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I make it my rule to lay hold of light, and embrace it, wherever I see it, though hel
forth by a child or an enemy.

ss Too many are to be found in all countries, like the Italian Philosopher, who was ur

willing to look through the telescopes of Gallileo, lest he should find something to
shake his belief in the dogmas of Aristotle.”

Christian Observer.




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ii Associale Reformed Church.....Keport of the State of Religion, &c. Associate Reformed Church. Synodical Treasury, 1100 98

At the late meeting of the General Synod of the Associate Reformed

$3313 96 Church, the Rev. Dr. Mason stated, that in consequence of ill heaļth he had Report of the state of Religion, determined to resign his office of Pro-li Within the boundaries of the Reformed vost in Columbia College, and that in

Dutch Church in North America, tending to take a voyage to Europe,

made June, 1816. he should be prevented from officiat. (The Reformed Dutch Church in this coun

try contains about 80 congregations, siting any longer as Professor in the The

uated in New York and New-Jersey.ological Seminary The Synod ex- At the late meeting of the Synod, the pressed their deep sense of the value Committee on the state of Religion made of the services which Dr. M. had gra

the following report:] .tuitously rendered the institution, and That on an examination of the minvoted him 500 dollars, as a token of utes of the particular Synods of Newtheir disposition to remunerate him York and Albany, (the only sources of more liberally if they had the means.

their information) they rejoice to find The number of Students who atten- that the Lord still continues to bless ded at the Theological Seminary tbe the means of grace, and to animate his last term was 21. The expences of servants by causing his work to prosthe institution for the year ending the per in their hands. During the year 30th of April last, was as follows:

past, not only have vacant congrega

tions, some of which had long been Expences of Superintendents, 65

destitute of the stated ministry of the Ditto of Professors,


word and ordinances, been furnished Students board,

1384 98

with pastors, but a rich measure of diContingences of Seminary, 40

vine influence also has been imparted Total on account of the Seminary $2789 98

many of your societies. Within the

bounds of the particular Synod of Al. By the Statistical Table of the Associate Re-| bany, the state of religion appears to formed Church in North America, it


be improving The truths of the Gospears that there were, on the 30th of A-pel are heard by increasing numbers, pril last,

and with solemn attention. In the Ministers ongre.


congregation of Wynant's Kill, the Divine Spirit has rendered the gospel ef

fectual to the awakening and converIn the Synod of

sion of many. In the congregations belonging to the Classis of Poughkeep

sie, the zealous efforts of the servants New-York, 21

5 32 13

of the Redeemer, to promote the interPennsylvania,

23 11ests of his kingdom, have been owner Sciotu, 2.3

55 | 28 and blessed in a measure which calls

for our special gratitude. The church 53

108 | 52|of Poughkeepsie has enjoyed a season The receipts into the Treasury of unusually refreshing; inany have been the General Synod, from 30th April, awakened; more than a hundred per1815, to 30th April, 1816, according to sons, apd those principally from among the Treasurer's account current, were the young, have been added to the as follows:

church. The revival has been power1. Donations to the perma

ful, and extended its happy influence nent fund,

$988 to the souls of not a few blacks. A. 2. Contributions to the Semi

mong the congregations under the junary for current expences, 1323 98 risdiction of the particular. Synod of 3. General Contributions to the New-York, your Committee feel hap



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ers and





py to state, that a growing attention ||ful preaching of the word, and the esbas been paid to the Gospel ordinan- || tablishment of praying Societies; a due ces, and that a considerable number of|attention to all of which your commit: persons have been added to the church || tee beg leave earnestly to recommend of such, we trust, as shall be saved. ii to the ministers and congregations uni

Among the means, which appear to| der the care of this judicatory, · as have been rendered effectual to the means appointed of God for the consalvation of sinners, are family visita-|| version of sinners and the edification tions, catechetical instruction, and in- of his people. creased attention to d'scipline, the faith-li



Church, Associate Reformed Abdool Messee 233 Clark, Governor

118 Address on education of young men 29 53 | Commandment 4th, Prohibitory part of 201

of American Bible Society 282 ) Commandment 4th, Exceptions to the 145 Adam, sin of connected with his pos

What is forbidden in 149 terity

155 Connecticut Missionary Society 45 African Institution

139 Contradictions, seeming reconciled 88 All's for the best 100 Conferences, Subjects for

228 American Bible Society

280 Constitution of Amer. Bible Socieiy 281 Antinomians, remark on


D. Assembly, general report of on state Darwin Alanson, Ordination of

52 of Religion 14 | Dealtry, Rev Wm.

99 on ransporting mail 18 22 Death, Daniels Reflections on

124 B.

Fanny M'Clure
Balls and Dancing Assemblies

Deacon Merrell

140 Belief and Disbelief

Andrew Fuller

147 Beecher on building waste places

Rev. Dr. Buchanan

147 Bellamy on the Gospel 204 Departure of Missionaries

194 Benevolence, feelings of 137 | Duty of Minister

36 Bible

160 Distressel old Man Bible Society, American, forma

Devil's Work

35 tion of

280 Documents respecting Loring D. Blackburne, Rev. Dr. 98 Dewey

266 Blessings, all through Christ 134 Edwards, Governor !

118 Bonnel, Experience and death of

Edwards', Pres. Character of works 138 Aurelia

191 | Election, Scripture doctrine of stated 81 British & For’n. Bible Society 66 94 237


107 Buchannan, A Poem

Objections to

152 130 Buchanan, Rev. Dr. Biographical

Essay on the education of Children 207 Sketch of 192 Experience of Wm. James

62 C.

Character of Pres't. Edward's works 138 Foreign missions, Meeting of Board
Children, Essay on the Education of 204 of

179 Christ, Divine Nature of 111 Forin and Formalist

147 Church, Neforme:] Dutch

2 Fuller, Rev. De, death of


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