of the late William Ramsay, Esq. banker, Edinburgh.

-At Catherine Bank House, Arthur Craigie, Esq. merchant in Leith, to Susanna, daughter of the Rev. Dr Ireland, minister of North Leith.

28. At Glasgow, James Home, Esq. of Linhouse, to Miss M'Naught, daughter of John M'Naught, Esq.

Lieutenant A. Barclay, R. N., Oakwood Cottage, to Ann, daughter of Mr Henry Daun, farmer, Kirkton of Echt.

29. At Comely Gardens, William Mitchell. Esq. of the Commercial Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, to Lillias, eldest daughter of the late David Cross, Esq. Pilrig Street.

At Auchteraw, the Rev. John Macintyre, minister of Fort Augustus, to Eliza, eldest daugh ter of Thomas Clark, Esq. Auchteraw.

30. At Dunse, the Rev. John Birrell, one of the ministers of Cupar, in Fife, to Isabella, fourth daughter of the late John Turnbull, Esq. of Abbey St. Bathans.

At Newliston House, Patrick Fraser Tytler, Esq. advocate, to Miss Rachel Elizabeth Hog, third daughter of Thos. Hog of Newliston, Esq. April 1. At Liverpool, Richard Benson, Esq. of Fathom Park, county Armagh, Ireland, to Agnes, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Gray, chaplain in the Hon. East India Company's service, Bombay, late of the High School, Edinburgh.

3. At Edinburgh, Capt. Cumming, Lessendrum House, Aberdeenshire, to Miss Lane, daughter of the late Rev. John Lane, Vicar of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, and niece of the late Sir E. Impey of Newark Park, Surrey.

-At Edinburgh, Mr William M. Bathgate, surgeon, Clyde-Street, to Maria Wood, youngest daughter of Mr Janies Lorimer, 65, York Place. 4. At Leith, Mr William Dick, shipowner, to Miss Crouden, Madeira-Street.

At Glasgow, Alexander Glasgow, Esq. merchant, to Helen, youngest daughter of the late William Smith, Esq.

At Farnham, Surrey, Thomas Pearse, of Highway House, Froyle, Hants, Esq. to the Honourable Caroline Ker, eldest daughter of the late Lord Charles Beauchamp Ker, and niece of the late Marquis of Lothian.

-At Dumfries, the Rev. John Smith, A.M. missionary to the Chinese, to Mary, second daughter of Mr Robert Bland, merchant, Dum


5. At Stirling, John Murray, Esq. of Livilands, to Anne, daughter of the late Major Alexander Macgregor of Balhaldies.

AL Heathfield, Ross-shire, J. Humphreys, Esq. surgeon, London, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Gustavus Aird, Esq. of Heathfield.

6. At Laverock Bank, Edinburgh, Dr William

[blocks in formation]

12. At Cartneil, Lancashire, Alexander Murray, Esq. advocate, son of the late William Murray, Esq. of Polmaise, to Johnina, second daughter of the late John Wilkinson, Esq. of Castlehead and Brymbo.

At Whitby, the Rev. George Young, M.A. author of the History of Whitby, &c. to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr Robert Hunter of that place.

13. At St. Philip's Church, Liverpool, Robert Hunter, Esq. Manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, in Limerick, to Jane, daughter of Mr More, Chatham-Street, Liverpool.

-At Tixall, in Staffordshire, Miss Constable, eldest daughter of the late Sir Thomas Constable, Bart. of Burton Constable in the county of York, to Captain Chichester, of the 60th, or Duke of York's Own Rifle Regiment. The bride was given away by the Right Hon. Lord Clifford, and after a splendid dejeune a la fourchette, the happy couple left Tixall, in their travelling chariot and four for Malvern, in Worcestershire.

At the house of Leonard Horner, Esq. by the Rev. Sir Henry Moncrieff Wellwood, Bart., William Horton Lloyd, Esq. of Bedford Place, London, to Mary, youngest daughter of George Whitelocke, Esq. of Seymour Place, Portman Square.

14. At Richmond, Surrey, the Earl of Clare, to the Hon. Elizabeth Julia Georgiana Burrell, only daughter of the late Lord Gwydir and the Baroness Willoughby, of Eresby.

17. At Lochmaben, Matthew Graham, Esq. of Priesthead, to Robina, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Henry Laurie, minister of the parish of Lochmaben.

-At Edinburgh, Andrew Johnston, younger of Rennyhill, advocate, Esq. to Barbara, eldest daughter of David Pearson, Esq.

At Dysart, William Hunt, Esq. W. S. to Mary, only daughter of James Normand of Baltilly, Esq.

18. Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart, to the Hon. Anne Elizabeth Liddell

-At Lambden, Capt. Alexander Drysdale, 27th regiment, to Barbara, third daughter of the late James Nisbet, Esq. of Lambden.

19. Francis Grant, Esq. second son of the late Francis Grant, Esq. of Kilgraston, to Miss Farquharson, eldest daughter of the late Captain Farquharson Ross of Invercauld.

25. At Edinburgh, the Rev. James Grant, jun. first minister of South Leith, to Mrs Jessie Ann Campbell, widow of Major Archibald Campbell, of Bragleen.

-At Carlton Place, Glasgow, Henry Dunlop, Esq. to Anne, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Cairnie, Esq.

-At Glasgow, Walter Crum, Esq. merchant, to Jessie, youngest daughter of Win. Graham, sen. Esq.

At Glasgow, Robert Urquhart, Esq. merchant there, to Jane, daughter of David M'Haffie, Esq. of Overton.

27. At Greenock, James Boyd, Esq. surgeon, Hon. East-India Company's service, to Isabella, second daughter of John Pringle, Esq. Greenock.

Lately. In Van Diemen's Land, LieutenantGeneral Sir H. Todd, of the Bengal Establishment, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Captain Ewen M. Grimanist, North Uist.

-At Kirkcudbright, Captain Hannah, of the Duke of Lancaster East Indiaman, to Miss Mary M'Kinnel, third daughter of Provost M'Kinnel, Kirkcudbright.

[blocks in formation]
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