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external habit agrecs with the internal purity; the angels have the same kind of raiment as their Lord.

Ver. 7. One of the four living creatures.] See note, ch. iv. 6. The Vials of the wrath of God are given to the angels by one of those ministering spirits nearest the throne; by the cherubim; which implies, that they come immediately from the Divine presence.

Ib. Vials.] The wrath of God is represented in Scripture as poured out t." Frequently the cup of God's wrath is mentioned ;--the Diagn, vial, was a bowl, or cup, (for which see note, ch. v. 8.); and was used also to pour from, (see 1 Sam. x. 1).

Ver. 8. The temple was filled with smoke.] The presence of God, especially when he is wroth, is commonly represented as such. And at the dedication of the first temple, when the presence of the Lord, “as a “cloud, had filled the house of God,” the priests could not stand to minister Ģ.

* Ch. i. 14. + Is. xlii. 25; Ezek. vii. 8; and Psalms passiin. t Is. vi. 4. Exod. xix. 13; &c. § 2 Chron. v. 13, 14.



The seven Vials.

2 Και απήλθεν ο πρώ

TOS, a time to φιάλην αυτε επί την rigádlo ExOS κακών και πονηρόν εις τες ανθρώπες τες έχοντας το χάραμα το θηρία, και τες τη εικόνα αυτο τηροσ

CHIAP. xvi. ver. 2-to the end.
2 And the first went, 2 And the first went, and

and poured out bis poured out bis vial

the land: upon the earth: and and there came an evil there fell a noisome and and grievous sore upon grierous sore upon the the men who had the men which had the mark of the beast, and mark of the beast, and upon those who wor upon them wbich worshipped liis image. 3 slipped his image, Aud


3 xuvõulxs. Kai : 3 And the second [angel? the second angel pourdrómeços [ãnye).s] poured out his Vial

ed out his vial upon

and εξέχεε την φιάλης upon the sea :

the sea; and it became ar s try Sz there came blood, as as the blood of a dead λασσαν" και εγένείο of a dead carcase; and man: and every living αίμα ως νεκρά" και every living soul died

soul died in the sea. diox tuxen Swas 4 in the

And 4 And the third angel απέθανεν εν τη θα the third poured out poured out his vial 4 λάσση. Και ο τρί his Vial


upon the rivers and του εξέχεε την φιά rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; λην αυτ8 εις τες

springs of waters: and and theybecame blood, απόλαμες και εις τας 5 there came blood. And 5 And I heard the angel πηγάς των υδάτων: I heard the angel of of the waters say,

Thou 5 και εγένετο αίμα. Και thie waters, saying; art righteous, O Lord,

ήκεσα το αγέλα Righteous art Thou, which art, and wast, των υδάτων λέγουλος: « which art, and which and shalt be, because Δίκαιος εί, ο ών, και wast,'The Holy One! thou bast judged thus:

και ήν, ο όσιος, ότι in that thou hast ex 6 For they have shed the 6 ταύτα έκρινας."Οτι

o ecuted this judge blood of saints and αίμα αγίων και σκο

6 “ment: For, the blood prophets, and thou hast Onlwy itt 25%*, xxi 6 of saints and of pro

given them blood to αίμα αυτοίς εοακα sphets they have pour drink; for they are

więtocica sico, “ed forth: and blood 7 worthy. And I heard 7 Kainnota ro Ju " thou hast given them another out of the altar dixsupée Legola

“ to driik! they are say, Even so, Lord God Ναι, Κύριε, ο Θεός 7“ worthy of it." And Almighty, true and οπανίοκράτως,άλη I heard a voice from righteous arethy judgeOivai iỳ dixzio ai

the altar, saying ;

saying ; s ments. And the fourth 8 κρίσεις σε. Και ο

“ Even so, Lord, the angel poured out his τέταρίου εξέχεε την Almighty God! True vial upon the sun; and φιάλην αυτό επί τον

are thy power was given unto ήλιονκαι εδόθη αυτά 8 "judgments?" And the

him to scorch men καυματίσαι τες αν. fourth poured out his 9 with fire. 9 θρύπες έν συρί. Και Vial upon the sun : were scorched with

έκαυμαλίσθησαν οι and it was given to him great heat, and blasάνθρωποι καϋμα μέ

to scorch the men with phemed the name of γα, και έβλασφή fire: and the men were

God, which hath powμησαν οι άνθρωποι scorched

er over these plagues : το όνομα τα Θεά τα 9 heat: And the men and they repented not έχoνθος ξεσίαν επί

blasphemed the name 10 to give him glory. And τας πληγές ταύ of God, who had the the fifth angel poured

6 and just

And men

with great

τας και μετενόησαν power over these out his vial upon the

dévous avri doğar. plagues; and they did seat of the beast; and 10 Kai wiunia not repent for to give his kingdom was full

išixe Th Quang 10 him glory. And the of darkness, and they αυτό επί τον θρόνον fifth poured out his gnawed their tongues Tð Ingigo vyšyévélo Vial on the throne of 11 for pain. And blasη βασιλεία αυτά the beast; and his phemed the God of isxolepim rij iuco kingdom became dark.

heaven, because of συλο τας γλώσσας

ened: and they did their pains and their αυτών έκ το σόνα. .

bitetheir tongues from sores, and repented not 11 Kaikbaacbungai | 11the suffering: And they 12 of their deeds. And τον Θεόν τέρανε έκ blasphemed the God

the sixth angel poured των πόνων αυτών και

of Heaven from their out his vial upon the εκ των ελκών αυτών sufferings and from

great river Euphrates; reš usleróncavix tür

their sores; and re and the water thereof 12 igyw aitär. Kai pented not of their

was dried up, that the ó exla ižixee thg 12 works. And the sixth

way of the kings of the φιάλην αυτό επί τον poured out his Vial

east might be prepaπολαμόν τον μέγαν upon the great river 13 red. And I saw three Ευφράτης" και εξηEuphrates: and the

unclean spirits like εάνθη το ύδωρ αυτά, water thereof was dried

frogs come out of the καίτοιμασθή η οδός

up, that the way of the mouth of the dragon, των βασιλέων των kings from the rising and out of the mouth από αναλολών ηλία. .

of the sun might be of the beast, and out of 13 Ka boy is cũ

13 prepared. And I saw the mouth of the false

from the mouth of the σόμαλς το δρά

14 prophet. For they are xo10u, rj fx Tè só

dragon, and from the the spirits of de. mala zi dneis, ry

mouth of the wild vils, working miracles, εκ τ8 τόματΘ. beast, and from the which go forth unto τα ψευδοπροφήτε, ,

mouth of the false the kings of the earth, σνεύμαία τρία ακά prophet, three unclean and of the whole world, θαρία ως βάτραχοι

spirits, as it were frogs: to gather them to the 14 Eisigaie artiucia 14 For they are spirits of

battle of that great day δαιμόνιων τσοιόντα dæmons, working won 15 of God Almighty. Beonuria, [ixtro

ders (which go forth] hold, I come as a thief. ξεύεθαι] επί τες βα upon the kings of the Blessed is he that σιλείς της οικεμένης whole region, to gather

watcheth and keepeth όλης, συναγαγείν

them together for the his garments, lest he αυτες εις πόλεμον battle of that great day

walk naked, and they της ημέρας εκείνης of the Almighty God. 16 see his shame. And της μεγάλης τα 15 (Behold, I come as a he gambered ibem to

and there was a great


Oid ti wxyloxpán thief; blessed is he gether into a place, 15 Tog@. ’ids, ipxo who watcheth, and

called in the Hebrew μαι ως κλέπης μα preserveth bis gar tongue, Armageddon. κάρι ο γρηγορών, ments, that he may

17 And the seventh angel και τηρών τα ιμάτια not walk naked, and poured out his vial into airs, ina un you they see his shame.)

the air; and there came vos Wiginah, xai | 16 And they gathered a great voice out of the

βλέπωσι την άσχη them together unto temple of heaven, from 16 μοσύνην αυτε. Και the place which is

the throne, saying, It συνήγαγεν αυτες εις called in Hebrew, Aro 18 is done. And there Tùy Togo Tòa xaek- 1 17 mageddon. And the were voices, and thunuzroy igaüsi 'Ag seventh poured out his

ders, and lighıtnings; 17 jazyedda'yo Kadó

Vial into the air: and
εβδομών εξίχε την

there came
a loud

earthquake, such
φιάλην αυτ8 εις τον
voice from the temple

was not since men were αέρα» και εξήλθε [in heaven from the upon the earth, SO φωνή μεγάλη από throne, saying; “ It is mighty an earthquake, të već [Të ögava] 18“ done!" And there

19 and so great. And the από το θρόνε, λέ were voices, and thun grcat city was divided 18 yow Tigose. Kai derings, and light

into three parts, and inyénerlo Pwa nai nings; and there was

the cities of the nations Bgoslai ný ásganado a great earthquake,

fell: and great Baby · Ο σεισμός έγένειο such as

lon came in rememniyas, la xiyl from the time that

brance before God, to schap' oi ardew

give unto her the cup of ποι εγένoυλο επί της earth, such an earth the wine of the fierceγης,τηλικτος σεισ 19 quake, so great! And 20 ness of his wrath. And μός έτω μέγας. . the great city became every island fled away,

divided into three 19 Και εγένείο η πόλις

and the mountains η μεγάλη εις τρία parts: and the cities

21 were not found. And of the nations fell : and there fell μέρη, η αι πόλεις


them των εθνών έπεσον και

the great Babylon was great hail out of heaΒαβυλών η μεγάλη remembered before

ven, every stone about εμνήσθη ενώπιον τα God, to give unto her the weight of a talent: Θεέ, δέναι αυτή τη


сар of the wine of and men blasphemed πολώριον τα ούνα τα the fierceness of his an God because of the

Suges rūs ögräs 20 ger. And every island plague of the hail; for 20 αυτά. Και πάσα fled

away; and moun

the plague thereof was vis B i puyt, vg épons taius were not to be exceeding great. 21 εκ ευρέθησαν. Και

21 found. And a great



men were

upon the



[blocks in formation]

The seven Vials bear a certain analogy to the seven Trumpets: and, that this may the more conveniently be seen, the following comparative abstract is given :



1. Upon the land; hail, fire,

and blood; a third of the trees, and all green grass

1. Upon the land, afflictive

to the worshippers of the beast.

burnt up.

2. Upon the sea; a burning

mountain; a third part of | 2. Upon the sea; as the the sea becomes blood;

blood of a dead carcase; and the third of the crea

every soul dies, tures die. 3. Upon the

rivers and 3. Upon the rivers and springs; a burning star, springs, blood; a just wormwood, falls, and many judgment and retaliadie of tlie en bittered wa tion on the murderers of ters.

the saints. 4. Upon the sun, moon, and 4. Upon the sun; the men stars; the third of which

are scorched with great is darkened.

heat, and blaspheme, and repent not.

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