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The PROPRIETORS of the LONDON JOURNAL OF ARTS cannot close their fourth volume without availing themselves of the opportunity to express their thanks for the very liberal and increasing support which their exertions have received during the present year.

They have ever felt persuaded that a Journal like this, exhi biting the earliest improvements in the ARTS and MANUFACTURES, must be a valuable repository of useful knowledge; and, as such, their labours have been received.

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Confident that a faithful and impartial report of every invention has been given, they here again pledge themselves to a strict adherence to the same plan, spirit, and exertions, which have marked their progress from the commencement.

NOVEMBER 30TH, 1822.

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I. Eckstein's Portable Kitchen; Deurbroucq's Distilling Apparatus; and Winter's Machine for sewing Gloves.

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II. Grimshaw's Rope-making Machinery; and Gordon's

III. Newman's Blow-pipe; and Macnamara's Paving-stones.
IV. Applegath's Printing Apparatus; and Hawkins' Anchors.
V. Coles' Chronometer; and Brown's Improved Boiler.
VI. Martin and Grafton's Lamp-black Apparatus.
VII. Christopher's Substitute for Anchors.

VIII. Gladstone's Mode of Strengthening Timbers; Tomlinson's improved Rafters; and Holdsworth's Roofs.

IX. Cochrane's Lamps; and Motley's Candlesticks.
X. Gladstone's improved Mode of Propelling Vessels;
Gordon's Steam-Packets; and Bill's Improvements in
Iron Masts.

XI. Wass's Smelting Furnaces.

XII. Yardley's Glue-making Apparatus; Gordon's Kettle; and Postan and Jeakes's Cooking Plate.

XIII. Erard's Piano-forte; and Gardner's Stays.

XIV. Gauntlet's Vapour-bath.

XV. Chabanne's Fishing-trap; Smith's Apparatus for Dressing Piece Goods; and Hobday's Umbrella.

XVI. Fatton's Astronomical Watch; and Roxby's improved Quadrant.





No. XIX.

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Recent Patents.

To GEORGE FREDRIC ECKSTEIN, of High Holborn, London, for certain improvements in Cooking Appa


THE improvements proposed in this patent consist of a combination of implements or utensils for cooking, which are capable of being packed together in so small a compass as to become perfectly portable: the grate and fuel, with all the necessary articles for roasting, boiling, baking, frying, broiling, stewing, and steaming, being contained in a box something less than two feet square; the apparatus being thus rendered of easy transportation, is peculiarly convenient for the use of the camp or the traveller.

The external appearance of the case containing the whole of the cooking articles in a travelling state, is


merely that of a square chest with two handles. On the lid being unlocked, its sides may be thrown open by withdrawing certain pins or bolts, passed through staples, which hold the sides and ends together. The two ends and lid of the box having been removed, the sides, which fold upon hinges, are laid down level with the bottom, forming a flat board; into this, six legs are screwed; after which the band is inverted, and thus a dining table is produced of about six feet long by two wide. The lid of the box, with four legs screwed into it, forms a stand, upon which the apparatus is to be placed for the purpose of cooking, as seen in back and front views, Plate I. figs. 1 and 2.

Fig. 1, exhibits the side and front of the portable kitchen in operation. It is externally formed by two cases or screens made of sheet iron or copper, enclosing a fire grate and oven; a joint of meat is seen roasting, and also a kettle on the top for boiling or steaming. Fig. 2, represents the other side and back of the apparatus with the oven door open, into which a small kettle may be partially introduced, as shewn, and also a stewing stove with a sauce-pan over it. The fire-place is made of cast and wrought iron, and is intended to burn charcoal; but when sea-coal, coke, or wood is employed, it may be found necessary to suffer the smoke to discharge itself through a pipe, seen in fig. 2. passing over the oven.

If this apparatus be used in a dwelling, and fuel be employed which emits smoke, the pipe must be placed near to, or in the chimney; and if used in the open air it must be so situated that the mouth of the pipe cannot be choaked by the wind. The heat emitted from the grate with a small fire will be found sufficient for cooking with tolerable expedition: that is to roast in front,

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