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Ruler admonished. S. LUKE. Christ's death foretold. d 17 Verily I say unto you, d 28 Then Peter said, Lo, we Whosoever shall not receive have left all, and followed the kingdom of God as a thee. little child shall in no wise 29 And he said unto them, enter therein.

Verily I say unto you, There 18 And a certain ruler ask- is no man that hath left ed him, saying, Good Mas- house, or parents, or breter, what shall I do to inherit thren, or wife, or children, eternal life?

for the kingdom of God's t 19 AndJesus said unto him, sake, Why callest thou me good? 5 30 Who shall not receive none is good, save one, that manifold more in this present is, God.

time, and in the world to d 20 Thou knowest the com- come lite everlasting. mandnients, Do not commit & 31 Then he took unto him adultery, Do not kill, Do not the twelve, and said unto steal, Do not bear false wit- them, Behold, we go up to ness, Honour thy father and Jerusalem, and all things thy mother.

that are written by the pro21 And he said, All these phets concerning the Son of have Ikept from myyouth up: man shall be accomplished. d 22 Now when Jesus heard r 32 For he shall be delivered these things, he said unto unto the Gentiles, and shall him, Yet lackest thou one be mocked, and spitefully thing: sell all that thou hast, entreated, and spitted ou: and distribute unto the poor,

33 And they shall scourge and thou shalt have treasure him, and put him to death: in heaven: and come, follow and the thurd day he shall rise

again. 23 And when he heard this, 34 And they understood he was very sorrowful: for none of these things: and this he was very rich.

saying was hid from them, 24 And when Jesus saw that neither kuew they the things he was very sorrowful, he which were spoken. said, How hardly shall they / 35 And it came to pass, that have riches enter into that as he was come nigh the kingdom of God!

unto Jericho, a certain blind 25 For it is easier for a ca- man sat by the way side mel to go through a needle's begging: eye, than for a rich man to 30 And hearing the multienter into the kingdom of tude pass by, he asked what God.

it meant. 26 And they that heard it 37 And they told him, that said, Who then can be saved? Jesus of Nazareth passeth by. t 27 And he said, The things a 38 And he cried, saying, which are impossible with Jesus,thou son of David, havo Den are possible with God.mercy on me.


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Christ rilleth


into Jerusalem. 16 Then came the first, hath shall be taken away saying, Lord, thy pound hath from him. gained ten pounds.

t 27 But those mine enemies, 17 And he said unto him, which would not that I Well, thou good servant: be: should reign over them, cause thou hast been faithful bring hither, and slay them in a very little, have thou au- before me. thority over ten cities. f 239 And when he had thus

13 And the second came, spoken, he went before, assaying, Lord, thy pound hath cending up to Jerusalem. gained five pounds. & 29 And it came to pass,

19 And he said likewise to when he was come nigh to him, Be thou also over five Bethphage and Bethany, at cities.

the mount called the mount 20 And another came, say- of Olives, he sent two of his i11g, Lord, behold, here is thy disciples, poud, which I have kepti 30 Saying, Go ye into the faid up in a napkin: village over against you; in c 21 For I feared thee, be- the which at your entering cause thou art an austere ye shall find a colt tied, man: thou takest up that whereon yet never man sat: thou layedst not down, and loose him, and bring him reapest that thou didst not hither.

31 And if any man ask you, 22 And he saith unto him, Why do ye loose him; thus Out of thine own mouth will shall yesayunto him, Because I judge thee, thou wicked the Lord hath need of him. servant. Thou knewest that a 32 And they that were sent I was an austere man, taking went their way, and found up that I laid not down, and evenas he had said untothem. reaping that I did not sow: 33 And as they were loosing

23 Wherefore then gavest the colt, the owners thereot not thou my money into the said unto them, Why loose bank, that at my coming 1 ye the colt? might have required mine 34 And they said, The Lord Owil with usury?

hath need of him. 24 And he said unto them 35 And they brought him that stood by, Take from to Jesus: and they cast their him the pound, and give garments upon the colt, and it to him that hath ten they set Jesus thereon. pounds.

36 And as they went, they 25 (And they said unto him, spread their clothes in the Lord, he hath ten pounds.) way.

26 For I say unto you, That « 37 And when he was come unto every one which hath nigh, even now at the descent shall be given; and from him of the mount of Olives, the that hath not, even that hel whole multitude of the dis

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Parable of the vineyard. S. LUKE. Of giving tribute far country for a long time. and the scribes the same hour

10 And at the season he sent sought to lay hands on him; a servant to the husbandmen, and they feared the people: that they should give him of for they perceived that he the fruit of the vineyard: but had spoken this parable the husbandmen beat him, against them.. and sent him away empty. 0 20 And they watched him,

11 And again he sent an- and sent forth spies, which other servant: and they beat should feign themselves just him also, and entreated him men, that they might take shamefully, and sent him hold of his words, that so they away empty.

might deliver him unto the 12' And again he sent a power and authority of the third: and they wounded him governor. also, and cast him out. 21 And they asked him,

13' Then said the lord of saying, Master, we know the vineyard, What shall I that thou sayest and teachest do? I will send my beloved rightly, neither acceptest son: it may be they will reve-thou the person of any, but rence him when they see him. teachest the way of God

14 But when the husband truly: men saw him, they reasoned 22 Is it lawful for us to give among themselves, saying, tribute unto Cesar, or no? This is the heir: come, let us 23 But he perceived their kill him, that the inheritance craftiness, and said unto may be ours.

them, Why tempt ye me? t 15 So they cast him out of 24 Shew

penny. the vineyard, and killed him. Whose image and superWhat therefore shall the lord scription hath it? They anof the vineyard do unto them? swered and said, Cesar's.

16 He shall come and de-d*25 And he said unto them, stroy these husbandmen, and Render therefore unto Cesar shall give the vineyard to the things which be Cesar's, others. And when they heard and unto God the things of the rest it, they said, God forbid. which be God's. t 17 And he beheld them, and 26 And they could not take said, What is this then that hold of his words before the is written, The stone which people: and they marvelled the builders rejected, the at his answer, and held their same is become the head of peace. the corner?

| 27 | Then came to him cer+*18 Whosoever shall fall tain of the Sadducees, which upon that stone shall be bro-deny that there is any resurken: but on whomsoever it rection; and they asked him, shall fall, it will grind him to 28 Saying, Master, Moses powder.

wrote unto us, If any man's #199 And the chief priests | brother die, having a wife,


Sadducees con and he die w that his brot his wife, and unto his brot

29 There seven brethtook a wife, children,

30 And the to wife, and

31 And th and in liker also: and the ren, and dit

32 Last of died also.

33 Theref rection who shes for sevet

34 And J said unto the of this world given in mar

35 But the accounted w hat world, a son from th aarry, nor arriage:

36 Neither more: for they the angels; and then of God, be


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37 Now that
raised, even MO
de bush, when
Lord the God
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33 For he is
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39 Then et
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40 And after the


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