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Paul's journey THE ACTS.

to Jerusalem, came to Ptolemais, and sa-, Cesarea, and brought with luted the brethren, and abode them one Mnason of Cyprus, with them one day. an old disciple, with whom 8 8 And the next day we that we should lodge. were of Paul's company de- g 17 And when we were come parted, and came unto Ce- to Jerusalem, the brethren sarea: 'and we entered into received us gladly. the house of Philip the evan 18 And the day following gelist, which was one of the Paul went in with us unto seven; and abode with him. James; and all the elders

9 And the same man had were present. four daughters, virgins, 19 And when he had saluted which did prophesy. them, he declared particu. f 10 And as we tarried there larly what things God had many days, there came down wrought among the Gentiles from Judea a certain pro- by his ministry. phet, named Agabus. e 20 And when they heard r 11 And when he was come it, they glorified the Lord, unto us, he took Paul's gir- and said unto him, Thou dle, and bound his own hands seest, brother, how many and feet, and said, Thus thousands of Jews there are saith the Holy Ghost, So which believe; and they are shall the Jews at Jerusalem all zealous of the law: bind the man that owieth 21 And they are informed this girdle, and shall deliver of thee, that thou teachest all him into the hands of the the Jews which are among the Gentiles.

Gentiles to forsake Moses,say12 And when we heard ing that they ought not to cirthese things, both we, and cumcise their children, nei. they of that place, besought ther to walk afterthe customs. him not to go up to Jerusalem. 22 What is it therefore? the d 13 Then Paul answered, multitude must needs come What mean ye to weep and together: for they will hear to break mine heart? for I that thou art come. am ready not to be bound 23 Do therefore this that we only, but also to die at Jeru- say to thee: We have four men salem for the name of the which have a vow on them; Lord Jesus.

24 Them take, and purify d 14 And when he would not thyself with them, and be at be persuaded, we ceased, say. charges with them, that they ing, The will of the Lord be may shave their heads; and done.

all may know that those 15 And after those days we things, whereof they were intook up our carriages, and formed concerning thee, are went up to Jerusalem. nothing; but that thou 'thy1'16 There went with us also self also walkest orderly, and certain of the disciples of keepest the law.


Paul declareth THE ACTS.

his conversion. when there was made a great 9 And they that were with silence, he spake unto them me saw indeed the light, and in the Hebrew tongue,saying, were afraid; but they heard

CHAP. XXII. not the voice of him that MEN brethren, and fa- spake to me,

thers, hear ye my de- 1 10 And I said, What shall fence which I make now I do, Lord? And the Lord unto you.

said unto me, Arise, and go 2 And when they heard into Damascus; and there it that he spake in the Hebrew shall be told thee of all things tongue to them, they kept the which are appointed for thee more silence: and he saith,) to do. g 3 I am verily a man which 11 And when I could not am a Jew, born in Tarsus, a see for the glory of that light, city in Cilicia, yet brought being led by the hand of them up in this city at the feet that were with me, I came of Gamaliel, and taught ac- into Damascus. cording to the perfect man- c 12 And one Ananias, a de. ner of the law of the fathers, vout man according to the and was zealous toward God, law, having a good report of as ye all are this day.

all the Jews which dwelt 4. And I persecuted this there, way unto the death, bindings 13 Came unto me, and stood, and delivering into prisons and said unto me, Brother both men and women. Saul, receive thy sight. And g 5 As also the high priest the same hour I looked up doth bear me witness, and all upon him. the estate of the elders: from t 14 And he said, The God whom also I received letters of our fathers hath chosen unto the brethren, and went thee, that thou shouldest to Damascus, to bring them know his will, and see that which were there bound unto Just One, and shouldest hear Jerusalem, fortobe punished. the voice of his mouth, f'6 And it came to pass, that, 15 For thou shalt be his as I made my journey, and witness unto all men of what was come nigh unto Damas- thou hast seen and heard. cus about noon, suddenly d 16 And now why tarriest there shone from heaven a thou? arise, and be baptized, great light round about me. and wash away thy sins, call

7 And I fell unto the ground, ing on the name of the Lord. and heard a voice saying un 17 And it came to pass, to me, Saul, Saul, why per- that, when I was come again secutest thou me?

to Jerusalem, even while I 8 And I answered, Who art prayed in the temple, I was thou, Lord? And he said unto in a trance; me, I am Jesus of Nazareth, c 18 And saw him saying unto whom thou, Make haste, and get thee

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Paul pleadeth CHAP. XXIII.

his cause. quickly out of Jerusalem: for 28 And the chief captain they will not receive thy tes- answered, With a great sum timony concerning me. obtained I this freedom.

19 And I said, Lord, they And Paul said, But I was know that I imprisoned and free born. beat in every synagogue

29 Then straightway they them that believed on thee: departed from him which

20 And when the blood of should have examined him: thy, martyr Stephen was and the chief captain also shed, I also was standing by, was afraid, after he knew and consenting unto his that he was a Roman, and death, and kept the raiment because he had bound him. of them that slew him. of 30 On the morrow, because

21 And he said unto me, he would have known the Depart: for I will send thee certainty wherefore he was far hence unto the Gentiles. accused of the Jews, he loosed f 22 And they gave him au- him from his bands, and comdience unto this worci, and manded the chief priests and then lifted up their voices, all their council to appear, and said, Away with such a and brought Paul down, and fellow from the earth: for it set him before them. is not fit that he should live.

CHAP. XXIII. they cried

Paul, earnestly bethrew dust into the air, said, Men and brethren, i

24 The chief captain com- have lived in all good conmanded him to be brought science before God until into the castle, and bade this day. that he should be examined 2 And the high priest by scourging; that he might Ananias commanded them know wherefore they cried that stood by him to smite so against him.

him on the mouth. / 25 And as they bound him tv3 Then Paul said unto him, with thongs, Paul said unto God shall smite thee, thou the centurion that stood by, whited wall: for sittest thou Is it lawful for you to scourge to judge me after the law, a man that is a Roman, and and commandest me to be uncondemned?

smitten contrary to the law? 26 When the centurion 4 And they that stood by heard that, he went and told said, Revilest thou God's the chief captain, saying, high priest?

Take heed what thou doest: D5 Then said Paul, I wist for this man is a Roman. not, brethren, that he was

27 Then the chief captain the high priest: for it is writcame, and said unto him, Tell ten, Thou shalt not speak me, art thou a Roman? He evil of the ruler of thy people, said, Yea.

"It 6 But when Paul perceived 237

and cast off their clothes, and A Holding', enenesolunci,


Dissension among

THE ACTS. Paul's accusers. that the one part were Sad- nor drink till they had killed ducees, and the other Phari- Paul. sees, lié cried out in the coun 13 And they were more cil, Men and brethren, I am than forty, which had made a Pharisee, the son of a Pha- this conspiracy. risee: of the hope and resur- f 14 And they came to the rection of the dead I am chief priests and elders, and called in question.

said, We have bound our 7 And when he had so said, selves under a great curse, there arose a dissension be- that we will eat nothing until tween the Pharisees and the we have slain Paul. Sadducees: and the multi 15 Now therefore ye with tude was divided.

the council signify to the 8 For the Sadducees say chief captain that he bring that there is no resurrec- him down unto you to mortion, neither angel, nor spi- row, as though ye would inrit: but the Pharisees confess quire something more per: both.

fectly concerning him; and 9 And there arose a great we, or ever he come near, cry: and the scribes that were are ready to kill him. of the Pharisees' part arose, 16 And when Paul's sister's and strove, saying, We find son heard of their lying in no evil in this man: but if wait, he went and entered a spirit or an angel liath into the castle, and told Paul. spoken to him, let us not $ 17 Then Paul called one of fight against God.

the centurions unto him, and f 10 And when there arose a said, Bring this young man great dissension, the chief unto the chief captain: for he captain, fearing lest Paul hath a certain thing to tell should have been pulled in him. pieces of them, commanded 18 So he took him, and the soldiers to go down, and brought him to the chief capto take him by force from tain, and said, Paul the priamong them, and to bring soner called me unto him, him into the castle.

and prayed me to bring this & 11 And the night following young man unto thee, who the Lord stood by him, and hath something to say unto said, Be of good cheer, Paul: thee. for as thou hast testified of f 19 Then the chief captain me in Jerusalem, so must took him by the hand, and thou bear witness also at went with hiin aside pri. Rome.

vately, and asked him, What c 12 And when it was day, is that thou hast to tell me? certain of the Jews banded 20 And he said, The Jews together, and bound them- have agreed to desire thee selves under a curse, saying that thou wouldest bring that they would neither eatdown Paul to morrow into

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