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sincerity of this speech, but he gave his hand without hesitation, and in a few minutes the young men separated.

The last evening was employed by our hero in raising the hopes and spirits of his friends. When the hour of rest arrived, and the dreaded moment came for bidding adieu to all he loved, he found, to his disappointment, that Agnes had already retired. It struck him instantly that she found herself unequal to the task of saying farewell; and he felt that, though unpleasant, it was perhaps the most prudent plan; for he could not but own, that he would have been infinitely grieved to have left her ill in consequence of the excitation of her feelings. While he lay awake in the night his thoughts naturally reverted to her, and he endeavoured, with a lover's ardour, to recall her last looks and words: one time, he thought she had premeditated avoiding him at the last moment, and at another, he was convinced it was a sudden impulse : he recollected with satisfaction her augmented kindness, if such were possible, the preceding evening, and the affection of her

Then again he thought of his am


bitious views, of his brave companions, his anticipated laurels, and finally sunk to sleep overpowered by his varied and fast-coming ideas. Night had scarcely began to raise her veil when Conrad entered the parlour, and sat down to a frugal meal, previous to mounting his horse." As he rose from the table the door opened, and Agnes entered : he seized her hand, exclaiming, “ Dear girl, I did not expect this pleasure !"

“ Did you then think, Conrad, I could let you go away so far, for so uncertain a time, without one kind word? Could you dispense with' it?"

“ Only in consideration of your feelings, my Agnes; yet why did you shun me last night? The trial is equally painful to you now, and I have not a moment to stay; even now I hear James with the horse."

“ Because, Conrad, we are alone, and for this minute you are all


own.” “ Yes, dearest, yours for ever.

In life or death, still the same adoring Conrad; here or far away, your image shall attend me: but I must go, Agnes! Farewell! ever best and


dearest! pray

your Conrad.

He pressed his lips to her cold forehead, as she replied, in a voice half choked by her emotion,« Trust me, Conrad, your Agnes will never forget this hour, or the being to whom she has yielded her heart. Be prosperous! be happy! and may God in his mercy restore you to us!”

He pressed her to his heart, gave her one fond, intense, and lingering look, such alone as is given when we quit an adored object, and tearing himself from her, in silence left the


The morning was piercingly cold, and the heavy clouds foretold the coming storm; yet Conrad, absorbed in thought, allowed himself to be guided by his horse's instinct, more than his own will, for some distance, until the thick falling sleet roused him to a sense of his situation. He drew his cloak more closely around him; and, putting spurs to his horse, he never drew bridle until he reached the door of the Blue Dragon, in the town of G

The attractions of the metropolis were not sufficient to detain him; and pausing a few days only, to furnish himself with various necessary


articles, he set off for the coast, and in the course of three weeks he again hailed the shores of the golden Tagus, and hastened to join his corps, which was cantoned in the neighbourhood of Merida.


Oh, had we never, never met,
Or could this heart even now forget,
How link’d, how bless'd we might have been,
Had fate not frown'd so dark between !


Ernest Bonner had already set off for England, whither it is our intention, now, to follow him; and, in the mean time, commit our hero, for a season, to the guardianship of his good genius. On Ernest's landing he spent a short time in London, and then adjourned to the Grove. Emily, contrary to her brother's advice, had resolved not to apply to the Rector to counsel and assist her: timidity, a sense of liability to blame, and confidence in her own integrity, induced her to avoid exposing her weakness; and, at all events, she determined not to make the humiliating disclosure, unless absolutely necessary. In this frame of mind she was found on Bonner's unannounced visit, a couple of months from the time of her brother's em

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