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The present volume is presented to the world with | of his own personal friends, from which the present much diffidence, as it can lay no claim whatever to publication derives its origin. The descriptions depth of thought, and but little to originality of il- and reflections are principally in the exact form in lustration. The writer set sail for the island of which they appear in the notices kept during his Ceylon, as a Wesleyan Missionary, in the early actual wanderings, written many times under most part of the year 1825; and having received per- unfavorable circumstances; and a few historical mission to visit England, from the committee of remarks have since been inserted in different parts the society to which he has the honor to belong, of the work, as it was supposed, from the humility he returned by what is called the overland passage, of its pretensions, that its circulation would be --the extra expense above the sum usually grant- chiefly confined to a class of persons who have few ed to missionaries returning from the East being other means of acquiring information on the subdefrayed froin his own resources. It was hoped jects embraced in these pages. that in this route more frequent opportunities of The publication has been delayed some time usefulness would present themselves, and that some since the completion of the MS. from circumstaninformation might be gained that would be inte- ces with which it is unnecessary to trouble the resting to those engaged in the great work of evan-reader. gelizing the world. He endeavored to remember, It is the principal aim of the writer to illustrate in ali places, that he was commissioned from on the Bible; and if by this work one doubt of the high to preach the gospel to every creature; and unbeliever be removed, or one ray of light be shed he was therefore desirous to embrace every possi- j upon any passage hitherto thought obscure; if one ble opportunity of making known “ the unsearcha- mind be brought to understund the blessed Book ble riches of Christ," either by the distribution of more perfectly, or one heart be brought to love it tracts, or by familiar conversations with the peo- with greater sincerity, to the living God shall be ple. He kept a journal of his travels for the use all the praise.

Brook House, near Bradford, Yorkshire,

Dec. 19, 1834.

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