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with wings?" "To fly with."


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Fly where? "O, anywhere and everywhere!" Mrs. I did not reply for several minutes, during which time Addie was playing with and talking to her pet.

"You have wings," she said at length, in a quiet way.

"I, mamma ?" There was a tone of surprise in Addie's voice.

"We all have wings." Addie looked at her shoulders, and then at her mother's.

"I don't see them," she said, with a little laugh.

"No, you can't see them; but we have them for all that." 'If we can't see them or use them, I don't see what good they are."

"We are using them all the while," said Mrs. L-. "Did you never hear of the wings of thought?"

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O! that's what you mean." "Yes, dear. Now, don't you remember what I said to you yesterday, when I talked about birds and beasts and all things that God has made ?"

"You told me they were all created for man."

"Yes; and I said that there was a likeness in man to all visible things in nature. He is bold and fearless like the lion, cunning as a fox, innocent as a lamb, cruel as the tiger or vulture, timid as the hare; his thought is winged as the eagle, and can fly swiftly here and there, now resting in a pleasant valley, and now sweeping over seas and mountains."

"Our thoughts are our wings?"

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the frozen North, you are there in an instant, gazing upon icy seas, and the wonders of a desolate region. The wings of an eagle are not half so swift and strong as the wings of your thought. The very king of birds would perish in regions where they can take you in safety."



OM JONES was a little fellow, and not so quick to learn as some boys; but no one in the class could beat him in his lessons. He rarely missed in geography, never in spelling, and his arithmetic was always correctly done; as for his reading, no boy improved like him. The scholars were fairly angry sometimes, he outdid them so constantly. "Why, Tom, where

do you learn your lessons? You don't study in school more than the other boys.'

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radishes, peas, strawberries, potatoes, grow there. It supplies the family with vegetables, besides some for the market. If anybody wants flowers, that garden furnishes the sweetest roses, pinks, and all sorts" without number. The soil, we used to think, was poor and rocky, besides being exposed to the north wind; and the owner is at his business all day, yet he never hires any one to dig or weed for him. How do you make so much out of your little garden?" he was once asked. "I give my mornings to it," he answered; "and I don't know which is the most benefited by my work, my garden or I."

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A man of courage, once despised, was chosen as their head. A mighty victory he gain'd; this raised his neighbours' ire"Why didst thou not call us?" they said; "we'll burn thy house with fire." The conqueror in anger heard, then to them fiercely said, "I and my people were in need,

you offer'd us no aid.” These angry men prepared to fight, no one spake kindly then; That quarrel cost the lives of more than forty thousand men.

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"Certainly we can, Charlie; but what made Katie say so?" 'Why, mother, I was telling her what happened at school this morning. You know the beautiful geranium master's sister sent him from the country;

this. Katie says the lie was
worse than the carelessness;
but no one spoke, mother."
"Katie is right, Charlie. If
the little boy who knocked the
flower down were asked about
it, and he denied having done
so, would it be a lie ?"

'Why, of course it would, mother."

"And if, instead of telling his master of the accident, he carefully picks up the plant, and then ties it up to make it look as if nothing had happened, does he not deceive his master as much as if he said, 'I have not done it ?' It is a lie acted instead of a lie spoken, and is equally sinful in the sight of God."

well, he placed it in the school- THE VALUE OF PUNCTU

room window because it needed
light. This morning early it
was looking so fresh and pretty,
but after a time it began to
fade, and by twelve o'clock it
was quite withered. When
master looked closely at it, he
saw that it had had a fall, for
the pot was cracked, the plant
broken, and the stem was only
held up by being tied to a thin
stick, which could not be seen
at first sight. Master is very
angry, and says he will severely
punish the boy who has done


ENERAL WASHINGTON was a pattern of punctuality. When he engaged to meet Congress at noon, he never failed to be at the door of the hall just as the clock was striking twelve. He always dined at four o'clock; and if the guests whom he had invited were not present, the dinner went on precisely at the appointed hour, without waiting for them. Washington


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would make no apology, but simply remark, Gentlemen, we are punctual here." When those people got another invitation to dine with the President, they would be sure to be in time.

A person had a pair of beautiful horses to sell, which the President wanted to buy. Five o'clock in the morning of a certain day was fixed as the time for Washington to see them; but the horses were not brought till a quarter past five, when the owner was told that the President had been there at the hour appointed, but had gone away. The man thus lost a good chance of selling his horses by his delay of one quarter of an hour.


NE day a gentleman was stopped in a street of New York by a shabbylooking man, who asked him if he did not remember his old schoolmate, Harry B-; and then begged him to lend him five dollars.

The gentleman remembered Harry B- very well. He knew that his father was a rich man, and that when he was at school, Harry's business prospects were

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