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Paul is pronounced THE ACTS.

innocent. to turn them from darkness things are hidden from him to light, and from the power for this thing was not done in of Satan unto God, that they a corner. may receive forgiveness of 27 King Agrippa, believest sins, and inheritance among thou the prophets? I know them which are sanctified by that thou believest. faith that is in me.

28 Then Agrippa said un19 Whereupon, Oking to Paul, Almost thou perAgrippa, I was not disobedi- suadest me to be a Christian. ent unto the heavenly vision: 29 And Paul said, I would d 20 But shewed first unto to God, that not only thou, them of Damascus, and at but also all that hear me this Jerusalem, and throughout day, were both almost, and all the coasts of Judea, and altogether such as I am, exthen to the Gentiles, that cept these bonds. they should repent and turn f 30 And when he had thus to God, and do works meet spoken, the king rose up, and for repentance.

the governor, and Bernice, 21 For these causes the and they that sat with them: Jews caught me in the tem 31 And when they were ple,and went about to kill me gone aside, they talked bei 22 Having therefore obtain-tween themselves, saying, ed help of God, I continue This man doeth nothing worunto this day, witnessing thy of death or of bonds. both to small and great, say 32 Then said Agrippa unto ing none other things than Festus, This mau might have those which the prophets and been set at liberty, if he had Moses did say should come: not appealed unto Cesar. t 23 That Christ should suf f. CHAP. XXVII. fer, and that he should be the first that should rise from A when it was deter

mined that we should the dead, and should shew sail into Italy, they delivered light unto the people, and to Paulandcertain other prisonthe Gentiles.

ers unto one named Julius, a 24 And as he thus spake for centurion of Augustus' band. himself, Festus said with a g 2 And entering into a ship loud voice, Paul, thou art of Adramyttium, we launchbeside thyself; much learn-ed, meaning to sail by the ing doth make thee mad. coasts of Asia; one Aristar

25 But he said, I am not chus, a Macedonian of Thesmad, most noble Festus; but salonica, being with us. speak forth the words of 3 And the next day we truth and soberness.

touched at Sidon, and Julius k 26 For the king knoweth courteously entreated Paul, of these things, before whom and gave him liberty to go also I speak freely: for I am unto his friends to refresh persuaded that none of these himself


Paul foretelleth. THE ACTS.

a shipwreck. life among you, but of the 33 And while the day was ship.

coming on, Paul besought t 23 For there stood by me them all to take meat, saying, this night the angel of God, This day is the fourteenth whose I am, and whom I day that ye have tarried and serve,

continued fasting, having 24 saying, Fear not, Paul; taken nothing. thou must be brought before

34 Wherefore I pray you to Cesar: and, lo, God hath take some meat: for this is for given thee all them that sail your health: for there shall with thee.

not an hair fall from the 25 Wherefore, sirs, be of head of any of you. good cheer: for I believe God, d 35 And when he had thus that it shall be even as it was spoken, he took bread, and told me.

gave thanks to God in

prepo 26 Howbeit we must be cast sence of them all: and when upon a certain island.

he had broken it, he began g 27 But when the fourteenth to eat. night was come, as we were 36 Then were they all of driven up and down in Adria, good cheer, and they also about midnight the shipmen took some meat. deemed that they drew near f 37 And we were in all in to some country;

the ship two hundred three28 And sounded, and found score and sixteen souls. it twenty fathoms: and when 38 And when they had they had gone a little further, eaten enough, they lightened they sounded again, and the ship, and cast out the found it fifteen fathoms. wheat into the sea.

f 29 Then fearing lest they 39 And when it was day, should have fallen upon they knew not the land: but rocks, they cast four anchors they discovered a certain out of the stern, and wished creek with a shore, into the for the day

which they were minded, if it 30 And as the shipmen were possible, to thrust in the were about to flee out of the ship. ship, when they had let down 40 And when they had the boat into the sea, under taken up the anchors, they colour as though they would committed themselves' unto have cast anchors out of the the sea, and loosed the rudder foreship,

bands, and hoisted up the d 31 Paul said to the centu- mainsail to the wind, and rion and to the soldiers, Ex- made toward shore. cept these abide in the ship, 41 And falling into a place ye cannot be saved.

where two seas met, they ran 32 Then the soldiers cut the ship aground; and the off the ropes of the boat, and forepart stuck fast, and reer her fall off,

mained unmoveable, but the 246

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