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Yet thou regard'st the man that stands in awe,
Of thy dread works, and trembles at thy law; 215
The contrite humble spirit, who doth bear
Love undissembled mix'd with faith sincere;
And when he feels himself by thee inspir'd,
To purer thoughts, to worthier actions fir’d,
The worm, weak otherwise, becomes august, 220
And lays the machinations of his foe in dust.

In anger through the land thou oft dost go,
And in thy chariots of salvation too.
Oft in thy visits made from vice unkind,
Plague flies before, while famine stalks behind. 225
'Gainst vice with terror though thou art endu'd,
Yet thou art full of mercy to the good.
Can the meek Mother, whom affection tillid,
Be with relentless enmity instill’d,
Against the little darling whom she bred, 230
Rear'd in her arms, and with her bosom fed?
Yes, the meek mother, whom affection fillid,
Can be with ruthless enmity instill'd,

Against the little darling whom she bred,
Reard in her arms, and with her bosom fed; 235
But Thou wilt never thine own sons neglect,
Wilt never cease the righteous to protect.

O Lord, how various are thy works and great !
In wisdom were they all produc'd compleat!
With riches hast thou fill'd th' extensive earth, 240
Which brings luxuriantly her blessings forth;
The sea as well as the delightful land,
Declares the work of an almighty hand.
There bulky vessels make their trackless way,
And there Leviathan is wont to play,

Who seems, as high his monstrous bulk he heaves,
A massive island rising from the waves;
And yet spouts water as a gamesome boy,
Alofc, who throws it in a fit of joy.
His eyes effulgent with indignant scorn, 250
Are like the op’ning eyelids of the morn;
He swims the awful monarch of the flood,
And laughs at iron as at rotten wood.

In all the glorious works which thou hast made,
Various and countless living creatures tread : 255
They call upon thee for their daily food,
Thy hand thou op'nest, they are filled with good ;
While I have being I will speak thy praise,
In that my voice triumphantly I'll raise.





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