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OTHER WORLDS THAN OURS; the Plurality of Worlds Studied

under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches. By R. A, PROCTOR, B.A.

Third Edition, with 14 Illustrations, Crown 8vo. 108. 6d. The ORBS AROUND US; Familiar Essays on the Moon and Planets,

Meteors and Comets, the Sun and Coloured Pairs of Stars. By R. A. PROCTOR,

B.A. Second Edition, wth Charts and 4 Diagrams. Crown 8vo. price 7s. 6d. SATURN and its SYSTEM. By R. A. PROCTOR, B.A. 8vo. with 14

Plates, 14s. The MOON, and the Condition and Configurations of its Surface.

By EDMUND Nelson, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, &c. With 26

Maps and 5 Plates. Medium 8vo. 31s. 6d. A NEW STAR ATLAS, for the Library, the School, and the Observatory,

in Twelve Circular Maps (with Two Index Plates). Intended as a companion to Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes. With a Letterpress Introduction on the Study of the Stars, illustrated by 9 Diagrams. By Ř, A.

PROCTOR, B.A. Crown 8vo. 58. SCHELLEN'S SPECTRUM ANALYSIS, in its application to Terres

trial Substances and the Physical Constitution of the Heavenly Bodies. Translated by JANE and C. LASSELL; edited, with Notes, by W. HUGGINS, LL.D.

F.R.S. With 13 Plates (6 coloured) and 223 Woodcuts. 8vo. price 28s. CELESTIAL OBJECTS for COMMON TELESCOPES. By the Rev.

T. W. WEBB, M.A. F.R.A.S. Third Edition, revised and enlarged ; with Maps,

Plate, and Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. price 78. 6d. AIR and RAIN; the Beginnings of a Chemical Climatology. By

ROBERT ANGUS SMITH, Ph.D. F.R.S. F.C.S. With 8 Illustrations. 8vo. 248. AIR and its RELATIONS to LIFE; being, with some Additions,

the Substance of a course of Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By W. N. HARTLEY, F.C.S. Demonstrator of Chemistry at King's

College, London. Second Edition, with 66 Woodcuts. Small 8ro. 6s. NAUTICAL SURVEYING, an INTRODUCTION to the PRACTICAL

and THEORETICAL STUDY of. By J. K. LAUGHTON, M.A. Small 8vo. 6s. DOVE'S LAW of STORMS, considered in connexion with the Ordinary

Movements of the Atmosphere. Translated by R. H. SCOTT, M.A. 8vo. 10s. 6d. KEITH JOHNSTON'S GENERAL DICTIONARY of GEOGRAPHY,

Descriptive, Physical, Statistical, and Historical ; forming a complete Gazetteer

of the World. New Edition, revised and corrected. 8vo. price 42s. The PUBLIC SCHOOLS ATLAS of MODERN GEOGRAPHY. In 31

Coloured Maps, exhibiting clearly the more important Physical Features of the Countries delineated, and Noting all the Chief Places of Historical, Commercial, or Social Interest. Editod, with an Introduction, by the Rev. G. BUTLER, M.A.

Imperial 8vo. or imperial 4to. 58. cloth. The PUBLIC SCHOOLS MANUAL of MODERN GEOGRAPHY. By

the Rev. GEORGE BUTLER, M.A. Principal of Liverpool College ; Editor of 'The Public Schools Atlas of Modern Geography.'


Coloured Maps. Edited by the Rev. GEORGE BUTLER, M.A. Principal of

Liverpool College. Imperial 8vo. or imperial 4to. 78, 60, cloth. MAUNDER'S TREASURY of GEOGRAPHY, Physical, Historical,

Descriptive, and Political. Edited by W. HUGHES, F.R.G.S. Revised Edition, with 7 Maps and 16 Plates. Fcp. 6s. cloth, or 10s. 6d. bound in calf,

Natural History and Popular Science. TEXT-BOOKS of SCIENCE, MECHANICAL and PHYSICAL,

adapted for the use of Artisans and of Students in Public and Science Schools.
The following Text-Books in this Series may now be had :-

ANDERSON'S Strength of Materials, small 8vo, 38, 6d.
ARMSTRONG's Organic Chemistry, 3s. 6d.
BARRY's Railway Appliances, 3s. 6d.
BLOXAx's Metals, 3s. 6d.
GOODEVE's Elements of Mechanism, 3s. 6d.

Principles of Mechanics, 3s. 6d.

Algebra and Trigonometry, 3s. 6d. Notes, 35,6d.
JENKIN'S Electricity and Magnetism, 3s. 6d.
MAXWELL'S Theory of Heat, 3s. 6d.
MERRIFIELD'8 Technical Arithmetic and Mensuration, 3s. 6d. Key, 3. 6d.
MILLER's Inorganic Chemistry, 3s. 6d.
PREECE & SIVEWRIGHT's Telegraphy, 3s. 6d.
SHELLEY'S Workshop Appliances, 3s. 6d.
THOMÉ's Structural and Physiological Botany, 6s.
THORPR's Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 4s. 6d.
THORPE & MUIR's Qualitative Analysis, 3s. 6d.
TILDEN'S Chemical Philosophy, 3s. 6d.

WATSON'S Plane and Solid Geometry, 3s. 6d.

* Other Text-Books in extension of this Series are in active preparation. ELEMENTARY TREATISE on PHYSICS, Experimental and Applied.

Translated and edited from GANO'T'S Éléments de Physique by E. ATKINSON,
Ph.D. F.C.S. Seventh Edition, revised aud enlarged; with 4 Coloured Plates

and 758 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 158. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY for GENERAL READERS and YOUNG

PERSONS; being a Course of Physics divested of Mathematical Formulæ expressed in the language of daily life. Translated from Ganot's Cours de Physique and by E. ATKINSON, Ph.D. F.C.S. Second Edition, with 2 Plates

and 429 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. price 7s. 6d. HELMHOLTZ'S POPULAR LECTURES on SCIENTIFIC SUBJECTS.

Translated by E. ATKINSON, Ph.D. F.C.S. Professor of Experimental Science,
Staff College. With an Introduction by Professor TYNDALL. 8vo. with nume-

rous Woodcuts, price 12s. 6d. On the SENSATIONS of TONE as a Physiological Basis for the CONTRIBUTIONS to MOLECULAR PHYSICS in the DOMAIN of

Theory of Music. By HERMANN L. F. HELMHOLTZ, M.D. Professor of Physics in the University of Berlin. Translated, with the Author's sanction, from the Third German Edition, with Additional Notes and an Additional Appendix, by

ALEXANDER J. ELLIS, F.R.S. &c. 8vo. price 36s. The HISTORY of MODERN MUSIC, a Course of Lectures delivered

at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By JOHN HULLAH, Professor of Vocal Music in Queen's College and Bedford College, and Organist of Charter

house, New Edition. 8vo. 8s. 6d. The TRANSITION PERIOD of MUSICAL HISTORY; a Second

Course of Lectures on the History of Music from the Beginning of the Seventeenth to the Middle of the Eighteenth Century, delivered at the Royal Insti

tution. By JOHN HULLAH. New Edition. 8vo. 108, 6d. SOUND. By JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D. D.C.L. F.R.S. Third Edition,

including Recent Researches on Fog-Signalling ; Portrait and Woodcuts.

Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d. HEAT & MODE of MOTION. By JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D. D.C.L.

FRS. Fifth Edition, Plate and Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. 10s, bd.

RADIANT HEAT. By J. TYNDALL, LL.D. D.C.L. F.R.S. With 2 Plates and


ACTION; including the Question of Diamagnetic Polarity. By J. TYNDALL,

M.D. D.C.L. F.R.S. With 6 plates and many Woodcuts. Svo. 14s. NOTES of a COURSE of SEVEN LECTURES 'on ELECTRICAL

PHENOMENA and THEORIES, delivered at the Royal Institution, A.D. 1870.

By JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S. Crown 8vo. 1s. sewed ; 1s. 6d. cloth. SIX LECTURES on LIGHT delivered in America in 1872 and 1873.

By JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D. D.C.L. F.R.S. Second Edition, with Portrait,

Plate, and 59 Diagrams. Crown 8vo. 78. 6d. NOTES of a COURSE of NINE LECTURES on LIGHT delivered at the

Royal Institution, A.D. 1869. By JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D. D.C.L. F.R.S.

Crown 8vo. price ls. sewed, or 1s, 6d. cloth. FRAGMENTS of SCIENCE. By JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D.D.C.L. F.R.S.

Third Edition, with a New Introduction. Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d. LIGHT SCIENCE for LEISURE HOURS; & Series of Familiar

Essays on Scientific Subjects, Natural Phenomena, &c. By R. A. PROCTOR,

B.A. First and Second Series. Crown 8vo. 78. 6d, each. A TREATISE on MAGNETISM, General and Terrestrial. By HUM

PHREY LLOYD, D.D. D.C.L., Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. 8vo. 10s. 6d. ELEMENTARY TREATISE on the WAVE-THEORY of LIGHT.

By HUMPHREY LLOYD, D.D. D.C.L. Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. Third

Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. price 10s. 6d. The CORRELATION of PHYSICAL FORCES. By the Hon. Sir W.R.

GROVE, M.A. F.R.S. one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas. Sixth

Edition, with other Contributions to Science. 8vo. price 15s. The COMPARATIVE ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY of the VERTE.

BRATE ANIMALS. By RICHARD OWEN, F.R.S. D.C.L. With 1,472 Woodcuts,

3 vols. 8vo. £3. 138. 6d. PRINCIPLES of ANIMAL MECHANICS. By the Rov. S. HAUGHTON,

F.R.S. Fellow of Trin. Coll. Dubl. M.D. Dubl. and D.O.L. Oxon. Second

Edition, with 111 Figures on Wood. 8vo. 215. ROCKS CLASSIFIED and DESCRIBED. By BERNHARD VON COTTA.

English Edition, by P. H, LAWRENCE; with English, German, and French

Synonymes. Post 8vo. 148. The ANCIENT STONE IMPLEMENTS, WEAPONS, and ORNA


and 476 Woodcuts. 8vo. price 28s. The NATIVE RACES of the PACIFIC STATES of NORTH AMERICA.


of MAN; Mental and Social Condition of Savages. By Sir JOHN LUBBOCK,

Bart. M.P. F.R.S. Third Edition, with 25 Woodcuts. 8vo. 18s. BIBLE ANIMALS; being a Description of every Living Creature

mentioned in the Scriptures, from the Ape to the Coral. By the Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A. F.L.S. With about 112 Vignettes on Wood, 8vo. 145.

HOMES WITHOUT HANDS ; a Description of the Habitations of

Animals, classed according to their Principle of Construction. By the Rev. J.

G. WOOD, M.A. F.L.S. With about 140 Vignettes on Wood. 8vo. 14s. INSECTS AT HOME; a Popular Account of British Insects, their

Structure, Habits, and Transformations. By the Rev. J. G. WOOD, M.A. F.L.S.

With upwards of 700 Illustrations. 8vo. price 14s. INSECTS ABROAD; a Popular Account of Foreign Insects, their

Structure, Habits, and Transformations. By J. G. WOOD, M.A. F.L.S. Printed

and illustrated uniformly with 'Insects at Home.' 8vo. price 21s. STRANGE DWELLINGS; a description of the Habitations of

Animals, abridged from 'Homes without Hands.' By the Rev. J. G. WOOD,

M.A. F.L.S. With about 60 Woodcut Illustrations. Crown 8vo. price 78. 6d. OUT of DOORS; a Selection of original Articles on Practical Natura

History. By the Rev. J. G. WOOD, M.A. F.L.S. With Eleven Illustrations from

Original Designs engraved on Wood by G. Pearson, Crown 8vo. price 7s. 6d. A FAMILIAR HISTORY of BIRDS. By E. STANLEY, D.D. F.R.S.

late Lord Bishop of Norwich. Seventh Edition, with Woodcuts. Fcp. 3s. 6d. The SEA and its LIVING WONDERS. By Dr. GEORGE HARTWIG.

Latest revised Edition. 8vo. with many Illustrations, 10s. 6d. The TROPICAL WORLD. By Dr. GEORGE HARTWIG. With above 160

Illustrations. Latest revised Edition. 8vo. price 10s. 6d. The SUBTERRANEAN WORLD. By Dr. GEORGE HARTWIG. With

3 Maps and about 80 Woodcuts, including 8 full size of page. 8vo. price 10s. 6d. The POLAR WORLD, a Popular Description of Man and Nature in the

Arctic and Antarctic Regions of the Globe. By Dr. GEORGE HARTWIG. With

8 Chromoxylographs, 3 Maps, and 85 Woodcuts. 8vo. 10s. 6d. THE AERIAL WORLD. By Dr. G. HARTWIG. . New Edition, with 8

Chromoxylographs and 60 Woodcut Illustrations. 8vo. price 21s. KIRBY and SPENCE'S INTRODUCTION to ENTOMOLOGY, or

Elements of the Natural History of Insects. 7th Edition. Crown 8vo. 5s. MAUNDER'S TREASURY of NATURAL HISTORY, or Popular

Dictionary of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects, and Creeping Things.

With above 900 Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. price 6s. cloth, or 10s. 6d, bound in calf. MAUNDER'S SCIENTIFIC and LITERARY TREASURY. New

Edition, thoroughly revised and in great part rewritten, with above 1,000 A GENERAL SYSTEM of BOTANY DESCRIPTIVE and ANALYTICAL.

new Articles, by J. Y. JOHNSON. Fcp. 8vo. 6s. cloth, or 108, 6d. calf, BRANDE'S DICTIONARY of SCIENCE, LITERATURE, and ART.

Re-edited by the Rev. GEORGE W. Cox, M.A. late Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford ; assisted by Contributors of eminent Scientific and Literary Acquire

ments, New Edition, revised. 3 vols. medium 8vo. 635. HANDBOOK of HARDY TREES, SHRUBS, and HERBACEOUS

PLANTS, containing Descriptions, Native Countries, &c. of a Selection of the Best Species in Cultivation ; together with Cultural Details, Comparative Hardiness, Suitability for Particular Positions, &c. By W. B. HEMSLEY. Based on DECAISNE and NAUDIN's Manuel de l'Amateur des Jardins, and including the 264 Original Woodcuts. Medium 8vo. 218.

By E. LE YAOUT, and J. DECAISNE, Members of the Institute of France. Translated by Mrs. HOOKER. The Orders arranged after the Method followed in the Universities and Schools of Great Britain, its Colonies, America, and India; with an Appendix on the Natural Method, and other Additions, by J. D. HOOKER, F.R.S. &c. Second Thousand, with 5,500 Woodcuts. Imperial

8vo. 31s. 6d. The TREASURY of BOTANY, or Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable

Kingdom ; including a Glossary of Botanical Terms. Edited by J. LINDLEY, T.R.S. and T. MOORE, F.L.S. assisted by eminent Contributors. With 276

Woodcuts and 20 Steel Plates. Two Parts, fcp. 8vo. 128. cloth, or 21s. calf. The ELEMENTS of BOTANY for FAMILIES and SCHOOLS.

Tenth Edition, revised by THOMAS MOORE, F.L.S. Fcp. 8vo. with 154 Wood

cuts, 28. 6d. The ROSE AMATEUR'S GUIDE, By THOMAS RIVERS. Fourteenth

Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 4s. LOUDON'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA of PLANTS ; comprising the Specific

Character, Description, Culture, History, &c. of all the Plants found in

Great Britain, With upwards of 12,000 Woodcuts. 8vo. 425. FOREST TREES and WOODLAND SCENERY, as described in Ancient

and Modern Poets. By WILLIAM MENZIES, Deputy Surveyor of Windsor Forest and Parks, &c. With Twenty Chromo-lithographic Plates. Folio, price £5 58.

Chemistry and Physiology.

A DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY and the Allied Branches of other

Sciences. By HENRY WATTS, F.R.S. assisted by eminent Contributors.

Seven Volumes, medium 8vo. price £10, 16s. 6d. ELEMENTS of CHEMISTRY, Theoretical and Practical. By W. ALLEN

MILLER, M.D. late Prof. of Chemistry, King's Coll. London, New Edition, 3 vols. 8vo. PART I. CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 158. PART II. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 218. PART III. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, New Edition


GANIC. By WILLIAM CROOKES, F.R.S. With 22 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo.


By WILLIAM CROOKES, F.R.S. With 11 Page Plates, 49 Specimens of Dyed and

Printed Fabrics, and 36 Woodcuts. 8vo. 425. OUTLINES of PHYSIOLOGY, Human and Comparative. By JOHN

MARSHALL, F.R.C.S. Surgeon to the University College Hospital. 2 vols.

crown 8vo. with 122 Woodcuts, 328. HEALTH in the HOUSE; a Series of Lectures on Elementary Physi

ology in its application to the Daily Wants of Man and Animals, delivered to the Wives and Children of Working Men in Leeds and Saltaire. By CATHERINE M. BUCKTON. New Edition, revised. Small 8vo. Woodcuts, 28.


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