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“ Thoughts on Baptism, as an Ordinance ton, in a letter, dated October 21st, 1819

of Proselytism,” bas just appeared, under requests that, for the satisfaction of bis
the signature of Agnostos ; and from friends, and in justice to bimself, we would
another pamphlet, entitled " A Letter to insert a positive denial of his having de-
a Meinber of the Church meeting in Staf- serted the Unitarian Cause and the people
ford Street, Dublin,” by Vinder, we whom he has been the means of collecting.
learn that the religious society here de. Such a statement, he says, must have been
seribed, together with other affiliated so- sent to England by some one who delibe-
cieties in Ireland, are declared Anti-Bap- rately strove to injure him in the opinion
tists. The “ New Evangelical Magazine”, of bis English friends. But to refute the
is looking after these novel heretics. calunny and to remove the injurious im-

pressions which may have been made, he
Romish Index.

has been advised to send the following
In the Index Erpurgatorius or list of with some of whom we are personally ac-

testimony, subscribed by ten of his friends,
prohibited books, by the Papal See, have
been inserted two works of Mr. Gan.

dolphy's, a Catholic clergyman in London. To Mr. John Wright's Unitarian Friends
The books were presented or informed

in England:
against by Dr. Poynter, the vicar apos- “We, the undersigned, connected with
tolic. Mr. Gandolphy is charged with Mr. John Wright in the Unitarian Cause,
various errors, approaching to heresy; and witnesses of bis unremitted exertions
one is, that “the souls of infants dying to spread the saine by every public and
without baptism are not to be condemned private means in his power, learn with
to eternal punishment." Like a good regret, ibat impressions have by some
Catholic, he promises to submit to the means been made on some of his friends
bigh spiritual authorities, and to suppress in England; purporting that he had re-
the objectionable passages.

linquished the great work in wbich he had

been engaged, and given op bis office as
Proceedings of Catholics on Public minister of the Unitarian Society in George


“ We, therefore, deem it incumbent on
Doctor Milner, vicar apostolic for the us to contradict such unfounded report,
midland district, has addressed a pastoral and to vindicate Mr. W. against such un-
letter to his flock, exhorting them to peace merited aspersion, and to assure our bre-
and loyalty. He says that the poor are thren in England, from our own observa-
worse off' every where else, and even in tion and knowledge, that no man can be
America tban bere ; that our present evils more zealous or more ready to make every
are the unavoidable consequences of the possible exertion to spread the knowledge
late necessary war; and that “every re- of the One True God; or less disposed to
volutionary measure” would increase the desert bis post than Mr. Wright; be bav-
sufferings of the poor in a tenfold degree. ing persevered under the most trying cir-
He maintains that corruption is inseparable cumstances and against the bitterest op-
from government, Ubi homo ibi culpa. position.
And he reminds his people of the revolu-
tion in France, which led to war not only Benjamin Mayfield, R. Sehair,
against the throne, but also against the

Thomas C. Wright, William Cammack,
Daniel Carter,

M. Downs,
At Manchester the Catholic clergy have M. Young, Joseph Foreman,

William Elliot,

Ed. Cammack."
forbidden the children in their schools to
appear in white hats or with any other
sign of a fiection to the principles of radical Methodist Declaration of Loyalty.

The Committee for guarding the reli-
There is a Catholic magazine called
The Orthodox Jonrnal," published issued a manifesto, warning the persons

ginus privileges of the Wesleians has
monthly, price one shilling, which ani. in connexion with them to avoid all poli-
madverts very strongly upon these mea-

tical associations on pain of being dis-
sures; and the Editor, w. E. Andrews, owned by the preachers. As the preachers
has been denounced from the pulpit as

constitute the Conference, so the Jaity
a radical, and bis work is threatened to

form the committee. Their cireulár has
be put down by the authority of the been publicly denounced by advertised

resolutions in the papers of some of the

Methodists of Norwich, as presnmptuous,

intolerant, and contrary to the Methodist
MR. Jous Wright, late of Liverpool, constitution.
and now of George Town, near Washing.


stead of contemplating religion in berowo

form, we are resolved to view her through

the habits and conduct of some of ber mi.
A CONSIDERABLE emotion has been ex. nisters." —Pp. 10, 11.
cited in France by a tumult occasioned
at Brest, by the appearance of a company
of Catholic missionaries. [The character A new periodical publication has sp.
of these missionaries is given p. 701.) The peared at Paris, entitled Annales Protes.
mob is said to have risen upon them, and iantes : A Miscell specially deroted
to bave used them very harshly. Irreli- to the Defence of the Reformed Religion.
gious cries are also said to have proceeded By a Society of Protestants and of vier
from the populace. The people of Brest of Letters. The first Number, (for Octo.
are hence accused in the Paris papers of ber, 1819,) has been sent to us, and we
impiety. It is reported, as a further in. are happy to recommend this specimen of
stance of their profaneness, that when the work, on account both of its talents
Mademoiselle Georges appeared at the and spirit. The delnge of the French
Theatre of that town, all covered and Revolution is succeeded by a freshdess
blazing with diamonds, some persons be- and sweetness which are grateful to the
gan to sing the Adoremus, and this being heart, The French have paid the price of
ended, the canticle of Sur cet autel, ah? liberty and know its value.
que vois je paroitre !!

A Paris correspondent of ours says in a A novelty appeared last year at Dessaa,
letter of the 8th instant, “ The Jesuits are a Selection (in 8vo.) of Sermons for Isra-
busy here and throughout France. There elites (Auswahl mehrerer predigten, &c.),
have been some tumults at Brest, in con. by G. ŠALOMON. These Jewish Sermons,
sequence of the intolerant barbarism of preached at Dessau, are on the following
the missionaries. Their friends are as a subjects : Concord, Causes of l'obelief,
cipher against millions; but there is no Reflections upon the new Year, Characters
miserable intrigue that is not at work for that distinguish the People of Israel, f'a.
them.-Llorenti has been deprived of his nity of earthly Good, Trust in Divine Pro-
privilege of saying inass at his parish vidence.
church, because of his books on the Inqui-
sition and the Concordat."


The Prince Regent of this kingdom " in
The Abbé Gregoire continues to excite consequence of the resolutions passed by
public attention. He has been prevented the German Diet,” has issued an ordinance
from taking his seat in the Chainber of subjecting the press to a rigorous censor.
Deputies. But he will not voluntarily be ship.

How uniform is this batred of
tray bis constituents. Before the decision princes, and especially German prioces,
for his exclusion, he addressed to them

to the press! There would, we fear, be
an interesting letter ( Lettre aux Electeurs sedition in the answer to the question,
du Département de l'Isère) breathing why they hate it.
the pure spirit of liberty and the gospel.
He be goes to take his seat beside the

veteran of freedom, (La Fayette,) who has M. VAN DER Palm, professor of oriental
80 gloriously defended it in both worlds. literature in the University of Leyden,
The following passage we translate as a and minister of a congregation there, well
specimen of this Election-Address :- known by his volumes of excellent ser-

Religious Hatred. This expression, mons and his translation of Isaiah, lias
taken literally, is an absurdity; for it announced a New Dutch Version of the
connects ideas which are incapable of Bible, and in less than six months has
connexion. That batred which murdered received more than two thousand sub.
Catholics in Ireland, and Protestants in scriptions. The First Part is published
the South of France, and which, beyond and is well received. It consisis of 276
the Rhine, is now persecuting the children pp. 4to. and contains the five Books of
of Israel, would seek in vain its justifica- Moses. The Version is accompanied by
lion in the gospel ; wonld attempt in vain short notes. M. Van der Palm adopts the
to render the gospel the accomplice of hypothesis that Moses used in the compo-
those crimes on which is malediction sition of the Pentateuch, and especially
falls. Religion has no other arms iban of the book of Genesis, ancient origioal
truth to convince the mind, and charity to memoirs, preserved by songs or some other
subdue the heart: we are deceived if, in- means in the patriarchal families.






The Names and Signatures of Correspondents are distinguished by Small
Capitals or Italics : as different Correspondents have often adopted the same signature,
some ambiguity in the references will unuvoidably arise; but ibis is an inconvenience
necessarily attached to anonymous communications,


American Unitarian Coptroversy, re-
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Alexander, Emperor of Rnssia, his ments in, with regard to the natural
reply to the address of the Chair-

evidences of a future state,

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ation of Metb.dist Unitarians at

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to the Editor of the Times, relating original principle of the Unitarian
to the limitarians,


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Believer and unbeliever, difference BROWNB, MR. Tapophilus, oa an io-
between the

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Bellamy's Anti-Deist, reviewed,


18. His Religions Liberty, &c. re.





viewed, 266. On the dedication of Channing's Sermon at the Ordination
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College at,

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Christian Tract Society Anniversary, 199

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Cambridge, bigotry of several of its

ness of deleusive war amongst


members, 586. Considerations re-
specting, extract front,

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United States,

Canterbury, Archbishop, on

his Chronique Religieuse, translation
charge to the clergy of the county from, on the present state of reli-
of bent,
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Wellbeloveil's Sermon, 291. On

from the, 21. On Anabaptism in
Mr. Hulley's popular preaching and the, 406, 7:21. On the controverted
liberal sentiments, 355. Ou the

clause in the twentieth article of

character of Mr. Emlyn,

the, 461.


Its constitution;
Cappe's, lev. Mr., Meinoirs, recom- Church Union Society's preuniums in


the diocese of St. David':, 202,
mended, 408, 494. Reply to E. F.'s
sig gestion ou,
623 CLARKE, Mr., on his School for Scrip-


tural Christians,
Carlie's trials, remarks on, 645. Sen.

tence, 714. On the prosecution Claike, William, Esq., legacies by the
727 late,

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and conversion, 119, 545, 617.


On proceedings in the Western C. N. S's obituary of Mr. Samuel
Unitarian Society,

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obituary of,


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Cartwright, Thomas, biography of, 27 His letter to the secretary to the
Case decided on a Dissenter's claim

Unitarian Food, 74. List of his


of exemption from toll on a Sunday,

On a dispute between the Me- Cogan, Mr, on Mr. Stodhart's ana.
thodists in Ireland,

thewas against Unitarians, 164.
Case of One of a llundred,


His strictures on some of the argil.
Catholics, the, on the division of the ments in “ A pelentberus," with
Duralogue by, 299, 467.


regard to the natural evidences of a
ceedings of, un public distress, 767 future state, 221. His Sermons,
Caiholic religion in Sweden,


reviewed, 257, 323. On the eter:
C.D. on the division of the Deca. nity of hell torments, 369. On the

407 mural system of Calvinists, 404.


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