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How to account 1 CORINTHIANS.

of ministers. man's work of what sort in stewards, that a man be it is.

found faithful, 14 If any man's work abide c3 But with me it is a very which he hath built there- small thing that I should be upon, he shall receive a re-judged of you, or of man's ward.

judgment: yea, I judge not 15 If any man's work shall mine own self. be burned, he shall suffer 4 For I know nothing by loss: but he himself shall be myself; yet am I not hereby saved; yet so as by fire. justified: but he that judgeth t 16 Know ye not that ye are me is the Lord. the temple of God, and that t 5 Therefore judge nothing the Spirit of God dwelleth before the time, until the in you?

Lord come, who both will w17 If any man defile the bring to light the hidden temple of God, him shall God things of darkness, and will destroy; for the temple of God make manifest the counsels is holy, which temple ye are. of the hearts: and then shall

18 Let no man deceive him- every man have praise of God. self. If any man among you

6 And these things, breseemeth to be wise in this thren, I have in a figure world, let him become a fool, transferred to myself and to that he may be wise. Apollos for your sakes; that

19 For the wisdom of this ye might learn in us not to world is foolishness with God. think of men above that For it is written, He taketh which is written, that no one the wise in their own crafti- of you be puffed up for one

against another, 20 And again, The Lord t 7 For who maketh thee to knoweth the thoughts of the differ from another? and wise, that they are vain. what hast thou that thou p 21 Therefore let no man didst not receive? now if thon glory in men. For all things didst receive it, why dost are yours;

thou glory, as if thou hadst b 22'Whether Paul, or Apol- not received it? los, or Cephas, or the world, 8 Now ye are full, now ye or life, or death, or things pre- are rich, ye have reigned as sent, or things to come; all kings without us: and I are yours;

would to God ye did reign, 23. And ye are Christ's; and that we also might reign Christ is God's. CHAP. IV.

9 For I think that God us, as of the ministers last, as it were appointed to

a us of Christ, and stewards of death: for we are made a the mysteries of God. spectacle unto the world, d2 Moreover it is required land to angels, and to men.


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Of going

to law. with the unleavened bread Is it so, that there is not a of sineerity and truth. wise man among you? no,

9 I wrote unto you in an not one that shall be able to epistle not to company with judge between bis brethren? fornicators:

6 But brother goeth to law 10 Yet not altogether with with brother, and that before the fornicators of this world, the unbelievers. or with the covetous, or ex- p7 Now therefore there is tortioners, or with idolaters; utterly a fault among you, for then must ye needs go because ye go to law one out of the world.

with another. Why do ye d*11 But now I have written not rather take wrong? why unto you not to keep compa- do ye not rather suffer yourny, if any man that is called selves to be defrauded? a brother be a fornicator, or 8 Nay, ye do wrong, and covetous, or an idolater, or a defraud, and that your brerailer, or a drunkard, or an thren. extortioner; with such an one t 9 Know ye not that the unno not to eat.

righteous shall not inherit the 12 For what have I to do kingdom of God? Be not deto judge them also' that are ceived: neither fornicators, without do not ye judge nor idolaters, nor adulterers, them that are within?

nor effeminate, nor abusers | 13 But them that are with of themselves with mankind, out God judgeth. Therefore c 10 Nor thieves, nor covetput away from among your- ous, nor drunkards, nor reselves that wicked person. vilers, nor extortionérs, shall p CHAP. VI.

inherit the kingdom of God. ARE any of you, having t 11 And such were some of other, go to law before the ye are sanctified, but ye are unjust, and not before the justified in the name of the saints?

Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit t 2 Do ye not know that the of our God. saints shall judge the world? 12 All things are lawful unand if the world shall be to me, but all things are not judged by you, are ye un-expedient: all things are lawworthy to judge the smallest ful for me, but I will not be matters?

brought under the power of t 3 Know ye not that we shall any. judge angels? how much more 13 Meats for the belly, and things that pertain to this life? the belly for meats: but God

4 If then ye have judgments shall destroy both it and them. of things pertaining to this Now the body is not for for. life, set them to judge who are nication, but for the Lord, Jeast esteemed in the church. and the Lord for the body. 5 I speak to your shame. It 14 And God hath both rais



Virginity wherefore 1 CORINTHIANS. to be embraced. band:else were your children the Lord: yet I give my judg. unclean; but now are they ment, as one that hath ob. holy.

tained mercy of the Lord to 15 But if the unbelieving be faithful. depart, let him depart. A 26 I suppose therefore that brother or a sister is not un- this is good for the present der bondage in such cases:but distress, I say, that it is good God hath called us to peace. for a man so to be. e 16 For what knowest thou, 27 Art thou bound unto a O wife, whether thou shalt wife? seek not to be loosed. save thy husband? or how Art thou loosed from a wife? knowest thou, o man, whe- seek not a wife. ther thou shalt save thy wife? 28 But and if thou marry,

17 But as God hath distri- thou hast not sinned; and if a buted to every man, as the virgin marry, she hath not Lord hath called every one, sinned. Nevertheless such so let him walk. And so or shall have trouble in the dain I in all churches. flesh: but I spare you.

18 Is any man called being e 29 But this I say, brethren, circumcised? let him not be the time is short: it remaincome uncircumcised. Is any eth, that both they that have called in uncircumcision? let wives be as though they had him not be circumcised, none;

19 Circumcision is nothing, 30 And they that weep, as and uncircumcision is no- though they wept not; and thing, but the keeping of the they that rejoice, as though commandments of God. they rejoiced not; and they d 20 Let every man abide in that buy, as though they posthe same calling wherein he sessed not; was called.

d31 And they that use this 21 Art thou called being a world, as not abusing it: for servant? care not for it: but the fashion of this world passif thou mayest be made free, eth away. use it rather.

d 32 But I would have you d 22 For he that is called in without carefulness. He that the Lord, being a servant, is is unmarried careth for the the Lord's freeman: likewise things that belong to the also he that is called, being Lord, how he may please the free, is Christ's servant. Lord: t 23 Ye are bought with a 33 But he that is married price; be not ye the servants careth for the things that are of men,

of the word, how he may 24 Brethren, let every man, please his wife. wherein he is called, therein 34 There is difference also bide with God.

between a wife and a virgin, 25 Now concerning virgins The unmarried woman carI have no commandment of eth for the things of the Lord,

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