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The Last SPBECHES and TBSTIMONIBS of those who have suffered for the TRUTH,

in SCOTLAND, fince the Year 1680.

Together to be An APPENDIX containing the Queen's-Ferry Paper, Tor.

wood Excommunication, a RELATION concerning Mi. R. Cameron, My, D. Cargil and H. Hall; and on · Account of sbole whe were Killed Toubout PROCESS of Law, and bonised 10 Fore reign Lands: Wishe hori View of some of obe Oppresive Exactions.

RSV.1.14. These are ing which come out of grea Teibulaziox, and have wadid obale

Rodes, ind mode inim ahile in the Bleed of the Lamb. Gyor Epir. , Brac ante id operibus Pratcum candid. EccleGo; none lo&o eft in Crore

Monirom purpures : Tloubou cins nec Rolz deludle asc Lilia,

Printed in the Year M.DCC.XIV.

Fac-simile Title oj the First Edition.

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