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THROUGH the kind Providence of God, we are permitted to present another volume of this periodical to our readers. The present has been an unfavourable year for religious periodical literature in general. The unhappy war in which our country is engaged with a mighty despotic empire, and the important and affecting intelligence from the scenes of conflict, have naturally awakened general excitement, and led to a more extended circulation of newspapers, to the detriment of religious magazines. The dearness of provisions, and other inconveniences resulting from the war, have also militated considerably against the circulation of the latter periodicals. Under these circumstances, we are grateful to the Giver of all good, and to our numerous subscribers, for the extensive patronage still afforded to our Connexional organ. A circulation of nearly 11,000 copies monthly during a year of such financial pressure, demands our grateful acknowledgments.

And while we tender our thanks to our numerous friends for their liberal support hitherto, we would respectfully solicit the continuance of their favour, and the recommendation of our periodical to those who may be likely to become subscribers. The changes which are continually taking place in society by deaths, removals, and various other causes, necessarily occasion the loss of many subscribers to every regular periodical ; and without a considerable number of new ones, the circulation must be gradually diminished. We scarcely need say that we earnestly deprecate such an occurrence in reference to our Connexional Magazine. And we hope better things, despite of the discouragements which the circumstances of the times present. Our friends have hitherto afforded us cheerful and extensive support, and we have not much reason to fear that any thing short of necessity will cause them to discontinue a work of which they heartily approve. Encouraged by their continued patronage and support, it shall be our constant effort to render the periodical worthy of their countenance, and calculated to promote their instruction and spiritual profit.

We again tender our thanks to the numerous friends who have contributed to our pages, and respectfully solicit the continuance of their assistance. Whatever their office or standing in the Connexion, acceptable communications will be gratefully received from them, and will be inserted as far as our space and other circumstances will permit.

We are above all desirous to be favoured with gratifying intelligence of the prosperity of the work of God. A record of the onward movements of the

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