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Erastus, on "the Jewish cities of refuge"-Omicron, on the question, "Are Christians forbidden in the scriptures to eat, at common meals, with an excommunicated person?"-Cyprian, "on the name Christian ;" and Thelesus, "on the prevalence and evil of loose and indistinct ideas;" also a sketch of the life of Professor Gellert, and a continuation of the review of Dr. Rees' Cyclopædia, shall, if practicable, all appear in our next.

The Editors regret that a failure in a communication which they forwarded to a respected correspondent, on Church Government, has prevented their receiving in season for this number, his contemplated observations on that topic. The pages of the Panoplist, though shut impenetrably against angry controversy, are open at all times to a free and candid discussion of all subjects, which affect the purity and welfare of the churches. On this ground they readily admitted the “Questions relative to church government, proposed and answered," by Titus. On points of this kind, where a diversity of opinions exist among good men, the editors by no means feel themselves pledged for the correctness of every thing inserted in the Panoplist. While the subject is under discussion, they will admit whatever is candidly stated, on all sides, and may assist in forming a correct result. We invite our correspondents, who feel interested in the subject above stated, to transmit their sentiments upon it. And if we may be permitted to suggest a form of communicating them, we would beg leave to recommend, as the most unexceptionable and inoffensive, that adopted by Titus. We wish every writer to give his own sentiments with fairness and a Christian spirit, without particular reference to those of others, and let the pubJic decide for themselves.

As the agency of the Panoplist is to be changed next month, and a New Series of this work is to commence, on an improved plan, the editors earnestly solicit all who are in arrears, to make immediate payment to Mr. CALEB BINGHAM; as the editors wish to close all their accounts, and to inform the public of the state of their charity fund, which they have not yet been able to do, owing to the distant and scattered situation of their subscribers, and the uncertain state of their debts.

The present subscribers to the work will be considered, as patrons of the new and improved series, unless information is received to the contrary. New subscribers are requested to transmit their names early to FARRAND, MALLORY & Co. Suffolk Buildings, State Street, Beston, the future Publishers of the Panoplist, and where subscription papers may be obtained, early in June, by those who wish to extend the circulation of this work.



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