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4 Hear us, O Father, gracious and forgiving,
Through Jesus Christ Thy co-eternal Word,
Who, with the Holy Ghost, by all things living
Now and to endless ages art adored.

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2 O perfect Life, be Thou their full assurance
Of tender charity and steadfast faith,
Of patient hope, and quiet, brave endurance,
With childlike trust that fears nor pain nor death.

3 Grant them the joy which brightens earthly sorrow;
Grant them the peace which calms all earthly strife,
And to life's day the glorious unknown morrow
That dawns upon eternal love and life.


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A - MEN.


Dorothy F. Blomfield, 1883. Doxology (Rev. John Ellerton, 1875) added







happy home, where Thou art loved the dear


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Edward, Lord Crofton, 1893

And where a mong the guests there

est, Thou lov-ing

2 O happy home, where two in heart united
In holy faith and blessèd hope are one,
Whom death a little while alone divideth,

And cannot end the union here begun!

eth One who can hold such high and honored place! A-MEN.



30 happy home, whose little ones are given
Early to Thee in humble faith and prayer,
To Thee, their Friend, who from the heights of heaven
Guides them, and guards with more than mother's care!

4 O happy home, where each one serves Thee, lowly,
Whatever his appointed work may be,

Till every common task seems great and holy,
When it is done, O Lord, as unto Thee!

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6 Until at last, when earth's day's-work is ended,
All meet Thee in the blessèd home above,
From whence Thou camest, where Thou hast ascended,
Thy everlasting home of peace and love.

Carl J. P. Spitta, 1833. Transln. arr. and alt. from Mrs. Sarah L. Findlater, 1858

677 HOLLEY L. M.

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1 Thou gra-cious Power, whose mer-cy lends The light of home, the smile of friends,

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George Hews, 1835


2 He bids us make His glories known,
His works of power
and grace;
And we'll convey His wonders down
Through every rising race.

As in the peaceful days of

3 Our lips shall tell them to our sons, And they again to theirs;

The stars that gild our darkening


The twilight ray from holier spheres;
4 We thank Thee, Father; let Thy grace
Our narrowing circle still embrace,
Thy mercy shed its heavenly store.
Thy peace be with us evermore.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1869

old. A-MEN.



The Scottish Psalter, 1615


That generations yet unborn
May teach them to their heirs

4 Thus shall they learn in God alone
Their hope securely stands,
That they may ne'er forget His works,
But practise His commands.

Psalm clxxviii. Rev. Isaac Watts, 1719

679 CHALVEY S. M. D.


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1 Now rest, ye pilgrim host, Look back up

4 04

The moun-tains climbed, the torrents crossed, Through many a

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Rev. Leighton G. Hayne, 1868

117 O God, our Help in ages past. 425 We come unto our fathers' God. 533 O God of Bethel, by whose hand.

fair the



The following Hymns are also suitable :


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all the bygone years.



ry day.




Arise, arise, and tread
The future without fears;
He leadeth still, whose hand hath led
Through all the bygone years.

4 When we have reached the home We seek with weary feet,

Our children's children still shall come

To keep these ranks complete; And He, whose host is one Throughout the countless spheres, Will guide His marching servants on Through everlasting years.

Rossiter W. Raymond, 1879 (Text of 1893)

648 At Thy feet, our God and Father.
656 Now thank we all our God.
677 Thou gracious Power, whose mercy.

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Our Guard, when on the


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3 The calm, the breeze, the gale, the storm,

That pass from land to land,

All, all are Thine, are held within
The hollow of Thy hand.

silent deck The midnight watch we keep. A-MEN.



2 We need not fear, though all around * 5 Be Thou the Mainguard of our host, 'Mid rising winds we hear The multitude of waters surge; For Thou, O God, art near.

Till war and dangers cease; Defend the right, put up the sword, And through the world make


6 Across this troubled tide of life
Thyself our Pilot be,
Until we reach that better land,
The land that knows no sea.

* These verses are for use in the Navy




* 4 If duty calls from threatened strife
To guard our native shore,
And shot and shell are answering

The booming cannon's roar,

when we sail Up - on

The Scottish Psalter, 1615

the lonely deep,

the pi lot's vis ion dreary, Far, far

7 To Thee the Father, Thee the Son,
Whom earth and sky adore,
And Spirit moving on the deep,
Be praise for evermore.

Rev. Edward A. Dayman, 1865
Arr. by William B. Bradbury, 1844

of peace to wanderers weary, Bright the beams that smile on me;


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