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Died.] At Godmanchester, Mr. Dexter. in a few words, as a naturalist and man of
At Huntingdon, Mr. Samuel Franks. general knowledge, lie was well informed

and communicative; as a moralist, he was The Rev. Dr. William Bell, Prebendary of exemplary and correct; and as a Christian, Westminster, has transferred the sum of he perhaps cannot be better designated thaa 15,300i. three per cent. consols to Magdalen

in the words of our inimitable poet, for College, Cambridge, for the purpose of He look'd thro’ Nature up to Nature's founding eight new scholarships.

Married.] At Cambridge, Mr. T. Gillam,

ESSEX chemist, to Miss Nichols, of Worcester.-Mr, On Friday, July 6, a fire broke out in S. Weldon, butcher, to Miss Elizabeth Ind,

the premises of Mr. Harroby, a farmer, at of Baldock.—Mr. John Smith, University East Upton, which destroyed the house, and printer, to Miss Susan Ind, of this city. an extensive range of,'out- houses, cattle,

Died.] At Cambridge, Mrs. Long, wife of rick-yard, &c. &c. The flames were first Mr. L. farmer.- Mrs. Luccock, wife of Mr. discovered issuing from a bake-house, over L. wooistapler.-Mrs. Hardman, wife of Mr. which some labourers slept; but how it hape H. collar-maker.

pened has not been ascertained. Such was

the rapidity of the flames, that in less than Married.] At Norwich, Mr. Edward Blyth, half an hour the out-houses, at fifty yards cotton munuracturer, to Miss Purdy.

distance from each other, were all on fire. At Guist, Mr. Henry Stebbings, to Miss About twelve head of cattle were destroyed. Judith Russell.

chiefly valuable horses. The flames were Died.) At Norwich, Miss Chapman, eldest

not subdued in the rick-yard for two days. daughter of Mr. C. attorney.-Mr. William

Married.] At Barking, Lieut. Orkuey, Lawrence, 16, son of Mr. L.

R.N. to Miss R. A. Mearns, of Seething

Married.] Mr. B. Strutt, of Ipswich, to At Chelmsford, Mr. Gabriel Slater, of
Miss E. D Garrod, of Harkstead.

Chipping Ongar, to Miss Ann Cawkwell,
Mr. Cooper, of Haverhill, to Miss Hep- second daughter of Mr. C.
zibah Reeve, sixth daughter of Mr.R. late of . Died.] At Lambourne, Mrs. Dunnage, wife

of James D. esą
Died.) At Debenham, Mr. John Revett, Aged 67, Mrs Beldam, wife of Mr.Va.
surgeon, 40.

lentine Beldam, of Bishop Stortford. She At Playford House, Thelnetham, Mr. was a lady, the warmth of whose friendship Jonathan Mallows, 71.

endeared her to an extensive circle of acAt Ipswich, Mr. Robert Brown, 76.-Mrs. quaintance, and her tender and active sym. Martha King, a maiden Jady, 83.-Miss E. pathy oftenrendered her a bene actress to the Simpson Rudlin.

poor, and a solace to the amicted. Her social At Bury, Mr. Daniel Harley, 72.-Aged disposition and great cheerfulness of mind, 44, Mr. Roger Boidero, of the Star Inn,

united with pertect propriety of manners, after having that day suffered amputation made her a fit companion equally for the old of his leg, for a violent lingering mor

and the young cification.

At Paglesham, Mr. James Emberson, 80. At Stow market, Mr. Freeman, sen. sur. At Rayleigh, Mrs. Noone, wite of Mr. geon, 68. He had practised there exten- John N. 51. sively and with great reputation 45 years.

At Beccles, in the 871h year of his age, A fine marble monument has been Mr. Joseph Sparshall, of that place, one of recently erected in Canterbury cathedral, the Society of Friends; who, during the at the expence of the officers of the 9th whole of so long a life, devoted almost every foot, in memory of their late lamented commoment he could spare from the avocations manding officer, Lieutenant-colonel Sie wart, of business and the affairs of his family, to who gloriously fell at the head of that regio the acquirement of useful knowledge, and

ment in Portugal. The subject represents was an instance of what may be effected by Briannia (the badge of the corps) supportthe powers aod natural bent of the mind, ing the wounded ufficer, who is surrounded unassisted by the advantages of a liberal by trophies of war.

The whole is admirably education. Of natural history, in its executed by Turnerelli. various branches, he was passionately tond; Married.] At Ham Churcii, the Rep. T. but botany, chemistry, and electricity, A. Methuen, rector of Allcannings, Wilis, were his most favourite studies.

He wrote and second son of Paul Cobb M. esq. of some Essays on philosophical subjects, one

Corsham House, to Eliza Maria, eldest of which, giving an account of a remarkable

daughter of the Rev. Henry Plumptre, Aurora Borealis, appeared in a volume of the rector of Claypule, near Newark, Norts. Philosophical Transactions, and procured him Died.] Ac Tunbridge Wells, Lieut. Thothe offer of becoming a Member of the Royal mas Henry Lloyd, R.N. tbird son of the Society, an honour which he had the mo

late Francis L. esq. of Domgay, MontgoGesty to decline. To sum up his character meryshire.





He sup


At his seat at East Sutton Place, near Southward, formerly of Boxgrove, near ChiMaidstone, ayed 83, the Rev. Sir Edmund chester. This singular character was Filmer, bart. more than 51 years rector of miller, which occupation he followed wiih Crundale, in this diocese, which he resigned indussry and attention till about the year in 1805.

1766, whien, by a strange species of insanity, Ac Widmore, near Bromley, Mrs. Anne he fancied himself Earl of Derby, King in Symondson, widow of William S, esq. of Man, assumed those titles, neglected his Lambeth, 71.

business, and became very troublesome to At Canterbury, Mrs. Mabel Bullock, 64. many of his neighbours. In February 1767, Mrs. Goodere, elder surviving sister of the he was arrested for a small debt, at the suit Late Sir John Dineley, barr. 84.

of the late Duke of Richmond, and was At Ramsgate, Major Meico:e Bowater, conveyed to the old gaol at Horsham, frons 67.

which he was removed (the Srst prisoner At Lenham, Mr. John Shephard, 74. after its completion) to the present gaol,

At Eltham, Mr. Edward Foreman, 40 and from which he was released after a capyears parish clerk of that place, 78.

tivity of forty-three years, four months, and At Charing, Mr. Wm. Chapman, 74. eight days, by the hand of death! Simon At Ripton, Mr. J. W. Quihampton, 73. Southward was in stature about six feet,

was exceedingly well made, and had a comMarried.) At Mitcham, Dr. Annan, of manding countenance; his manners were Brighton, to Charlotte, second daughter of generally affable, and his deportment polite : Charles Everingham, esq.

he was, however, when offended, exceedingly At Kingston, Capt. H. L. Ball, R.N. to wrathful, and with difficulty pacified, particuAnne Georgiana Harriette, eldest daughter larly when his ire had been occasioned by of Major General Johnson, late of the East doubts about his assumed dignity. India Company's service.

posed himself a state prisoner, and would Died.) At Richmond, Mr. Thomas Wat- accept of no money or clothes which were kens, 87.

not presented to him as coming from the At Carshalton, Captain Samuel Goddard, king, his cousin. His dress was generally of the 16th Light Dragoons, 68.

a drab coat of a very ancient cut, and a

cocked hat with a black cockade. Simon The following is a striking instance of the was addressed, as well by the governors of the increased value of timber : In the year gaol, as by his fellow prisoners and visitors, 1565, che inhabitants of Lewes resolved on My lord !" and to no other denomination pulling down their Town House or Sessions would he ever reply. He had been supported House, and rebuilding it; and for that pur. for a number of years past by a weekly sti. pose they purchased seventy-five tons of pend from the parish of Boxgrove, which Einiber, at two shillings and eight-pence per was paid to him by Mr. Smart, and which his ton. The timber from the Hall, now pul lordship expended on necessaries with the ling down, is valued at from three to four strictest economy; but could scarcely ever shillings per foot.

be prevailed upon to receive a nieal or other The new market at Worthing, which favour, except under the description above has been completed in the short space of three slated. His remains were removed for intermonths, at an expence of 40001. was opened ment at Boxgrove. on Monday 2d July.

At East Hoathly, Mr. John Burgess, many Little Hampton improves every year. In years masler of the King's Head Inn, 75. addition to the accommodation for the visi- He formerly kept a school at Hellingly tors, a new and extensive Library and Read. Church, and many of his pupils are living ing-room have been opened on the beach ; testimonies of his skill and assiduity in that several new houses are built, and twenty profession. more are building; in fact, the place is be. At Northiam, Mr. T. Pix, 71. come interesting from the safe bathing and good accommodation which are found there. The Navy Board have given notice of a

Married.) At Lewes, M. Parker, esq. of plan of education having been adopted at the the Royal Artillery, to Miss Simons, eldest Royal Naval College at Portsmouth; for a su. daughter of the Rev. John S. rector of Paul's perior class of apprentices to shipwrights. The


number of students is not at first to be above At Malling, Mr. Moon, of Horsham, to twelve, but is to be gradually increased to Miss Marchant, daughter of Mr. M. of Mal- twenty-five. The term of apprenticeship is ling Deanery.

to be seven years; but for any apprentice on At Little Hampton, Captain Harrington, the old establishment, who has served two son of Lieutenant.general H. of the Royal years, it will be six, and for those who have Artillery, to Miss Currie, of Little Hamp- served three years, five. The object of this

regulation is to form able and useful shipDied.] At Hastings, Miss Emma Stock. builders : with this view the apprentices will well, of Crutched Friars, London.

be instructed in geometry, algebra, plang In Horsham gaol, aged 82 years, Simon trigonometry, mechanics, hydrostatics, fluxo

Cray, Kent.



ions, theory of naval architecture, drawing,

WILTSHIRE, and the French language. For this plan of Married.) At Wroughton, the Rev. J. T. education, except on the theory of naval Laws, of Marlborough, to Sarah, eldest architecture, the college at preseot possesses daughter of the late Wm. Bolton, esq. of the most able instructors. But an appoint- Basinghall-street, London. ment for that particular object will imme- At Swindon, the Rev. George Garlick, of diately take place. The last year of the Painswick, Glocestershire, to Miss Smith. apprentices' time is to be served at sea, The Rev. Wm. Macdonald, prebendary of where they are to be treated in every respect Salisbury and rector of Broa d Hinton, to Miss as gentlemen. Upon their return from sea, Goodman, of Wick, near Devizes. they are to be appointed officers, if there are Thomas Webb Dyke, esq. son of William any vacancies ; if not, they are to act as D. esq. of Syrencot, to Elizabeth, daughtet assistants in the different departments of his of the Rev. Dr. Skinner, of Salisbury. majesty's dock.yards, and will receive a At Calme, Mr. A. Henley, to Miss Styles, salary of 1501. per annum, and after three daughter of H. S. esq. of Whitley. years service (if no officer's vacancy occurs) Died.) At Foxley, Mrs. Plumptre, wife 1801. per annum. During their apprentice of the Rev. Mr P. assistant at Eton, and sun ship, they are to receive an allowance of of the Dean of Glocester. 601. the first year, to be increased 101. At Chippenham, while on a visit to her annually, until the last year of their servis son, Mrs. Heath, 78. tyde, when it will be augmented to 201.

At Outmarsh, near Melksham, Mr. Miles, The opening of the aluminous Chalybeate sen. 74. Spring, discovered near Niton, on the south- At Salisbury, Miss Moore, an elderly lady, ern coast of the Isle of Wight, was cele- a member of the Society of Fiiends. She brated on Monday July 2d. The powerful was returning home from their meetingvirtues and uniform efficacy of these waters, house, when she was taken ill within a few the salubrious situation of the spring, and yards of her own residence; but the attack the beauty of the surrounding scenery, afford was so severe that she was carried into the just grounds for the expectation, that, in the nearest house, where she expired in a few course of a few years, this spot will be num. minutes. Mrs. Hannah Burrough. bered amongst the most favoured places of At Wilton, Mrs: Thring. fashionable resort.

Married.] At Swanwick, near Titchfield, Marrieda At Easthamstead, Lieut.-Genea Captain Short, of the Royal Marines, to ral Brownrigg, quarter-master-general of the Miss King.

Forces, to Miss Sophia Bissett, youngest At Portsmouth, Mr. Palford, jun. to daughter of the late Rey, Ds. B. of Knighton, Miss Miall, youngest daughter of the Rev. Isle of Wight. Mr. M.

Died.] At his house in Windsor Castle, At Winchester, the Rev. John Haygarth, aged 88, J. Beckett, esq. He was one of the son of Dr. H. of Bath, to Sophia, daughter poor knights of Windsor, being appointed in of the Rev. Edward Poulter, Prebendary of the year 1774, and was formerly a private Winchester.

in the life guards. His majesty was so Died.] At Southampton, Mrs. Kemmis, pleased with his appearance and figure as a wife of Colonel K. of the 40th regiment, now soldier, that he graciously ordered him to in Portugal.-Mr. John Kellon, sen.-Mrs. sit for his portrait in full lengsh, which his Mary St. John, a maiden lady.

majesty had suspended in the palace, and At Bishopstoke, James Serle, esq. receiver afterwards recommended him to the then general of the county, and steward to the vacant situation as poor knight. Bishop of Winchester.

At Formosa Place, Sir George Young, At Norton Place, Isle of Wight, Mis3 Admiral of the White, one of the oldest and Michell, daughter of che late Rev. Henry M.

bravest officers in the service. He was of vicar of Brighton,

Boscawen's schoul, and during an honourably At Cowes, Mr. May, of the Three spent life, performed some brilliant things in Crowns.

general as well as in single actions, both at At Portsmouth, Mr. John Hill, 45.-- home and abroad, which his intimate friends, Lieut. Cummins, of H. M. 3. Royal Wil- the immortal Nelson and Captain Edward liam.-Major Patton, of the Royal Marines. Thompson, who were an honour to our nature

At Bishop's Waltham, the Rev. James as well as our navy, have often witnessed. Baynes.

But having been either confined by gout, or At South Sea Place, V. Comyns, first bedridden for many years past, liis king and lieutenant of his Majesty's ship Royal" country have consequently been depriveste of William, 45.

his services. His only surviving son, Mr. At Andover, Mrs. Coming, relict of the Samuel Young, inherits his estates in Kerk. Rev. Dr. C.

shire and Surry, with his funded projerty, At Alverstoke, Mr. Nicholas Padwick, &c. Lady Young is to have his town-house many years proprietor of the London and in Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, ja Gosport Wagguns.

addition to her jadyship’s dowry; and their MONTHLY MAG. No, 203,

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amiable daughter, ample fortune. John Amyatt, M.D. 78.Mrs. Hart, wife
Amongst different legacies to other relatives of Colonel H.
and friends, he has willed a handsome one to At Bristol, John James Wason, esq. mer.
Admiral Sir B. Thompson.

chant. The Rev. James New, vicar of St. At West Hanney, near Wantage, Mrs. Philip and Jacob in this city, and rector Hanslow.

of Compton Greenfield, Glocestershire. At Newbury, Mrs. Sainsbury, wife of Whilst dressing for divine service, Miss H. Henry S. esq.

Vimpany, eldest daughter of Mr. V. of ArAt Idstone, I. K. Tarrant, esq.

lingham, Glocestershire, 24.

At Clifton, Thomas John Wells, esq. At a meeting of respectable gentlemen, eldest son of Vice-admirał w. 23. Mary, held at Bristol, on Monday June 18th, it youngest daughter of the late John Rice, was resolved to form an institution, to be esq. of Tooting, Surry. - The Rev. A. called, " The Bristol Institution for the Cure Wratislaw, of Rugby, Warwickshire. of Diseases of the Eye, amongst the Poor;", At Hadspen House, Miss Hobhouse, sister and subscription.books were opened at the of H. H. esq. different banks in aid of this benevolent


Dr. Parry's auction of fine-woolled sheep Married.) At Weymouth, William Drayat Summer-hill (Bach), was attended by a ton, esy. to Miss Marver, daughter of Henry large and respectable company of agricultu. M. esq.-Captain G. Andrews, of the Royal' rists, and the prices given were generally Navy, brother to the Governor of Dorchester high. A ram, purchased by one of the first Castle, to Miss Oakley, of Weymouth. breeders in the kingdom før 75 guineas, was Died.] At Shaftesbury, Mr. John Hayter, afterwards valued by him at 200; and 100 cooper, well-known by the name of the guineas were offered and refused for another. Old 'Squire. Although often prosecuted and When it is considered that these purchases persecuted by gentlemen tenacious of their were wholly made by clothiers and farmers gaine, he kept a pack of harriers upwards of by profession, looking out for immediate sixty years, and was earth-stopper to various profit, and altogether uninfluenced by the gentlemen who claimed the Duntley and fancy and fashion which direct the choice of Allin's fox hunt for nearly the same period. noblemen and gentlemen amateurs, a fair When quite a boy, he kept a few beagles, and conclusion may be drawn in favour of the would often entice a neighbouring gentlesuperiority of this flock, in the united excel. man's hounds from their kennel to assist his. lencies of wool and carcase; and it is pleasing little pack, for which he was as often chasthat so just a tribute should have been paid ised by his own father and Mr. Hardiman to the spirited breeder, for his patriotic exer- (the gentleman alluded to); but such was tions for the benefit of his country, in this his propensity for the chase, that he would important branch of agriculture.

sit up whole winter nights to get his works Married.) At Gretpa Green, Wm. Abbot, forward, in order to hunt on foot the next esq. to Miss Eliza Emmeline Kennett, both morning. Latterly he was obliged to part of Bath.

with his hounds; but even to the latter end At Bath, Wm. Bowen, esq. of that city, of the last hunting season, he would meet to Miss Sophia Boycott, daughter of the late the fux.hounds on foot; and alınost to the Thomas B. esq. of Rudge, Salop.

hour of his death was fond of rehearsing the Capt. Hamer, of the North Hants Militia, sports of the field. In short, the anecdotes to Mrs. Hill, daughter of the late R. Lloyd, of this old man would fill a large volume; esq. of Castle-Lake, Tipperary, Ireland. but amongst all his eccentric adventures and

“At Bradford, near Taunton, Henry James dealings with mankind, he never lost the Leigh, esq. to Miss Ann Whitmarsh Walters, grand pursuit of what Pope very justly styles youngest daughter of the late Tiomas " the noblest work of God," viz. “ an honest

He was well respected by his neighAt High Littleton, Mr. John Stickler, of bours; and a large concourse of people Hallatruw, aged 77, to Miss J. Maggs, attended his grave to pay the last obsequies 22.

to his memory. At Claverton church, Henry Richard At Stockwood, of which place he had been Wood, esq. son of Colonel W. of Hollin

rector upwards-of 50 years, the Rev. Andrew hall, Yorkshire,

Anne Eliza, fifth Bellamy, 75. daughter of John Eckersall, esq. of Claver. In his 68th year, Andrew Cosens, esq. of

Yetminster. In the morning he attended At St. George's church, Kingswood, near the service in the Cathedral at Wells, where Bristol, Lieut. Vaughan, of the Royal North he was on a visit to a near relative, and Glocester Militia, to Eliza Anne, second whilst at dinner, fell from his chair, and daughter of the late John Powel, esq. of the instantly expired. In 1807, he filled the Island of Dominica.



office of Sheriff of the county. Died.] At Bach, Jonathan Kendall, esq. At Poole, Aliss S. Dean.

ton House.



act of self-denial for the public good. His Married.] At Honiton, Mr. Osborne, compreliensive understanding and persevering solicitor, of Sidmouth, to Mary Ann, young- industry raised him, through every gradation est daughter of the late John Perham, esq. of a seaman's life, to the highest post in his of Axminster.

own line; and he had the honour to be se. Died.] At Topsham Road, Arthur Fenn, cond in command to Commodore Sir N. esq. of Water-lane, Tower-street, London. Dance, when Admiral Linois, in an eighty

At Churston Court, Brixham, the ancient gun ship, with several frigates, was baffled sesidence of her ancestors the Yarde family, and discomfited by a feet of East Indiąmen. the Dowager Lady Buller, relict of che late In private life he was a firm and benevolent Sir Francis Buller, bart.

friend, a kind parent, and died a pious ChrisAt Exeter, Mr. George Westlake, only tian. Captain Wilson had not long enjoyed son of Alderman W.-Capt. Hamilton, of his retirement at Colyton; and, but for the the East Kent militia.-Mrs. Maunder, wile distance, his remains would have been inter. of Mr. M. attorney.-Mr. James Luke, a red near those of his friend, Prince Lee Boo, very respectable grocer and tea-dealer. Не who accompanied him from the Pelew put a period to his existence. As he was Islands, but was unhappily taken off by the possessed of considerable property, and borc a small


and is buried at Rotherhithe. character unimpeached, it is supposed that At Ivy bridge, Ensign Heath, of the Dorset the recent failures in this neighbourhood, and militia. in London, by 'which he had been a severe

CORNWALL. sufferer, had occasioned so great an agitation A number of merchants, and other public. in his mind, as to bring on a temporary de- spirited individuals, have projected, and are sangenent of his intellects, and, in the frenzy about constructing, an Harbour and Basin at of the moment, he committed this rash act, Mount's Ray, for the security of shipping, The coroner's jury, which held an inquest on where vessels of any tonnage, and on any the body, returned a verdict of lunacy. wind, may find security from the storms and

At Stone house, Mrs. Ann Bluett, relict of accidents so frequent and so fatal on that the late Lieut. B. and mother of Capt. B. of part of the coast. A plan of this kind has bis majesty's sloop Saracen.

long been a desideratum with shippers and At Plymouth,' Mr. B. Trickey, purser in ship owners; and, if properly carried into his Majesty's navy:

execution, we have no doubt will prove At Exmouth, Mrs. Hunt, wife of Mr. Jos. highly beneficial to the county at large, and H. of Exeter.

amply remunerate the individuals engaged in At Winslade House, near Exeter, Edward the concern. ' Cotsford, esq. In early life he held a civil Married.] Peter Edward Scobell, M. D. appointment in the East Indies; and obtained, of Bojmin, to Miss Skey, only daughter of as a reward for his zeal and gallantry, first Wm. S. esq. late of Hallatrow. the government of Ganjam, and afterwards Died.) At Fowey, Mrs. Heath, wife of of Masulipatam on the coast of Coromandel. Dr. Wm. H. The former of those places he may be said At St. Mary's, Scilly, Mr. Wm. Johns, to have created; the latter he highly im- son of Mr. James J. proved ; leaving behind him at both the cha. At Bodmin, the Rev. Moses Morgan, mas. sacter of a just, mild, and disinterested go- ter of the grammar-school at that place, and vernor. After his return to Europe, in the rector of Ilston, Glamorganshire. year 1731, he represented in parliament the At St. Issey, Mr. John Yeates, a man of burough of Midhurst.

strong intellect, and though blind from his At Wellington, on the march with his re. infancy, a wonderful mechanical genius, 84. giment from Salisbury to Plymouth, Richard At Penzance, Mr Peter Matthews, 46. Claye, esq. of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, Ac Padstow, Mr. Robert Morton. Majør of the Nottingham militia.

At Truru, Mr. Nicholas Michell, printer, At Colyton, Captain Henry Wilson, late a young man of superior understanding and of the East India Company's ship Warley, literary acquirements. whose name is in the recollection of the Aged 61, the Rev. James Ferris, vicar of public, as connected with that most inter. Probus. A serious and faithful minister of esting narrative, published from his journal, Christ, who laboured with unwearied zeal of the shipwreck and providential preservation in his profession, particularly amongst the of the crew of the Antelope packet, on the flock committed to his charge. In his last Pelew Islands, 1783. On this occasion his sermon to them, wbich was preached only intrepidity, discretion, and talents, as a one week before he died, it appeared to some coinmander, shone' forth in a manner which of his then hearers, as if he was taking his has rarely been excelled. The most remark- leave of them, not only from the text, john able instance of his abilities, appears, when, ix. 4. but from some expressions in the conunarmed by authority or power, he was able clusion of his discourse. to persuade his people to destroy all the spi. șituous liquors remaining on the wreck ;

The labourers employed in the lime-stone searcely any governor ever produced a greater quarries at the Munibles, near Swansea,



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