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Obituary.--Mr. Edward Hesketh. Rev. Thomas Belshum. 887 met together, to pay their last tribute of Although the public career of this respect and affection to the memory of eminent and excellent mau had in fact, one who, though taken away so early, though not formally, been previously had set so bright an example.

brought to its close by the pressure of

accumulating infirmities, it is inipossible MR. EDWARD Hesketh.

to record the termination of his earthly Oct. 12, at Birmingham, Mr. EDWARD existence without deeply feeling what a HESKETH, of Edgbaston, in the neigh- loss the cause of Truth and Righteousbourhood of that town. His health had ness has sustained in him who was so been scarcely less firm than usual, when long its upright, indefatigable, and effian irresistible disease called him, sud. cient advocate. denly, and almost instantaneously, from We abstain at present from attempting the busivess which he was in the act of any outline of his character and history, conducting, from the arms of a nnmerous as a very short time may be expected to and beloved farnily, and from all mortal supply materials which will enable us to duties and enjoyments, to the region do so in a more complete and satisfacwhere is no working, or device, or love, tory manner. or hatred. On the day preceding his Mr. Belsham's remains were deposited dissolution, he had occupied his accus- in the same grare with those of his preto med seat at public worship. He was decessor and friend, the Rev. Theophilus a valuable member of general society- Lindsey, in Bunhill Fields, on Friday, Jong known and much esteemed, through- 20th ult. The funeral was attended by out no narrow circle. Of the domestic Wm. Smith, Esq., M.P., Wm. Sturch, sympathies and virtues he was, iu parti. Esq., Thomas Gibson, Esq., Prentice, cular, a fine example. Religion appeared Esq., Rev. G. Kenrick, and about fifty to have great ascendancy over his friends and admirers of the deceased, thoughts, words, and actions. May its from Hampstead to the place of ivterprinciples and spirit govern, and its ment, where it was joined by a number promises cheer, the hearts of those who of other gentlemen who had been waiting bitterly mourn their loss of him! In its arrival. The Pall was borne by the that their purest, richest sources of con- Rev. Messrs. Coates, Fox, Darison, solation will be found; and next in Tagart, Porter, and Mardon. The Adaffectionately recording, contemplating, dress at the grave was delivered by the and imitating the excellencies of the Rev. R. Aspland, and the Funeral Serhusband, the father, the brother, the mon, on the Sunday morning following, master, and the friend. May the God by the Rev. Thomas Madge, at Essexwhom he conscientiously adored, even Street Chapel. We hope that both the the one God, and the Father of our Lord Address and the Sermon will be pubJesus Christ, be their refuge ! Nor may lished. such illustrations of the precarious ten- Funeral Sermons have also been ure of life, and of terrestrial blessings, preached, or will have been before this address themselves in vain to the sensi- meets the public eye, at most, if not all, bilities of any under whose observation of the Unitarian Chapels in and about they are brought! For who has not the the metropolis; and probably at many sentence of death within himself; and in the country. Το. do honour who cau say that he shall not soon fall to Mr. Belsham's memory is not the

concern of any particular congregation, “ 'Tis all a transient hour below,

but of the whole Unitariau body. For And we who fain had kept thee here,

its distinguishing tenets he was ever a
Ourselves as fleetly go !"

consistent and zealous champion ; and
by his numerous and valuable publica-

tious, “ being dead he yet speaketh” on

by it?


their behalf, with a voice which will Nov. 11, at Hampstead, in the 80th

reach to distant generations. He is gone year of his age, the Rev. Thomas BEL

to receive the recompense of his many talents diligently improved.



The Wareham Chapel. Rev. James Browo as its minister, these

have prejudged the question they pow At a meeting of the members of the propose to investigate ; and we are the Southeru l'vitarian Society, held at New- more confirmed in this opinion, by find. port, Isle of Wight, November 2, 1829, ing that of the persons named on the to take into cousideration a communica. Committee we have reason to beliere tion from the Rev. Mr. Durant, of Poole, two at the least have been instrumental on the part of the Association of Inde- in forwarding those measures which have pendent Ministers of the county of Dor- led to the present occupation of the set, stating that the Rev. Messrs. Durant, chapel. We consider, therefore, that of Poole; Gunn, of Christchurch, and under such circumstances it would be in Keynes, of Blandford, had been appointed vain to expect that an inu partial investia Committee ou the part of the Associ- gation can be had. ation, to ascertain whether the persous That even could such an inre-tigation in possession of the Presbyterian Chapel be obtained, and should the result terat Wareham are entitled, in equity, to minate in the decision that the Chapel retain the same, and requesting this So. should be restored to those who have ciety to appoint three persons, either been compelled to secede from it, there ministers or laymen, to co-operate with wonld be po security that such a decision the gentlemen appointed by the Associa- could be carried into effect, as the partion for the purpose above stated, ties in possession have given no underIt was resolved,

taking that they will defer to the opiThat though a charge of duplicity in niou of the Committee; and public opithe means he employed to deprive the nion, on which we have been desired to Unitarians of the Chapel at Wareham, rely, has been already sufficiently es. has been publicly made against Mr. John pressed to prove its incompetency to euBrown, accompanied with an offer to force the demands of equity. meet him for the purpose of proving the That we should hail with delight any same, which offer he has thought fit to measure which would promote the cause decline; yet we are not aware that any of Christian charity, and tend to heal the charge has been made against the con- unhappy disputes which have so long gregation assembling in the chapel, and prevailed at Wareham, but for the reaconsequently we can only look on the sons before stated, we cannot concur in proposed inquiry as an attempt to shift the appointment of the proposed Comthe imputation from an individual who mittee, as we conceive an inquiry so seems unwilling to meet it, and to fix conducted would only produce increased the burden of defence on those whose irritation, and, with respect to conduct there has been no intention to friends most deeply interested, reviie inculpate.

feelings every way painful, many of them That we receive, in the spirit of con- connected with relatives who are now ciliation, the proposal made by the Ivde- happily removed from the trying scenes pendent Ministers of the county of Dor which their survivors bare been called set, but we cousider that by holding their to encounter, Associatiou in the Chapel at Wareham,

WM. MORTIMER, Chai man. and by assisting at the Ordination of the


CORRESPONDENCE, Communications have been received from Rev. H. Clarke ; P. Valentine ; Æquus; N.C.; An Old York Student.The Obituary of Miss Powell, and of Dirs. Mary Recs, in our next.

We are sorry (for his sake) to hear that Lieutenant Rhind, the Agent of the Reformation Society, has retracted the apology mentioned in p. 862, as made by him at the Norwich Meeting.





The Names and Signatures of Correspondents are distinguished by Small Capitals
or Italics : as different Correspondents have often adopted the same Signature, some
ambiguity in the references will unavoidably arise; but this is an inconvenience ne-
cessarily attached to anouymous communications,

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(See Re-

COGAN, Rev. E., on the Trinitarian Diving, dangers of,


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Body, reviewed,
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