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747 Where I

am, there shall also My servant be.-John 12, 26.

1 LET me be with Thee where Thou art, My Saviour, my eternal rest,

Then only will this longing heart
Be fully and for ever blest.

2 Let me be with Thee where Thou art, Thine unveiled glory to behold;

Then only will this wandering heart
Cease to be treacherous, faithless, cold.
Let me be with Thee where Thou art.
Where spotless saints Thy name adore;
Then only will this sinful heart
Be evil and defiled no more.

4 Let me be with Thee where Thou art,
Where none can die, and none remove,
There neither life nor death will part
My spirit from Thy perfect love.





748 I will increase them with men like


a flock.-Ezek. 36, 37.

EAR, gracious Sovereign, from Thy throne,

And send Thy various blessings down: While by Thine Israel Thou art sought, Attend the prayer Thy word hath taught.

2 Come, sacred Spirit! from above, And fill the coldest heart with love; Soften to flesh the rugged stone, And let Thy godlike power be known. 3 Speak Thou, and from the haughtiest Shall floods of pious sorrow rise: [eyes While all their glowing souls are borne [seorn.

To seek that grace which now they

40 let a holy flock await,

Numerous around Thy temple-gate,
Each pressing on with zeal to be

A living sacrifice to Thee!
5 In answer to our fervent cries,

Give us to see Thy church arise;
That blessing, Lord, is not too great,
Though now we mourn its low estate.

749 Grant us Thy salvation.—Ps. 85, 7.



Thy people wait for Thee;
Thine ear, in kind compassion, lend;

Let us Thy mercy see.
2 Behold, Thy weary churches wait,

With wistful longing eyes;
Let us no more be desolate;

O bid Thy light arise. 3 Thy light that on our souls hath shone,

Leads us in hope to Thee ;
Let us not feel its rays alone-

Alone, Thy people be.
4 O bring our dearest friends to God;

Remember those we love;
Fit them on earth for Thine abode;

Fit them for joys above.
5 Spirit of holiness, tis Thine

To hear our feeble prayer;
Come,- for we wait Thy power divine,
Let us Thy mercy share.

750 The church in the wilderness.

7, 1 FAR

AR down the ages now,

Much of her journey done,
The pilgrim church pursues her way,

Until her crown be won.
The story of the past

Comes up before her view,
How well it seems to suit her still,

Old, and yet ever new!

2 Tis the repeated tale

Of sin and weariness,
Of grace and love yet flowing down

To pardon and to bless.
No wider is the gate,

No broader is the way,
No smoother is the ancient path,

That leads to light and day. 3 No sweeter is the cup,

Nor less our lot of ill;
"Twas tribulation ages since,

Tis tribulation still.
No slacker grows the fight,

No feebler is the foe,
Nor less the need of armour tried,

Of shield, and spear, and bow.
Thus onward still we press,
"Through evil and through good,-
Through pain, and poverty and want,

Through peril and through blood.
Still faithful to our God,

And to our Captain true;
We follow where He leads the way,

The Kingdom in our view,


That Thy way may be knoton upon

earth.-Ps. 67, 2. 1 По

In mercy, Lord, incline;
And cause the brightness of Thy face

On all Thy saints to shine;
That so Thy wondrous way

May through the world be known:
Whilst distant lands their tribute pay,

And Thy salvation own.
3 Let differing nations join,

To celebrate Thy fame;
Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise Thy glorious name.
4 O let them shout and sing

With joy and pious mirth!
For Thou, the righteous Judge and

Shalt govern all the earth.


Then shall the teeming ground

A large increase disclose;
And we with plenty shall be crowned,

Which God, our God, bestows. 6

Then God upon our land

Shall constant blessings shower;
And all the world in awe shall stand
Of His resistless power.


752 Awake, awake, put on thy strengthen i DA Exalt thy fallen head;

AUGHTER of Zion, from the dust

Again in thy Redeemer trust,

He calls thee from the dead.
2 Awake, awake, put on thy strength,
Thy bea

ful array;
The day of freedom dawns at length,

The Lord's appointed day. 3 Rebuild thy walls, thy bounds enlarge,

And send thy heralds forth:
Say to the South--Give up thy charge,

Ånd keep not back, 0 North. 4 They come, they come; thine exiled

Where'er they rest or roam, [bands Have heard thy voice in distant lands,

And hasten to their home. 5 Thus, though the universe shall burn,

And God His works destroy,
With songs thy ransomed shall return,
And everlasting joy.


753 au the ends of the earth shall fear

1 COD of mercy! God of grace!

U Show the brightness of Thy face. Shine upon us, Saviour, shine; Fill Thy Church with light divine; And Thy saving health extend

Unto earth's remotest end,
2 Let the people praise Thee, Lord !

Be by all that live adored :
Let the nations shout and sing,
Glory to their Saviour King !

At Thy feet their tribute pay,

And Thy holy will obey.
3 Let the people praise Thee, Lord !

Earth shall then her fruits afford;
God to man His blessing give;
Man to God devoted live:
All below, and all above,
One in joy, and light, and love.

C.M. 754 Let all the people praise Thee.-Ps.

, .
1 BE merciful to us, o God!

Upon Thy people shine;
And spread Thy saving

truth abroad,
Til all that live are Thine.
2 Give light and comfort to Thine own,

And let that light extend,
Till Thy prevailing name is known

To earth's remotest end.
3 Let all the people praise Thee, Lord !

Let all their homage bring :
From sea to sea be Thou adored,

Redeemer, Judge, and King!
4 Let all the people praise Thee, Lord!

Then earth her fruits shall give:
Thy blessing shall on all be poured,

And all to Thee shall live,

8.7.4. 755 The days of thy mourning shall be

1 :

N the mountain top appearing,
Welcome news to Zion bearing,
Zion long in hostile lands:

Mourning captive! God himself will loose thy bands. 2 Has thy night been long and mourn

Have thy friends unfaithful proved?
Have thy toes been proud and scornful,
By thy sighs and tears unmoved?

Cease thy mourning,
Zion still is well-beloved.

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