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"Search the Scriptures.John 5. 39.
"The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy.”—

Rev. 19. 10.

The fourth day of God's visible creation was devoted to his word, in bringing forth the sun, the moon, and the stars; and by his appointment, they were ordained to divide the day from the night; and to give light upon the earth, with the addition of a decree that they should be for signs and for seasons, and for days, and for years." The sun, which, (at his creation was styled “the greater light,” and elected to rule the day,) is a magnificent being, a glorious creature: he “knoweth his going down.' See Psalm 104. 19; and is subject to the command of God. See Job 9. 7. It is recorded in the 19th Psalm, that God has set a tabernacle for this soul of the natural world, and the inspired monarch over Israel who wrote that beautiful melody, represents by comparison, the body of a man, and he has a tent, pavilion, or house. This tabernacle is set in the heavens: there dwelleth the sun, ruler of the day; and subject to God, and to God alone. This glorious luminary is appointed by God, to give the most terrible signal of the arrival of that DAY, which, (in the Scriptures) is denominated “the Day of vengeance of our God”-see Isaiah 61. 2._“the Great and dreadful DAY of the Lord'Malach. 4. 5.-"the Day of the wrath of the Lamb”-see Rev. 6. 17. The prophet Joel bears testimony that “the sun shall be turned into dark

ness before the great and terrible DAY of the Lord shall come”-see C. 2. v. 31; and my blessed Master said, the sun should be darkened, immediately after the tribulation; which, it appears, comes upon His church; (the spiritual; and likewise the literal Israel)--and this darkening of the sun is accompanied by other terrific events, viz: the stars falling from heaven, and the moon withholding his light, while the powers of heaven are shaken: See Matt. 24. 29. The tribulation spoken of by Christ, takes place previous to the opening of the sixth seal; and when Christ opens that seal, the sun becomes black, and the moon as blood, the stars fall, the heavens depart as a scroll, mountains and islands are moved out of their places; and

-Hear, 0 ye proud ones of the earth, who scorn to bow your knees before the throne of grace, in this your time of probation—who spend your days in seeking to be rich, and your nights

-(God knoweth how,) perhaps in revelling and mirth; or else, in prayerless stupidity, counting your gains, and planning their increase, until sleep comes upon you, like the sleep of death: hear the case you must realize in that awful time:

"And the kings of the earth,
"And the great men,
“And the chief captains,
"And the mighty men,

"And every bond man, "And every free man, hide themselves in the dens, and among the rocks of the mountains, saying to the mountains and the rocks, Fall on us, and hide us, from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb!"


The moon, which is the lesser light,” (called by astronomers a secondary planet, *) is likewise ap

* Not by authority of the Scriptures. Planets occurs once, and no more, in the Bible; and the word follows after the mention of

pointed for a sign; and terrible is her appearance, as a type of the martyred witnesses and saints of JESUS. Once she stood still in the valley of Ajalon, while the sun stopped over Mount Gibeon, (in answer to Joshua's prayer,) while that eminent type of Christ, concluded the battle of the kings. Buther signal in the coming Day, is-Blood--for the whole earth is become Aceldama. The stars, which from the Hebrew are rendered luminous bodies, drop down to the earth, like the falling of untimely fruit, when a fig-tree is shaken of a mighty wind.”

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I shall now ask, are we not warned by partial tokens, of the speedy fulfilment of these things? On the eighteenth of August, 1831, I beheld the sun in his meridian, an opaque body of greenish hue, emitting not one ray of his native refulgence upon the earth. The moon exhibited a similar spectacle at night; and about two o'clock in the morning of the nineteenth, I saw the north-eastern horizon red as blood. During the visitation of the Cholera at New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Norfolk, &c. in 1832, the sun was very much obscured; and if persons choose to assign an apparent cause, even vapours in the atmosphere, I answer, those vapours were the messengers of

ath. At Cincinnati, I was sickened by a stink in the air for nearly two weeks previous to the breaking forth of judgment by Cholera upon that city, as often as I walked in the streets.

In the year of 1805, (remember the exploits of a Corsican) pillars of fire were seen by night, in the state of Maine; and the moon exhibited blood-red hue. the moon.-N. B. The moon is not a wanderer. See 2nd Kings,

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In September, 1811, a flaming star, resembling a sharp sword, was seen over our heads, in the bright blue sky--I was then seeking after that precious Saviour, who is now my “Morning Star,” guiding me, I humbly trust, in the path of prayer to His heavenly kingdom. I recollect that I then thought the ruin of my country was near.

In November, 1833, there was seen a flame in the heavens like a serpent in form, and near him a round ball like fire, while a multitude of stars seemed to fall to the earth.

On the night of the 17th of this present month, February, 1839, a very sudden transition from darkness to light, was witnessed by several persons in this city. One heard a very loud noise in the heavens, like persons talking—a second observed a hissing-a third supposed it thundered; and a fourth was alarmed by a fearful roaring.

I think all these things are premonitory of the day approaching, when every sign shall fully appear, till all are fulfilled; and the last is, the sign of the Son of Man in heaven; then will all the tribes of the earth mourn. See Zechariah, 12. 10–14. * *

N. B. See the article entitled “Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ; and the gathering of His elect: an extract from the Morning Watch, or Journal on Prophecy.

I cannot lay down my pen just yet: it falls to my lot to bear testimony in the days of “the falling away,” spoken of by Paul, the great apostle of the Gentiles, as just behind the revelation of the man of sin, even Satan's personal head, which head, Christ will bruise; for He will destroy that Wicked with the breath of His mouth, in His glorious Epiphany, and cometh to reign upon earth. See 2nd Thess.

2, and Rev. 19. I want to be faithful in my testimony. I pray the Lord to guide me.

Scepticism upon the subject of literal, holy prophecy, is a crying sin of the present age. Even Christianity itself is become a "bye-word,” a reproach with a majority of non-professing, yet nominal Christians, but literal heathen; and so many of the other party are lukewarm, that even in their practical confession to the Gospel, it is no more than “by-the-bye,” while they possess a name in some outward Christian asssembly or church, &c. A great display is made by some of them, who appear to be zealously affected, but not well. No-their theory is unhealthy, because it is unscriptural; and as they do not believe in the literal fulfilment of God's holy, prophetic Word, they are not waiting for the Son from heaven, nor preparing to meet him at His coming; for they do not believe in His personal reign over the house of Israel, as Gabriel foretold. As to the signs I have mentioned in the foregoing pages, such unbelievers will style them “old wives® fables,”' &c., crying out for spirituality-forgetting that this very term implies life and heavenly substance, as was Jesus Christ, when He ascended to heaven upon a cloud, in His own person, even a body of flesh and bones. Now to such uncomfortable Christians, I would say, come, let us turn over a new leaf, and do better. Once more we will bring our sentiments to the true expositor of their faith, “the law and testimony.” Suppose we commence with the first chapter of Genesis-the record of the birth of our race-of all other visible things~"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Is this to be received literally? Yes. And I will say, it may be spiritualized in its typical import also; but not separating the original act from

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